Reviews for A Tale of Ever After
Esther Clemmens chapter 344 . 3h
Well, at least Chiya and Michio are getting their issues sorted. Hopefully Chiya gets it- it's about your kids, not your pride. I'm with Inuyasha on that hill- I don't get people. They always want to start drama.

... Now what is Kazuo up to? If I were him, knowing Banika is down to 1 clean kasode, I'd make sure she tripped and fell in the most rancid mud puddle on the road to Sayo's place. Make sure it has some of that green slime that not even industrial strength bleach can get the stains out... Yeah...that would be the perfect sign the kami are NOT on your side.
kokoronagomu chapter 343 . 5/10
she better hurry and get changed if she's going to need to perform some first aid. lol ... for later, she could make a little alteration, a hemmed slit so that the ''v'' of her neckline plunges a bit more to accommodate her more ample proportions... LOL i'm guessing that kaede knew that was in the bag. LOL
jwill21 chapter 343 . 5/6
I was right...there WERE Ramen noodles left.

Inuyasha did not get in them guts :(
Esther Clemmens chapter 342 . 5/1
Oh, I can hardly wait for this. Benika is truly stupid of she thinks going to Forgot I with this nonsense will get her anywhere. I hope Nanami takes that little upstart across her knee and gives her the paddling she deserves. Have little Daiki watch so he might learn a thing or two about behaving. Even grown up need some sense knocked into them from time to time.

Let's hope Inuyasha doesn't get caught up in this drama before he makes it back home with Kagome's yellow bag... But sadly I think he'll end up with a run-in from another kind of old bag before then. *sigh* Poor Inuyasha group. They were just hoping for a bit of normalcy for a while.
kokoronagomu chapter 342 . 4/29
ah, the BIG YELLOW BAG! what mysteries does it contain? homework? lol ...a sailor fuku. lol

a village, filled with all kinds of people. some industrious, some lazy and some filled with hurtful gossip and trouble.
jwill21 chapter 342 . 4/29
Maybe Inuyasha will find some unopened Ramen noodles in Kagome's bag?
kokoronagomu chapter 341 . 4/28
i guess, the little girl won't be a job for kagome, at least until they get back.
maybe something might resolve with chiya and hopefully she'll be a little better. hopefully.
Esther Clemmens chapter 341 . 4/24
Poor little Asuka. So young to be having such terrible dreams. I hope her parents get some sense knocked into their wooden heads and Chiya swallows her damn pride so they can get Asuka some help from Miroku, Kaede, and Kagome.
jwill21 chapter 341 . 4/22
It's funny how a 200 year old Inuyasha is less wise and mature than a 60 year old Kaede. I really like their dynamic.
kokoronagomu chapter 340 . 4/19
i'm glad you're better now, take care of yourself!
it looks like asuka could be used as a trigger to get michio to make up his mind and get back on track, considering how many people are affected by their problems, wish chiya could grow some common sense and humility.
jwill21 chapter 340 . 4/15
Interesting chapter. Glad to see you back.
kokoronagomu chapter 339 . 4/5
miroku found a little, lost, muddy kitten; and now where is he going to take her, maybe figuring her father might not be at home and is looking for her...

their day to day lives are relaxing and soothing and then there's the excitement.. those in that family wouldn't think to call in inuyasha to track her, it would be quickest. but i think the solution will be walking by shortly.
Esther Clemmens chapter 339 . 4/1
Well, Haname might be a bit of an angry bear but she is right. Chiya and Michio keep playing the blame game and never think of anyone but themselves.

I hope Inuyasha and Kagome don't get dragged into this one. I'm sad that Miroku was, but it's good that he is able to help the poor little girl. I just hope that too much drama isn't stirred up... maybe Grandfather Catfish can swim up when Banika is doing her laundry and gobble her up like he did with Seiji. I don't think the other two will be much trouble after that.
jwill21 chapter 339 . 4/1
Nice chapter.
kokoronagomu chapter 338 . 3/27
if only the real world would have benevolent help in life decisions and difficult moments.

at least for the majority of the village things are working out and some are getting better.
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