Reviews for Naruto: Consequences
robert krause chapter 2 . 6/19
why not before going to the whirlpool took SARKURA with him and made into slave for when too, as for SASUKE UCHIHA if it was me Robert Krause the 1 thing i well be doing is took out the boy out and then bund the eyes too and then it the UCHIHA clan housing took the money scrolls and old pic of his mom and big brother with me , as for the ash s of her and my own mom and HINATA own mother had them took too, when in the whirlpool is back into power and is bigger and more of a power then KONOHA was , put the ash-s out to the backs of old black OVIER trees was born it and them now bund into it now, as for HINATA own clan money is took too, as well is the sub clan too, when then why not showing them working as min ninjas as both working the lands of sown move sets and as crew and then bit roles , when the team is owners too, as the NINE TAILS her body had the armor chat muslces too like the she hulk green and red mix , as for her own clothers is ninjas and others warriors mix too, when she had a home by them own home too, her is bed and up floor office now, when then the sensei of HINATA had trying to doing her GENJUTEU she get the black JUTEU by both NAURTO and the nine tails to the head when into it is night mare ream and seeing the pain she doing on NAURTO it 7 ,now, her dad is mad it her for it now, as for the battle when SASUKE and his sensei had with him the 1 thing i Robert Krause well be doing it gave back the pain to him 1 then when he out cold and going into his own back side get out my dad old dagger he get form dad and saying to him this is not you fool and took with me as for SASUKE he get too, only think is his own body had be hit so much and then going into the mind took out the sloe of the 6 pains son sole out of him and putting into a sloe glass and then his own now mix with my own now, the sloes of the sons of pains of 6 is now one now, as for TSUNADE took her clan money too, and used it to made west town more best vaillge over KONOHA was , my son and his twin sister had a side stuff to working with a shop selling off ninjas and others warriors WHEROPS stuff too, when living on the top floor now, the shop is name out lands co ,
robert krause chapter 4 . 6/11
why not doing one when NAURTO had siting with his old team pic of team 7 and he had bund it when the others get kill off and his the last one sill living on now, his in his black t shit and long shots and his vest too, when with his dad dagger he took form his ex team commrd and think back it the hot spices he win vs the 2 of them and before he fin off the one eye jon he had took out the dagger and saying to him you not keeping this jack ass and 2 i am took it back now, he then he out his big size hands to the men head and hit it so now, thinking of him as his fire balls hit him and he lost a good t shit and you luck fool , when now the pic bund now, when get out to his home now, he in bed with his wife HINATA now, sleeping now, when HINATA had find out about it had now the doing the same to her own team pic now, when then the kids had find about it now, he ask them if you 2 do made the rank of JON do not be like my and you mothers old ones ok yes dad,
robert krause chapter 4 . 5/29
when GENERAL RASHOUJIN HATTORI HANZOU and NARUTO had 1 meeting in the lands of woods and a war was on now with them now and seeing the others not gave up or lost to the other was seeing now ,but a new frinder ship is born out of 2 wood stnues was made now each had swords out now , the GENERAL with his 5 stars no him now and 2 twin swords out and Naruto with his moon swords out and dagger in his other hand now ,when it was to the west part now made by a bind men Robert Kraus a former ninjas woods lands
robert krause chapter 3 . 5/29
when in the time on the road NAURTO had be working his own spy net working and when running it form old forts and some time his was ex slaves out of the slaves city both mines and ones be sold off as warriors in the pits when he and his team had took out the evil city NAURTO had find old men gar lee own stuff form art to scrolls of the whirlpool and seeing red now NARUTO had took out a dagger cutting into the old men own eyes and be putting on the back wall now and then when back home he find his wife and the fox had get new clothers now and same with others now , when sold off the art now and find new swords and daggers and others stuff now, when get to took desks out now and beds too, when keeping the free slaves now and running the spy networking now, he was up and running now, when out of wind lands now and others parts now NAURTO had get the lands of wolfs and ice now, used the money to buy out moon stones now and made his new swords the twins now yin and yang now and daggers and ninjas stars and moon stars now when into time goons and high rank men and woman form the blood missy had lost to him and money form helping to when then he had his wife and 2 kids back it the whirlpool now and the fox too, he was working with 2 ex miss men and woman on took out the high rank ninjas men and woman ,why helping is was a black book full of names and money too, when find out when the men and woman be it NARUTO had them took out now, even a hulk woman ZOE lee Jackson out she had running the forest house in the vaillge on the side stuff she was doing sole off the kids and others she had on was goons now and others was hit men or woman too, when took her out it her rich house now and he selling off the art and books too, as for the clothers too, only thing he keeping a gold pocket w now, he keeping it cove up the wond now with a pic of him and wife get marring it the time now, when get back home his long lost clan men is now abut black cap now, when his wife is head of the vaillge and NAURTO had his job now the lord of the whirlpool now,
robert krause chapter 2 . 5/6
