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StarReader86 chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
Happy Birthday! Hope you know what that means ;D... 4 words: Pinkie Pie's Party Cannon!

I agree with you about the lack of Rarity and Rainbow Dash episodes (and fanfics). The writers did give us fans the Sonic Rainboom episode, so there's still hope that we get another R&R episode :D

As for this story, I LOVE IT! As much as I liked the Sweet Elite episode, I felt like it was lacking something. I'm glad you touched on Rainbow Dash's reaction to Rarity. I thought it was interesting that Rainbow Dash was much more suspicious and slightly accusing towards Rarity than the other ponies in the episode.

Both ponies made good arguments about each others' flaws. Even though it seems like the season 2 episodes are showing the characters at their worst (Mare Do-Well, for example), maybe the writers are making a point that each pony is going to make mistakes, but they can still show their special element. Despite her shortcomings in the episode, Rarity still displayed generosity by making Twilight a dress at no charge, giving her time to the three Canterlot ponies who begged for her to show up at their functions, and introducing her friends to Fancy Pants.

This story is definitely going in my Favorites. I will also be reading your MLP stories! Like Rarity, I didn't like the language, but this is one of the best MLP stories I've read so far. I hope you continue writing more stories :D
kitmaro chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
Good chapter. And I can agree with you on Rarity being aware of her faults and Rainbow pointing them out to her. Again good chapter and Happy B Day.
cartuneslover17 chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
Thank you! This story shows EXACTLY how I felt about Rarity and Rainbow Dash during half the first season and the start of the second season! Really, out of all the ponies, these two have the most flaws.

I will admit, the episode today was fine...though not much taste for me because, well, this season is mostly revolving around the other ponies. It's missing that...sparkle. :)

But still, this was a wonderful story and it was quite suspenseful. Friendship is strong, but it can be complicated, and that's what you showed here. :)
Iron-Mantis chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
ehh its good but i felt rarity knows her flaws (Case in point knows she a whiner and uses that against diamond dogs.) and no offense rd, but your family can fly i'm sure they can dodge the clouds, i mean i can understand if you were more worry about the kids who couldn't or those in cloudsdale hospital but those who can still fly should be safe, just saying.
snake screamer chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
yep that was a good ep (And tecnically she tried at FIRST to remember priority unfortunately the life got to her eventually, its like hollywood and how staying there changes you, WEIRDLY.) Also LOVE fancy pants, it nice to know theres a good upper canterlotian that doesn't act like a snob also i love the death glare opal gave rarity. Its a look that says "You will die a death so fierce you can't begin to comprehend it!"

good story, believable (And yeah, people complain about rd ditching them, but cloudsdale was originally her home before it, and to be fair at rarity, that how most siblings act towards one another in real life which sisterhooves caught perfectly (Its sad but true.)

but the emotion i must say, was TRULY believable in this story, good work.
Rowanoak23 chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
Happy day before birthday!

This was a really well written story. So much so that I'm looking up your other stories as I write this. I think you raised some interesting points in the end about Rarity and Rainbow and their relationship.

Admittedly, Rarity's not been at her best this season but we still love her for it. It helps that her episodes gave her a chance to recognize what she did wrong and try to fix it herself (a chance that was not given in The Mysterious Mare Do Well to Rainbow Dash which I think made the story fall flat). Anyway at the risk of being self-promoting, just the other day I posted a chapter that deals with what Rarity and Rainbow Dash have in common. I would like you to take a look at it and let me know what you think: s/7559850/5/Faded_Rainbow

Again, a very intense and deep story. Bravo.
CanadianSushi chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
Great job, Inkwell.

Not sure what else to say without risk of repeating myself; you've just capped off a pretty great day. You're great too.
Keep up the flow of great work.
uh, ya

Jasper Sealights chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
"Oh, shut up. I'm not really anywhere near per-."

And then Rarity kissed Rainbow Dash.

*grins, thumbs up* Okayokay, I know that isn't what you were going for with this at all. Haha. I can appreciate the friendships between the ponies just as well as I can appreciate the ships, so for writing another nice Rarity/Dash friendship fic, I commend you!

At first I was kinda like nooooo because wow, this was REALLY intense. That's a good thing, though! I could easily see Rainbow being fed up to the point of this kind of anger, especially since the Best Young Fliers Competition could've very well taken quite a different turn than it did. Out of all of them, Rainbow would certainly be the most distressed with these things, due to loyalty element, and you portrayed that beautifully.

But as I said, this was a very intense read, in a good way. It wasn't rushed, the anger both escalated and dropped very smoothly, not to mention I could practically feel Rarity's desperation myself while reading. The emotion behind the story as a whole, as well as behind the two main characters is very well put together. As is the dialogue!

Really, really liked your addition of the reasoning behind Rainbow leaving for Cloudsdale in The Return of Harmony. Given how terrified she was when Discord showed her that false vision of Cloudsdale crumbling, it's kind of obvious to me that her motives were still loyal, whether it was loyalty to her friends or not.

Speaking of which, I actually thought it was pretty realistic to have Rarity try and fail to defend herself, even if she knew full well she had no right to try in the first place. I love Rarity, but she does have her flaws - and those only make me love her more, really. It was about time Rainbow pointed them out to her.

The fact that both of them are so close to Fluttershy definitely makes for a good dynamic, and a subtle connection between them from that as well. It's really interesting to see Dash trying not to be angry at Rarity partly because Fluttershy loves her so much. Nevertheless, it's still obvious that Dash loves Rarity as well, even if they aren't close, and that is very sweet.

In any case, I'm really glad they made up; I'd be angry at you if they didn't, heh. The ending was lovely, and I'm definitely happy to see Rarity finishing Twilight's dress after all As well as happy to see Rainbow staying there with her for the night. Nothing like some time together to get things back to normal again! Also, I enjoyed Rainbow emphasizing that she "didn't" cry, lol.

These two definitely need more time together, and all in all, I'm definitely glad you wrote it Friendship isn't always happy smiles, after all: there are bumps down the road. Thanks for portraying that so well!
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