Reviews for Naruto: Consequences
robert krause chapter 7 . 12/1/2020
sir SNAFU why not doing a Naruto/founder game when Naruto is the founder and own and head of his own team and it is a army team with the FOX gril who is part Lither and black and she is big size too , as for his team 2 grils one is FU and other is ZAP ZAG the grils were ex con and boomer ZAP ZAG and FU is the hack ,and some others goon Ash, and max is stipe , when in outlaws city is when Naruto and his long time foe is sarkura and ion had a team too, each had a battle bus and bases too, and safe houses too, as for others in them too,
robert krause chapter 2 . 10/26/2020
when Naruto and his little team had 1 had to living on the running now and get to doing in the under things for when and get to took out big time body huthers and abut black ops and roots too, Naruto and HINATA had keeping some masks fox wolf and big cats and some others stuff too, ninjas tools and swords too and daggers too, when some had vests Naruto keeping the JON vest his wife keeping one too and others too, when living in sand vaillge for when Naruto took out slaves city a evil bad city full of shops selling off slaves and Naruto took the owners and staff too, when money and gold be used too, when then the big rulers was last and one old men James K, was Naruto hit and he doing it when siting in the old men office now going over scrolls and others stuff made him mad about it he gave the head other hit to the eyes and it was more hit now, for the whirlpool lost scrolls Naruto find was reading them now , his now, when get the old men head on the wall in the back now, as well his warriors and right head woman -hire long black hire now on his vest now, when get out to the whirlpool now and made a new village now,
robert krause chapter 7 . 10/8/2020
MR Snafu even think of co some sf Naruto working with ChrisM2011 and others on Naruto and his wife and others as well , if it was me Robert Krause i well do one when sarkura is now out and living in the west with Naruto as his co ruler queen and lover , as for ion is the ex wife to the boy , and she had took the money and others stuff like gold bars and others too ,she is living in the west part with her own vaillge ,
robert krause chapter 1 . 9/20/2020
Sakura well living on for she was to be took by some one name Robert k for his one fan boy of her and Naruto , when Robert k had save her now and took her mom and dad fuck blood money gave it all to the whirlpool and her too , when doing it now, Robert k was unit comer of my little pony twight s, and her son Naruto , he had let her living on only to let her mom and dad get kill off , , sir the OC Robert k, is me Robert Krause who is Sakura fan and Naruto too, and full time bony of my little pony ,
robert krause chapter 2 . 9/13/2020
when Naruto and co had made the whirlpool up now Naruto had his home tower now and in the west part now is a old house Naruto had get made now , for when both houses had bed rooms in it now and his time on the job before be lord of whirlpool Naruto had working jobs in the lands of why was snow , he get his hands on stuff from it now , his own office had red and black looking now, when it had moves on mobs boss ,Naruto had working little parts like mobs men or cops , he had working on the sets now , as well his wife doing it now, when the 2 had took out old art too , when Naruto own son had seeing the moves 12 times over and his twin sister had see it only 2 times , when the 2 had doing ninjas stuff now, he keeping the fox gril over them now, when her job is nanny of them 2 , when he had others jobs like in the lands of wind when took out the evil city slaves out it rich men and women had rule it like it is now fire and ash now, money gold and others stuff be took out now, Naruto had money out now , when used it to made his own vaillge now, when Naruto office is of the old men jerry Leroy lovers a old men own head is on the back wall with both eyes be took out and his hire be cut off now, and his others officer a woman get her head cut off the same way and hire cut off now, her own eyes get bund out now, when her art too Naruto sell off now, when siting in his home men cave he made back running his class room #49b on swords and others stuff , now the former class room is now his 2 men cave now, when the school had get big now, the old class room is now Naruto office/men cave now, sir i Robert Krause was trying to show a side of lords who rule the lands of ninjas ,them had a office /men caves to get out for when now, unlike the vaillge Naruto be into he was more helpful and the school show it too ,
iacopo.passerini chapter 7 . 8/25/2020
Ah è finita! peccato che Konoha sia caduta cosi in basso!
iacopo.passerini chapter 1 . 8/25/2020
Ottimo inizio con numerose curiosità!