when in times on to Naruto and his wife HINATA had buy out a super size house by the beach now when Naruto had doing old art of his kids and wife and teams mats and ex foes and when it was quit here now and his wife had her books be think of this house is more quit and both her and Naruto had workings on them own stuff too, when then others houses get buy out and made into new looking now a house Naruto buy out is a art workings house now gold and red home now he had be others art workings here now like a battle with the ex sages and his own clones too like red blue and gold and his own looking too, when it was fin too, when others be battles on the miss ninjas days when in the lands of winds Naruto and co had took out a bad city sun bands a slaves selling city both guys woman and kids get sell off and then the mines too, when took out the mines out and saves a lot of men and boys Naruto HINATA and the fox and the queen of snkes had made 4 to 6 army s now when then the city bund down now when the last rich men and his army of goons and right hand woman a san rei now kill off ,her blue max cross neck part is no Naruto jacket now, and a black one too, when get to find out of the owners cub size office is full of scrolls all form the whirlpool and seeing red now he had cut off the old men head off and the hat too, when took it now and made into a death mask and the head is now on the wall too, when Naruto had his office now put the death mask up in a tree size end now, as the head is now on the wall now, when the art is now in the clan home now, when he came here he had his own mask fox fire now on the wall now, for others stuff too, when made more art is now his past time now, happy now, his wife HINATA had made a founder of her own past thing now, with her is her duther now helping out now, when she had a office now, as her mom had one now, why dad not here ,his get his own thing now art stuff sweet , 2 he had some time too, now,
robert krause chapter 5 . 4/5
sir in this consequences is good but if it is me Robert Krause was doing it the thing i well be doing is took the money gold and scrolls too then took his ex team mat gril SARKURA with him as a pow and her clan money too , as well blood money too , when then kill off her mom and dad too, when it is too took out my foes too, when get to move out to others parts to took out the sound vaillge and free my long lost counse too, when then bund it down too, when then took the flege of the sound vaillge too, when kill off it founder out too , took his head now, put on the wall back part now, and his sword to his former stunder now, when then get the rice lord to let the whirlpool put in a out post town now, when others in sand and rock and clound too, when hot spings and ice had one each a out post too,
robert krause chapter 4 . 4/5
when before Naruto and wife HINATA had made and get the lands of the whirlpool be born Naruto had working on his day job with HINATA it the moves shops and others parts too, the 2 had keeping working in the days and it nights it is like sleeping in a cub size house unit now with 5 others when the fox queen had sleeping in her fox body little pet now, when then the team had working now muslces and mines too when then some s class jobs was open up now, took on the workings like sand vaillge own pain like took out slaves city out now Naruto and his team had freeing the mines workings and find gold and others stuff now , when kill off the heads of them and them own goons too, Naruto had 3099-00-9 death masks now, when then the city is next and rich men and woman like then freeing the slaves now, when the goons army s was took out now, money art and gold bars and conics and books too, when Naruto had them now had used the money to get out post city out laws his new out post now keeping his spy net working now, when keeping a team of boys and some grils now working for him now, even some men who working it the body huthers shops now, one max ford a long time miner and spy for Naruto , his Naruto 2 now, when now out of the game now owner of inn in the west side now, was former ninja and abut black ops roots men , get sold off by it former founder DUNZO ,his now dead , but free ,
robert krause chapter 3 . 4/5
sir i Robert Krause was doing the Naruto consequences the 1 thing i was to be doing is to MS SARKURA with Naruto and co as a pow and 2 in her own clone like twin is to be kill off ,when is her clan money when kill off her mom and dad and the top old men and woman of her clan then bund down the clan houses and town too, when get out of the vaillge too with my little pow and money too , when keeping her up in the hills is a big super JALL and she is up now and living in it too, a bed and Naruto keeping a desk when his siting in it now, sleeping now, then up feeding her a male now, then tell off too saying to you boy is a power fool and you love him you little fool you had the super mind of tame 7 but you not seeing it ,so you can seeing it now or stay here for i care do not gave a fuck gril , when outside Naruto had made a out post now , when the city is sill be made now, only thing is his wife and 2 kids living in a up floor house unit now, when his others team mats had get them own homes now, his long lost family clan mate had his home and offices in abut black ops and his wife too when the vaillge boss house is sill be made now, as well is the lord tower too, when the officers is fin made now, Naruto had keeping to read the blue pic now , when the school is up and running now, Naruto #4b is his class room , when the tower is fin get it now his move into it now and his wife and 2 kids too, the sister and brother the twins now,
robert krause chapter 6 . 3/17
