Reviews for Naruto: Consequences
robert krause chapter 5 . 5/17/2020
when Naruto had his office big and full of old pics on the wall , when back he Hinata and others who was with him get mad it him for took a little size house with no bed room in it and he saying we sleeping in the 1 big living room and 2 we not on time out so get it now , when not talking to him for when Naruto keeping a job it the movies as both gunding and best boy and when the pay form it not good but he sill took the job , when he was doing it Naruto working on moves sets like ninjas moves when sets get made Naruto had get some time he had find daggers helpful and was keeping them for jobs he had get form the sand vaillge like took out the west city slaves nights a city who had it rich men and woman in bad news too, when it Naruto find a old men bill jack Robertson who back in the days had kill off the whirlpool and he had some much of scrolls form it and Naruto had sit in the men office kill off now and Naruto sit it the men desk and seeing them now mad it him took out the twin swords and outing into the eyes now and Naruto took the desk and art books and had them put away in wave vaillge when get a were house too and used it now , when the city bund down now , Naruto had them money get to others now , he keeping books and then sole them off now to a pawn shop he find and money form it help out he get a ring for his wife Hinata when get marring she get the ring now, Naruto and her had move to the whirlpool now , it 1 the 2 and the kids had living in a little size house for when , and back in the were house Naruto buy out made into a shop for some men form the slaves city workings now and others Naruto get out is in his spy networking , he pay them off used the rich men and woman own blood money ,
robert kruase chapter 4 . 5/13/2020
when Naruto had get the whirlpool up and running now he and his wife had buy out some others houses out when it the mic school his wife get a cub size house with a 2 floor up and moving into it now , as well her dauther had get her own home now , when working now , like her mom she too had pics on the wall of her cub size home now and her bed room is in the back size ,now , when her twin brother had his house in west port city , a former ware house he had now , and his dad he had find one it the ninjas school now it is a men cave office now , a 4 bed room house and den room now , Naruto keeping books scrolls and others ninjas stuff too, when he and his wife and tame mats living on the run living in a up floor house with no bed room ,when workings in ninjas stuff and others jobs was need to keep the vaillge he was in off of him , when the others be workings as best boys for the moves and keeping it now , pay be good for when , Naruto had let them be with money form the job , when Naruto had buy out some 2 hand shirts and jacket too blue one and he had find out a old army base the lord of sown had not kown of full of old air guns and amore too , when he gave it back then bund down the shop for now a books shop was open up Naruto had workings now and pay form it help out too when buy out comics books fox ones and some pony men and his lover now,
robert krause chapter 5 . 4/16/2020
when Naruto old tame pic was sill in the same desk end only it was with cut to the heads of the 2 mats and his old jon when his was do not be cross out , when Naruto had Maru now a abut black ops unit comer now and others working the school now, when maru had his office in the house now with his dad and uncle and them dad and mom ,when 2 had him and his pods in it and the 3 his tame when it the lands of winds and then the vest now on the wall now, when his coed name ape and abut black mask now is on the wall now, sir this not spam you for it but i Robert Krause was trying to help with why Naruto was doing as lord of the whirlpool ,2 the set of his office is some thing lords was used to working in like old tame pics and his wife and 2 kids to his mom and dad , why not let Naruto had a men cave his to keep and used too, when his wife had her gril cave and both kids had them own play house like his son had his own stuff and his twin sister may had her dolls and others grils stuff too and each had a bed room to sleeping in, too, as for the fox i was think why not she had a den house and it was in back now, bed into it now and some old war stuff she keeps like the head of the men who made to took on the ninjas vaillge and Naruto lost his mom and dad ,
robert kruase chapter 5 . 3/24/2020
when in his office in the west part of the city he made is a tower fox nights when Naruto keeping his own 2 men cave bed room and stray hall room full of books he get form his ninjas free lands days and scroll too and maps on the wall now , when one of the warlord and him when the 2 meet before and some others too like his marring his wife and 2 is kids be born and both had get out of the ninjas school and both now get black vests now , when on the wall too is bouny huthers and abut black ops and roots too mask he took when he kill off the men and woman too when on the run now , now the money form them is why he used to made his men cave with , when the fox who is now out living in a super size hut home now , her old racks on the wall now, when thee big bed she sleeping in is good too, it is more the old home cell in Naruto ,
kekbekmekflekwek chapter 6 . 2/17/2020
How did this get so many favorites? Jesus, this was bad.
kekbekmekflekwek chapter 4 . 2/17/2020
This is fucking terrible. Outside of the insane cartoon villains you have everyone acting like, you can't fucking spell to save your goddamned life.