robert krause chapter 7 . 8/16/2020
sir if you do a Naruto /my little pony thing when Naruto is twight son and his big step brother is spike and step sisters and them had a king mon in time it is big size now, spike is a warrior and Naruto is too one , and the big sister dawn is with them too in a woman armor like one too spike is gold and lither green and Naruto is blue , like the bat pony s had , on but the head is with a ninja head pother no with twight end in it and ninja yang and yin is on by Naruto , when living in a old barracks Naruto and spike and dawn fire had each had a bed room to sleep in and used it as a men cave and woman one , the 1 floor is base offices and books room , and outside is 3 cars each spike had his 1943 ww2 jeep dawn fire had a car and Naruto is the same each is 1990 car dawn car is 1963 boss m and Naruto is cobra 1962 ex race car , and then the team had a 4 part air ship out the FF ,
robert krause chapter 6 . 8/16/2020
when in his home is a men cave den he had it made when he had made up the whirlpool a kind of stay and office and 2 bed room when he can sleep it off and read books and comics like and on the books cases is toys of gold dagger and others woman like he had them 2 sets one for him and others for his son , who had put in his old bed room a cub size bed room a geek room for him to used now , on the wall is his own team pic and others stuff too , like his dad his had dc and others stuff to paly with , when his twin sister had her woman cave and a little books room now, when them mom had her bed room now, when she may miss Naruto it times but she had like to had the bed room to her own now, and then she was long times it mic is keeping her busy now, when she had came home she had the bed room to her own now, like Naruto is in his office on the 1 floor and back when he had class to running Naruto had made the home now , and as lord now his need for a men cave is need now , as for others in his famly now,
robert krause chapter 2 . 7/5/2020
when his kids had each get them own houses now his son living west part of the red lights city now , king ace now a bar and house his living in and owner of ,when his sister had a home by when she is living it now , a home is like some old move set she get now, when both had art in them homes now , when her brother keep art of woman and grils with muslces big bods and others stuff too, when in the bar office he keeping some pics of his mom and dad and his twin sister , the 2 is of his ninja team pic and the last is when the meeting them god farther now , when his twin sister is bit of like dogs and cats too, when pony pics on the wall of her home office wall now , when on the desk is of her and her brother living in the lands of winds when them dad was working on the road for when , and some others too, even her old ninjas team , night wing and one others too, when Naruto and wife had time for them own now the kids move out now, Naruto and his wife made new men cave in why was his son old bed room , and his wife doing the same in a old bed room now, for her own now, she had her old ninjas vest and head band in a glass case now even the head band had a cut into it now, the ninjas vest too , when her men Naruto keep his men cave quit and used it now to sleeping in now full of old maps and some time pic too,
Guest chapter 3 . 6/11/2020
when Naruto and his little team had took down some evil bad guys and woman like one time the 3 had be to the sound vaillge get some food to eat Naruto find a old woman a name gander lee a evil woman who working for the missy and she was the one who made kids like lost them own think and free will and to be killers and she had blood money form it , Naruto took her out and he had her body on the top of roof now cut her body into and he eat some food and then was up in the office going over the money and others stuff too , he and them too it all too , when in then in the whirlpool Naruto had the office in with his wife to used now , well into it now, Naruto and his wife had be workings too , when running the spy net working B27# his own now , spy s he had on hand form the lands of wind and others part too, like the body huthers shops and others parts too , like the LUM inn running and owner is Robert Krause a old ninja and ex monk warrior of fire then wind , when the 2 1 meeting when Robert Krause running the monks base in wind ,now a inn only it is now a co but a home for him to living in , when now out of it now , Robert Krause ,is name of me who is made it up ,2this not spam you sir , but my way of showing even a fan is good help sir
robert krause chapter 2 . 6/11/2020
when Naruto had 1 had get to working as ninjas on the road he had keeping to the back for when find workings in under some stuff like army bases and when he took out a evil vaillge in the lands of wind west part a city he bund down and freeing the slaves form the mines and others selling ports shops men and woman to boys and grils too, when he had money gold and others stuff too, like the scrolls he get form old jack Leroy a evil men who bund and kill off the whirlpool and he find them in the little cub size office and when reading the scrolls on the desk seeing the whirlpool name into it now , mad it him Naruto cut the men head off and took out a gun and stood into the eyes and both when bund out now and he put on the back wall now , with the hat too on his head now , when took out the office now and now his men cave den room now , on the 2 floor now , by other one now , when the back part here was full of art and pics of woman with muslces and big size bods and grils too , when on the wall now , he sit the desk going over some books and old time stuff ,