when Naruto had be working on his job as lord of whirlpool and his is a super spy then his god father had be and when back in the days of his wife and team met had running as ninjas on the running Naruto had took out a west city name slvers city a city selling men woman and kids off ,when others working in the mains to the hills Naruto and his wife and the sank woman had win vs them and freeing the slaves form it now, when it caps and boss had them heads and others parts be put on the wood wall now, when he seeing the city now be doing why was nuts he had be took out the big time owners out and army s too, when the last one had stuff form the whirlpool now he had cut off it lord a old men DANZOU clone twin men now and put the head on the wall now eyes be bund out now, when keeping the old chad head and cuffs now and put them on the wall of his home when took on the lord and when it sill there now ,when Naruto had be more muslces and used his hands and feet it times but into the lands of ice he buy out moon stones and made a swords 2 of them the twins swords the red and black fox s was born and it was helpful in battles and wars to come into like abut black ops and roots and his wife own clan own army of men be took out by him , when death masks were on the outside of his office now , one was a woman bully Sammy a black hire gril Naruto had some running with now she is cap of a roots unit now , code name black rose now kill off by Naruto and seeing her mask off now and her looking now Naruto had cut her down now, and made a death mask now, siting on the wall now, when other times he lead to living in a cub size home for when now then be lord of whirlpool now his home is super size big now and his summer home is like his dad and mom home only 4 floors up now and a gym now , when Naruto had living here now, when his son had took over now and Naruto move to a west part now when he get a cub size home now for him and his wife now , when he doing a book on his life and time as ninja on the go and lord of the whirlpool now, when in bed he time was up now , when in the lords house is pics of lords of the whirlpool each had some thing no them Naruto had his ninjas head band and swords the twins now siting with him and a fox like sol in the back all black now, 1990-2009 his time was super good Naruto ninja warrior and lord of the whirlpool , blond hire and blue eyes , when his ex ninjas vaillge team mats saw it was happy for Naruto , ion had marring the big guy and ten-ten marring 2 time now, when others sawing it now, was happy to think of him now,
Dracoessa Draga chapter 1 . 3/17
suckura whoruno the taco muncher and uke no stickflipper are idiots.
yeaaaahhhh I read chapter 3 . 3/14
Rereading noticed 2 things. Unironically all of Khonha major power loses Danzo had a hand in(Uchiha massacre as he aggravated the clan,Naruto and his entire life, Both Rain missions think about it the first one lead to the Akatsukis creation and deprived Khonha of a potentially powerful ally, the second led to thier destruction) Also Hanzou lowkey put some respect on Gai Name you normally call someone crazy as an insult however he must have done the most damage whether it be via headache or him being the only one to lay punches. Or the fact the 8th gate allowed more shinobi to survive than initially(total anhillation)
STFU chapter 7 . 3/9
Really good fic

Btw STFU Robert Krause You're fucking annoying with your spam,You insufferable cocksucker
robert krause chapter 2 . 3/6
why not took sarkua with him as a pow and then get her to be putting into a cell room and then made her think some stuff on her life and why she had not help out Naruto and then why her boy was ass and why Naruto more powerful , when Naruto had keep her clan money be put away for her when she get out and made to working with whirlpool now it well be HINATA as in the mic and when she not get marring for when now , made to living in the red lights now , a old bar housing unit now clan stuff on the wall and ninjas head band and team pic is on the wall now, a bed in the room now, when Naruto had her clan ash s be put in the back room now, when the NINE TAILS had on her brown armor and long red and blue cape and muslces now big size super now, she had the red lights a old inn now , like Naruto had pics on the desk of his office she had hers on then Naruto and his wife HINATA be marring and her in it ,as for 2 is her working with them in ninjas skills , as for the last one is of Naruto and HINATA own kids as now ninjas , when it is more quit now,
robert krause chapter 3 . 2/28
when kids had them god father now out of his job and time on hand had doing his own book on his life as ninja warrior and then as leader of his old ninjas vaillge no his time running it and his dad too , when in the same book he had be a part to the 4 and how the 2 had meeting and to seeing Naruto and co now, when before he had doing the book he meeting his god son and dather it the clan home , now living in west town now , a old nave base housing unit was his now, Naruto tell him it was used by the old post before then others had used it too like abut black ops old school and then others units too, when now his home now, a pic of him his dad and bee ,when the 2 is of his own team and then abut black ops times and then as his time running the vaillge , when in his stay old pics no the wall now, when killer bee came here too, only thing is his living and running and owner of a bar blood bull a time now like his big brother had doing a book his doing the same too, both had doing good too, when the 2 men had money form the books bee is now happy now a old bar in north town now and his home in the top floor now,
robert krause chapter 2 . 2/28
when Naruto had time no his hands now be to his old gold and blue house and made into a men cave office and den and bed room now , when get out of the office Naruto came here few times now and be looking on the wall now old pics of him his wife and 2 kids and then some of him and the 2 grils living on the road now and took on odd jobs and some others stuff too , sand rock and why was sown lands too when them living in a cub size room with sleeping on the floor and keeping to each too, when now his home was the 1 thing the 2 and the kids living in before the big home was made now, when the back part had be 3 bed rooms when the fox had her bed room ,akoie had a bed room and the ex ROUGE ninjas had the last room , when over time the 2 had running the school and each had to keep a up floor office now , when now the whirlpool is big now and the old school is now out used now and is now abut black ops now , when the new one is in the b block now , when he had no school class room now Naruto had keeping old pics of ninjas class he had keeping in his lord office on the west wing now,
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