Reviews for Naruto: Consequences
ROBERT chapter 1 . 12/30/2021
sir in him kill off Sasuke own big brother i Robert well helping him fenk his death and then his to be a ninjas monk ,rank cap , head of the monks as for the sword it is and the head of the shak men is now part of the flag now , when the death mask now , as for the black rings is no a staff NARUTO had made and keeping now with the sound head band on the end now, he had put on now, when keeping his dad own daggers and Hatake old one now on the wall of his office now,
Londz Diop chapter 1 . 10/12/2021
i laughed so hard when I read he killed Tora the cat out of spite
Agila23 chapter 1 . 9/17/2021
can you also make a side story on how the rescue attempt happen. ln order to get a clear description
Agila23 chapter 3 . 9/13/2021
Quite suprising the entire storyline is where the of boruto
Mikeblade chapter 5 . 9/6/2021
sorry for last post was half asleep
Mikeblade chapter 4 . 9/6/2021
confused how sasuke and kakashi are alive when you killed them last chapter if your going use flashbacks let people know there is a flashback
Mikeblade chapter 1 . 9/6/2021
don't you mean leaf 9 or ten since with out naruto or hinata there is no leaf 12
Shadows82 chapter 1 . 8/22/2021
I like the story so far. I notice all of the game of thrones stories could you do a banished story where Naruto joins Daenerys or Jon Snow got the three Dragons instead Daenerys please?
KidneyZero chapter 7 . 7/27/2021
Interesting story.
camilaflordeloto chapter 7 . 7/27/2021
And again, I loved it!
robert krause chapter 5 . 6/26/2021
sir i Robert Krause had to ask on why not let NAURTO took his team mat gril with him and her clan money gold bars and some others stuff too, then when in the whirlpool he had her living in the red lights when it is when like his old one a cub size bed room when she had living in now, when then the red light forgotten city of the whirlpool is in the west sea port and she had seeing pics of lost ones lost them love ones and homes and others too, when she had sill had her money clan money too, as for MARU and others working now with NAURTO as a ninjas force now and get them own homes now, town house now,
robert krause chapter 4 . 6/26/2021
when in the back part of NAURTO and HINATA own house unit is when the fox had living in her own home a super size home with art of the former hosts of her had and some old armor with twin swords and mask too, when then a bed in the back and on the top is books and scrolls and maps of the ninjas vaillge s and others stuff too, when in the 1 room is office when she had keeping a desk now and on the top is pic of NAURTO and HINATA and anko and her back in the hay days and 2 is of the 2 be marring and then the kids be born and last is the new vaillge now, when she had sleeping now quit now, others houses all of the vaillge had be red cower inn camping unit now, when others in the same ways was a super size inn and bar now, when NAURTO had keeping his own men cave den now, he had used it few times when he had running the school with HINATA and fox and others too, when then NAURTO had sleeping in a bed now and bar too, when he had seeing others stuff too, like mob money and gold bars be used to made the vaillge super good too, why not keeping SARKURA living on as a pow and made her working up the ranks and then made her living in the red lights town too, like NAURTO had to living in before her and seeing it now she sill had her clan money and blood money gold bars too, when then she can move to the to the sea ray a inn with into west part of the whirlpool and her home is on the 1 floor now and she had a twin size bed now and pics of her old life to old ninjas team 7 and others stuff i Robert Krause well be putting on the wall is the lost ones who the fox had took out and seeing it made her get sad for why NAURTO life was like living with , as for it now, she had seeing it now, when her head band of the LEAF had be put up and a new one of the whirlpool now, and ninjas vest too, when her old one is now on the wall now, blood ends now,
robert krause chapter 3 . 6/26/2021
if it was me Robert Krause SARKURA well sill be living on as his pow then she had to working up form slave to ninja in the whirlpool and then she had to keeping her WEALTH and clan money and she well living into the whirlpool own red lights inn red crown#44b on the top floor when she had old clan and pics of her mom and dad then her team pic too, and her head band both the KONOHA and the one of the whirlpool , when she had to working the school as a CHUUNIN , when ion and her team with ten-ten had move to the whirlpool as well working in the school as well , as for NARUTO he had bases in the fire country and spy net working , as for his mom old team mats the 3 had be putting into the gave by his dad and others he had put into it is the UCHIHA I for his was the body GUND NAURTO had back into the days before the bad stuff was going now , when the UCHIHA clan head own death mask on the wall now , why not let RAIN fell own FU be NAURTO 2 wife and like his 1 she had 2 kids one son NAUROT JR green hire and red eyes like his mom and a gril SAMMY GO a blond hire and bule eyes unlike her step brother she had no thing for the lord throe but she is the head of her own ganding house a team of warriors , when her brother is in the navy now , rank cap and owner of ship fox nights blue fire , his had the old navy housing unit as home now, when FU is co head of the spy net working ,
robert krause chapter 7 . 6/21/2021
sir in the one is good and seeing it now as NARUTO had win vs his old vaillge is ok ,but if it was up to me Robert Krause why not doing one when NARUTO and the fox is mix and be one when his had the powers of the fox and his wife and his old team mat is SARKURA ,i can seeing him took the money and scrolls of his mom and dad had on hand too, when in the whirlpool NAURTO had get to working on the vaillge and made a new clan housing too, why not showing a bund out clan unit housing of his mom and dad on the wall , and when the new one is little bit good , when it had a clans stuff in the home and top floor bed rooms and offices and books rooms too, when the 2 part is his wife own part and kids toy room , as for his body had red and gold fox body and his hire is long blond now, as for SARKURA is then red hire and her body had muslces like NAURTO had and her own kids one SON NAURTO JR a fox blue fox and his twin sister ASH x RAY a fox gril BROWN looking and eyes is green , hire is blond like her dad had , as for the ones the clan had hand is little and good too, black red and others kinds of them too, with a cap of them too,
robert krause chapter 6 . 6/21/2021
why not had NAURTO took out SARUKRA when KONOHA had be it war with the others ninjas vaillge s and if it was me Robert Krause had her dad and mom and then the clan kill off and her clan money and gold then her out of KONOHA and for when she is in the wind lands then move her to the whirlpool and she is it the west part of whirlpool and she had find out UCHIHA is not good but full of bad guys and others too, when she is made to seeing it too, when then made her working with NAURTO on the whirlpool and she had a new home a old navy base housing unit cub size housing now , as for her she is marring to NAURTO as wife 2 and she had working it the school and then abut black ops unit cap of it now, her old colthers is now on the wall and head band too, when the new one is whirlpool now, when her team pic is now on the wall now,
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