Reviews for Bad Boys, JEDI Style
SuperKinuhata chapter 97 . 11/12
Wow, Mara is like on a permanent period or something...

Death stick withdrawal. It's serious business.
SuperKinuhata chapter 72 . 11/11
Wait... the f*ck? The sith came from Earth and they're saying Ewan?
TheDarkKunoichi chapter 217 . 10/6
Oh my god... I can't believe I finally finished it... It took me two months to read it, between school and all.. And I just can't find the words to tell you how freakin GOOD this is! Damn, I can't believe I even thought of this as boring in the beginning.. Screw my past self, this thing's one of the BEST I've ever read! Too much confusion and assumptions and guesses and secrets and jokes and children and civilians and planets and TPM outbursts and Hutts and Solos and Ewoks and wars and space battles and time-travel stuff and freakin LANDO on top of that.. I'm surprised my brain still hasn't exploded with the overload of info yet. I love the assumptions Luke and Mara makes, it's fitting yet wrong at the same time. Seriously? Anakin cheating for another woman and doing drugs? Damn Luke, you have a wild imagination... Still felt sorry for Mara though, but I kinda think that part where Mara finds out the truth about Luke's family was a bit rushed... She believed that she was Anakin's child since she was sixteen. How could she not feel angry upon discovering that she's not related to them at all? Mara fried a lot of people with Force Lightning just because of a very small aggression someone made to her. That was a BIG thing. Mara's slight disregard to the matter was a bit weird. Or maybe she was just so glad she wasn't Luke's sister and that they could get married that it was blocking her angry feelings? Ohhh, it's giving me a headache...

Another reason for my headache is Qui-Gon and Ana's super extended family. I can barely keep track of all the names in there! The number's killing me. And now that the Code is officially changed, who knows who else will be added to the family?

That whole trip in Solaris Three was confusing at first, but it soon made a lot of sense. And I love the explanation you thought up as to how George Lucas got the Star Wars films in the first place. Brilliant mind you got there! You managed to connect ALL of the movies, plus their personal lives and the incident with Yoda and Solaris Three together. That has to deserve an award.

I also got this to say: I love your Jabba the Hutt! He was dead funny and dramatic, and sometimes I feel sorry for him because of his slowing business with drugs and Gardulla and Tiffanny on top of that. But he still doesn't fail to make me laugh. I love how Jabba (and maybe Han) are really the only ones preventing the galaxy from going to war. It's very interesting, in a way, and I enjoyed everyone's reaction with it. I never really realized Jabba's importance until now.

Two words: Lando's. Awesome. I love him. ABSOLUTELY. Thank you for creating his character like that. In the past I've always thought of him as an annoyance, but now he's one of my favorite characters. Live on Lando!

I know I have more to add, but I'm seriously deprived of sleep here now. What I want to say is, I love your story. It's unforgettable, and memorable. I might return to read this in a few years or so, to recount everything I've ever liked about this story. Which is a lot. Thank you for this wonderful story. I love his storyyyy! XD
Guest chapter 217 . 9/24
i loved the entire thing, though i nearly ripped my hair out during some of the misunderstandings. good job!
Z chapter 217 . 9/17
Great story! I'm glad you gave this story its own storyline instead of just being the movies with some dialogue around it.
agigabyte chapter 90 . 8/14
"Good for a laugh, the Star Wars books can be, Yoda chuckled, as today's Council session began. But any truth to them, there is not.

Meanwhile, back in the youngling classroom...

'Thank you, Luke,' Mara sniffed, wiping away her tears and continuing to color her picture with his blue crayon, since her own had been broken in the struggle against Luke Fireno. The other Lukes had all laughed at her plight; but Luke Starkiller - her Luke - had thoughtfully offered to share his own crayons with her.

He's the nicest one, Mara thought again, filling in the blue sky on her picture. I love him."

...will they ever learn?
agigabyte chapter 78 . 8/14
Ki-Adi sighed thoughtfully. 'Yes,' he agreed. 'Cereans are different from other races, Ma-Kio; we have a strong instinct to form compassionate, loving relationships, and it goes against our nature to adhere to the Jedi Code in that respect,' he admitted. 'I think it is easier for other species.'"

"'I think it is easier for other species.'"

agigabyte chapter 77 . 8/14
It's official. This story can now be called "Every main Jedi now has a family and thinks the others are all obedient towards the Jedi code. Hilarity Ensues."
tati1 chapter 8 . 8/13
I love this! Such a funny take on Star Wars making its own movies! The clone army being made up of crazy Ewok clones is the funniest thing, and I never saw that coming. All the confusion over ad-libbing and mistakes and how that's "kept in" the film anyway to make the scenes we all know and love is also a hilarious and fascinating take on the whole thing. Having a lot of fun reading this! Thanks for the fic!
Lillie-wan Kenobi chapter 217 . 7/16
I loved it!
Highflyer123 chapter 4 . 7/6
Burn the Binks!
Highflyer123 chapter 3 . 7/6
This'll be good...
Highflyer123 chapter 2 . 7/6
So the movies were actually reality tv..
Highflyer123 chapter 1 . 7/6
Don't we all...
Draed chapter 217 . 6/23
Thank you for this. It was worth every single chapter. Much appreciated :)
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