Reviews for The Suave and the Awkward
Viu chapter 27 . 3/6
hi so uh, i found you somewhere in 2021, and iv'e been following this story ever since, and i cannot stress how freaking amazing it is to experience walking with a writer as they write their stories, its like- idk like walking with some random stranger you met at the park, sharing stuff like weather updates, or deep thoughts and to add, this amazing story, good god, i can't wait for the day when you finally get to write in your notes how you felt writing this, the journey it took and the time you spent thinking, this is why i admire authors so much. Im so glad that your still updating this story as the years pass by, i cant help but think back to that one tumblr post that (i dont remember the exact details but) its like, a creator's mind is never quiet because only they know the endings to the stories they create- holy shit this comment is so long but ah-
ive fallen in love with this fic and i live for tragic love stories, and im not sure if this will end well or not, but either way, i will follow this pitchpearl fic to the ends of the earth, thank you so much for continuing this, and please rest! it was so worth the wait when you come up with stories like this
LandofMidnightRain chapter 27 . 2/20
Hey I just wanna say thank you for writing this fic! Stumbling upon this fic back in 2012 was the domino that led to me being the happily queer person I am today.
I was raised by hateful, bigoted parents and I never would have started to question the things I was taught if I hadn’t been exposed to media that didn’t demonize lgbtq folks. It may seem a bit dramatic, but this fic you wrote here was the first piece of media that showed me a gay relationship in a positive light and I’ll never forget it! :)
Guest chapter 27 . 8/26/2023
I just discovered you, and you're an amazing writer! I love the way you write Phantom and Fenton! The bantering! and I even the flight scenes and well just everything.
There wasn't a moment I didn't enjoy this fic, I even love the slow character growth that happened. Fenton started off being easily scared and stubborn, while Phantom liked to tease him and push his buttons. But then Phantom realized how he was treating Fenton wrong (when he tried to overshadow him) and then from there started treating Fenton better by taking him to see the meteor shower (one of my most favorite moments especially with the bantering and teasing lol, especially pared up to the later chapter where Phantom bought Fenton food. Which btw I laughed so hard when Phantom bet Fenton the 5$ he found idk why that made me chuckle so much, but it did (of course emosy of this
MsFrizzle chapter 27 . 8/25/2023
Before I read the part about Sam. I have to have some sympathy for Tucker. He puts up with a lot.
This chapter and the previous one show that they are really are true friends and always there for Danny.

Way back when Phantom healed Danny, I expressed some concerns about how Phantom becoming overpowered and the need for powers to be balanced by cost. I also speculated that a healing ability to heal others could entirely change Phantom's role from Amity Park's protector to miracle doctor. I admit I've always been creeped-out by overshadowing and the way it was downplayed for laughs in the show. In this chapter you show that the price of being healed is something that people might not be too eager to undergo. On the other hand people in a desperate situation might feel differently. I guess Phantom has been thinking about that as well.

In this case it shows Sam's trust in Phantom even as she argues he is incomplete.

This chapter brings us up against the philosophical moral dilemma of who has a right to live and who must die. I'll never look at mitosis the same way again.

My heart goes out to Sam. Not only does she have to deal with the realization that her lingering hopes for having a second chance with her crush are over, but that he is gone. She needs time to morn before she can accept these new people.
MsFrizzle chapter 26 . 8/25/2023
I like the way you handled Sam. In many fics where Danny is paired with anyone else the first thing seems to be to just trash Sam to get her out of the picture. You comments at the end show how well you handle her character and the thought you put into it. The show is Danny-centric and so we see more character development but you show that Sam also has flaws and makes mistakes and is learning and growing. This makes her much more real as she confronts her own conflicts.

I particularly appreciated how you used Sam's point of view to really make a case for whole-Danny.

I can only hope that this year is one of healing for you.
MsFrizzle chapter 25 . 8/24/2023
I'm trying to catch up on several years worth of fanfic and found that you had added several chapters. I want to start with saying that I am so terribly sorry to hear about your brother. I find it hard to imagine writing about a story like this while trying to cope with such a loss.

