Reviews for A Very Cargan Christmas
Fang lover23 chapter 4 . 12/30/2011
Flawless chapter is flawless.

I love their bromance in this story, but my shipping goggles are practically screwed into my skull. I can't help it. -dead-

Just...everything about this chapter was so fluffy and cute and so adorable and afskhlsladkjafadshg these boys frustrate me. Cargan bromance is love. :D
VoicesInTheWind chapter 3 . 12/28/2011
Oh, you make me smile!

I've been having a really awful few weeks (health issues, holiday issues, and other things), and this is exactly what I needed to lift me up a bit. Everyone needs a Carlos in their life, and just reading about him being there for Logan has made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Carlos' inner monologue about how "all we need is love" was really touching and, just so you know, it certainly injected a little love and light into my current mood.

Thank you for this beautiful fic.

I look forward to any and all updates, whenever you have the time. Hope your holidays were/are happy and full of love!

WyszLo chapter 3 . 12/22/2011
I am so in love with this. I'm still behind, but at least I'm caught up for one story!

1. "Almost right away, he fails in Part One of his good intentions and he pulls the electric skillet out from under a pile of pots and pans, sending them to the floor with a loud crash." Hahahaha this was just so Bunny I loved it.

2. "In a way, Logan reminds Carlos of his younger sisters. Except Logan is fifteen. But it doesn't matter. Logan hasn't had a real Christmas in years. He hardly even remembers his last Christmas. Besides, he's normally almost always too serious and solemn. He's allowed to get this excited. It's fun seeing this side of him." I like seeing this side of Logan, too, even though it's bittersweet.

3. "They're older and besides, Kendall knows how to handle Logan better than anyone else." FAVORITEEEEEE! Always and forever a favorite haha.

4. "At that, Carlos can't hold back a laugh. Logan is swinging wildly back and forth between childlike excitement and paranoid caution. It's too amusing to not enjoy." I'm loving it just as much :)

5. "Logan seems reluctant to continue the conversation. "I don't know," he says with a shrug. "I guess the obvious answer would be a brother, but you and Kendall seem to really enjoy your sisters. So are you ready to go?" He's surprised now. Logan has never seemed so bent on avoiding talking about something before. In fact, Carlos realizes, they've never talked about him having a brother or sister before. They hardly talk about his family, but never about the fact that he's an only child." SCOTTY AND CHLOE SCOTTY AND CHLOE SCOTTY AND CHLOE.

I'm so happy they got a tree :) and now that they're all decorated the real fun can start! YAY CARGAN CHRISTMAS!

WyszLo chapter 2 . 12/22/2011
I. Love. This. Story.

1. I never realized how PERFECTLY those song lyrics fit Logon...

2. "He briefly toys with the idea of asking Carlos what his dad will think, but even mild tempered Carlos can get angry at just the mere mention of Ryan Mitchell. It's a sensitive subject for everyone, really." Do you know what one of my favorite things about RyRy is? THIS. The way Carlos, James, and Kendall react to him. I love it. I love how Ryan Mitchell is enemy #1 because of how he hurts Logan. I love how in this case, the boys completely ignore Logan's protests and go on hating him. I love it.

3. "Carlos has never realized it until now, but Logan has his dad's smile." Is it... is it because he's never seen Ryan smile? -heart breaks-

4. "The hardest part isn't that Logan doesn't have any of this now. The hardest part is that Logan doesn't clearly remember having any of it." Those pieces of my broken heart from number 3 are just crumbling right now into little tiny bits.

5. "All the decorations and the music and everything we still have to do. . . that's not what makes me happy. Having you here with me has made me happy. And I'm just afraid that I can't be what you are for me to my dad." LAURA. ALDSFKADFKSD. WHAT IS THIS? I CANNOT. I CAN'T. Has... has Logan ever admitted that out loud to Kendall, Carlos, or James in one of your stories before? I just... wow. If I thought my heart couldn't break any more boy was I wrong. I mean, the sentiment toward Bunny is wonderfully sweet... but the part about Ryan is absolutely heart wrenching. I don't... I don't even know what to say.

6. "I think my dad still loves me." No child should ever, EVER, have to question their parent's love.

