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Guest chapter 11 . 11/22
Your story is bullshit 11 chapters and everyone seems to be improving except naruto fuck you
TrainerDillio chapter 58 . 11/20
Goddamn it Kenchi, you can't just confirm the Illuminati and take a hiatus from this story!
Knightowl 4183 chapter 11 . 11/14
So...Decapre is the prototype for Cammy, the interesting thing is that shown in the movie introduction thing separate from that the Dolls actually fought Juri instead of staying comatose.

Yet Decapre in her failing programming actually acted independent and in the end protective of her sister...Cammy. The other Dolls were all held by S.I.N until Bison took them back, which he did by possessing someone most likely.

I mean Bison just refuses to die because of his whole psychic parasite thing, honestly I think Akuma is going to or should return as the bestial Oni just to piss Evil Ryu off. I mean with the Dark Hadou Ryu survived getting his heart punched out, it would make sense the never mortally injured Akuma would become the living curse that is Oni.

Seriously Akuma is too proud of his skill to consciously choose to so fully embrace the Dark Hadou that he loses some of his vaunted skill, scrambling his brain to where his fighting is instinct, and he search's for enemies based on his few conscious memories... Kind of like Maniac Cop really.

Also would kind of like to see Shadaloo having made clones of some of the dead fighters in your fic, coupled with Psycho Drive tech to harness their memories. Say a restored Vega, Sagat, and maybe pre-losing it Ryu who was forced to live through the original's descent without falling himself...because the clone has not actually touched the Dark Hadou.

Maybe he even can't touch the Dark Hadou because he is Ryu's pure Ki untouched by the Dark Hadou...
nanashiX chapter 58 . 11/12
Kenchi. You are possibly one of the best writers on this site. I'm not sure if I've ever reviewed your work before but I have to say that I've read almost all your Stories. Each one captivating. I've reviewed this one because this is the last one I read. But it was an amazing read. I'm currently going through your other ones now. Keep up the good work and I have to ask have you ever thought of writing for career?

5-digit chapter 58 . 11/10
Reasons i'm excited for street fighter V: 5% to play the game 95% to see this story picked up again adding the new goodies we get from the new game.
Vegeta the 3rd chapter 57 . 11/7
Akuma Arc:

Finally the penultimate arc. Though it might be more appropriate to call it "Legends" since two of the chapters involve finding and fighting Oro, and we see a bit of Oro and Gouken around as well since their introductions.

Ibuki gets some more spotlight, and despite being in a completely one-sided match, impresses Oro with her development to be considered a real shinobi. Furthering the feel good moments is Karin finally loosing up with an intimate moment with Naruto and Cammy seeing him more as her "master", even if only internally. And it's clear that Sakura has feelings too but hasn't acted on them yet apart from kissing.

Then it all comes to a head with Ryu and Akuma.

For Ryu, it was really a long standing development route, and how much of a foil he was to Naruto. Despite being older, wiser, and initially stronger, Ryu saw things in black and white, and everything Naruto does or believes in is his antithesis. From their first meeting, Ryu assumes he's touched by the Satsui no Hadou, but it's really just a grumpy chakra fox that he's now long since reconciled with. The origins and methods might be different, and there might be a differing factor as to which is more dangerous (a killer with no restrictions or a malicious monster), but Naruto took the time to understand his dark side and make amends. Not just Kyuubi, but the Dark Naruto as well. Ryu feels he's tainted with a curse and wants nothing more than to be free of it, as well as Akuma's shadow.

Their argument on attachments is also of merit. Ryu believes attachments only to be physical, and is unwilling to let go of his ideal and dream to be the best fighter. Naruto on the other hand, has learned to let go of his goal of returning to the Elemental Nations, a goal he had for years, and refuses to break away from the new friends he has made here. Ryu fails to see the hypocrisy in his own advice to "let go", even when Naruto blatantly calls him out on it.

