Reviews for Warriors and Blue Dragon
Pacer287 chapter 1 . 5/18/2013
This definitely has a lot of promise.
Keep it up because I'm hooked.
Inita chapter 2 . 12/14/2011
This is nice :D I'm glad that I'm not the only Warriors AND Blue Dragon fan xD Granted, I've... never written a Warriors fanfic since I first joined, but regardless...

RedFire, I'd take out the long list of the Clan cats in the first chapter though :/ The reason is because those who are reading this /should/ have read the book, so it's only natural that they would know what to expect. But if you feel that there are going to be some readers who don't know what this is about, then disregard and just leave it.

Second, I have some suggestions for the names instead of ahem... Purplepaw. Here they are (note: You do not have to change them, but I think they fit more of the Clan cat names than what you have now):

Purplepaw - Violetpaw (Bouquet)

Phoenixpaw - Rosepaw (Kluke; I say this because most cat names are based on their eye color and or look. Of course, the Clan cats do not know what they look like in human form, but they could base it off of personality...)

Dragonpaw - Blitzpaw (Shu; or maybe something other than 'Blitz' ; I say this, because I don't think the Clan cats /know/ what a dragon is ; Unless of course, you can provide enough back info to make this liable)

And... I think Strikepaw and Saberpaw are pretty good :) More so the latter; it's pretty ingenius

Well! Keep up the good work, RedFire _ I'll (hopefully) review when you update.

~ Inita