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Crimson Anonym chapter 1 . 3/26
Even though I've read your stories a lot of times, I still get this tightness in my chest every single time I reread. Your stories, the way you weave words together, and the meaning behind them always make my heart feel so full. This particular piece is my favorite when I want to feel the good kind of hurt/comfort. It's so effective because I read all your works and I know how you crafted their history, and aaah, it's so amazing! I can only hope that you return to continue everyone's story.

Maybe you're still writing but in a different fandom and platform/under a different name? Or writing professionally? I hope I read something of yours even without knowing it's you. Sorry if this is weird. You will always be one of my fave authors and you have a special place in my heart since you/your stories made me discover and love fanfics and it's been almost 10 years. I can't thank you enough. You may not read this but I hope my thoughts reach you, NR. 3
SixMagnitudeGirl chapter 1 . 11/12/2017
I wish they ended up together... Ruka is right she can have everything.
Zancrow chapter 1 . 6/18/2017
Oh, I found it.

I remember reading this story years ago, back when I was still in High School, and falling utterly in love with your characterization and romanticism. So, now I found it, years later, and yes, still great. Thank you for posting this, and all the others stories in your shared universe of Fanfiction delight!

- Zancrow
Purple-Hime chapter 1 . 5/2/2017
Several years ago, I started reading in GAFFN. I don't know if I was just blind but I did not realize that the diamonds that I have been looking for were just right here in your page. November Romeo, your stories are PHENOMENAL. I have read most of your stories related to GAFFN and I must say, I will never get tired of reading them over and over again. I even made an order based on your notes on which to read first then last. To say that your GA universe is amazing is an understatement. You have created a GA universe that is as great as the one created by Higuchi-sama herself. Forever and a day never fails to make me shed a tear for this is the best Hotaru-Ruka story ever. With a single-shot, you blew all the other Rukaru stories into dust. That's just how good you are. I know you are inactive already but I do hope thay one day, you'll come back. I pray that you will see all these amazing comments about you because it the least we can do as readers for the timeless pieces you have written for this fandom. If you ever decided to write again, our hearts as readers will burst with happiness for sure. I came back to read in GAFFN and I do not regret reading your stories once more. Thank you.
Moonlite chapter 1 . 11/17/2016
So beautiful, just so beautiful...
princess lulu of koronia chapter 1 . 4/5/2016
amazing amazing amazing!simlpy amazing!you are a brilliant writer soooooooooo deep veeeery emotional showing the characters personalty on an extremly high level!you my friend have hit the jackpot!Keep up the brillant work
pressuredtreasure chapter 1 . 12/13/2015
What the actual fuck. Have a little sympathy for my heart will ya? God i love this and i love you
Human being chapter 1 . 11/24/2015
No words. It was that good.
deviedra chapter 1 . 11/13/2015
aww i love rxh and this made me really sad ;c

but i loved it ofc :D it was great 3
Guest chapter 1 . 9/2/2015
This fic gave me so much feels! How could you even do this? You also have flawless grammar and have the right choice of words to wrench my heart! How could you! This fic is beyond amazing for squeezing out emotions from me! You're so brillant! Keep writing!
onceuponaprincess16 chapter 1 . 7/13/2014
Oh my god this story is beyond perfection and for a one shot that is brilliant and oh my gosh I'm tearing up I swear I'm about to cry. You're a fantastic writer, and I think ou should be expecting more reviews from me.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/23/2014
I imagine this is what the work of Mozart or Da Vinci would look like on a page. Beauty and genius in every word. I am beyond impressed. Do continue to write more Gakuen Alice fan fictions. I love the manga written by everyone's favorite hero Higuchi Tachibana, and I find it such a shame that stories like yours only appear...well...actually this is the first time I've seen a story like yours on Gakuen Alice Famfiction. Be proud of your craft and do continue to grace us with your writer's presence.
And thank you for writing. Not just this particular story but all your Gakuen Alice Fanfictions. Thank you for all of them.
Autumn Win-Dow chapter 1 . 5/22/2013
I just realized that even though I love this story to pieces, I never actually reviewed it ever since my first read in 2011. And now I'm shaking my head at the fact and also my slow self for not realizing this until now.

Firstly, this fic makes me teary every time. Not only because of the reminiscence I feel every time I read it, but majorly because on how amazing and beautiful your writing is. I know, you've heard this a million or so times, but I bet no one could emphasize enough how true this fact is. This fic really grabs the right emotion and fuses them into something worth reading over and over again- there's the regret, the passion, the desperation, and the romance. OH GOD, the romance. Call me a hopeless romantic- I really am one.