And finally, their fighting philosophies. Ryu is strong no doubt, but never seems to push himself. Sure, he trains and travels constantly, but it's like going one step forward and two steps back as he trains more to quell his dark fighting lust then get stronger (since this Ryu never learned or mastered the Surge of Nothingness like in the games). He has a sense of justice, but he never actively seeks the hero's role. His only reason for fighting is for the joy of it, and the goal to be seen as the best fighter. From Dan to Oro to even Ken and Gouken, they knew Ryu's obsessiveness on being the best fighter was not healthy, but nothing they said got through to him.

Naruto keeps pushing himself for the sake of his loved ones, and he's not afraid to make compromises or deals that seem morally ambiguous to some. He's receptive enough to use power with responsibility. Maybe it's bad luck, but all of this started because he caught Vega/Shadaloo's attention and refused to even hear what they want him for. Three of the major arcs were connected to Shadaloo, with an arguable mention of the Mad Gear incident. But Naruto just kept fighting because the bad guys kept threatening to endanger his friends and the world, especially him personally. He HAD to keep pushing himself just to beat them down.

Ryu's only real conflict was Akuma and his Satsui no Hado. Naruto's was every super villain under the franchise. That's why they broke into a fight, and why, when Ryu saw the sheer power gap between them, and ultimately DIED due to his weakness, he snapped. As sad it was to see that happen, it only made sense to happen to a character that refused to change or make compromises.

On the flip side is Akuma, who represents everything bad about the Satsui no Hadou. Ryu and Gouken's fear of him is justified as he's like the fighter's incarnation of the Grim Reaper. He wants nothing more than a good fight, and is so drunk on power he makes all fights to the death. Then comes along Sakura who is willing to accept her Satsui no Hadou like Naruto would the Kyuubi.

Obviously, the two-chapter long fight had to be awesome and intense for someone of Akuma's caliber. Even with Ryu's help distracting him at best, Naruto couldn't keep up with Shin Akuma once pressed. Although the original purpose was changed when Evil Ryu stepped in, the Hitobashira no Kinkou really turned the tide of the fight. Finally, the running gag of Naruto wanting his own projectile deflector technique has come in full swing: as a suicidal Hyper-level counter. The training montage chapter was certainly worth it.

This ending felt both fulfilling but somber because of Ryu's downfall, as well as Rishiri Island's destruction. The roster of villains and characters has shrunk over the years of this writing, leading up to this. There's only one arc left after this it seems, and it's been a long ride thus far. I can't wait to see how this ends.

-Vegeta the 3rd
Knightowl 4183 chapter 3 . 11/7
Honest truth about Dan Hibiki is that he never got far enough into the training to learn the fireball, dragon uppercut, and hurricane kick. He got to the part of the training that would have led into the Hadouken, projecting your ki is most likely easier than enhancing your body with it.

Which would explain how he taught Sakura to use her ki, he got that far, but only had a short glimpse of how to do the three root techniques as well as Akuma's favorite move. Seeing as Gouken can make the Hadouken one handed, Dan most likely saw that advanced variant in the scroll he secretly read.

So his kick is based off the description of it without the principles he had to reverse engineer from what he saw, same thing with his uppercut, but in Capcom vs SNK he has a more powerful and devastating variant of his fireball.

The point I am trying to make is that the whole constantly moving Dan should be pre-Sagat win with the more sedate Street Fighter 4 stance being post win, also as shown in the games training modes he is actually a very insightful teacher, and he can point out the weaknesses of other fighters and how to beat them.

The only thing he really needs is a grounding influence/minder to reign in his more hotblooded decision making, Blanka just hangs with him out of friendship and is too unaware of the outside world to do this, and Sakura just outright uses him without even a thought of trying to give him any advice. Rather she treats him like he is a clown for her amusement and saves his life at times out of sheer pity.

In a straight fight without using projectile attacks or things like the hurricane kick he is probably one of the more dangerous fighters...
Vegeta the 3rd chapter 50 . 11/6
S.I.N. Arc

This is pretty much tie so far as one of my favorite arcs, right up there with the Akuma arc that follows after. Things got intense, the fights had even more at stake, and a lot of the actions here directly lead up to Akuma's second coming.

