Reviews for Remembering
Thisgirlreadswords chapter 42 . 6/10
Great chapter! This story is really fun to read! Looking forward for the next update!
Skittles8705 chapter 42 . 4/10
i followed a link to here from a really great FAN ART on dokuga! i'm really loving this story and hope you come back to update it! :)
Azumigurl chapter 42 . 4/4
VS chapter 42 . 3/31
This is an awesome story! You find the perfect balance between Humor, Love and Seriousness! The origin of Kagome is also something unique, I haven't come across something similiar...I hope you plan to not only update this story, but to complete it also. It would be just a shame to abandon such an awesome stor.
HermionenDraco368 chapter 42 . 3/23
I really like the story can't wait for an update.
Iana Sabelle chapter 42 . 2/27
Hello, I sincerely hope this is not abandoned... I’ll be rereading this over and over until hopefully you find enough time to update and finish this beautiful story you’ve started.
P.S. sorry I didn’t log in prior to reviewing, too lazy to do so.
Guest chapter 42 . 1/11
I absolutely love this! Thank you for writing. I hope you consider continuing it one day. May God bless!
Guest chapter 24 . 1/11
My heart goes out to you. It's never easy for loved ones to journey on ahead. My papaw died a few years ago and life just hasn't been the same. No matter how long it's been, you alway feel it. May God bless you.
Rouge Vulpes chapter 41 . 1/5
Bonds* dang autocorrect! Lol
Rouge Vulpes chapter 42 . 1/5
Great story! Do you plan on continuing it in the future? It is definitely a ‘one of a kind’! The bonbons you created between Kagome and Sesshomaru is amazing!
Guest chapter 42 . 12/7/2017
I want more of this! I have to know how it ends!
Gamergirl0913 chapter 42 . 12/1/2017
There have been so many incomplete stories that are just down right awesome. This is one of those. It's been two years, almost three since the last update. Wish the auntie come back to finish this
Guest chapter 42 . 11/27/2017
I remember this being gooood. Hoping you haven't abandoned this and will finish it someday! Thanks for sharing :)
Tosha232 chapter 42 . 11/24/2017
More please! It passed by too quickly! Lol I’m not saying you didn’t write enough but that it was soo good I read and read every chance I get!
Coolfire30 chapter 42 . 10/7/2017
i am hyperventilating. why. why. why. why is this so good. why have you author not updated this in so long. WHY. i love this story.
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