It's as if Hotaru's emotions are being transferred via this fic to us, the readers. Your characterization is that perfect and powerful. The background context- which include even the smallest things such as having someone to choose her dress for her- really show how deep this separation is between Ruka and Hotaru, yet it really claws at one's heart when this story reveals that Ruka's been keeping 'tabs' on Hotaru because he's the one still paying attention without an ounce of hesitation. Yes, even the small things such as that make me squeal in my seat because it's just so sweet- so RUKA.

Your characterization of Ruka is also superb. So many authors present him as a guy who can't actually confront the one he loves as well as Natsume can, because in comparison to the main male, he's 'weak' and 'shy' and 'oh so hesitant'. But like you, I think otherwise. Coupled with 'Of Fortunes and Ferrets', you've portrayed him as so much more than that. He's a person who is certain of what he wants, and if it wasn't for the intervention of Natsume in his love life (which thankfully has no presence in this fic) he would be even more direct than Natsume when it comes to admitting things such as feelings and buried thoughts. So those confrontations- especially the auction scene- can really set readers into an overall heartbeat-racing-feeling-filled-fangirlism-verging moment. And yes, I said that. HAHA. And the most definite confirmation that Ruka isn't the shy boy who many authors depict him as is that last letter. The certainty is there; you know that feeling when the judge bangs their hammer and makes their judgement? Weird comparison, but it was something like that. The difference is that my squeals don't echo through the house when I watch courtroom dramas or Judge Judy. Yep, my comparison use is through the roof today.

And the plot of this story, where can I start?! It's a beautiful interpretation of the future in canon, where two characters on opposite ends of the spectrum meet as former lovers. Only you could write a plot such as this and make it so much more than a story of confirmation and reunion. It really leaves a mark on people who read it- you already know this, but this fic was the very story which inspired me to write GA fan fiction in the first place- and it's an impeccably great display of your talent in what you call 'unabashed romance'. Everything you write is more than a pleasure for me to read, but this particular story is one which fails to leave its place as my all-time favorite fan fiction. And I really doubt that anything could replace it, unless it was another story written by yourself.

This story will always mean so much more to me than you could possibly imagine. This may just be one of your stories, but both this story and you as an admirable author will have a place in my heart.
Marse Speaks chapter 1 . 5/10/2013
I am blown away by the brilliance of this piece.

I truly admire how the sentences are weaved together. They are so beautiful that I could not get enough of them. I craved more and more as I read scene after scene, delving more into the world that you created by the use of words. I could not wipe the grin out of my face since I started reading this - more specifically at the mention of the silent flirtation - and could not have smiled more because of these two characters when I reached the end. The ending, I daresay, is a really beautiful one. It is satisfying and wrapped things up neatly; I cannot think of any other way of how it could have ended. It is also difficult to foresee, given the situations. I actually think that everything is not predictable, except, maybe, the scene with Raffaello. I have to say that the transition between the scenes is really good, too! It is simply smooth and easy to writing is really classy and is not to be questioned. Even though I prefer reading stories with just an equal amount of dialogue and narration, this one, which is unmistakably more narration than dialogue, did not made me complain - especially even if this is more than seven thousand words - nor did I find this boring in any way. The imagery is good; I can easily imagine the scenes happening.

I commend you for the portrayal of our dear Hotaru Imai and Ruka Nogi. They are so in character that I would have believed this is really what would become of them, if only I were not aware that this is fan fiction. Hotaru struggling with her emotions , her wanting to show it, prioritizing work, and being daring and Ruka loving her most ardently, pursuing her despite of what happened between them, and doing things for his love are really interesting to see. You have captured their characters perfectly. I actually feel that they have more depth here than in the actual manga, but that could be because of the age difference. Or because of the issue in this story. I loved how you showed the difference of the characters and the one thing that tied them together - love. I loved how love is both the reason why Hotaru broke up with him and why Ruka was still pursuing her. The depth of their love here made my heart clench while reading because I know that I would not witness it in the actual story and because it is just written wonderfully. I have to say that I am really impressed (when wasn't I?) by the way you narrated their love scene. It is really - for my lack of words to describe it - mature and passionate and just goes well with the story. It did not seem out of place; I found it surprisingly fitted to be in there.

Forever and a Day is a very well-written piece of yours, indeed. I thank you for sharing this to us.

Word Count: 516. I hope what I said above makes sense and isn't just pure ramble. I did try my best to give a review that covers all the feelings this fic gave me, but no. Words is really not enough to describe them.

Cheers, Amelie!

Marse Speaks
Nicolette LaPalm chapter 1 . 5/5/2013
Now this is how fanfiction is supposed to be written :') thank you for this AMAZING fanfic that I had been shipping since the beginning!
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