Reviews for Phoenix Fire, or Hermione Granger and the EW
MyWitch chapter 37 . 8/21/2020
Hey there Fabulous Writer! I have just read this trilogy of very fine fics. What a fun ride it has been! I loved seeing the missing bits of canon, following the characters who (in my opinion) are more interesting that Harry :D I loved the slow build of the romance and the payoff at the end was fantastic. HG and the EW is my favorite of the three - a very creative idea built off the very real idea that Harry might have made himself and the wand a target. Great writing, great original characters, and very thoroughly enjoyable, thank you so much for publishing it for all of us to enjoy! xx
luthiensurion44 chapter 37 . 7/31/2020

I just read all 3 in your phoenix series and holy fucking shit I love it all. I got hooked. Im moving tomorrow and I just spent the last 4 days reading while packing because i couldn't put it down. Im so sad that it ended but you wrapped everything up so perfectly that although i want to be selfish and ask for more, i know that you ended it at the perfect spot.

Time to go read the other thing you wrote and then be sad that you haven't written anything else here

ds862 chapter 37 . 7/31/2020
This story (like h the previous two) was absolutely amazing! I am so sad that I’m at the end of the world with your snape and your Hermione ... I love them both! You are such a wonderfully gifted writer. I loved the “bad assery” that both main characters had but also their sensitivity at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with us! I am so sorry for the personal hardships that took the muse from this work because I long for an epilogue, but at least the story feels done and it was wonderful. Thank you for posting! You are wonderful!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/14/2020
Wow! Just wow! Best storie ever
Treville chapter 37 . 6/28/2020
Are we ever gonna see the epilogue? Loved all 3 fics and Joyceln is someone who I would like to see in your future work.
ForeverSevered chapter 37 . 6/14/2020
I created this an account on this website just to write this review. Obviously, this story has been around for awhile, but I have just found the trilogy and thoroughly enjoyed all three. I wanted to thank you for your writing and your wonderful stories. I love how well developed all the characters were. Especially Vector, Hooch, Krum, and Ron. Usually in HG/SS stories, Ron is a cheater or is immediately killed off. But, by far, my favorite character was Jocelyn. She stole my heart and didn't let go. Thank you again for these stories. I plan to read them again and again.
dora-p97 chapter 37 . 6/8/2020
Thank you so much for this masterpiece! 3
I have read the Hungarian translation of your work on "Merengő" and I wanted to find you to tell you how much you amazed me with this, well,... I would rather say novel than fanfiction.
I read the HP books many years ago, but because of your work, I am going to read it again this summer.
Thank you so much for this magical experience.
Guest chapter 32 . 6/4/2020
How dare you waste my time with this nonsense.
Guest chapter 23 . 6/3/2020
Well I read her first two stories and skimmed this. Such clickbait trash. No romance whatsoever. Slow as hell. All these extra characters that didn’t need to be there. Too many storylines. Don’t call this “SS/HG” romance. It’s a fucking snoozefest.
Nachtfalter24 chapter 30 . 5/19/2020
i'd honestly pay for the Literatute you produce!
Nachtfalter24 chapter 27 . 5/18/2020
you really did make a great Job in implementing a new character into the HP universe. Jocelyn almost feels Like canon!
Nachtfalter24 chapter 26 . 5/18/2020
i fear the time in finish this Story!
Nachtfalter24 chapter 20 . 5/18/2020
can't wait to have Snape thinking about Hermione being the pregnant one!
Nachtfalter24 chapter 17 . 5/17/2020
nooooo! i was alsmost screaming aloud. you keep getting to the cliffhangers at the best of Moments!
Nachtfalter24 chapter 17 . 5/17/2020
Sharing hermiones grin after this chapter. thank you so much!
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