Reviews for Embers
Elizabeth.Electrica chapter 51 . 9/25
This is great! And the end of the chapter is so sweet!
Elizabeth.Electrica chapter 48 . 9/25
Die Kaidan! Please Die!

I'm sorry I hate the bastard...
Elizabeth.Electrica chapter 41 . 9/24
Ow! Mordin! T_T
Elizabeth.Electrica chapter 26 . 9/19
Hi! I'm back!

And yes, I started again from the beginning, because my memory is awful!

Anyway I love you story enough to read it again!
Guest chapter 7 . 9/15
This fic should be titled "Yeah" for all the yeahs the characters say. Could be edited to lessen the repetition, and awkward situations can be expressed in other ways.
servantofclio chapter 55 . 8/18
This chapter is so lovely! I like seeing all these quieter interactions among the missions we know so well. I really liked Joker and EDI-but I also really appreciated seeing Garrus and Kaidan talk things over, and seeing Shepard finally talk to her mom-so I can't decide which scene was my favorite. These were all such important moments. It's a nice lull before the crisis that I assume is coming!
Marie-Fanwriter chapter 55 . 8/17
Nice to have a bright chapter thrown in! Hoping for more soon.
Guest chapter 55 . 8/17
Great story
servantofclio chapter 54 . 6/29

That is all I have to say about that. No, wait. :) As usual, I enjoyed your particular spin on the game events, showing Shepard's anger, how she snaps at everyone. It's meant to be the game's nadir, I think, but the game's cutscenes and dialogue sometimes push it a little too hard, and here you showed us Shepard's feelings, and gave other people more reasonable reactions, too. Thank you! :D
servantofclio chapter 53 . 6/4
Ah, I'm a little sorry not to actually see Nyreen, one of my favorite NPCs. I really like the overall tension around the Omega mission, though, since that's rather absent in the game. As always, you write Garrus and Shepard so beautifully!
simirulz chapter 53 . 6/3
Another great chapter! Cant wait for more.
servantofclio chapter 52 . 6/2
Ohhh, and there's CloneShep! I like that you're weaving in some scenes from that perspective, too. I also like Shepard and Kaidan continuing to work out their issues. It's so realistic that it would take time for them to sort through things, and I'm glad they're doing that without anyone being a jerk. :) I'm always glad for an update!
servantofclio chapter 51 . 5/3
Oh, this was so great! I really enjoyed how you revised the end of this mission, giving Tali more of a role as mediator and negotiator-which she is the person based place to do, after all, since she's quarian but also knows the geth well-and allowing Legion to survive. :) Excellent, and I enjoyed the other characters settling in and reconnecting, too, and the romantic bits.
Elizabeth.Electrica chapter 37 . 4/27
I think I'll go blind. I need sleep, but your story does not leave me.

I repeat... I love your work!
Elizabeth.Electrica chapter 13 . 4/26
I started reading your story yesterday afternoon, and I think being 5AM it's bedtime.

But first I want to tell you ... I love this!
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