I am continually stunned by the nuances and depth this story shows with evolving relationships. You keep the story moving and introduce different aspects that I really hadn't thought about. There seems to always be something else thrown into the mix and new perspectives - such as Lancer - that there doesn't seem to time for anyone to catch their breath (if they breathe, that is) .
Weshney chapter 3 . 8/21/2023
-"Cute," the voice said, amused, "but that won't stop me from waking you by any means necessary."
I'm honestly surprised that didn't make fenton shoot out of bed. XD
-i can't get over how much i love phantom torturing fenton. ROFL.
-honestly. Can you imagine how nice it would be to cuddle phantom on a hundred degree day? Like seriously. Though winter would suck. XD
-"You know, you talk in your sleep. And snore…and drool. It's quite disgusting."
I love that while phantom likes to toy with fenton, he's also vaguely observing him with a foriegn mindset. Like. "Goddamn, is this what we look like?"
-pffft. Phantom talked to him in his sleep?
-Suddenly the companionable distance between him and the other boy felt about as far apart as a pencil width.
Fantastic description.
-I also finished the rest of our homework after you fell asleep last night, so you don't have to worry about completing it."
"…Eager much?"
Hey now. That was uncalled for. If your second half does your homework you sit back and take your kiss. XD that's what a relationship's about. Ya know? I scratch your back, you bite my neck.
-"As I stand right now, I am more likely to receive a kiss from her gun…"
"You're not exactly standing," Fenton said, gesturing with his spoon at the ghost's transparent tail.
I love situational humor, so this joke is very nice.
-"You're going to taste like Froot Loops."
Pffft. Phantom really is a boy after my own heart. I also have the compulsive need to tease shy people. It's a core personality trait. Don't you agree, dream? XD *looks back at our conversation history* lol
-Fenton froze, the spoon in his mouth, and even Phantom's smile fell as he realized a second meaning was attached to his words.
Hfkajdhdj. Ppffffft. DREAM. hey now. This is not Pompous Pep. I don't know that I caught this the first time around tbh. But STILL. DREAM.
-Phantom's smirk grew, but he didn't move from his position. "I don't know whether to be pleased or insulted."
Pffft. Insulted. Definitely.
-"I did…but the Phans apparently have some sort of Night Watch Unit…"
-The glare Phantom sent him for that comment made Fenton grin like a Cheshire cat, feeling smug and triumphant for the first time since they separated. If Phantom felt that way every time he 'flirted' with Fenton, it was no wonder the ghost was so impossible to deal with. That feeling was addicting.
It really fucking is. THIS IS WHY ME AND DOOSHEK ARE SO FUCKED. We both have this mindset.
-Phantom continued to stare at him, which really didn't help cool Fenton's face.
Pffft. Oh, but his cool lips would. Marginally.
-i'm literally dying reading this thinking about the chat between dooshek and me this morning. It really is just us. Only I'm the smooth one.
-I agreed to let you dominate this time.
This kills me. XD i pulled a similar line in chat as a comeback.
-Just the thought made his stomach lurch unpleasantly. It was like kissing a…a twin brother or something.
I appreciate that you don't skirt this issue at all. It's such a real hurtle.
-Okay, he thought with a grimace, kissing Phantom is nothing like kissing a brother…but it should be!
-A heated stirring in his veins made Fenton scowl at his ghost half. "Stop that."
The other boy blinked. "I'm not doing anything."
Ppffffttt. The dialogue is just so natural I love it.
-He now stood less than a foot away, infuriatingly casual in stance whereas Fenton felt like a tight spring about to burst.
Amazing description. I love it!
-bringing his face so close to Fenton's the human could see the different shades of green in his eyes
The deeetail. I love that so much.
-You know, I'm starting to see parallels between TSatA Phantom and ABS Phantom. XD
