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Veedramon chapter 62 . 9/17
Well, time to see what people not named Naruto can do
AfroLegend chapter 62 . 9/17
This story is golden its like an anime i can't wait 4 the next chapter.
bassplayer123 chapter 62 . 9/14
I just binge read this fic over the course of three days, and I gotta say, I really enjoyed it. That being said, I do have a few questions though:

Why wasn't Naruto able to go full tailed beast mode after he became more friendly with Kurama? I remember back in chapter 54, when naruto was training for his showdown with Akuma he asked the kyuubi if there's any way to use all nine tails, and Kurama replied "not without taking off the seal." And I was why don't you do it? What, do they still not trust each other by that point after all the crap they've been through together? Because other than that I can't see a single downside to Naruto just ripping the seal straight off right then. He was about to go up against Akuma, the strongest opponent he'd ever faced who'd already brutalized him once, and he needed all the power he could get. Plus, it's canon that as long as a tailed beast and their host trust each other, the host can have access to their tailed beast's full power and do a full transformation without any drawbacks. So really, for that entire month Naruto was preparing to fight Akuma, he should have been trying to go for a full nine tails. Not wasting his time trying to perfect a move that didn't even work in the end; after all, Evil Ryu was the one who eventually killed Akuma, and now Akuma's still back anyways as Oni.

Also, do you have any plans left for some of the characters that just sort of disappeared? I'm mainly talking about Rose and Juri here. We know Bison temporarily took over Rose's body way back when before he got a new body again, but did Rose survive the process? And if she did, where the heck is she now? As for Juri, Sakura plucked out the feng shui engine from her eyeball, but I don't think we ever got confirmation that killed her. Did Sakura just leave her for dead? Because if Juri's still alive, I'm betting she's going to want revenge, hell she might even join the Illuminati.
trolltyrant chapter 1 . 9/12
there a harem In this ?
Tenma Sosei chapter 9 . 9/5
Let me add something on your so called rant, let's not forget the Naruto was sabotaged throughout his life, and let's not forget that canon Naruto could destroy every single Street Fighter by 4th War. The fact that you weakened him severely also makes the Street Fighters weaker than than him. Also the Odama Rasengan can grow bigger than a car, or have you forgotten the fight between Naruto and Pain.
Guest chapter 62 . 9/4
Oh man. Did you stop doing those character profiles at the end when you introduce a character? Kolin didn't have one here. I liked those. Oh well.

Good luck!
bmalumbira001 chapter 62 . 9/3
finally. he learns senjutsu. too bad he can't do rasenshuriken . great story.
bmalumbira001 chapter 62 . 9/3
finally. he learns senjutsu. too bad he can't do rasenshuriken . great story.
Alyr Lin chapter 62 . 8/27
Thanks for the chapter, also cloud your files!
Jack Inqu chapter 62 . 8/22
Naruto knows how to buckle down and focus when he needs to. I'm looking forward to seeing how powerful he'll become.

I'm not sure how Sakura is going to combine both sides of herself. The best I can think of would something like Tranquil Fury, where you're driven to destroy the enemy, but you harness and control the anger inside of you to do so.

What kind of trouble are Cammy and Chun-Li going to get into?

Urien is such a d*ck. While I admire the strong and talented, demanding that others bow before you simply for being weaker is stupid. Everyone started off as weak, or were weak at some point in their lives; everyone has the right to fight and stand up for what they believe in.

Poor Ibuki, and Karin's character development has been amazing. Kudos to you.

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
Guest chapter 62 . 8/22
great chapter dood
TravelingRoxas chapter 49 . 8/21
loganhunter2 chapter 62 . 8/18
Honestly it melancholic to read this...been years and in nearing its end
loganhunter2 chapter 61 . 8/17
Sadness...I feel the end coming of my favorite story
AsashiKitsuneMerc chapter 1 . 8/17
What doesn't seem to change is Kishimoto loving pissants like yourself.
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