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InCK chapter 18 . 7/14
Is this discontinued?
Guest chapter 10 . 7/11
Guest chapter 18 . 7/11
LordPerseusss chapter 18 . 7/10
Oh, my Gods, I cried when Percy died. I also cried because Chaos took him away from Artemis
Slimstats chapter 18 . 7/9
I have reread this so many times now and I still love the story. I still feel so much emotion from each single word. However I was surprised about the amount of negative reviews. Percy being op? Yeah. From the very first chapter we knew this was going to be a very strong Percy Jackson. It's a nice change of lace compared to other fics which make him op at the start but then magically everyone catches up overnight. At least this story stayed consistent with Percy's strength.

I also wanted to acknowledge Percy "overreacting" after his confession. I think some of you forget how old Percy is. Demigods certainly mature at a faster rate than others but only in some areas. Social situations are definitely not hardwired in their brains unlike all the combat instincts. However he is still a young man, not even in his 20s. Young people don't fully grasp certain emotions especially Percy who has been dealt so many tragedies in such a short amount of time. His parents being killed, his girlfriend(the one he risked everything for) left him, kicked out of his only home and he was placed somewhere that had everyone trying to make your life miserable.

The most prominent tragedy related to his "overreacting" is his breakup with Annabeth. It's hard dealing with breakups, especially hard with Percy's situation. He was quest after quest for Athena to be given the right to Annabeth's hand and when he came back, a simple letter was left telling him that he didn't do enough for her, wasn't there enough. That would traumatize anyone. So the overreacting is justified. He loved Annabeth so much but Artemis was something even more. So when Artemis starts tearing up and choking on her words about wishing they had more time then of course he would react like that. His history in romance has definitely not been the best so he certainly took her rejection very hard. Friends, he is still very young and has only been in one relationship. That was a natural reaction to your very first rejection. It hurts and it seems like people can't accept that. Also jealousy is a very strong emotion and Percy has always been someone who went in with his everything. So when he starts loving Artemis he put all of his heart and soul and when there's someone trying to take something he has already deemed as his then there would definitely be a volatile reaction. Jealousy can make people do things they usually don't do.

Great story and I hope people are able to empathize more with Percy to be able to understand why things happen as they do. Also remember friends this is an AU of course characters are going to be out of character.
LordPerseusss chapter 1 . 7/9
This is sooo good.
Saviour Of Olympus chapter 16 . 7/8
I have been waiting for 2 years for this story to be completed. Pls pls pls continue this for your questions-
1) I think Percy should be more mature.
2)The fights have been depicted fabulously. Not short but not too long also. It is just what is good.
3)I am not a cook.
4)The details are alright(atleast for me as i love reading)
Looking forward to your next chapters when Percy returns to Earth.
Cuppachinolatte chapter 17 . 7/8
oh my god this story was amazing, i loved it. you my friend are a great author and i love this and all your works. please continue all this amazing writing. this fic has so many emotions running deep inside its veins i love it! thank you oh so much! surprizingly this fic actually made me cry! i mean no other fic or story written by an actual author has ever made me cry. thank you oh so much i cannot express my gratitudes for you for writing this amazing fic Starblade and i sincerly hope you keep up the great writing, thank you!

CompletelyAnonymousxd chapter 18 . 7/4
Okay, here goes. This doesn’t exactly go out to Starblade176, since we all know it’s been 3 years since the last update, and from his or her twitter, there was no activity since around the same time period. This goes out to the people who are reading this story. I don’t know where else to put this, since I can’t exactly toss it into my own story’s AN. I’ll figure something out, but I need to get this out. This will be an actual critique of this story.

Firstly, don’t get me wrong. I liked the story a lot, back then. It’s been 2 years since I’ve read this and after reading it again I’ve come to realise it has a ton of flaws too. Despite all the praise this book gets both here and Wattpad (because some people enjoy the attention and claim it’s not copyright if they credit the author. Technically it isn’t, but I still hate the practice), it’s definitely not as good as it could be.

