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luvbooksforever chapter 5 . 8/29/2013
You haven't updated in, like, over a year. Update! :)
THisME chapter 5 . 12/1/2012
Pretty good, write more.
Solo Farring chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
Name (full):
Hope Solonso

Seattle, Wa
Alpha Track:
Acing, singing, soccer.
Best School Subjects:
Math, La, and SS. (All advanced:) )
*Favourite Orginizations/Charities:
WWAF (duh! Who doesn't love animals!) and Green Peace (Totally heart saving the world in style!)
Acting, singing, soccer, and kicking major butt.
Other Interests:
Fashion design and writing.
Describe Your Appearance:
Average height, warm glowing copper/brown eyes, long chocolate hair, perfect skin, long legs, and skinny waist.
Describe you pesonality:
Outgoing, flirt, bubbly, nice, and loyal.
Alpha Motto:
Dreaming is believing.
Why would you be better than other Alphas:
I'm an all around type of girl. I can beat people at their own games; just watch. Not to mention I'm brains, beauty, and nice. Friends are important to me, but sometimes, to be a true alpha, you must seperat yourself from the pack. And shine.
Alpha Qualities:
Kind, flawless, outgoing, fearless, and a great friend.
I grew up a normal kid, just average. But soon, it was seen that I was destined for the spotlight. Moving from Spokane to Seattle, I secretly started singing and acting. I landed many lead roles and even sang back up for Taylor Swift. I also discovered a passion for writing, soccer, and academics. Naturally, I quickly aced these skills. No matter what group I've been in, I've been The Alpha.
Hayley (sister who is a high rank fashion designer), Kevin (dad, a world renowned anethieseologist), and Diana (mom, who is a legendary yoga icon for women and girls).
Preffered House:
The Jackie O's.
DreamingOnACloud chapter 5 . 10/14/2012
I love it! Please please please please pretty pretty pleas with a cherry on top update. I hope that was enough pleases.
Alpha fan chapter 1 . 8/15/2012
Name (full): Crystal Lyons

*Nickname:No nicknames


Hometown:new york westchester

Alpha Track:model

Best School Subjects:fashion

*Favourite Orginizations/Charities:

Talents: modeling and designing

Other Interests:ballet, kissing boys

Describe Your Appearance:long wavy gold hair, blue eyes with super thick and long eyelashes, tiny waist, pale skin and e cups.

Describe you pesonality: flirty, mean, and snotty

Alpha Motto: be yourself

Why would you be better than other Alphas: my hotness?

Alpha Qualities:perfect body and designing skills

*History(Summary): only daughter of movie stars and known as the girl who dated Justin Bieber


Preffered House:the snottiest one

Remember that extra information will ruin your application, so just don't add it!
Arina-Peachy chapter 1 . 7/9/2012
Name (full):Katalina love

*Nickname: kitty/ kat/ kitkat


Hometown: charelston, south caralina

Alpha Track: artist

Best School Subjects: art, english,

*Favourite Orginizations/Charities: living legacy, make a wish fondation, believe in tommorow

Talents: scupting/painting, writing, convincing

Other Interests: hanging with friends, volleyball, music from the seventies, 80s movies

Describe Your Appearance: long chocolate brown curly hair, big blue-grey eyes framed by long eyelases, a small sloped nose, full lips, slim, short, she resembles a porclein doll

Describe you pesonality: laid back, happy go lucky personality, hippish, friendly but can become snappy the istant you make her mad, dont be fooled by the chilled personality she is hardworking and a total perfectionist when it comes to art or school, but otherishe shes just laid back and a go with the flow kind of girl

Alpha Motto: just keep swimming-dory; finding nemo

Why would you be better than other Alphas: she can trick people into understamating her then BAM she crushes you with her fringe mocassin clad foot, she is a perfectionest and wont stop til her art or school work is really good

Alpha Qualities: hard worker, ability to outwit someone, leadership

*History(Summary): she grew up as a southern bell and rich parents, her dad owns a petting zoo and is slightly an achoholic; on some occations he has beaten her, her mom died when she was 12 from a car accident and that haunts her not literally just mentally it really messed up her dad

*Family: a drunk dad, a dead mom

Preffered House: jk rowling

i think you still need characters so heres one!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/5/2012
It's probably too late to submit a character, but I don't really care, cause I really want to, so I'm going to! :)


Name (full): Emerald Crissa Temple

*Nickname: Emmy, Em

Age: 14

Hometown: Alden, Michigan

Alpha Track: Writing

Best School Subject: English, Band

*Favourite Orginizations/Charities: -

Talents: Writing, crafting plots

Other Interests: playing percussion, piano

Describe Your Appearance: I have colorless eyes and waist length, silvery blond hair. My hair is dead straight and holds curl for about 5 minutes, that's it. I'm 5'11, pale, and kind of skinny.

