Reviews for Sadin's Revival: The Sequel to Seven Years
Amy chapter 31 . 4/15/2004
aw man! it was awesome reading these. Thank you for writing them and giving us a chance to see what the story would have been like if you were in charge of writing. ) it made my days happier.
isadorator chapter 31 . 1/2/2004
*sniff* IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! T_T I'm sorry, I'm very emotional and I just love a happy ending. That is the reason why I absoloutley LOATHE indian movies...
Anyways, loved the battle scene and the way everything was all tied up in a neat little package. Thank you for *counts* about ten hours of entertainment.
Farewell on your writing journey and thank you again for letting me enjoy this wonderful story.
~Moonlit Writer A.K.A Daisy
P.S. I thought your author's note was very touching!
pnaixrose chapter 31 . 11/11/2003
I absolutely loved this story from start to finish. I loved the prequeal to. I thought it was very creative and descriptive. The only thing was that it took several months for it to update and sometimes I would forget the story. Other than that, it was perfect. Good job! ]
Cherry Sakura chapter 30 . 10/4/2003
Nice chapter, and I'm so glad you finally updated. Now could you please update for Chapter 31?
pnaixrose chapter 30 . 7/16/2003
YAY! you updated! _ I'm so happy!

It's okay that you updated late...I understand that you've been busy and Aerin is busy. It's all right.

Anyway, I love this chapter! YAY! Syaoran's back!
isadorator chapter 30 . 7/15/2003
*looking like she's about to kill something* I will get back at you for this, I swear I will!

You write a really good chapter and what do you do? You go and put a cliffhanger! May Zeus blast you with a thousand lightning bolts!

All anger aside, it was a really good chapter. Needs a bit of revising but it's alright gramatically wise.

Okay, here's the deal. You put up a chapter soon and no one will try and flame you to death. Kapesh?

I'm going to read your Inuyasha fic now, so bye!



P.S. Update soon!
anonymus chapter 7 . 7/15/2003
"The old lady returned, bottle in hand. “Ah, here you go! That will be 1,0 yen.” Sakura and Syaoran gasped at the price, but Tomoyo didn’t seem to care. She handed her the money and turned to Syaoran. “Well, go on! Try it out!”"


Sakura and Syaoran aren't THAT poor, now are they? Pah.
Inferna chapter 29 . 5/31/2003
NO! how could u do that to me? JUST as she FINALLY meets up w/syaoran again and... TO BE CONTINUED gr... EVIL cliffhanger!that is just unfair! now u have to make it up to me by makign the next chapter so full of waff i get diabetes from the sugar overload! PLEASE update son!
isadorator chapter 29 . 5/20/2003
*points at you accusingly* You just HAD to stop there didn't you? You just had to make me really mad at you by stopping there didn't you? Your lucky I just watched 'Spirted Away' the english version and if I didn't I would probably be flaming you right now. I LOATHE cliffhangers...though I don't think I should talk considering that I left a cliffhanger in my story.

Anyway, it was a good chapter. Though I think you should put in more battle scenes. YES! I LUV KICK-ASS BATTLE SCENES!

-_-;; Anyway, Sayanara!

Your loyal reviewer,

Marina Lenore chapter 29 . 5/13/2003
WHY ME! i hate cliffy's! yay! he is back! i'm happy now! the next chapter betterbe good! _~

Ja ne!

pnaixrose chapter 29 . 5/11/2003
NO! HOW COULD YOU END IT RIGHT THERE? SYAORAN'S BACK! oh well...that's how stories go...i LOVED this chapter, it was long, productive, and just plain interesting! Please update again soon!

hoshihanazakari chapter 29 . 5/10/2003

come on, I can't be the only one who *LOVES* your fic!~


man, this is almost like a cliffhanger...

and yes, it took me 6 days to read Seven Years and this sequel up until now [05.05.03 to 05.10.03]

i guess i do read fast...but i have been basically reading non-stop

Aerin-chan chapter 28 . 4/27/2003
Hoe... confusing. ACtually, after the first 5 paragraphs, it made a lot of sense. I would just like to know how Kaho got there. However, I probably forgot something from another chapter, so ignore that comment.

I only have one thing to say:

PLEASE skip lines. PLEASE, use one paragraph per person speaking. Even if the chapter appears longer, it makes things a lot clearer... _
pnaixrose chapter 28 . 4/2/2003
This chapter was good! I hope they find their Syaoran from their world soon though! CONTINUE PLEASE!
isadorator chapter 26 . 4/1/2003
I meant .
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