Reviews for Micah's Journey
Vital Info chapter 5 . 1/6/2012
Well what a nice story I found. It certainly is unique from its start to its pace to the characters and everything however I cannot take Micah seriously as a trainer given the fact he's so uninformed.

I mean had he really wanted to be a trainer even that small handbook young kids are given at age 10 provides great info about pokemon and a journey, I know his family might not have let him keep one but there certainly other means in which he could've obtained one in the 5 journey less years he suffered or even during its beggining when perhaps his pop could've handed his own to him.

Its a classic quality trainers like Ash had in their journeys just not to this extent. He really needs to seek knowledge that will help him mature as a person and therefore as a trainer. Keep that in mind.

At the end this last chapter it seems Sera will leave Micah without a travel partner so in this time he is alone and has to train more to face Brock once again he should think of adding another pokemon perhaps an Abra in honor of his pop and they do appear near Pewter City plus it'll give him a nice psychic type which is good against almost everything.

Aside from that I really hope Micah fares well in this journey and I wanna see him against Ash in that tourney of yours.