-If I do throw up, Fenton thought fiercely, I'm aiming for his boots.
Pfffft. Relatable.
-Neither one were prepared for the collision.
Dude that would hurt so bad. XD
-"Hmm." Phantom half-smiled, an odd combination of amusement and curiosity in his expression. "I wonder why that is…"
He is just soooo adamant that they are seperate xD
-"Don't think," Phantom whispered, his own cold breath brushing Fenton's lips.
Lol. The breath definitely wouldn't do anything for me. I'd just be like "don't give me your used air". Though on a neck, that can be decent.
-never been fond of the tongue suck. It just feels...vacuumy. xD
-Sputtering incoherently, Fenton squirmed against Phantom embrace, but Phantom's hold on his waist tightened, holding him firmly in place.
With them pressed so close, Phantom is 100% holding their boners together. XD another thought occured to me from that though. The skintight jumpsuit would suck so baaaad with a boner. XD
-"We are supposed to practice," Phantom said, and Fenton heard the wicked amusement in his voice, "which means we must kiss multiple times."
I feel like this scene was super hard for you to write. XD but tbf, it works perfect for fenton's pov. Hahahah. I can just imagine you at the keyboard: JUST KISS ALREADY!, why are you stopping? Goddamnit. XD
-Phantom licked his lips and smirked when Fenton's eyes followed the motion. "You taste like Froot Loops."
Pfffft. Beautiful ending sentence.
-"but I am still too annoyed with Fenton's kiss to attempt another one" me, knowing this author's note had to be coming: bwahahahahah. And it's exactly as I suspected. For all the reasons I listed. Hahahahhaha.
-amazing chapter. It looked very polished.
Weshney chapter 2 . 8/20/2023
-This story will end on a happy (meaning gay) note ;)
ROFL DREAM. THE PUN. I havent even started reading. Stahp. XD
-Danny's fingers twitched against his desk..
BFKSBDNSKBD. I read this as deck. And then everyone was looking wierd and stuff and I auto-assumed he was playing magic the gathering or yugioh or something and was just waiting to find out which nerd game he was playing. Ppfffttt. I am tired. Bad eyesight with small letters in the dark. But it's still funny because it took the entire paragraph for me to question it.
-Paranoia, however, couldn't be rationalized. That's quitter talk. It can with a little elbow grease and self-degredation.
-i like that you kept sam supportive but still not liking valerie. Also the fact that danny silently asked for permission. Because that's really good "showing their friendship"
-his pace calm and confident despite the nerves eating at his belly.
-Beat him with a baseball bat? I meaaaannn. That *is* what the anti-creep stick is for.
-"I…L-last weekend…" Danny winced, his cheeks burning. He had been thoroughly burnt out on kissing after the…incident last weekend.
Oh he burned all right. Im not sure if "out" is the correct word, though. "up" may be more appropriate. LOL
-Practice? Danny swallowed, feeling sick.
Been there. Done that.
Also. I feel like val would be very suspicious if he suddenly got good when he didnt have someone to practice on. XD she might think he did on another girl...
-I rarely get to tease Mr. Heartthrob of the school over here about anything important. danny supposed to be a heartthrob or was that part of the joke? XD
-"Sam's right, dude," Tucker said. "Practice makes perfect, and if it's practice you need, then I'm sure Sam can—"
Bdkabdd. I love how you set up this scene where only mr. Clueless1 would just latch onto exactly the wrong idea and interpret it in his own way as needing to practice with the catcher again. normal people would be like "yes, i see what you mean." But not danny. Danny's over here like: AH YES. PRACTICE. WITH MYSELF. NOT MY GF.
-causing a few to shout as he ran past them—sometimes through them—
How this boy keeps his secret is a mystery upon this earth
-Danny shuddered, his face contorted in an expression of disgust. He had kissed himself. He had enjoyed kissing himself.