Describe you pesonality: I kind of have a mysterious air about me that nobody can understand, I make a lot of eye contact, speak my mind, and always try to do what's right. I follow the rules when it's smart, but I do know how to have fun. I'm also very resourceful.

Alpha Motto: Don't do something because you have to, do it because you want to.

Why would you be better than other Alphas: Everyone has dreams. But I have the drive to reach mine.

Alpha Qualities: Ambition, determination, resourcefulness, talent, and above all: flaws

*History(Summary): I have a popular trilogy published, and another in the works. I also have several successful short stories.

*Family: Hannah (mom), Travis (dad), Rosella (26), Lorraine (19), Chris (12), Bethany (8), Kat (4)

Preffered House: J.K. Rowling


Hope you can incorporate her into your story somehow, if it's not too late! :)

- Steph -
M chapter 5 . 5/28/2012
Update ASAP please!
miyame-chan chapter 5 . 5/10/2012
glad you updated!

this chapter was good but there were a few spelling mistakes.

amyways, hope you update soon! :)
Bubbly giggles chapter 1 . 2/26/2012
Name (full):

Natasha Dominique Mazello




Hometown:Chatham cape cod

Alpha Track:designing/sewing green

Best School Subjects:

home ec

Lunch (she gets to sit at the popular table winner)

*Favourite Orginizations/Charities:

Tree skirts provides recyclable skirts to kids in need

Susan g fogs an for the cure


she sews knits crochets designes and bakes really excellent fudge

Other Interests:

Eating cheese


Describe Your Appearance:

Describe you pesonality:

Alpha Motto:

Why would you be better than other Alphas:

Alpha Qualities:



Preffered House:

Remember that extra information will ruin your application, so just don't add it!
unkownassasin chapter 1 . 1/29/2012
Name (full): Alice Jade Leon

*Nickname: A


Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Alpha Track: Gymnastics

Best School Subjects: Science and Shop Class

*Favourite Orginizations/Charities: Peta, World Wildlife Fund

Talents: Rythmic Gymnastics

Other Interests: Technology

Describe Your Appearance: Mid-back length brown hair, dazzaling silver eyes, fair skin

Describe you pesonality: Tom Boyish, Caring, Smart, Cheerful

Alpha Motto: Just Stretch

Why would you be better than other Alphas: I can bend over backwards to improve literaly

Alpha Qualities: Kind, Caring, Charming, Beautiful

*History(Summary): Started Gymnastics when she was 6 and has been compeating ever since, she has won Nationals 10 times and Internationals 8 times

*Family: Pheobe Leon: Mother, Only Child, Father abandoned them

Preffered House: Jackie O.
twilight4everrules chapter 4 . 1/5/2012
haha evil andrea! Luvved the chapter(the nickname not so much but lol:)Your doing a great job just pretty please don't make shira so nice. Try to come up with a plot and maybe write in third person? Maybe longer chapters(i have trouble with this too!). I would love it if there was more gestures(like, "she rolled her chocolaty irises, then twisted her head to smile.") Make the charachters have emotion. Just suggestions:D please update asap
LuvLife113 chapter 4 . 1/5/2012
I like it. I like it a lot :) It was cool how you had a b*tch in the house...usually the houses are full of girls who are all besties but this was different. And I like it. Andie and Kamryn and great, as usual! (You portray them amazingly!) so GOOD JOB!
Muse of Storytelling chapter 4 . 1/5/2012
Yes! You updated, a wonderful chapter. Can't wait till the next update.
Account Currently on Hiatus chapter 3 . 12/22/2011
I had fun reading this! Sounds like some serious competition! I can't wait to read more, so please update soon!
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