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Slytherson chapter 5 . 8/7
This is Awesome a harry with common sense smart the things I'd be doing to if i's was him or if I was his twin sibling or younger sibling i'd first split family 50/50 try to help myself and others on the side but have a place to relocate like my own island made by magical means if one isn't already own or to be brought get a portal or craft made to get on the moon and mars tested first to see if magic works on both and boom bada bing a safe place to hold up and have a new warded magical world plus space travel which the bad guys both non or magical won't know about unless signed in blood or gifted a contract or a magical ward tattoos to stop others from letting others know the location and from kill or doing crime like all magical schools and government should have contracts in use to stop people using magic in a bad way against the community or on innocence lives! Would be cool to be a SI self insert but not really one of the main characters woo I'd freakout unless I had magic access to a house elf or inside Hogwarts I'd so clear out the come and go room of requirements or like I'd be off as a orphan living in the same place as riddle but in the background growing farming food alot of magical made growth fruits nuts vegetables id be the weird kid thats dirty that does talk much but the staff would be some what kind too cause id help anyway tom he'd so not find me interesting cause id do thinks that get under his skin i do thinks that would get to his pet peeves nothing interesting he'd know I'd exist but as someone who hangs out with plants or so he thinks id work on wandless magic from stuff ive seen or read in my past life make wards to alert when someone is around and fix this with magic id be a pack rat until dumbledore shows up then tom would be even more hurt that he's not the only on that is magical while shopping I'd asked to go to the cheapest shops for bargains or or put a fast ad in the paper looking for bulk school stuff old uniforms book bags with the spanable storage or books etc way more cheaper than diagonally shops main stuff wand books one threw seventh even if I got extra with cover or pages messing I could put them togother uniform one or two magical bag and tent so I can live on my own after school with a ward up I'd just save money and sell treats or create a business on the side once that is taken care of get a magical contract drawn up a goblin would love have tom sign it right when school is out before getting on the train so he can't tell dumbledore or read through it if he don't want to go back to the orphanage he'll sign making me his boss loop hole in him not killing me or using cunning sly was to get others to get me or notice me I'm in the background he totally would be wondering how he forgot me the whole time at Hogwarts which by the way was because of a forget me charm placed on me I'd telll him we'd be living near the school in a tent during school break tell him the rules make a deal with him telling him I have a number one idea invention that would make us rich him taking the glory secretly doing most of the socializing and the evil paperwork plus ugh political work I get the fun coming up idea department the project would be a mirror vision get it television but with magical miriors connected world wide Mwahahahahahaha so much work tom could change things my way ha I'd nip the parent issue by going over bio DNA information and messing with his mind about common sense vs so call intelligence vs social rich snobs tantrums vs religion vs unknown etc letting him know his fathers background vs his mothers background but after forcing him to watch a story of what happened by using different names perhaps in a stage performents with house elfs and puppets and helping him focus on going into the field of business tycoon over the world much better than working in any other jobs think I'd do everything from making magical entertainment vision with magical patent contracts making ads creating actor jobs, creating collectables, mirror web like internet, mirror compacks like phones oh and mirror food transports like in star trek oh and mirror portals to replace fireplaces, mirror amusement park that has all the shows movie ride themes like Disney world hmm... I'd go on have a Mon mars magical space program to make resorts mirror spaceships etc think of all of that if tom is to busy there is no way he can go dark lord killing people off I'd tell him like tom really dude I didn't know you was like so meciful he'd be like what cause he afraid of death I'd be like telling him the truth about reincarnation I'd tell him to socially cut someone is worst if they care about that stuff unlike me that would get him thinking I'd tell him all his futures and I'd tell him about the the other toms and the good and bads but he would trump them all because he would be richer and more powerful and remembered in history as the one of made the mirror business I mean slow changes can be made with the viewers like the way muggles made Comcast dish etc atnt verision etc jobs all around make people happy etc only thing he'd be mad that his in a magical contract with me that he can't get out of I'm the boss over the boss that only he and I would know I'd be looking like a bum hobo in the background people later on would think I work for him buts its the other way around hehehehehehehe...