It’s safe to say that this book, along with My Queen’s Champion by Anakamulous14 (spelt it wrong I’m sure), was what kickstarted the guardian of the hunt, Pertemis craze. It’s not unfounded. Both stories have a ton of light fluff, humour, romantic scenes that made us grin and bounce around in fantasy of the maiden goddess and Percy. But it’s too easy to entertain young readers like everyone here, including me back then. In fact this story was what drew me to the fandom. I hold a certain respect for it because of it. But times change and I see now what the book really is.

A lot of guest reviewers who hate on the book and are frankly too cowardly to show their profiles make good points, although not in a respectful tone. They say that the characters are portrayed unrealistically in some aspects. That cannot be further from the truth. Every character here is somehow super emotionally volatile and jealous. Annabeth, Percy, Artemis. Their actions they make when they get jealous even at the drop of a pin on their lover’s shoulder send them into a rage. That scene where Percy annihilated what he assumed was a mortal policeman? Aphrodite touched on Percy’s sadism later but it doesn’t excuse the fact that Percy really isn’t like that, ever. The scene where Artemis sees lipstick on Percy and whacks the absolute shit out of is silly. The whole Annabeth freaking out after only a few days is weird too. I mean we have solid proof that in canon that Annabeth went to find Percy when he went missing. Granted, this would be the second time he went missing but I don’t think Annabeth would be that quick to start flirting with other guys and giving up on Percy. It’s really, really dumb. And chapter...15 I believe? When Percy confessed to Artemis and Artemis just stuttered out some words and Percy just breaks down immediately. Yeah, the dude lost his parents and everything and went through some hard times but he seemed to recover just fine with the hunters.

That brings me to the Hunt. I’ll allow that maybe Percy is a nice, caring, respectful guy that could make the Hunt love him as a brother. But all the times where the Hunters play pranks on him or whoever or basically bond with food fights or whatnot become repetitive. Yes, some of them are for Pertemis moments, but after seeing them go on and on it gets boring. And yes, it shows the progress of percy and artemis’ relationship being slow burn and I appreciate that. It’s one of the reasons I like this story, because it doesn’t immediately make them click. It took maybe 200k words for them to finally get together though not for long, but that’s not important. Regardless, there were other ways for them to get closer. The scene where Percy bumps into Artemis’ chariot, the one where he’s healing Artemis or vice versa, the one where they just talk on a tree. These are all unique and good. But once you keep repeating the hunters pranking Percy over and over just for some laughs and an embarrassing moment between the two, it becomes cringy.

Next thing, Percy is OP. He is drawing close to becoming a Mary Sue. Looking back to chapter 7 where Percy makes the oath that defines the title of this book (kudos to Starblade), he just takes the oath and swears by Chaos. And because he couldn’t become more chosen one, the creator of the universe (to our knowledge at that point in time) shows up and allows it. From there we know he cannot be more OP and Mary Sue. It’s just...sigh. I would rather have him taking the oath after becoming guardian and in the heat of a battle. It made no sense that he would declare utmost loyalty to a goddess he previously saved twice. He barely knew her. He also just went through a traumatic period of his parents death and murdering their murderers in cold. Blood. He can’t suddenly be all chill and be like “yeah I’m not sure what my purpose is. Let me just swear my dying loyalty to Artemis.”. Ok, his fatal flaw is loyalty and that could be what made him swear, but to the inconvenience of the story, we now know he literally can do no wrong after being given the thumbs up and gifts by Chaos him(her)self. Zeus can’t blast him because of this as is explained later. Also, he’s OP. Wings, firepower, wisdom, pro at every weapon except archery (because that’ll definitely pull him down), and he’s unexplicably attractive to every. Single. Damn. Girl. I saw one guest reviewer point this out and state that not every girl has the same tastes. Thank you. I don’t care if he had Aphrodite’s blessing. It’s unrealistic and honestly kind of sexist, but let’s not go there.

Oh and yeah, Percy’s characterisation is also weird. Why the hell is he murdering teenagers because they made a dumb oath by their life. They’re. Teenagers. We do dumb shit. The murders of Bruce (yeah remember him?), Matthew and the one kid from camp Jupiter are unnecessarily violent. Matthew’s death was also just...inappropriate. You insult the guy, jeer at him, the Olympians play along, now he insults Percy’s mom and suddenly things flip a complete 180. Ripping his head off? Seriously? There had to be a better way to handle a vengeance. I mean, technically he was innocent. He was a pawn in Amphitrite’a and Triton’s (later Oceanusschemes. He became an asshole they fed his ego and because the author needed to have a Dark Percy. There was no need for any of the three demigods to suffer a brutal, gruesome death.