Groaning, he scrubbed his face with both hands. "I really am a freak…"
-This overwhelming urge to see the hickey happened every time he passed a mirror.
Phantom. Phantom wants to see it. He's relishing.
LOL. Two sentences later: yep, it's phantom.
-He took a deep breath and then pulled it down, revealing pale, unblemished skin where the hickey had been on his human form.
I don't remember this omg. Even from the beginning the forshadowing was strong. Tbf i probably noticed the first time. But i dont remember noticing. XD
-"Apparently, combined, we didn't agree as much as we thought."

Fenton snorted. "Gee, I wonder whose fault that is…"
I love how they really are like three seperate entities. XD and "Danny" is like the liason/ambassador between them. Fenton and Phantom really are so greatly different than the combined Danny.
-And if I'm not mistaken, you received far more pleasure from the act than I.
Bdksndnd. Pfffftttt. Yeah, kick his ass, phantom.
-Fenton's face lit up like a stop light.
You know why I love this phrase so much?
BECAUSE IT WORKS WITH BOTH BOYS. phantom also would light up like a stoplight. A stoplight has GREEN, TOO.
-Fenton could deny it all he wanted, but he and Phantom had been one less than a minute ago. Phantom knew on an intimate level just how much Fenton had enjoyed it.
This sounds so fucking dirty, Dream. I HOPE YOU REALIZE.
-All I know is that…the notion that I can…touch and leave evidence of that touch on the half of me that survived the accident…that I am not just…
Oooof. My feels. Phantom really wants thay sense of self. That proves he is himself and can still affect the living world. And that fenton is part of a living world he can influence outside of himself.
-the teasing has me smiling. It really is my fav kind of romance.
-"Yeah, because I live to entertain you…"

Phantom's eyes crinkled at the sides as he once again smiled teasingly. "Don't you?"
Tbf...he kind of does? Like. If phantom is seperate. And it just so happens that he is a benevolent ghost that saved danny's life on fenton could have easily ended up with a malevolent counterpart like vlad. He lucked the fuck out.
-"Th-that's not the point! Y-you were going to t-t-touch…a-and I…I-I would have…"

The smile slipped from Phantom's face. "And you would have let me," he finished softly.
Already giving into the charm, fenton? XD
-Fenton scowled down at his shoes.
I read this as "scowled down to his shoes." But like. In the same way you write "blushed all the way down to his feet". And I was does one scowl with their whole body and how does that make so much sense? XD
-Fenton gaped like an angry fish.
I legit just used "face like a grimacing fish" in my own story. Hdjskbd. Goddamnit dream. We really do think so much alike.
-"If I'm not allowed boundaries, then I want to be in control of the kiss."
I FORGOT ABOUT THIS. also. The set up you did to get it here. *chef's kiss* the dialogue worked perfectly.
-"Overwhelmed? You were seconds away from shoving your hand down my pants!"

"It's not like we haven't masturbated before!"
-Unless you prefer to believe we are separate beings, in which case it would be more accurate to call it a hand-job.
Nfksbdkd. Pfffft. Yep. Same brain.
-i love the teasing here. It's so fucking funny.
-Just this once, though. Next time, I dominate.
Fucking...phantom is so commanding in your fic. XD
-Eye-contact. Shyness becomes girls, Fenton.
I mean. Shy guys are cute as fuck. Also. I am sensing this is a line that would fit in way too well in your new fic.
-Now your favorite part. Physical contact.
i think this fic appeals way too much to my sadistic side. I have a personality similar to phantoms when it comes to wanting to harrass/goad shy ppl. It fills this primal urge.
-fenton's reactions are just too funny. Even the pencil which he knows won't do anything, he *has* to throw.
-The ethereal glow Phantom produced gave a soft radiance to the objects closest to him, but the sleeping human didn't seem to notice the dim light highlighting his facial features.
Very pretty image. I can always picture your writing so clearly. Thank you for your sacrifice. XD
-i like how you enjoy playing with fenton and phantom's contrasting body heat.
-phantom's so sweet. Doing the ghost fighting AND the homework. He is good boi. Also, that'd be super funny if fenton didn't do like any homework before falling asleep. XD
-"Tis decent, but not the best."
Dream. Don't make me get out the newspaper. This chapter was so fucking polished you whiney bitch /pos. XD
Also, i actually like that you don't cover the ghost fight because it's not actually important to the plot right now. It just feels like you made executive decisions rather than got lazy.
Weshney chapter 1 . 8/20/2023
-rofl. The chinese proverb at the beginning.
-I always find it so funny how Danny's so unnerved by the idea of the kiss. makes it ten times funnier/better
-also i think it's so funny you were bullied to turn this one shot into a full story
-Only Phantom remained stationary in the spinning world, but Fenton suspected that was because the ghost was actually swaying in midair.
This whole paragraph is *so* good detail-wise. I would struggle to relate so many human actions. Humans are just not my main interest while writing so sometimes I feel like I'm always repeating the same motions. Just with different similes slapped on for spice.
-when was the last time we showered? XD the fact that phantom is upset by it, and the fact that the grease spread between them is too funny. Like, one of the things I did in my fic, is that when a clone remerges with Danny, he has the option to absorb the state the copy is in. So my danny uses this life hack to have clones take showers/brush teeth/use the bathroom when he's running late, and then when they join back together he just loads this new "clean" state into the original body. Hahaha
-His ghost tail flicked behind him like a whip, displaying his agitation. NICE. Funny though, cause I did the same kind of detail to show Danny's clone being excited to cause mischief. XD we really do have such similar thought processes hahahaha.
-i love how early on you show the differences between phantom and fenton. Like with phantom refusing to continue being ridiculed
-It echoed around the room and in Fenton's ears like a breeze of cold air.
-also like how the dialogue tells you the story of what's happening so naturally instead of just having one of them internally go over it. Love the showing vs telling.
-the fact that fenton can't say the word kiss is so funny
-Icy lips pressed against his own, and the image of Valerie shattered into a million pieces. Also love how you bring in tactile details. Very solid POV scraps. Like the fact that, with his eyes closed, he focuses on touch instead of sight.
-LOL. The fact that he throws in Johnny rather than kitty. XD
-Except Valerie's lips were soft and smooth, not chapped from strong winds and high altitudes. Amazing. The TACTILE DETAILS. YAAAASSS.
-i love how the details you hate writing are the ones that i obsess over xD
-i find it so funny how you're ace but you made the scene feel so natural. Hahaha. Even pegged the tongue against lips asking for permission bit. Hahaha
-"The longer you fight this, the longer we both have to suffer. Now pucker your lips and let's get this over with!"
Pucker up, bitch! XD the fact that you even used pucker is sending me.
This scene really gives me the same vibes as "back off" from ABS. Could easily do a parody drawing of it, if I was any good at drawing humans. XD
-Should I be romantic?
It begins. XD
-I think I should. A kiss isn't a kiss unless it's romantic.
I fucking love mischievous bullshit. It is my MO.
-"So what is stopping us?" he whispered in a husky voice.
I always die from this teasing. It literally is my favorite kind. That's why I love the Honey Badger ship so much. XD
-stared at the carpet sticking up between the gap of his fingers.
The deeetails.
-To his horror, Fenton felt his cheeks heat up beneath Phantom's cold hand. "I…that's not…it's not that simple. You—you're more confident about all this than I am. I don't even know what I'm doing!"