7. "I don't think he can really love me that much if he doesn't take care of himself." Oh my gosh. I know Logan and Carlos go on to analyze this, but all I could think of was when you had this epiphany about Ryan and emailed me about it. We were both freaking out over how deep and tragic Ryan was as a character, remember? I was in Colorado haha. I remember it so clearly.

8. I'm going to use this point to comment on Logan and Bunny's role reversal in this. It was so terrtastic to see Bunny as the mature, realistic, even cynical one, and Logan the innocent, hopeful one caught up in the Christmas cheer. I'm so conflicted about it.

9. "Sometimes I forget that I really do have a family. A huge one." FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE. I LOVED THIS TO PIECES.

Lalalalaa off to read C3!

WyszLo chapter 1 . 12/22/2011
Oh hey, guess who is FINALLY catching up? Without any more delay, here we go!

1. "How's the rest of my family?" Mr. Garcia walks into the room, his daughters close at his heels. He kisses his wife and then tousles Carlos' hair, doing the same to Logan before the other boy can even think." SO. MANY. THINGS. First of all, FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE. Second of all, Papa said, "How's the rest of my family?" knowing full well Logan would be in the kitchen. Even if he didn't know, he didn't say, "How's the rest of my family? Oh, hi there Logan!" No, he purposefully included Logan in his FAMILY. Third of all, he tousled Logan's hair the same way he tousled Carlos. That action speaks VOLUMES. Clearly, for Papa there is no discrepancy between Carlos and Logan. Not before Logan can even think, before PAPA can even think, he tousles Logan's hair. The action is affectionate but more importantly automatic because Logan really is a part of the family.

2. "Logan wonders what they would say if they knew that he and his father hadn't actually celebrated Christmas since he was maybe eight years old. Even back then he could sense that his dad's heart wasn't in it. But he'll never tell them that." The haunting of RyRy. Except he's alive.

3. "I can't let you do that," he insists. "You should be with your family." "But he will be," Chloe pipes up innocently. "You guys are like brothers." FOUR FOR YOU, CHLOE. FOUR FOR YOU.

4. "While he's been without a biological mother for ten years now, he's never truly felt like he's been completely without a mother. And while his father has been buried in his work since he was eight, he's also never truly lacked a father figure to look up to. And from the time he was six, Logan has never felt like an only child. Mrs. Knight, Kendall's mother, has loved him just as much as she's loved Kendall and Katie, her own children. She's never missed a hockey game, not just for Kendall, but for Logan as well. The same goes for all of the school events that Logan has been involved in, whether it was a spelling bee, science fair, or awards ceremony. She's always been there for him. Mr. Garcia, whom Logan has been fondly calling "Papa" for as long as he's known Carlos, has been everything his own father has not been. He's been the one to praise Logan over his straight A's and encourage him to go after his dream of becoming a doctor. He's been the one to teach Logan how to stand up for himself without making things worse. He's made Logan feel loved and wanted. They all have." FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS.

5. "You mean just as much to me and my wife as Carlos does." Mr. Garcia interrupts, dropping the bags so he can hug Logan closely. "I hope you truly realize that one day." ; FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE OH MY GOSH I DIED AKDJFAKJFKL

6. "But he does let go and steps away, looking up at his hero with shinning eye. "Thanks, Papa." he says gratefully because he knows that Mr. Garcia loves it when he calls him that. It's a sign that he does know he belongs in the family." LAURA I ACTUALLY CANNOT. "HIS HERO" AKDJFK FAVORITE. "THANKS, PAPA" ANOTHER FAVORITE. SIGN THAT HE KNOWS HE BELONGS, FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE. ALDKJFAKDJF I LOVED IT ALL.

7. "He stops though and watches his best friend's father as he goes straight into the kitchen and looks in the fridge and cabinets. He moves around, turning each appliance on and off, testing everything. He's making sure that Logan and Carlos will be as safe as possible." Stop it Papa is way too precious :) He's super-dad.


Fang lover23 chapter 3 . 12/21/2011

Cargan bromance never ceases to make me smile. :DDDD
AbbyMasrai chapter 3 . 12/18/2011
First off, I love the song, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"! My Glee Club used to sing it every year when we would go caroling, so it brings back a lot of fond memories :) And...I LOVE CARLOS! He's soo cute and sweet for trying to surprise Logan with chocolate chip pancakes! And it was even sweeter when they made them together! I love the Cargan friendship pairing! Shorties for the win! Haha, I'm really short...but I digress...

