Reviews for One Bad Day
Peabodythecat chapter 2 . 1/11/2015
Wow. What an intense fic. There is something truly horrifying when cool, collected Danny is coming apart (when he isn't frantic for Tess, or Rusty, when it's about his own real, primal fear.)

And just as horrifying was watching Rusty almost destroy himself while trying to locate Danny. Luckily, Danny knows how to reach Rusty Ryan. And the line where Danny finally does just that just blew me away. It's primal and sexy and powerful.

A whisper of fury ran through Danny and without conscious thought, he rolled on top of Rusty, his hands lightly gripping Rusty's wrists. "Care to repeat that," he asked dangerously.

And with that line I was struck that ,yes, Danny is dangerous. And Rusty is dangerous. And it's a damn good thing that they are the good guys. Because they really are NOTHInG like Jade or Wolf...and woe to us all if they were.

And on a much lighter note, I am now inspired to write something involving Danny, Rusty and a lost speedo. LOL
Sappho's Cat chapter 2 . 10/21/2012
I love your stories mostly because you have a way of capturing pure emotions. The love and the pain and the fear and the guilt Danny and Rusty experience is more real than most actual people's emotions. Those emotions are what I'm reading for. Thank you.
InSilva chapter 2 . 1/18/2012
I think what I really love about this chapter is that it exists. Because you could have finished at the end of the last one. Like I did with Virtues, for example. The bad guys are outwitted, Danny is rescued and the pain is over. Hurrah.

Instead, you show us the recovery and what happens the other side after the screen fades on them driving off into the sunset. It's a bit like a mini-epilarrgh (which is also brilliant for the same reason).

Danny's physical recovery isn't straightforward and neither is getting over the mindgames of Jade. The nightmare is definitely worse than the actual. Read it as real the first time through. Damn you. Shudder. Can understand the freakout in the shower.

And of course there is aftermath for Rusty too. For doing the anything and everything to find Danny. And just because he will do it, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. Wouldn't go to say it hurt him more than Markie, but probably hurt him as much as.

Danny understands, naturally. Danny does the same thing in Havava, after all. And it's not like Rusty wouldn't do it again in a heartbeat if it was necessary. But it's always going to be a tough thing to deal with because it's not their natural behaviour.

Love that they have each other for comfort and to comfort. And yes, they would have to question every now and then about the fact that they have a routine for dealing with the pain and the anguish. But neither of them are ready to give up just yet. I'm delighted to read. :)
InSilva chapter 1 . 1/16/2012
You know, you sound like a mix of a very enthusiastic continuity announcer, the lady at the beginning of "Fame" the TV series(Debbie Allen. Just had to go and look her up. That will not surprise you.) and Hiawatha's wife. Yes, I am sulking for the *meeeeeeean*. And feel the more painful is indeed to come. Le sigh.

Hate when the con goes wrong. Can feel the moment when Danny realises who's speaking. Shiver. And Jade immediately makes an impression.

Unlucky thirteenth? Sigh for Rusty finding no Danny present and correct and all senses on immediate alert. And in some ways, good that Horace is there to give him the clue to the name because if Danny was found on his own, Rusty wouldn't even have that much.

The backstory on Jade and running into the woman whose empire you've ruined is never going to be a happy reunion. Rusty's anxiety levels going through the roof as he tries to find the trail but it's cold. And there's nothing wrong with Rusty's imagination when it comes to marks with vengeance on their minds.

Danny in the trunk and of course he'd protect Rusty. Always. And there's nothing wrong with *his* imagination, either. Much shiver for the vision of drowning. Aargh, she said helpfully.

I like that you show us the dead ends. Because there would be dead ends. Like with Havana. And that always makes the tracking down and finding more real, the search more desperate. Imagine time is running at hyperspeed for Rusty and in his head all he can see is the hourglass with the grains falling through it.

OK. Will admit that "Wolf and Fox" always makes me giggle. Like "Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E" or "Magnet and Steel". And of course he treats danger to the comedy routine. Only way to handle it. And sigh for the almost escape.

Rusty on a mission. And there's always so much more to Rusty than the surface that he lets so many dismiss. Am thinking about Real Monsters and how many people get to glimpse that focus. Well, everyone who's hurt Danny of course. ;)

Back to Danny and "She'd thrown a knife at him. Really, if it hadn't been his arm, he'd have been impressed. First time he'd ever seen anyone do that outside the movies. Sort of thing he'd want to tell Rusty about, if it wasn't the sort of thing he never wanted to tell Rusty about." OK. Just love that paragraph. So Danny.

And sigh for the parallel interrogations with the "one simple question" and ow, ow, ow for both of them. And Markie's sleazy as anything but they're never about the violence. Hate that Rusty needs to inflict it. And so pleased that Markie eventually talks.

Feel Jade and Vincente would get on very well. In a kind of Mr and Mrs Smith way. Aaargh for the gunk and the whittling and whimpering for the spiders. Horrible, horrible thought.

Love Rusty rallying the mob and the rescue is cleverly staged. Can't help thinking that they're lucky they're this way round. Danny could have dropped that container anywhere. :)
alessandra chapter 2 . 12/14/2011
It is sweet and comforting. I love how they protect each other in your story.
light at last chapter 2 . 12/12/2011
This was a most excellent conclusion to this story. I really liked it, with Rusty feeling guilty both for what he did to find Danny and for not doing it fast enough, and Danny feeling guilty for giving in and screaming. I'm glad they decided they weren't done yet, since I honestly can't imagine what they would do after they gave up the con. Also, I don't even think one can call Danny's new fear of spiders arachnaphobia, since a phobia is by definition an irrational fear, and that seems pretty dang rational to me. Great work!
light at last chapter 1 . 12/8/2011
Wow. You are vicious. Spiders! I'm with Danny, they don't really freak me out in general, but that many would be a very bad thing. Also, you write really creepy villains and I am very impressed by this skill because Jade is scary, even if she's really just asking for the mockery with that name, and her henchman's name really doesn't help. Villains should be very careful about the mocking potential of their names when taking on Danny and Rusty, just as parents should do when naming their children.
amitai chapter 1 . 12/5/2011
Oh - oh, man, this was amazing. I cannot wait for the rest of advent! (I sound like a psychopath, saying that after reading this fic. But it was SO. GOOD.)

I rewatched the first film the other day and kept coming up short against how much more I enjoyed seeing inside their heads in your fics, which I know is nuts, but it is brilliant. You write their friendship so perfectly, this delicate balance of love and absolute loyalty, without making them exclusionary - it's perfect. And this story was so lovely for it, even as it was so disturbing.

Which is a good thing! In, er. Moderation. And with the ending you wrote, and Rusty's inventiveness set against Danny's implacability... gorgeous.
daydream53 chapter 1 . 12/2/2011
hhhmmm... I like it, i really do. It's a new twist on the world. Usually Rusty is the one being taking and Danny does the finding... or at least that is what i read. But i like the new view.

Can't wait for more!
PIRATEofHOGWARTS chapter 1 . 12/2/2011
So I read this yesterday, but i am just now getting the chance to finally reivew!

I was so excited to see the first instalment of the Christmas special you gusy are doing, and you did not disapoint.

I like his, and can't wait for more!

So until later this month! :D

As always, Thank you for writing!