The arc focuses mostly on Karin's development as well as Naruto's, and with some foreshadowing to Sakura's. Karin learns there's more to fighting than just getting recognized for it, and breaks a bit more of her haughtiness by being a bit more selfless. Her attraction to her employer has always been there since near the start of the Shadaloo story arc, but being rescued at her darkest moment was endearing as it was sweet.

Naruto has also matured to fully accept the darker side of his power to fight his enemies. When first offering the chance, Kyuubi noted that Naruto seemed to still bank on the chance to go home to his own world. Yet he cares more now about his new friends and life here to ignore that opportunity if it means having power to save them.

As for Sakura, she awakens to her Satsui no Hado (something that never happened in the canon games of Street Fighter), and nearly every sensitive fighter around the world hears it (a cool collection of scenes IMO). Then later it's revealed to be her manifested boiling point on the sexual tension between herself and Naruto. And yet something about the power, while violent, doesn't feel as dangerous as the powers seen in Akuma or Ryu. The fact that Naruto harbors a sentient "evil" and grumpy chakra fox probably dampers the severity of the transformation, but he's the kind of guy that loves and forgives unconditionally.

As intense as the arc felt, I loved the comedic scenes here and there, especially the Dragon Ball Abridged references. We finally learn a bit about Sasuke's comical rage against Gen, and how he's beyond the level of most contest goers. Naruto's also reaching beyond that point, between his hard work ethic and his bonds with all his friends, and is something Karin finally understands, as mentioned above.

The love relationships centered around Naruto get a little more focus now that he and Cammy had their first time. Naruto lost a dart throwing game due to some "disturbance" heart attack, and he can only guess that things are going to get worse for him later on, if Batsu's not making fun of him anyway.

Ibuki was a bit upset that she doesn't get as much time to Naruto as the others take for granted. She finds time to play with him before helping Dhalism, and again when making love the night before the S.I.N. base, which helps calms him down. Their scenes have always been about making the two feeling lax with each other as ninjas, now that I think about it. Like a ninja, her moments seem fleeting, but that's probably because she never had big arc focuses like the other girls do. Cammy had both Shadaloo and the Tournament arcs (related to Bison), Karin had this one, and Sakura gets hers right after.

Now the fights. Probably some of the best I've read around. Ibuki vs Viper, the two fights against the S.I.N. tank, and all the fights with Juri Han.

Juri was just the right kind of annoying but hard to beat on every encounter. A highly competent recurring boss that you hate but can't make a clean hit against. Even when Sakura went Dark she just narrowed the gap a bit too short and nearly lost. But Juri lost in the end due to hubris of her Feng Shui Engine and having it removed. We don't hear from her anymore after that fight but I can only assume she bled to death from her eye socket and Sakura watched on with horror.

Sasuke may not have gotten his revenge on her for Akira, but he took Seth on long enough for Naruto to save Karin and then take over. Like his previous World Tournament fights, this one proves to pit his own copy style against him with someone that can assimilate their techniques better than the Sharingan can. But the irony, much like what Ken said to him before, Seth has no idea how to use them right, even with all the data he has. Kirin was a flashy show, but big villains need to no-sell attacks like that to be feared and dangerous.

Then again, Kirin was a flashy, overpowered, one shot jutsu, while Naruto's Twin Tailed Beast Control is akin to Super Saiyan. A boost of power that sticks and stays as long as the user holds it. It was a quick breakdown from smug to scared, and that even making a black hole wouldn't stop. If anything, it just gave a permanent way to get rid of his hax Tanden Engine.

I already know how things could top this, but it's kind of amazing that you were able to do so. This story has been progressing very well from start to finish that it's hard to think that years ago, both in story and when this first came out, Naruto has having a tough time fighting Dan Hibiki and would later duke it out with evil tyrants like Bison or Seth. It does good as an author to show that growth happen realistically, especially with intense fighting scenes.