Zeus’ character is another thing. One moment he’s joking with Percy about entrances and the next moment he’s getting pissed at Percy for calling the gods weak. I’m not saying the joking part was bad. I liked the theatrics part and dionsyus’ party volleyball part. It was humorous. But, Zeus should still have that line of sternness. At the very least, don’t flip out immediately when Percy steps out of line. I mean it’s pretty obvious Percy doesn’t care when he doesn’t want to. It’s his traits.

More things. Unless starblade had plans for the two, AthenaXPoseidon was redundant. It served nothing to the plot except depress Percy even more after he got “rejectedFYI, you did not. You overreacted. Don’t freaking bawl and fly away). Aphrodite and hestia liked Percy...why? Hestia was absolutely redundant. The implied reason why Aphrodite loved Percy was because so she could see how someone should react when someone doesn’t love them back. If you truly loved them, you should help them. Which was what Aphrodite did. But she’s the goddess of love. She should already understand this. It’s her domain. This might be personal preference but I feel that it makes sense. Could be biased on that.

Alright, among all this criticism, I think there are some things I missed. Some obscure, literary reference I miss that explain some things. But I’ll move on to what I liked. And still do.

Slow. Burn. Pertemis. It was done extremely well. If I could ignore the jealousy part, ignore the repetition of fighting, Percy grinning cheekily and pranking, it’s believable. They start off distant but gradually, through shared experiences, grow closer until they have feelings. Minus out the overreacting parts and it would be amazing.

Two, the battle scenes. Holy crap they are described so well. I mean with Percy’s OP-ness it makes them fancy and more shiny, but they’re depicted very well and are amazing.

Three, the exposition. Normally people scoff at seeing exposition dumped on them to explain the geography and people and everything in between, but chapter 17 was amazing. Starblade did an amazing job worldbuilding and coming up with interesting planets and unique geography for each one. The concept of alchemy and magic and all that good shit blew me away (and still does when I reread it). I never got bored of hearing Chaos explain everything. I can only hope that Starblade had plans to use them. Right now from chapter 18 he used Cold Numoria. Shame he (from now on I’ll call him a he) never included Klasmeria. If he ended up never using them it’s a waste of some quality worldbuilding.

One of my favourite scenes is where Ares pays his respect. The transformation into Mars and his dialogue is what really got me. Because frankly what Artemis and the others said was kind of cheesy and expected and emotional to the extent I wasn’t feeling it. But ares one was good. Props to Starblade.

Lastly, it’s 330k words. It’s unbelievable how much he wrote. Maybe it would be shorter once you took the dumb parts out, but that would replace them with something better. I don’t know. It’s an amazing milestone I can only hope I can achieve myself one day.

So that’s all I have. All that I can think of. I definitely have more to say but I think I’ve gained enough hate. I’m not publishing this anonymously so I don’t become like those guest reviewers. Just hope all those who read this understand where I’m coming from and don’t blindly love this book just because it’s the highest rated book on this archive. Kudos to Starblade for managing this accomplishment and I’m sure we can all hope that one day, chapter 19 will be released.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/4
If you aren't updating, I will finish the story myself.
Booklover chapter 1 . 6/29
Pls write ch.19 ps 20 and others
meeetsubash chapter 1 . 6/23
I honestly can’t believe it’s been 5 years since the last update. I’ve been waiting for over half a decade for chapter 19. The world Everlasting Promises is actually filtered to be marked as important on my emails. Chapter 19 will forever be a wish of mine.
megacharizat chapter 1 . 6/23
its been long... really really long... any chance of you ubdating this masterpiece again?
AmWRAZ chapter 1 . 6/19
there is sequel to this story but i dont remember damn srry guys
Guest chapter 10 . 6/17
Whenever Artemis blushes or is flushed you keep saying sh is fur or blushing pink which for her isn’t physically possible as she has ichor not blood which is gold so it should read when she’s mad her face is a bright gold and she blushes a pale gold etc
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