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Thunder dragon chapter 58 . 5/11
Yo Kenchi nice chapter man but can I put up a story request? I want to see a Naruto x Strider crossover if it is not to much trouble. look I can give you a few ideas for the story to go down if you need help on writing it.

Strider Hiryu has to have either crossed over into the Naruto universe during the Nine Tails attack and be sealed into Naruto(how Strider got there can be like this before Grandmaster Mio bites the dust Mio transports Strider to the Naruto universe to in a effort to try and get rid of him) Or Strider can be Naruto's ancestor or Naruto being a reincarnation of Strider Hiryu.

Naruto has to be able to use the abilities he has in cannon along with all of Strider's abilities but not immediately you have to make training arch's to gain them. here are Striders base abilities that Naruto has to gain from Strider: Moving at super sonic speeds, having above average strength such as being able to hack his opponents limbs of with his bear hands and mastering hand to hand combat styles of martial arts and Naruto having plasma energy in his body along with chakra.

Here are Striders Physical and Power up Techniques that Naruto has to master along with his skills in cannon. Lets start with Striders Physical Techniques: Sliding, being able to slide below attacks and hazards. The Double Jump. The Diagonal Jump basically cartwheeling while standing or running. The Acceleration jump basically using the momentum from running down steps or inclines to jump further. The Backwards Somersault. The Triangle Jump. The Hasseo jump, The Savage Slash, Assault Fang, Plasma Catapult, and Down Strike.

Cypher Techniques: Cypher Power Up, Plasma Arrow, Boost, Reflect Cypher, Explosive Cypher, Ultra Cold Cypher and finally Magnetic Cypher.

Striders Power Up Techniques: Hiryu's variant of the Bunshin were Hiryu moves so fast that he makes three copies that mimic how he moves and attacks and is invincable but only lasts for thirty seconds. Strider's Charge Mode were his body is wrapped in white hot plasma enhancing the strength and range of his Cyper Strikes and also to be able to see everything in slow motion.

Please make it happen! I beg you! if you cannot do it at least post this as a challenge!
Arkisenn chapter 12 . 4/30
I'm surprised it took me a second read through to catch the Incredible Hulk reference at the end of this chapter. The setup is quite similar to what happened in the Edward Norton film, so it just felt natural.
WalterDornez215 chapter 58 . 4/29
You are a beast! Best Sf crossover around.
Jean Danjou chapter 24 . 4/24
Just realized I told you to PM me and I wasn't even logged in. Yay.
Guest chapter 24 . 4/24
Well, the portuguese and spanish names could use some work, just changing adjectives and verbs place. If you want they written right pm me. Now, this quickly gaining some interesting momentum, a better arc then the others for sure.
Calpyso chapter 58 . 4/24
Glad to see this story continuing. So we're moving into the 3rd Strike Arc? That means we're going to be seeing some more Chun-Li. Will she be added to the harem as well? They're already close so it would make sense for them to become to take the next step considering this is more or less her arc.

Or it could just be wishful thinking on my part. Regardless, looking forward to the next chapter as always Kenchi. :D
ShadowImageComics chapter 58 . 4/24
I can not wait for chapter 59. I was hoping that Ibuki's village would come with some law like the CRA to grab Naruto or something but you shattered that hope so far and replaced it with a well nicely written story with good telling.

PS. I think Naruto or the girls find a way to have him as well him being with all them since it seems that they do not mind.
DocSlendy chapter 55 . 4/23
So, Naruto has slept with all his ladies. Good for him, now they just have to share.
deadliestbeef chapter 35 . 4/23
since its been so long since they left, ive been wondering for awhile what everyone back in the EN has thought about naruto & sasuke disappearing
grimreaper40045 chapter 12 . 4/17
Mindblowing sex?
Guest chapter 50 . 4/12
Guest chapter 58 . 4/12
Dark Ryu killed a Weakended Akuma.

Not really fair that You disregard Ryu so harshly
Guest chapter 58 . 4/12
Please add Alex. He did defeated Gill on his own.
JakoboThePro chapter 58 . 4/10
Hey man, I just had an idea.
Have you ever watched fairy tail? If you have, i suggest you make a NarutoxHarem story about this. It would be amazing. I know theres nearly one hundred of these stories already, but you a clearly the best at making this kind of stories. I Think a lot of people would read it too. Fairy tail is very popular right now.
Anyway, thats just an idea. Keep doing a great work writing stories. I hope you Update soon.
Your biggest fan, JakoboThePro
kage88 chapter 58 . 4/10
wow that was briliant can not await for more
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