"That's what you have me for." Phantom's voice dropped an octave, the low pitch somehow heating Fenton's blood and making his heart beat faster. "Trust me," the ghost whispered, "and I will guide you through this."
The epitome of the Sauve and the Awkward right here. I feel like this would be the part where you decided to name the story xD
-To tell me what feels good. To show me what makes you feel so hot you can't think. To respond when you feel pleasure.
This fucking boy. "Be my little sex toy. I want to play with you." is basically what he's saying. Just in a way sexier way. ROFL. This Fenton is definitely a sucker for dirty talk and you can't change my mind on that.
-For one moment, we can make it right.
-funny part is, I'm not super big on frenching either so the actual kiss just makes me *shudder*. You wrote it really well but I used to have a thing about saliva, too. XD so my brain is just linking old memories. Hahahaha
-Phantom hummed in interest, and the vibration carried into Fenton's mouth.
The tactile. I love tactile details. Everywhere. For any reason. So many authors forget there are other senses besides sight and it's such a missed opportunity.
-"I will shoot you if you make us stop now,"
ROFL. I love how in control Phantom is even as he's losing his mind. Straight up "this is a threat". Definitely gives him seductive masculine authoritive vibes.
-"I need to breathe!"

"Then breathe through your nose."
I love that this shows just how much common sense fenton has lost.
-and the fact that you also include real errors in their kiss is just *chef's kiss*
-and phantom making his gloves intangible so he can use his nails? The attention to detail my beloved.
-Startled by his reaction, Phantom lost his balance and the two boys fell against the floor.
Well yeah, he went from angry and frightened to "holy shit take me" in one second because of a fetish he didn't know he had. XD finding a fetish you didn't know you had is a mind-fuck, let me tell you. It really is like experiencing a sidehook from a plant. You don't know how it could have possibly happened. You aren't sure why you responded that way. And you wonder if it will ever happen again. Has happened to me three times in my life. And holy hell one of them left me reeling because it was *weird*
-fenton yanking on phantom's hair is so funny. Because I'm just like, does phantom feel pain in quite the same way? Is it lessened because he's so durable? Did fenton just make a mistake by turning phantom on more? XD
-Phantom gasped, his eyes flying wide open and his pupils dilating.
THE PUPILS. YAS. Also. All's fair in love and war.
-Phantom shoved his tongue almost down his throat.
Does phantom's tongue have special properties, I wonder? How literal is this? He can change his body shape at will.
-His cold fingers caressed the small stomach muscles ghost fighting had awarded them.
Okay. But this raises questions. If fenton stays seperate for too long, is gonna lose the abs?
-He used the bed to help him stand up, ashamed and embarrassed by how uncomfortable he felt in his pants.
I love how tacfully you worded this. ROFL.
-you know. The hickey actually is kinda like how my Danny keeps the showered state from his clone.
-Fenton's skin crawled, and he dearly hoped it was out of revulsion. The question in the internal dialogue. Such a nice touch.
-"I…" he started. "What we did…"

