Reviews for A Tale of Ever After
zye1 chapter 135 . 4/15
I'm only halfway through this chapter and I just have to write a review. Truly enjoying your story. Wow Michio is tough. But I guess in a way that is how it was back then. Wife obeys the husband, no questions asked. Poor chiya. She's just really bringing it on to herself.
zye1 chapter 126 . 4/8
Oh wow. That's an even longer list of villagers. Very helpful though. Makes me want to make a family tree. Lol
zye1 chapter 58 . 4/1
Thank you for the list of villagers. It was starting to get hard keeping track of who's who. Love the story so far. I like how you wrote it and the level of detail in your description of their every day life.
Guest chapter 319 . 1/10
Please continue! This story is so amazing & it would be such a shame for it to never again update! Many of us still eagerly wait for an update - even just a chapter saying that you'll not be able to continue. Anything.
Eloriel chapter 273 . 12/19/2016
"Sadayori sighed. 'So much of this is my fault. If I hadn't asked Tsuneo to protect Seiji. ..."
Wasn't it Toshiro and not Tsuneo?

So many different characters to keep in mind when writing a story like this, there's bound to be minor mistakes like that every now and then. :)
Eloriel chapter 267 . 12/19/2016
"I think it hadn't donned on me how that little Erime-chan," This sentence here, I think you are using the wrong word. Isn't it supposed to be dawned?

You have a couple of minor mistakes like that in the story (for example, I think I spotted a missing comma in another chapter). They are few and far between, but I think that's why they stand out so much to me.

I hope I am not annoying you too much with these reviews. I know I would want someone to point out similar mistakes to me in my own stories, that's why I do so. :)
Eloriel chapter 256 . 12/19/2016
This is about another sentence: "You know about Maeme-cha? How?" Is it supposed to be "-chan" there or is it that way on purpose? Just thought I should point it out in case you missed it.
Eloriel chapter 250 . 12/19/2016
This sentence here: "First Chime tries to do herself in, and now Maeme?", isn't it supposed to be Chiya there, not Chime? Otherwise I have really missed something in this story. *grin*

By the way. I really love all of these minor characters. I even forget from time to time that they are all OCs. That's how very alive and believable they feel.
Eloriel chapter 178 . 12/18/2016
If it wasn't apparent already, I'm rereading this wonderful story, and about your A/N on this chapter: I'm sorry for your loss (I know how that can affect a family).
But honestly? The chapter didn't feel any more disjointed than earlier parts. Maybe a tiny bit more, but nothing that one really cares about.
Eloriel chapter 134 . 12/17/2016
Nahoi? Didn't she go back a couple of chapters ago? Or did she return and I just missed it?
Eloriel chapter 121 . 12/17/2016
Here's first some minor criticism, but this sentence: "Kaede may not have Haname's eye, but . . .", isn't it supposed to be Hisa and not Haname there? Especially since they are talking about relatives?

Also, this is one of my top three favorite Inuysha fanfics of all time and my absolute favorite fanfic that takes place post canon. All the characters feel natural and the canon characters feel spot on and very believable. This whole story is very believable and that's why I love it to bits. Well done!
Mati chapter 319 . 11/16/2016
I would love for this ff to be completed! Its one of the fanfictions Ive best enjoyed and have read it for like 5 times already and Im dying to see what happens next. Is there any possibility that ur gonna complete it?
lyodra chapter 8 . 9/14/2016
i love this! you are such a great writer! thank youuu
LilyLuna7940 chapter 319 . 9/13/2016
I love this! It's an exciting read! I've re-read this atleast four times. I hope, that whatever life is throwing at you eases up, and you can start writing on this again. I look forward to an update.
kenzie.parish chapter 190 . 8/9/2016
I love this story, and your writing, but on this, my second read through I've noticed a few things.
You tend to use the suffix -Sama a lot, and while respect was a giant thing (and still is) in Japan, so was STATUS. I understand Using -Sama when speaking to someone higher ranked than you, older, or someone you GREATLY respect, in most cases -San will suffice, depending on the relationship. ei: Kagome would call Tameo -Sama, -Ojisan, -Ojichan, but Shinjiro or even Susumu -Kun, or -San because they are much closer to her age and rank in the family. -San is used for people in a similar rank, who are somewhat familiar, or lower ranked. For someone very close, or in informal settings, suffixes tend to be dropped completely.
Another thing I noticed is that you seem to call very young boys -Chan. While not wrong, it would be better to use -kun because -chan is more typically used for females or someone very feminine.
(also cutesy pet names for kids or older siblings would be a nice addition, like -tan, -tama, [oniitama!])
The last thing I've noticed is that Naoya is FAR to active and developed for a baby his age. When Kagome first gets back he couldn't be more than a few hours old (days if given a bit of wiggle room) and at this point in time would just barely be starting to lift his head and start tuning in to what is around him. He would not be giggling, gurgling, trying to eat his feet, shrieking, or much else aside from weak wiggling, feebly waving his arms, trying to lift his head, crying that newborn baby cry, eating, sleeping, and pooping. (sorry for the rant, it just really bugged me about Naoya)
I hope this was helpful and not too naggy, Hopefully You'll pick this story back up sometime :)
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