Reviews for I Wonder As I Wander
sunflower1968 chapter 2 . 2/17/2014
Loved Father and Farther. Glad to see the sequel match it. Just perfect.
Peekaboo42 chapter 2 . 11/30/2013
Great story! I've never seen the Professionals on TV; I have only followed them via the fanfic world. Dude, my favorites list is filling with your stories. As a greedy girl, I am happily waiting for more, yeah?
librarywitch chapter 2 . 9/12/2013
This one was so good on so many levels. You get to see Sherlock/Lestrade's relationship plus Doyle/Brodie's. Well done.
johnsarmylady chapter 2 . 10/11/2012
I can't believe've taken two of my favourite programmes and made a brilliant story! Thank you!
JAL :)
Depresnjak chapter 2 . 1/16/2012
love it)
Sidney Sussex chapter 2 . 12/14/2011
Oh, this was, this was wonderful. I just. I still haven't seen "The Professionals," I still have no idea who these characters are, and yet I love them in your stories. I wanted this for them. And I may have gasped aloud (it's a good thing there's no one else at work with me today) at Anthea's gift. Perfect.
CrazyCousinEiko chapter 2 . 12/7/2011
It seemed that I went over the allotted character limit, so I'll wrap up my review here. XD I meant to say that my review was a simple token of appreciation for the beautiful, heart-wrenching masterpieces you put up here. Thank you. You are... amazing.

CrazyCousinEiko chapter 2 . 12/6/2011
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! You make me want to cry! XD

That was so sweet in the very best of ways. I love the dynamic between Sherlock and Lestrade. It's so perfect, so... *them.* How Lestrade is there being the one absorbing all of Sherlock's hurt, boredom, and withdrawal while simultaneously having to deal with the fact that he won't have his family around for Christmas... so touching. *sniff*

Favourite line time! I don't have a lot today not because there weren't a lot of lines I liked, but rather I'm just too mentally exhausted (I love the week of/before finals! XD) and am trying to preserve every brain cell I can, however not useful Sherlock might say they may be. XD

"...the young man was saying in a cultured voice, deeper than Bodie would've expected from that slender body." Just imagining Sherlock's voice... *melts into a puddle*

"Never claimed that I know how you feel, did I?" Even though you can sense the wear in Lestrade's voice/attitude, he still is doing a valiant effort on keeping it together for Sherlock. I love that about him.

"Oh, Saint Lestrade of the Perpetually Overactive Sense of Duty," Sherlock intoned, pacing around the other man like an erratic satellite. His designer shirt and trousers looked slept in, although he didn't appear to have slept in quite some time. "I'm surprised you're not volunteering for more hours now, to let your comrades with families spend extra time during this 'special season' with their wretched spawn."

First of all, I *love* Sherlock's name of what Lestrade's the patron saint of, especially because it's true. XD But Sherlock fails to grasp the love and dedication and heartache behind Lestrade's sense of duty. If we are very, VERY lucky (and Sherlock suddenly becomes a bit OOC or senile) then maybe he may be able to eventually understand that side of Lestrade. At least we can sense that later on (even in the series) Sherlock does appreciate it to an extent. The word "intoned" really makes that whole description work, in my opinion. The description "like and erratic satellite." Yes, so accurate. I can totally picture it. I also love the description of Sherlock's (and Lestrade's) physical appearance. Not much has changed over five years, has it? XD And the last comment is very much in Sherlock's character. I especially enjoy the "wretched spawn" part. I must admit that I have occasionally have encountered children in my teaching days that fit that phrase. XD

"Already have." The answer was matter-of-fact. "Been at the office, then on call for as many hours as I'm allowed. I was headed home… but I got to thinking how long it's been since you had a case, how many parties would be going on tonight, how easy it would be…"

Oh Lestrade... how you overwork yourself so! And to come here after you've done all you could to help Sherlock! Even with all his powers of perception, the consultive detective will never, EVER know how much Lestrade sacrifices for him.

