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White Eevee chapter 37 . 1/16
This chapter is the most fabulous thing I've ever read. You are awesome. Relk Stein will live on forever in our memories.
thaishark3 chapter 40 . 7/14/2015
Prince Royal chapter 29 . 11/7/2014
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MoonlightSunlightEclipse chapter 4 . 10/22/2014
I live in District 4. According to this one map I saw. Where I used to live in Indiana is in District 3
RussetBramblePelt chapter 2 . 10/1/2014
Well, Jamie is officially a dick :P
RussetBramblePelt chapter 1 . 9/30/2014
I interesting characters... So many interesting characters! :D And this is just the first chapter!
ZombieGuy96 chapter 70 . 9/21/2014
Okay I read this story a while back and I loved it! So I got myself an account and came back here to review! (I've read Bring Them To Their Knees as well) but I thought I'd give my thoughts on this story here and let you know how amazing this fic is!

Seriously I am not a fan of OC's at all, but from the get go I got myself emotionally invested in these characters as they were written so well, so I'll give my opinion on each one (in death order)

24th- Sapphire- The little girl from D9, she was innocent enough but didn't stick out for me, the best thing I remember about her is being the girl who beat Relk Stein to last place.

23rd Relk- I wanted to hate him, but I couldn't. I knew he'd die in the bloodbath so his death wasn't too shocking (although I was seriously hoping he'd survive) but all in all he provided great comedic relief and I was sad to see him go (as much as I should have hated his fat guts)

22nd- Vaghun- A bloodbath death the minute I read about him but his interview was done brilliantly and it was enjoyable to read his chapters (to get into the minds of the weaker tributes) I knew he had no chances of surviving but he gave us a great perspective to the horror of the games.

21st Skye- Her author wrote her brilliantly and her nativity for a district 1 tribute was unique, in all honesty I wasn't expecting her to die so early on. I thought Roy would protect her (I wasn't a fan of the love triangle thing going on... but you know...) good character.

20th- Maia- The gymnast, had an interesting backstory with her circus family and all, but fell a little flat when compared to everyone else during the training days. Cool enough character just not my cup of tea.

19th- Clude- Again not a big character, he seemed like the usual district 12 no hoper, and I didn't get too invested in him as we didn't see too much of him. However his death was done perfectly to showcase the downfall of...

18th- Onyx- Probably the most shocking death in the story (and a bloodbath one!) she was one of the bigger characters, I hated her then I loved her because of her vulnerable side and soft spot for Hyre. Her suicide was completely unexpected and tragic and fully changed the course of the games I reckon. (And made me sympathise with the career's more)

17th- Rena- The District 6 girl with the big family and Relk's love. She was okay, I expected her to die in the bloodbath but she got a little further than I expected her too, still her death didn't affect me too much.

16th- Mack- Now Mack was a positive bag of fun, I absolutely adored the relationship/friendship he and Jules had, I thought he'd be a bloodbath (he went soon after, but still) the way Jules grieved for him made the saddest scenes in the story, and really made me root for Jules to win.

15th- Tara- Ah Tara, the tough dark horse of the contest. I was kinda gutted when she died as I wanted her to be in the top ten. But being from District 12 (the district with the poor record) did her no favours. But she was tough and I liked her.

14th- Oak- A normal dude, with his abusive father and all and a family to get back too, so he had a motive. But I didn't root for him as much as I did the others. He little alliance with Ari was nice, but I knew he'd die sooner rather than later.

13th- Boston- Boston... the psycho! In all seriousness I loved how protective he was of his family of "careers" and his breakdown was one of most tense and most action packed parts of the story. He was a massive part of the story and a massive character so the games got very serious after he died.

12th- Lily- Lily was tough and I loved her! She certainly stood out from the crowd, her weakness being her obvious vengeance towards District 1 girls, but that made her human. The way she died really affected Moss (I loved their little sister, older brother dynamic)

11th- Roy- A massive part of the story and a massively memorable character. I expected him to win from the onset, but being the pyromaniac he was, did him no favours. He was a badass, he could be funny and all in all I sad to see him not make the top ten.

10th- Aspen- Aspen and Nella, the two little lovebirds from District 7, their romance was amazing to read about and he came across as a very nice guy, who was willing to place himself in the games to protect his twin brother. His death was tragic in the sense that even faced with death his last acts revolved around saving those he loved.

9th Nella- (I know she didn't actually finish 9th, but she didn't do much after Aspen's death, so I see it Claus killed her after Aspen's death before heading to get that vial thing, besides I think the other characters deserved a higher place... anyway) Nella. Nella was a fantastic character, her chapters were extremely detailed and her role of her as the writer and sense of morality (which she tried to teach Aleah) made her interesting too read about. After Aspen's death she became a dead weight and I knew her end would come, but she was brilliant, her pen truly was her sword.

8th Hyre- A lot of characters killed themselves in this story and this showed the true horror of the games and Hyre was another one that simply gave up hope in the end. In terms of his character he was another major character. A bit like Oak and Aspen a normal guy... yet he stood out more to me than those two. As his struggle for acceptance lead him to entering the games, his internal struggle in being a career, this eventually lead to his downfall and death.