-Vegeta the 3rd
Guest chapter 58 . 11/5
The only thing missing to make this perfect is for Chun-Li, Makoto, Rainbow Mika and Elena to join the Harem
Guest chapter 48 . 11/4
I was far more interested in Sasuke and Akira then Naruto and every fucking teenage girl you can get away with.
Vegeta the 3rd chapter 38 . 10/30
S.W.W.T. Arc

The Tournament arc. A common staple in not just fighting games, but shouen anime. And for having a great collection of fights really helped bring this out greatly.

I liked the lighthearted build-up of the arc, where Naruto met Dhalism for help but was sent away to consider a life riddle. It took the friends around him to realize the issue (ironically them). He also gave Guile a much needed Naruto(TM) therapy beating. And then came the tournament. A thin veiled attempt of revenge by Shadaloo and M. Bison.

I think what I liked best were how the fight match ups worked for Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto fought against Fei Long, who was humble enough to see and admit how good he was (as well as encourage him). Then there was the Chun-Li rematch on a handicap, and how he adapted quickly to injury (much like with Guy). And Sagat, the God of Muy Thai whose drive to fighting Ryu was his only motivator, and realized that he had more spirit than he did now.

As for Sasuke, he fought against three people who could effectively counter him. Dee Jay's dancing rhythm was the same yet done on different timing intervals that almost threw him in a loop. Dhalism kept his distance and teleported a lot, but left a trail that only the Sharingan could see. And Ken, while able to discern Sasuke's attack patterns by true technical analysis, was eventually defeated by a little illusion and trickery. Whereas Naruto's fights were all about grit and adapting, Sasuke's involved finding and exploiting a weakness, which suits both their characters.

Then there was the final fight, where Naruto and Sasuke pulled out all the stops and had the time of their lives. They hate each other, but know that it was how they got along since they were kids. They traded moves and banter, and were about to end it with a bang... but it ended in a solemn draw. No one knows what really happened besides maybe Akuma, but maybe it's for the best since neither Naruto or Sasuke want to go back home.

A shame that Sagat kicked the bucket like that, but he was on a slow downward spiral since his defeat by Ryu. He just wanted an honest rematch, and things kept coming up. It wasn't even Bison's manipulations that ruined the fight this time, but Ryu's own weakness. Normally he would have lost to Ken being drove into the wall by Hakodens, and had to stop himself when the Satsui no Hadou came up to try and kill Ken. It would have been like the first World Tournament all over again.

Still, he went down fighting Bison, but his ending was tragic and mostly silent and alone.

Funny enough, Bison didn't even feel like a threat due to how fun and intense the tournament was. No one in the tournament saw him but his employees and Cammy, who he tried to brainwash into killing again. He hid until the last minute, planned to make an interrupt, and was soundly killed by Akuma out of nowhere. Kind of a fitting end; no one around to take you seriously in an event you sponsored.

Dark Naruto through Dhalism intervention. It was intense, hearing his angry ranting towards the people here, as a part of him might actually be still torn about staying or living. It probably would have ended a lot worse for Naruto if he didn't already know the answer to his dilemma, but it was nice to see the irritable fox back in time to help out on his fights. There was a bit of an allusion to Minato's spirit talking, but that might be for another time, as Dhalism was only there to fix his Dark side.

Oh, and the Cam love scene. It was well done to show the intimacy between them as opposed to regular smut. It was funny how the other fighters heard about it, as not too long ago Naruto and Cammy tried to kill each other (not willingly of course), then making jokes about it. And it was hilarious that Sasuke would slip on that particular shine on the floor of his room...

Now what other trials face Naruto and the kids of Aohara following the disappointing climax of the Second World Warrior Tournament?

-Vegeta the 3rd
YoMama chapter 34 . 10/30
So Naruto and Chun-Li see each other in a sibling light? Damn it, I really was hoping for some thunder thighs love Man, the only one here is the bunji the wolf one, and that one is just bad (and thats without the weird male spanking fetish)
gamelover41592 chapter 58 . 10/17
this has potential hope you have not abandoned it
nim istar chapter 58 . 10/2
to me its a toss up between this in the one piece crossover for which of your active stories is best, so i hope you update them both soon.
VeilSlide chapter 58 . 9/16
Karin announced for Street Fighter 5 so please update this story
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