Reviews for We were soldiers
Flippy chapter 3 . 12/13/2013
Is this dead
EzuTheDarkLord chapter 3 . 8/5/2013
now that is interesting this could be one of the best can't wait to see what happens next
starwars05 chapter 3 . 7/1/2013
hmm interesting.
Earthpatriot117 chapter 3 . 6/27/2013
I'm curious to know how the admirals and others will react to watching what tali saw.
J.E.P 1996 chapter 3 . 6/26/2013
Interesting story you have, look forward to the next chapter.
scottusa1 chapter 3 . 6/26/2013
This is great story you have so far. I do hope you continue to write this story. Keep it up. Laters.

P.S. Loved how you have Tali listening to "I Will Not Bow" by Breaking Benjamin at the end. :)
Guest chapter 3 . 6/26/2013
Make Master Chief Petty Officer John 117 and Commander (usually John) Shepherd the same person!
Guest chapter 3 . 6/26/2013
I love it! MORE MORE MORE! :D
A Random Reader chapter 3 . 6/26/2013
Now this seams like an interesting setup. I wanna see how it goes.
hornet07 chapter 3 . 6/26/2013
Damn...two years and you return. I hope this newfound inspiration will last.

Got a question about John. Is it John Shepard and if it is please tell me he hasn't replaced the Master Chief.
kingslops chapter 3 . 6/26/2013
great story its very interesting i hope to see more
Thyatira chapter 2 . 7/30/2012
I do love me some Halo/Mass Effect. Hopefully you'll continue this. Thanks.
redskin122004 chapter 2 . 12/1/2011
Argh, you bloody tease! Very good on the back story, always nice to have a different and fresh view of a backstory everyone knows.

Keep it up!
Robo Reader 21 chapter 2 . 12/1/2011
She's out of the suit. :)
Chris Redfield-General Chaos chapter 2 . 12/1/2011
You should have Tali step out in ODST armor custom made to fit her Quarian body, and John should be with her, also in ODST armor. Not only because of it's vacuum sealed suit but also since he is an ODST which I see as the UNSC equivalent of the Alliance N7 Marines.
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