7th- Ari- Ari, the lone wolf thief from district 9, Ari was one of my favourites his criminal background and his pledge to protect Sapphire (which failed) made him the true lone survivalist of the story, eaten up with a lot of guilt, but also willing to survive. His death was another crushing blow to me but I'm glad he made it so far.

6th- Aella- The tomboy from District 5! Aella was my favourite from the get go, I loved her down to earth attitude and she had a lot to go back too. So I fully supported her as my favourite character throughout the whole story. The only reason I could accept Ari's death was because Aella didn't die. Then you sly buggers go and kill her off next anyway! I was completely gutted (and felt like pulling a Moss to be honest) amazing character. Sad to see her go (even if she did get into the top 6 or 7, and did District 5 proud)

5th- Moss- Moss, the Finnick of the story in my eyes. His slow descent into insanity was one of the core focuses of the story and was done brilliantly, Moss was like the usual male protagonist of this tale, and the ultimately tragedy of the story overall is that Moss heroism blew back in his face and did more damage than good to everyone involved. Overall a brilliant character.

4th- Claus- The last man standing! Claus! Claus didn't stick out to me too much in training but in the arena he grew on me greatly, he spilt personality, bookworm like nature made him a wild card at first. But he soon managed to outlast nearly all the other tributes and all the other more macho male tributes. Claus wasn't too brainy, nor too strong yet he had a will to survive that got him that far. I loved his character as seemed normal at first... but his potential came bursting through and he became (too me) the most interesting tribute in the games.

3rd Elia- I expected Elia to die early on for some reason, she had an amazing back story with her pregnancy and husband being a victor. But then she starts to get far and I'm like... "hang on she may actually win this" and considering how realistic the results were so far I began to root for Elia as she was the last "career" she knew her survival skills and fighting skills. But then of course just as I hope for her... you kill her off. After getting all the way to the top 3! Her death was too tragic for her husband and for the people reading rooting for her to win. But with her out of the way that left...

2nd Jules- The good old fashioned underdog! I loved Jules quirkiness at the beginning , but she didn't stick out too much for me. Then (like Claus) she grew in the arena. Being with the career's,mourning for Mack, her meeting with Claus and the whole tracker jacker scenario... I was surprised she made it too the final 2. But it went too show how brains truly dead beat brawn, I wouldn't have minded at all if she won. But in the final fight... I so badly wanted the final tribute to win...

1st Aleah- Aleah! Super bitch! But she was absolutely hilarious with her cynical commentary on things. Like with Relk I should have hated her but I couldn't, yes she may have seemed too inhuman at times. But having her win showed that it truly takes an inhuman strength to get through the games. At first I thought Aleah (with the amount of people she pissed off) would be bloodbath meat. Yet she grew and survived and (even if she did kill Aella) I rooted for her too win. Only because (despite not having too much to go back too, compared too the others) she would be the only one who could handle the guilt of the games and in all honesty she deserved the win for her cunning plans.

All in all a fantastic story! 24 great characters! I defiantly recommend this to anyone in the hunger games fandom! As a much darker more realistic and rounded view of the Hunger Games, read Tears Of Blood!
the moon of my life chapter 7 . 8/23/2014
I like both of the tributes from 7, so I'm hoping they make it far in these Games.
Daisy-Ree chapter 67 . 12/12/2013
This is SO not fair. Elia deserved to win! STUPID PUBLIC... :(

Haha, wonder what Aleah / Jules' life will be like after victory...
Daisy-Ree chapter 64 . 12/12/2013
Noooo! I wanted Claus to win...curse you!

Now that it's the final three, I want Elia to win.

Not long till I start reading BTTTK :D
Daisy-Ree chapter 10 . 12/10/2013
All the nyanit did was make a Nyan cat go flying round the screen XD
Daisy-Ree chapter 3 . 12/10/2013
I just started reading this because I'm a fan of Phoenix Refrain's and she talks about it a lot. So glad I started! Best collaboration ever :)
Loverofallthingsmusic chapter 70 . 11/28/2013
Wow! This was an...amazing (to say the least) story...
In the course of 24 hours, 70 chapters, and 351k words, I fell in love with each tribute. My heart ached as they each were reaped, I laughed as they tried desperately to create some fake image of themself to get sponsors, my heart thudded as the Games took place. As each tribute- each friend, it seems- died, my heart dropped as I ached for them and for the things they would never yet experience and for their families, who would be forced to love without them.
Each author here is AMAZING. They created loveable, relatable, and/or laughable characters, who, all but one, died...
This is such a tragedy, 23 (24 if you count Elia's baby) lives were taken needlessly. The one life left is destroyed...a shadow of its
former self.
Can't wait to start in on the next one :)
Loverofallthingsmusic chapter 69 . 11/28/2013
Oh wow...this was...heartwrenching, to say the least. I like the apology Aleah issues to Jules...somehow, it makes her seem a little more compassionate, a little more human...
And now onto the aftermath...
Loverofallthingsmusic chapter 68 . 11/28/2013
Wow! I'm right before the final showdown. Dun, dun, dun...this is getting INTENSE!
As much as I dislike Aleah and her snarky, rude (at the very least) attitude, I'm not sure if Jules is any better. She allowed the boy from District 4 (name starts with an "M"...slipping my mind right now) to suffer for an extremely long time in excruciating agony before finally ending him. Can't wait too see who wins!
On to the next chapter :)
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