Reviews for In the City of Crystal
elianthos chapter 2 . 11/29/2011
Eeh 8D, I love your writing, my maple girl. I remember the first chapter since its LJ debut , I'm very glad to see more related awesomeness pop out.

You're peppering those tantalizing hints of backstory and clues and I'm hungering for more XD. I wanna know! How they came to be in their current life? How they met?

I'm fangirling Oozora already. A Sasha by any other name... yet they're not the same. But they are retaining a Zoi-ness abouth them, not to mention the wonder hair XD. Yay!

And then Endou. Weee 8D . And all the others. Weeee 8D.

Also... MLP/Pegasus crossover ref! *wink wink* 'Your Mom!' WIN.
Jovian Sun chapter 2 . 11/28/2011
LOVE this story. the "your mom" response actually made me laugh out loud. That's just so...him.

Anyway, I'm curious how the rest of the cast will show up. And the background story of how the Emperor stole the throne. I hope you update again soon!