Reviews for What in the Hell have you done, Inui!
MatchMakerSawa-chan chapter 1 . 3/13/2014
Oho ho ho! Inui you're screwed! Haha... 'nway, the story was awesome. So happy to finally find a Xover fic about pot and the bw. So plis don't stop this story, im a rootin' for ya! And kudos! Oh, by the way, im a Xover fic writer too. XD
Question chapter 1 . 2/8/2012
Why only the members of tennis teams? Why not have characters from the baseball, basketball, soccer, football, or volleyball teams? And why did you pick those characters to turn female? I can understand why you would pick Fuji, but why Tezuka? I think Kikumaru would of fit better. Tezuka is going to snap! INUI IS GOING TO DIE! Ryoma is going to be such a cute girl! I think Atobe would like being a female, he is such an adonis and he already acts like a queen.

You misspelled Ryou's name. What made you pick Ryou? Its hard to see him as a girl. And so is Wakashi(as a girl) for that matter.

Seiichi would be one of the few that would take the change calmly. Sanada would punch Inui though a wall. Plus Sanada is more like a prince to Seiichi, or a knight(take your pick). If you just change Seiichi this could be they're chance to have a little romance between the two.

Akaya would become a super demon.

Why did you change Kippei? He's even more like a prince then Sanada. If he would grow his hair back and change it back to blond then he would look even more like a prince (Google search Tachibana Kippei in images and you'll know what I mean). He's to handsome to be a girl!

Ibu Shinji wouldn't care.

Mizuki would become a mass murder. Or he would kill Inui in the most painful way he could come up with.

Did you pick Yuuta because he's Fuji's brother? Yuuta would have a panic attack. He might just go into a corner and start growing mushrooms.

I don't know how Akazawa would react.

Kiyosumi would take it as a joke, after he was done with his panic attack.

I don't know much about Shiraishi Kuranosuke to know how he would act. Same goes for Oshitari Kenya (he would look cute as a girl) and Zaizen Hikaru (also cute as a girl).

Rin would be so cute!

Eishirou would not be cute!

Any way here is a list of manga with different sports other than tennis:

Slam dunk (basketball)

Whistle (soccer)

Big wind up (baseball) you already know. I really want to see Mihashi as a girl! He would have a spaz attack.

Princess 9 (baseball) why not have some girls try Inui's drink

EyeShild 21 (football)

Crimson Hero (Volleyball) girls team

Teppuu (karate)