robert krause chapter 2 . 5/31/2020
when Naruto and his little tame had living on the road doing odd jobs form the d and c and racks jobs and when then the lands of wind had a west part a city be to evil and was need to took out and when doing the job when get the minders out of the under minds out Naruto and his wife and the sake queen had bund down some minders tool sands and was working with it now the city now made new swords now and other stuff too like armor chad when took out the thugs and others out the rich men and woman who rule it was next and when the old men Gary Leroy was last to kill off , when in his home Naruto sit in the office reading old scrolls of the whirlpool and was mad about he took out a dagger with a cobra head on it he had it into the eyes now kill off the men now , when then he had put the thugs on the long wood wall in the back now each had now kill off eyes be bund out others had daggers out of it now , when others was set on fire now, when get money and others stuff out of it now , Naruto and co be to others parts now , when in wave Naruto had a were house used as a meeting room/house to living in when think of it now whirlpool is it , with the mob money and others stuff Naruto set to working on the west part 1 a school house and ninjas too, when others is it his class room #43b was good for when swords men and woman was made here and times it was good too, when muslces on him be big super size now 400-990-0 now , when he was looking it the house he and his wife and 2 kids had living was too little , he made a new one for him and her now super size tower house now , and it twin too , when Naruto office is here now , not in a cub size now , when running the spy networking is more hot then his god father had seeing with , when FUU of rain fell be with them now she is running the 2 one #b3490 is when she keeping running it now , a flan house is were she living in , not marring too , when before it is to it now she and Naruto had running the mob running co ships too when the odd gold fox was born now , Naruto had move out the top LT Robert -Bit ford out to be it head of it ,
robert krause chapter 5 . 5/28/2020
sir in this one is good but if i Robert Krause had doing it the 1 thing i well do for it not just took the money of his mom and dad scrolls and pics too , i well get sarukra her money and scrolls and pics too out then kill off her mom and dad it the same time , when took out my foes out like the roots abut black ops then money form them too ,when in the whirlpool may sarkura working for her money back and made her living in west whirlpool the old part like the caves under it is cells and some when red lights town , when she was living in Naruto had doing put her here and saying to you going to live here gril , when she unpack her stuff now , Naruto had get home now , when she was live in now she had tame pic hers of her clan pic and some others stuff now , when took to bed now, as for job she had is mic and mic abuts ops unit now,
robert krause chapter 5 . 5/17/2020
when Naruto had his office big and full of old pics on the wall , when back he Hinata and others who was with him get mad it him for took a little size house with no bed room in it and he saying we sleeping in the 1 big living room and 2 we not on time out so get it now , when not talking to him for when Naruto keeping a job it the movies as both gunding and best boy and when the pay form it not good but he sill took the job , when he was doing it Naruto working on moves sets like ninjas moves when sets get made Naruto had get some time he had find daggers helpful and was keeping them for jobs he had get form the sand vaillge like took out the west city slaves nights a city who had it rich men and woman in bad news too, when it Naruto find a old men bill jack Robertson who back in the days had kill off the whirlpool and he had some much of scrolls form it and Naruto had sit in the men office kill off now and Naruto sit it the men desk and seeing them now mad it him took out the twin swords and outing into the eyes now and Naruto took the desk and art books and had them put away in wave vaillge when get a were house too and used it now , when the city bund down now , Naruto had them money get to others now , he keeping books and then sole them off now to a pawn shop he find and money form it help out he get a ring for his wife Hinata when get marring she get the ring now, Naruto and her had move to the whirlpool now , it 1 the 2 and the kids had living in a little size house for when , and back in the were house Naruto buy out made into a shop for some men form the slaves city workings now and others Naruto get out is in his spy networking , he pay them off used the rich men and woman own blood money ,
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