Reviews for Persona: World And Judgement
Guest chapter 49 . 5/24
Can't wait for chapter 50
twilightnite13 chapter 49 . 4/8
U did NOT see THAT coming...what is the arcana of their social link?
ApplePajama chapter 43 . 3/14
Oh my GOD! I Just finished this chapter and it was the most interesting and exciting chapter you had! This confirms that Hoodie might be shadow Minato. But now I have another question: What happened to the seal? Is humanity going to experience the coming of the fall again? BTW, I love the way how you ended this chapter with that one simple sentence. Oh my God. That was so epic. XD
ApplePajama chapter 38 . 3/12
Oh my gosh. Even though I'm just a reader, I can feel the exhaustion every felt while chasing hoodie. I already felt suspicious about the guy and his true identity the moment Yu returned the phone strap to Yukari. Based on all the evidence and hintss you've been throwing at us, my guess is that hoodie is acutaully revived Minato or Minato's shadow that took form due to Minato's own wavering resolve as the Great Seal. Further investigation must be conducted for this case.
IarIz chapter 49 . 3/8
At last... an update...the first happy thing that i got when i open my main0l after a long while..
Rosalinda Lancaster Leonhart chapter 49 . 2/23
You're not alone, Minato-kun. You can do this. Investigation Team & SEES will help you. You're going to need their help, and it's alright... you will find your answer soon.
Yoshikunitsu chapter 49 . 2/15
Thanks for the chapter, gives a good feel for the next one. It steels a bit of Minato's resolve and shows the dilemma he went through. The social link between the two Fools is an interesting aspect. As both Fools have *unlimited* potential it's an interesting growth to have the two go through. And I suspect that Minato has a lot more catching up to do now that he's back to being himself again. Have fun writing!
Guest chapter 49 . 2/14
Great story and nice job on the chapter!
Demons Anarchy of Pride chapter 49 . 2/14
So they both have a social link with each other, and of the same Arcana? Hot damn!
mysteryfriend16 chapter 49 . 2/14
finally it arrive. oh so that explain why you were very late. i hope you can write the nect chapter soon.
Guest chapter 48 . 2/1
Hey what's taking the next chapter so long? I'm getting bored of waiting. I want to see Yukari and Minato reunited and dating! oh and married too.
mysteryfriend16 chapter 48 . 1/3
I hope she been better o;. i wonder though...will she and minato go on a long date once her blindness is gone? that the question i want to see o. o i cannot wait for the next chapter :D
carlos.lopesnobrega chapter 48 . 1/2
I got to admit, this is the best Persona fan fic there is. I love the romance between Yu and Rise and Yukari's determination to bring Minato back. The only thing I don't like is Marie she's a bad character in a great story like this. Anyways keep the good work up
raketsou chapter 48 . 11/17/2014
Can't wait for the next chapters.. The story is quite deep so it's worth following no matter how long it'll took.. I look forward for the many chapters to come
raketsou chapter 45 . 11/17/2014
Keep it up !
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