"Never again," Fenton agreed. "In fact, it never happened, right?"

Phantom floated silently for a few seconds.

The fact that Phantom was all for it and slightly sad with Fenton's reaction. My heart. Also. Him still being mischevious, even to the end. XD
-The memories of his two halves buzzed around his mind, each one clamoring for attention like little children.
See, I immediately thought of hummingbirds fighting for a feeder. XD since you said buzzed.
-The pleasure Fenton felt as he received the hickey and the interest and fascination Phantom felt upon seeing his mark tore through Danny's conscious mind like a train wreck.
I mean, obviously it's a human want, too, but I wonder how much Phantom's ghostliness adds to his excitement upon seeing the "this is mine" mark. Ghosts have obsessions and fixate on stuff. And tend to be possesive. I wonder how much that plays into his thought process.
-i think you nailed the overreacting to things tbh. Like, before the mind is desensitized, people tend to find things turn them on way easier. And especially teenage boys? Yeah. They are the epitome of oversensitive.
HyperOwl-Loves-Kitsunes chapter 27 . 7/1/2023
I felt so bad for Sam, Fenton and Phantom. I'm also wondering when Fenton and Phantom will remember they can ask Clockwork for his knowledge on the subject. He would most likely know what's going on and what happened the day of the portal accident the best. The Tucker and Fenton conversation was so funny but also sad. Fenton has been trying so hard to prove himself and protect Phantom. It's sad that after the split, everyone treated Phantom like he was a strange ghost that could attract them at any time. If his theory is right, he would lose so much and need to make a place for himself in the world.

I loved that Fenton ripped Lancer a new one over the negligence of the teachers. The teachers allowed blatant abuse and bullying by the a-listers. I did like your headcanon for Lancer's past.

Is Vlad gonna hear about this or is he not making an appearance in this fic? I hope that everyone is content/happy in the end but I know someone is gonna get hurt. Waiting for the next chapter.
Udistopia chapter 27 . 5/11/2023
I've been reading this fic both on AO3 and here and I'm so glad to finally know who the heck is the character death. that warning plagued me.
Moonshadowcuteness1 chapter 27 . 4/26/2023
I can see both sides but I can't help feel angry at Sam but also bad for her. They are all a confused bundle of feelings
DashMok chapter 27 . 4/12/2023
fucking hell, i didn't get the notification of a new chapter for TWO MONTHS. Jeez, and the chapter was so intense. But it all feels like a build up. And I do feel sorry for Sam. From her point it really feels like no matter what happens somebody will die and it is just sad. Okay, waiting for the next one, good luck, byeeee)
ShadowPillow chapter 27 . 4/1/2023
She understood, and she got scared, and that's why she said all that. It took proof, something visceral, to convince her that she couldn't deny it: she had already lost her friend.

She panicked and hoped that it was still possible to get the old Danny back. That's why she tried to force it and make it happen tonight as if to try to push it to make it work.

It's really sad. She understood it. But I do think it's better this way. To split is not the same to me as the killing by merging, especially when both parties don't want it. And Fenton... doesn't want it. He's just trying to persuade himself that it's the right thing to do because his friends around him and everything seems to think it would be.

But the old Danny does live on in those two, seamlessly, in a strange way. It's almost like... mitosis?

Glad for the update, excited for the upcoming story progression. Keep up the good work.
Moonshadowcuteness1 chapter 26 . 1/31/2023
I am feeling a lot of emotions rn
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