Reviews for With A Little Help From My Friends
The Rare Gibbon chapter 2 . 12/30/2013
Great story, this was a fun story to read and with Perdix in a starring role! He's also one of my favorite characters. Thank you for writing a fine story for him. Drexel, Ewald, Vinson and Vanka -excellent gorilla names! Where did you come up with their names? Personally, I thought Gentza was a pretty good OC. I wouldn't mind seeing him in a future story. Yes, Pat Renella would have been perfect playing him! OK, so who's playing Aunni? Or Nicky, or Telli? I could see Beverly Garland playing her, since she played that ape bitch Wanda! POTA also needs some gibbon characters since we seem to be excluded (yes, gibbons are apes, too! We demand equal screen time!). Maybe you can create a gibbon character in your future stories. Loved your warning about apes using slurs to insult humans! I agree with Mark, yes Urko is an ape version of Archie Bunker! Overall it was a great story and I was happy with it. I wasn't happy that Perdix lost the race, but it turned out to better than I expected. I give your story four bananas out of five! Can't wait to read your next story!
Mark chapter 2 . 12/8/2012
Finally had a chance to read your story. My condolences to all of Pat Renella's family, friends and especially his fans. He might have been best known as Johnny Ross in Bullitt, but he'll always be immortal to us ape fans! Yep, I can certainly see him as Gentza and Ricco! I'm sure he would've enjoyed another venture into the ape world-this time as a good guy!
Yes, chapter 1 did have some slow bits, but it's not that bad! Loved your mild species epitaths disclaimer! LOL! Urko-our resident simian Archie Bunker! Gotta love 'im! Good to see Burke, Virdon and Galen getting even with Barlow for tricking them in Venton! The price on Barlow's face must have been priceless when he met Gentza, since Barlow is somewhat prejudiced against gorillas! The Dragoons got their comeuppance for once, and Burke settling things with Fauna. Your story had some great lines too:
Virdon pushes away an overly affection horse.
Burke: "I think he like you, Alan!"
Virdon: "Well, at least your admirmer walks upright on two legs!"
Burke: "You mean, Fauna? At least I can have a decent conversation with my admirer!"
Telli the innkeeper commenting on Perdix's alleged mollycoddling of humans: "Soon there will be nothing left, Perdix! Nothing left but a planet of humans! And you helped cause this! I don't know how you can sleep at night!"
Perdix: "I sleep fine thank you!"
I have no major issues or complaints and I quite enjoyed your story. Keep 'em coming! Especially your Spectreman story! Like Andrew said don't keep us waiting another five years!
Mary chapter 1 . 12/6/2012
Hi! I found out about your story through Pat Renella's facebook page. I thought your story was really good. It was well-written and I can easily see Pat playing Gentza and Ricco. He was also one of my favorite actors. It was depressing to hear the news of his passing. He was such a sweet guy for always taking the time to answer my fan letters when I wrote to him. Did you ever tell him about your story? I'm sure Pat would've loved it and he really would've loved to have played Gentza and Ricco if given the chance. RIP dear Pat! BTW, ignore any negitive remarks about Ricco and his family! The problem is not the characters, but the scenes themselves. There just wasn't a whole lot of action going on. It might have made the story more intersting if maybe Ricco's sheep were attacked by a pack of wolves, a forest fire or something. It might have moved the plot along a little faster. In your story, Perdix was right on! He does seem to be a simian Marshall Dillon doesn't he? His handling of the troublesome villagers also reminded me of Sheriff Andy Taylor. He and the boys certainly earned their bananas for solving that murder mystery! You get an A for your first effort! It's too bad the show didn't last longer. I'm sure Perdix would've been brought back for another episode. I really loved the Gentza character. You don't see that many nice gorillas in the Planet of the Apes world and it's refreshing to see a strong, easy going, liberal ape who stands up for oppressed humans for a change! Maybe you can have him and Aunni meet up with Pete, Alan and Galen in a future story. Thanks for a great read and I'm going to read your other stories too! You keep on writing, girl!
Anonymous Apefan chapter 1 . 8/29/2012
I would've enjoyed this story alot more if the first guy hadn't put all those spoilers in his review! Thanks for nothing, dude!

Aside from him revealing that Gentza is a gorilla it was clever how you didn't tell your readers he was until his introduction to Perdix and Meeko. And why is a gorilla who is a vet for humans that farfetched? If Perdix can have integrity and be fair minded then why not? Gentza sort of grew on me and I think he has potential as a character.

I enjoyed most of the story but no ofense, but the story would have been much better if our fugitives would have reunited with Polar and his family. The scenes with Ricco and his family slowed your story down, even made it downright boring. That's because Ricco and his family were as interesting as watching the grass grow. It would have been more interesting to see what Polar and his family have been up to lately. Incoorporating Dr. Mather's book into the story was clever also. It was fun seeing Perdix getting the best of Urko without having to resort to dirty tricks! And It's nice to find a story that is a fun read and doesn't have tragedy and trauma as it's main theme for once!

I do agree that your first attempt at writing a murder mystery was pretty good! No complaints there. I'm still waiting to read about the wild humans from Illusion. Was this story dedicated to Baynes Barron? I noticed alot of references to him in your story. Your stories are well written and I can tell you really take your time putting the whole thing together. Can't wait to read your next story! Keep writing!
Andrew P chapter 1 . 12/15/2011
Glad to see you back! I thought maybe you got lost in the Forbidden Zone or something! It's great to see a story with Perdix. He's one of my favorite characters, and he would have made a great ally for Galen, Virdon and Burke.

Perdix appeared to be one of those rare, upstanding gorilla characters who never compromised his integrity. Unlike the end of "The Deception", it's great to see that justice prevails for the humans, and in the end, the Dragoons and Sestus, too, had to face the consequences for what they've done. And Burke and Fauna are finally able to smooth things out between them. Nice to see the conniving Urko have the tables turned on him for once.

Even though some of the events seemed a little far-fetched for the ape relm (Perdix using a human as his courier, the Council even allowing a human to ride a horse in the first place, and a gorilla who becomes a vet for humans),your story was well-written and I could tell you put a lot of thought and effort into it. Most importantly, these far-fetched events make sense as to why they're happening in the story. I could easily see this as an episode. One complaint I do have...the first chapter was a little slow, but in chapter two the story started to pick up.

For your first attempt at a murder mystery, I thought you did pretty good! I do have one suggestion. Next time, draw the mystery out for a few more pages. One moment four apes are murdered, then BAM! The next moment, Perdix, with Galen, Burke and Virdon's help, are able to catch the killer and solve the mystery.

I liked the way how you worked some guest appearances into your story as well. One question Gentza and Aunni your take on Armando and Caesar? Here, we have an ape with a human ward, instead of a human with an ape ward. Gentza seems to be an interesting eccentric, outcast gorilla who's a self-proclaimed friend to humans! Clever on how our fugitive trio discover that the good Dr. Gentza also has ties to a certain forbidden medical book! By the way, I thought the character of Nicky was a bit Gary Stuish and annoyingly saccharine at times, but the majority of the apes despise him (mostly because of his special treatment) so I guess I can overlook that flaw.

I thought this story was a lot better than "Illusion". Overall, I enjoyed it and look forward to reading new tales from you. Just don't keep me waiting for another four years!

Andrew P