Reviews for Divine Golden Light! Phoenix Goddess Arrives!
AzureKnight2008 chapter 1 . 2/1/2012
Hi Khaossonic, t's time for AzureKnight to present herself! YOSH! :bouncing:

Truly, this is another good writing piece from you, I love all the funny descriptions of gags between Chiaki-Kasumi-Ryu-Chibi Zenki and the clash between Zenki and Asura in either form (wow... these two never stop challenging each other right? XXD). As a matter of fact, both of them are fighting gods and the boredom of ordinary *peaceful* days just drive them crazy. When do they really cherish PEACE, anyway? :facepalm:

Ahahahaa... it were as if heaven replied to these two's so-called battle spirit (or selfishness), the ordinary peaceful day was rocked by the arrival of a mysterious girl - Rika and then...disturbed by the entrance of another evil beast, whose special ability is reducing its opponent's strength (whoever dares come to close to it) to almost ZERO! :gasp: I was shocked at the damages it did to our heroes at first, since to Zenki & Asura who rarely think but rely solely to their power in battles, it was a pain in the neck. This left Goki the only warrior to be counted on but he was struck down by an unexpected assault and thus drained by the direct contact with the beast's evil aura. I guess that's why he was too weak to free himself from its dead grip. ( And there was Rika- or Kagura! to save the day. I was stunned by the appearance of the young *sexy* goddess, and impressed by the way she behaved so calmly in difficult situations, she does share some of Akira/Goki's finest characteristics! :clap: Things were nicely settled in the end with a big party all done by the beautiful newcomer. Man... I was somehow sad to know Chiaki was beaten in this regard and that accounted for the reason why she became so mad at the guys especially Zenki since they praised Rika's cooking talent. :sweatdrop: But the young priestess got the point, right? She did try her best to learn how to cook a special dish for her best "friend" but another took her place to *shine* in front of him. No negative thought but I would feel the same if I were in Chiaki's shoes, luckily I were not. LOL The common *violence* between Chiaki and Zenki closed the chapter humorously and nicely, though. XD

Then again, something seems to be missing don't you think? Rika, whether unintentionally or purposely, diverted everyone's attention and inquiry about her self-information, thus her identity still lies pretty much in the shadows. I, as well as the other readers (I believe), would love to know more about the young goddess: for what reason did she come to Shikigami-Chou to look for Chiaki? and why she initially addressed Kasumi as her "Master" even though they have never met before? Let's say Kagura is an old acquaintance of Asura, but there's no way she knows Kasumi and Ryu, right? No problem, I think you already planned anything from the start and will deliver an answer to all these problems in the future. :wink: KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! XD
Mr X chapter 1 . 1/19/2012
Hahahaaaaa!this gave me a hell scare thinking our heroes couldn't win,but thanks to another divine Rika/Kagura. She's so cool I like Chiaki jealous?xd interesting...
Saeki-Yagami chapter 1 . 1/15/2012
Wazzup, Khaos Sonic? Hope you're doin' fine, because it's time for me to tear apart this fanfic, so you better be prepared, bwahahahaha!

Anyway, boy you're really driving me crazy with the inclusion of all these demons and warriors xDDD! Though I must say that it's pretty cool, since it seems that a new legion of soldiers is looming in the horizon... I wonder what will happen once they're all together in Shikigami-Cho. Holy crap, what do you have in mind, pal? If they're gathering up on the Enno Shrine, I wonder what kind of powerful and evil enemies will come to threaten the future of mankind?

Nevertheless, I didn't like this story as much as the first two. Don't misunderstand me. It was fun to read and I loved the inclusion of the sexy Rika, all the gags, the battle and the funny conversation between Chiaki and Rika, BUT something seemed to be missing. Maybe I expected to know a bit more about Rika's background and you left me with the doubt. But, that's OK! I'm sure that you'll explain more about her (Just like how you did with Ryu) in subsquent episodes. Can't wait to read "Separation Insanity!". I'm sure it's gonna kick some serious monk's azz! Wait for my review! :)

My personal ratings so far:

"The Kishins & An Egg" B (Pretty cool start!)

"Kishin vs Ryujin A (My favourite so far)

"Divine Golden Light" B

I want moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr! xD

By the way, at first I thought that your stories were going to be independent, but now I see that they're all connected. That's cool and it makes me want to visit more often Zenki's corner on . Also, thanks to you for being open to others' opinions, please don't stop writing, your fics cheer me up big time... I wish our friend Christine could write more often, as well, because as you know... She's one hell of a writer :D

Take care, see ya next time, man!

Devious chapter 1 . 1/2/2012
Edward chapter 1 . 12/18/2011
What nice surprise for the casts hm? i see. The monster fight was amazing and I quite like the new character Rika there. She is isn't loud and pretty in control except the time... lol I think she has a temper like Goki when it comes to the subject of /Master/, yeah right. Chiaki and Zenki is fighting as always and it was DAMN FUNNY!xD It's almost everyday when you see clouds of dust there and then in the Enno Shrine right *laugh head off*. Like to read more!:]
CallmeBAKA chapter 1 . 12/9/2011
Yo!what a surprise to see another new character,downright cool!Oh I detect jealousy from Chiaki?That's cute!You're gonna continue this ain't you?
L chapter 1 . 12/6/2011





Yuna chapter 1 . 12/5/2011
I like this chapter,the fight was really breathtaking and awesome. /chuckle/ Is Chiaki jealous of Rika for getting over her in cooking, for Akira? Cute!/chuckle/ Ryu and Zenki were very funny and were bullied by Kasumi and Chiaki, same old story./smile/
WWE chapter 1 . 12/2/2011

Beautiful goddess. xD everyone should beware. Still, awesome shot dude!XD