robert krause chapter 2 . 1/24/2020
when get the ruins of the whirlpool for when he made the school 1 and made it 4 floors ups and some time he name the red fire nights the ninjas pony warrior is the schools own school longer and when it was doing it now Naruto had made his office a super size offices when he and others workings and when the desk he had no pics no it and when then Naruto class room B3 was good with swords and ninjas skills , he had made it too good , when the lords tower get made now , he and his wife and 2 kids move into it now , when Naruto and Hinata had them own each cave like office and bed rooms now Naruto had made his own cub size bed room when he and his wife was in the move for it , the kids each had own houses now , Naruto find a little cub size room when his wife be working it the mic and Naruto need a sleeping room and when he find it he made it his own now , when the navy yard had his stuff form his time on the run and he move into it now , when on the wall is a pic of him Hinata and others back when the tame 1 living in a cub size bed room house when living into it and doing odd jobs and others stuff like the movies studs and get to be pay for it too, when Naruto had 3 to 5 pics now on the wall now even a new one the one with it is lord and star a had working as a play boy bunny gril when in blue one then black one both are on the wall now , when Naruto show it to her she had let him keep it now, when in time Naruto had help both his son and duter get them own homes now , when the son living in west part of vaillge and help running the post nights and his other kid is it the mic working too,
robert krause chapter 2 . 1/10/2020
when Naruto and his wife and 2 kids had get the whirlpool off and running now Naruto had made his office in the lords house and when into it had a super size office for working and the back one is a cub size for his meetings and his own used like a men cave full of art of his own pics as a out law and s class bad guy and others of abut black ops and roots men and woman kill off by him and his wife own clan body huthers and as will some art of hot grils and woman of sf stuff , like his own his wife keep her office the same way only thing it is her old pic and ninjas hand b and her ex clan jacket now in a galss case now , when both twins had them own office in some parts of the whirlpool when his sister keep her office in west parts city and her brother was in the west too , when the 2 had keep some cube size play house his duther had dolls and her brother with 3 live size dolls , and some art too, and his own house now, as she living now west too , little house as he was doing ,
robert krause chapter 4 . 1/5/2020
sir in the battle with the old tame i Robert Krause well having Naruto to cut off s dad long hair then he had the vest cutting off his back , as for the others 2 the men well having them eyes be blacking into , as for the son of the 3 ,his swords well be took off him and his vest to well be cutting into , as for his wife she well lost her eye on the right side , as for his ex jhon he well lose the dagger of the 4 , , but i well trying to save sarkura and took her with Naruto to be pow and then made to living into a scroll ,for when , then put of it and made seeing why kind of men is her ass ,is saskie is , then made her working with Naruto , came to mind , when into the old vaillge Naruto well go to her old house and get the money form it then kill off her mom and dad then bund down the house too, when gave her the money to live on when working in the whirlpool now only she is to living in a hut house on west part of the city
robert krause chapter 6 . 1/5/2020
sir why not name the town of his mom name and then the ninjas school his dad name , as for his house a 5 bed room house and mine office too,
robert krause chapter 2 . 12/30/2019
when Naruto had his put his mom and his former host of the fox into a gave to west part of the town and when he was it the tree he put in when doing the school job he and his Hinata had then put the box by it and saying to think you , when Naruto had working on the tower home Naruto and his wife and 2 kids living on the top floor #309bto#45569d and when the fox woman who had her house a cub size house with a bed room in the living room , when then others living now when Naruto and co were sill working now , when Naruto is spy m, more super then his god farther had be , when Naruto living on some rules he keep one is no beer and woman like the red lights , as his spy s were steed kids and men he get out of slvers city a city he had bund down ,when took money he used to made his spy net working and abut black ops his long lost family meberd running not like roots , when he and his wife had living in old boom shelling house 3 floor house and 2 one is when aokre living in a 1 floor house and 1 bed room home , now,
robert krause chapter 6 . 12/28/2019
when then he be to his men cave office and bed room in the back of his house a cub size bed room with art of hot woman and grils and when he sleeping in bed now and when read on his old ninjas vaillge he was form and when then think of his life now , when in the day Naruto had the old tame 10 each had took some jobs ,when ion is now working under his wife now , the 2 boys each had took to working in west part of the vaillge , when ten-ten had gave time to her son and running the clan when were house #3459-90 is now when the clan now living in and running some new stuff too, when then is it now good , Robert Krause sir i was think of used some stuff out old sf and odd stuff too , this not spming you sir ,
robert krause chapter 1 . 12/9/2019
when in power Naruto had buy out a old used house he find back when running the school Naruto and his wife and kids had 1 living in the house a yellower home and it is had a 3 bed rooms and a big size living room and when in it Naruto had made a tower now and when it over fin he moving his kids and wife to it now , when he keep the house he had running both the whirlpool and his spy networking form it and now his men cave now a bar and books room in it now , when on the wall is old pics of his time no the road boom shell grils and woman big muslces now on the wall , when he had running stuff now , his wife had her woman cave and the kids had them own club house each , now , when the fox gril woman had living into her own house in the back side of the house , when his time Naruto keep looking for stuff to doing it now unlike others lords Naruto is more hands on , the ninjas vaillge had be good to living in now ,
robert krause chapter 2 . 11/13/2019
when some odd jobs the 3 had doing like the took out salvers city a city of sold salvers and under gounder warriors who killer each other for money for them owners and when Naruto took it out he get a big ring off a killer off men who had red black hire ,Naruto had the kwon him before as a bully bob lee a ninjas killer and mob thing too , when he had the ring be put on his jacket red now , and the hair too, as for the head is on the back wall as for the others too, took the money and then freeing the others ,form it now, when 4 grils stay with them 2 blue grils one blond one and a red hair one , now working as Naruto and hinata little slaves grils , when others moving no ,now and Naruto get his spy networking going no now,
gabelou1991 chapter 7 . 10/31/2019
J'aime bien même les 2 fins.
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