And the end of this chapter was incredibly sweet...I love when people are in the Christmas spirit and do things like that! It makes me so happy. Because for me, the most important thing about Christmas, besides the birth of Jesus (which really I need to put more emphasis on myself), is the spirit the season conveys. The goodwill and cheer are so important to give to people...especially with how chaotic the world is now. I love seeing that Christmas spirit sooo much! UPDATE SOON!
happygirl57 chapter 3 . 12/18/2011
I loved this. I loved how Logan was like a little kid and a little more like Carlos. It was amusing to read about Logan getting all excited yet not losing his normal personality along the way. This was really adorable. I loved Carlos in this, he was the sweetest with how he wants to make this Christmas the best it can be. Awesome chapter and I can't wait to read more.
Lady Cookie-Monster chapter 3 . 12/17/2011
CARLOS IS THE CHOCOLATE CHIP TO LOGAN'S PANCAKE :333333 oh my gosh i loved this chapter and i love this story sggcgaga i felt so bad for Logan though): he doesn't need a sibling- he has Carlos! he just needs to realize that :3
CelestialSonata7 chapter 3 . 12/17/2011
Ha, mom just started decorating our house too. All the while I was thinking of how great it would be to have our own Carlos to help! XD

This is so cute as usual!
EpicInTheLibrary chapter 1 . 12/17/2011
faflsdkfj you and your cute little logan and there's a cute little carlos and this is gonna be a cute little story I can tell







but then is this a bromance story or do they get married at the end?

It's like a disney movie, falling in love in five days! they should fall in love. do it do it do it do it

Just kidding WHO AM I TO TELL YOU HOW TO RUN YOUR STORIES I CAN'T EVEN FUN MY OWN STORIES. Tell me I can write fjsdlf i just need one person to tell me i can write and then I might actually get back to it instead of going "LOL WRITING NOW" and then I don't

i mean

I've pretty much mastered the art of going back and reading my unfinished things, but not actually CONTINUING them. i fail.

BUT REALLY I NEED TO READ THINGS NOW THAT ARE WRITTEN BY YOU I think part of the reason i stopped reading was because there was just so much stuff going on in my LIFE and then also you said you were gonna stop writing fanfiction and my heart broke and I don't want to indulge in such AMAZINGNESS knowing that it's gonna end soon it's like letting go now while you still can you know? YOU KNOW?

well it was still a douche thing of me to do I'm not even trying to justify I'm just explainiDON'.

And your Carlos family is just. So. Cute. I LOVE IT.

rarararar I'm going to go see if I can get myself to write and if I can't i'll read chapter two, okay? just nbecause it's quiet in the house right now and I can't miss that opportunity ;A;




OldFanfictionThatIHateDearly chapter 3 . 12/17/2011
Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Let your heart be light. From now on, our troubles will be out of sight." - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blaine.

Holy crap. Okay, I flipped out cause Darren Criss sings this on youtube and he plays Blaine on Glee and OH MY GOSH, IT'S SO AMAZING THAT RALPH BLAINE SING IT! LIKE, GAH!

But that aside, this was super cute. I especially loved them tying themselves to the roof. I love the whole multiple personalities of Logan Mitchell thing. I love his hopefulness, secretiveness, sadness, angstiness, and excitment.

I love him reminding Carlos of his sisters.

I love the guy who gave them the Christmas tree. SO CUTE!

Okay, I just poured cereal, so I have to go, but great job!
musicfreak1107 chapter 3 . 12/17/2011
Awwwwwww! All of the stuff with Logan makes me sad and happy at the same time! Happy that he is so excited about all of the Christmas stuff, but it's kinda sad at the same time that he's 15 and hasn't done this in forever!

Can't wait to read more! :) :)
hope for eternity chapter 3 . 12/17/2011
CelestialSonata7 chapter 2 . 12/17/2011
Aaaaaaaw this is so sweet!

My inner angst monster is secretly hoping the Mr. Mitchell won't like anything and go balistik and tear everything down or something, but then my inner fangirl just wants a happy ending, poor Logie!

Loving this, can't wait for more. :)
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