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Lady Artimes Blaine chapter 319 . 11/19
Oh no! There is no more chapters! I binge read this all the way through! Took me almost four days to do it. Please update again soon!
Guest chapter 319 . 11/15
Please come back soon
Lady Artimes Blaine chapter 27 . 11/11
i thought the -chan suffix was reserved for girls and the -kun suffix was used for boys?
Namuun990914 chapter 318 . 11/7
And cloud you make Kagome age slowly just like Inuyasha and have a demon life spain as for Rin , Miroku and Sango's family the same the kami (god) blesses them life spain of a demon because kami did not wanted them to be separated.
If it's possible could you make it?
I understand you don't want to but maybe for Kagome and young Rin please.
And the reason is 1 if a demon and human mate and live together humans can live like their husbands or wifes. 2 demons can live like a human and live shorter. 3 humans can live like humans and demons can live like demons.
But please make Kagome and Rin live like demons if they don't Inuyasha and Sesshomaru will be lost. It will be like Inuyasha and Kagome being apart for 3 years and Sesshomaru will have taste of what Inuyasha went trough only this time it will be for ever until he dies and Inuyasha will have it again and that scares him the most.
Please don't let Inuyasha go trough that again being alone he deserves a good life for ever. And of course the children like the little story you the title was (Passing Time) make it like that. Please and Thank You.
Namuun990914 chapter 319 . 11/7
Hey I read your little story about Kagome and Inuyasha and their 2 kids Atae and Yukika. If you ever update further into the story please write them. The things you've written like Ate's birth , Sesshomaru and Rin married , Sango and Miroku's family , The Ushi Oni you've written , Yukika's birth and Koga's family and the 2 sons hate each other and becomes rivals and the 2 daughters like each other and becomes friends and so on. But write them in order please.
Ohh and please continue the work that this writer left it's (( story/2455774/The-female-Inu-demon/1/)) if you say no I understand.
And please sent me a message on Facebook it's Turbold Namuun. I hope you write me a message and epwe became internet friends
Crazy With Happiness chapter 50 . 11/1
I'm so glad I have the time to read your story again. I started once in the past but got busy before I could finish it. I just recently finished rewatching the anime and this is the perfect story to read afterwards. I love reading your version of what happened next. I really like how you show them interacting with and finding their roles in the village. I also have to say I really like your original characters. They're interesting to read and don't take over the perspectives of the original characters. I think one of my favorite parts is the rekindled friendship between kagome and sango. I really like how they depend on one another and take comfort in their differences from the average village woman. I also love reading about the twins and how taken they are with kagome and inuyasha. And the Mirsan and Inukag moments throughout the story are great! Well I'm gonna get started on the next chapter and review again after I've read some more. Love your work!
Namuun0914 chapter 319 . 10/24
I hope you can update soon this is a good story
Namuun0914 chapter 301 . 10/23
If you like it send me a comment on Facebook it's Turbold Namuun okay well I'll write you later bye
Namuun0914 chapter 301 . 10/23
Hey when they have children or child can they be like this. Here's a website that shows you what I mean (( art/InuYasha-A-new-Beginning-397788100)).
And what about Koga you know the wolf demon that was in love with our Kagome and still is. Can you make thier children or one of them hate each other like Inuyasha and Koga. And don't forget about Ayame Koga's wife.
Guest chapter 71 . 10/21
Hi, I was reading your author's note; a good equivalent for the Japanese concept of "giri" would be a "geas".
U Put yo chapter 319 . 10/13
Is it over I really really was hoping they would have kids
KikyoMoon chapter 319 . 10/14
I do hope that life lets up soon for you so that you can continue writing this story. I miss this story and can't wait for it to be continued and completed. :)
koto-tsubasa chapter 319 . 10/5
Lots of people have said this already, but I thought I would add my thoughts as well. I love your writing and this story so dearly. I was so sad when I finished Inuyasha for the first time. The characters were so vivid that I always felt there should have been more to their adventures after the story from Rumiko Takahashi ended. When I found this story, I realized there was a way I could continue to live in that world a little bit longer. I do hope that you get a chance to continue writing someday. You are a greatly talented storyteller. However, just in case you don't, I wanted to say thank you for what you have written. I've enjoyed every moment of your story.

Wishing you and your family well.
Dragonstars chapter 319 . 9/22
I've read several of your works, but I don't think I've reviewed yet (mostly because until recently I've been reading on my DS, which doesn't let me review), so now that I can give you one, I'll just say that you're awesome. you're incredibly good at writing, and I love this story, and I can't wait to read more.
Shortsh1t chapter 319 . 9/21
First of all don't listen to the jackass the posted on June 11. I love your story and I hope you update soon. I also hope everything is going well with you and that nothing bad happened. I wish you well and hope to hear from you soon. Lots of Love from one of your biggest followers even if I don't always review.

Shortsh1t (Angie)
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