Even with out being all powerful knowing how to get funds in the harry potter world would be easy specially before voldemort happens get things cheap or free with the kitchen elfs since their helpful know lots of stuff they always get over looked, get a magical contract made to have signed by the orphan staff and headmaster to be allow to camp out during break plus dumbledore cant send u back or tom hehehe... and get a charm to help confuse people and or to help you stay out of peoples thoughs, so tents, storage bags, future knowledge and a elf or more to help you sort through the lost and found room place ads to buy or sell stuff ... Use money to buy a shop or shops close to muggle trash dump to use repero spell to resell stuff cleaned by elf or from device to use undetected by ministry or hire staff with contracts from there more money to make those cool hats Luna had for school and other sport teams people will want to buy and collect more money there create mini farm invention boxes that produce tons of food inside it like those magical trunks or bags the boxes are like fields and fields etc all inside tiny boxes grown within very short amount of time sale to both muggles and magical creating temp service to get information on everyone young old goblins were wolfs vampires etc from there I'd get the mirror visions project started and from there surprise tom with more stuff like showing another idea with going into space have test done with were wolfs on the moon or have vampires go up first work on making fake synthetic blood making magical cryo sleep chambers and portals for mars and beyond working with muggle and magical governments etc space the final frontier if tom could kill me or any self insert to do that to him he would but he is power hunger and if he has everything and everyone listening to him but his boss he might go all odd like become emotionally obsessively interested wanting to get u know together but I or the so would be like a lazy food addiction antisocial hermit asexual book fan fiction addition reader who has weird sense of humor like so would throw up in someone's face if they we're told by someone who wanted a one nightstand, wanted to go out, date, saying romantic stuff to so like I love you ugh ewww throw up all over with kid phobia so fights phobia with giving candy toy to kids or streaks them to go play somewhere else then runs away and hides!

So I'd so bite my touch not brag and sucker tom into doing all the work and pile more and more projects on him and he'd be like a hokage no end endless paperwork pissing him off is by being a Nara sleeping or as a naruto playing around or reading a lot like Hermione but not the educational stuff be many a animation watching cartoons and creating more projects he'd have to over see oh if looks could kill but he'd never know how much money is coming in he'd get like 20% which is a lot and hed so blow up when he finds out his boss gets 50% 10% for emergency issues 20% for projects etc hmm... Tom would be like Sasuke with fan boys girls magical power stalkers he he he he'd be pissed all the work and seeing me with all this powers I could have at my fingertips and all I do is nothing he'all probly try to change me I mean tom must have some pride or ocd that would make him try to return the favor of me helping him that's the loop hole he can't kill me or anything terrible done to me ugh that would be horrible but in a comedy way like the story wallflower tom would try to change my character and bring the spotlight on so but fail and if pure blood people or anyone that does take interest by being nosy tom might get territory over his boss slash friend ugh sorry typed this out so fast don't know way I got so blabbling writing this all down but your story just got me thinking what I'd do in place of harry or as he's signaling or even si self inserted way back during toms childhood years anywhoo this is a awesome story please update it please please continue it what will harry do next oh oh oh like could you have him create his own business empire like bring in TV internet phone space station space travel and etc that would be triple awesome!
clara954 chapter 5 . 7/31
This story continues to be one of my favorites and I re-read it today for what is probably close to the millionth time.
guest chapter 5 . 7/10
they let him keep his glasses?
Bad Bad aurors.
loretta537 chapter 5 . 7/4
i miss this story and hope you'll continue it soon
L.B.N chapter 1 . 6/22
~Love the concept!
-{: Love-Blood-And-Nicotine :}-
noylj chapter 5 . 6/11
Be nice to update story
Thanks for writing.
TheBear chapter 5 . 5/29
It's been a couple years since you've updated this one...seems like it's about time, doesn't it?
it's a fun story-I'd forgotten about it till i was re-reading fragments.
FlamingStar1 chapter 5 . 5/24
erik chapter 5 . 4/23
Somehow I've missed this last chapter previously. A great build-up with Harry assembling and equipping his party for Hogwarts. Well done.
Tallman7 chapter 5 . 3/17
I want more of this so badly.

I need the epicness it contains.
Setras chapter 1 . 2/16
You know the only complaint I have with your otherwise outstanding work is that you have so many great beginnings and nearly all of them are unfinished.
Lord Xantos A. Fowl chapter 4 . 1/16
Are you planning on updating this any?
It's my favorite of yours
loretta537 chapter 5 . 1/4
i miss this story, please update soon
Guest chapter 5 . 12/10/2015
More please
Midgarosormr chapter 5 . 11/28/2015
I love batshit-crazy humour like this. :)
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