"Don't make this about me!" Sherlock was winding himself to a manic pitch, a wounded animal that in turn sought to wound. "You're just looking for an excuse not to crawl into a bottle and stay there 'til the holiday's over, to try to forget your life's not some sickeningly-sweet greeting-card advert." That's so horrible, Sherlock. At least he realizes it. But still... That's just mean. I can see, hear, FEEL this scene. I nearly reeled back in shock when Sherlock did. I felt the force of those words. D': And then Lestrade's response... If I were a crier, I think I would have started bawling:

"At last Greg spread his arms, offering himself up to the vitriol of Sherlock's attack." I can just picture this. If I were Sherlock (well, if I were in that room, anyway) I would have run straight into those arms and hugged him for all that I'm worth. He needs a hug like that, I think. D':

"The young man crumpled and then curled in on himself. 'I don't want to hear anything from you tonight. I'm not your responsibility… and you're not mine.'" I love the description of Sherlock's physical reaction. All of them, really. They not only look real but FEEL real, too. I know, kind of weird, but your words are always so tangible to me. But Sherlock's words... When reading this, and perhaps Lestrade can sense it too, but it seems to me like Sherlock is saying this in order to convince himself those words are true. He doesn't want them to be, so he's trying to will them into being be speaking them. He's childish enough to pull it off.

I love Lestrade's options. He's not just "sweet, kind fatherly figure-" he's "I WILL straighten you out so help me/I only want what's best for you, even if you're miserable for the temporary." My favourite two quotes from that section:

"Don't play the outraged innocent" because we ALL know that you're not innocent, Sherlock, and

"And I can get some sleep without imagining you overdosed in a gutter somewhere on Christmas morning." Seeing that mental image... *sniff* I can see why Lestrade would lose sleep over that. Sherlock's just about all he's got right now in terms of family (not counting Bodie, since Lestrade has no idea about him), and despite how much I love Sherlock, the man makes for a shoddy [did I use that right?] family member at the present.

"I've lost more than one thing in my life that I needed, and I'm still here, Sherlock." SO sad... especially when I know we've got the same ideas about Jenny... *sob*

I *love* how Anthea knows to give him a lighter. It's almost like she or Mycroft planned it... I dare say I wouldn't put it past either of them. XD

And OH! I knew the scene coming up would be emotional. I mean, it's Bodie and Lestrade and he's RIGHT THERE and Bodie can't do much about it. Makes me want to swear up and down in frustration (which I almost never swear, as my friends would tell you). But... ugh, I can only make noises because there are no words! But I'll scoop those sounds up and try to put them together in some comprehendible combination so you might understand how this makes me feel...

"Bodie, the man of action who had fought – and, when necessary, killed – for decades across multiple continents, was seized by the overpowering urge to run. Instead he came to a halt and stood his ground, shamed by the trembling in his knees. ...When that dark gaze fell on him, it struck Bodie like a blow to the chest. It was all he could do not to gasp aloud. Words failed him."

I just want to hug Bodie right then and there. Let him know that someday, somehow, Lestrade will know about how much his father loves (or probably loved, at that point) him. You'd hope that perhaps Mycroft might give Lestrade that much as repayment for saving Sherlock's life multiple times.

"He didn't act like a man who'd just had his life trampled upon by an ungrateful brat of a genius. Despite his visible exhaustion, he seemed admirably even-keeled." I love this observation, especially his opinion of Sherlock. Obviously he hasn't seen Sherlock at his best. I have a feeling that if Lestrade heard his father's thoughts, he'd give a low, throaty chuckle and smile knowingly.

Oh Sherlock- you're such a darling child sometimes! This dynamic was just so... *sigh*

"The first." It was hardly more than a whisper.


"The first option." Only slightly louder, still hesitant. "You meant what you said? About the morgue?"

"'Course I did, you daft sod."

"Right. Well." Then, presented like an awkward apology, "I brought my violin."

The "you meant what you said? about the morgue?" made me almost die laughing. Well, on the inside, anyway. XD

"Just like that, the two seemed to regain some kind of balanced footing. Bodie didn't have to understand every nuance of the dynamic between them; it was clear enough that Greg, without any personal model to follow, had somehow divined the finer points of being a father. And for this night, at least, crisis had been averted." I love this. It's so straight to the point, yet so poignant. You can feel Bodie's relief in this observation. He knows that his son is doing okay despite everything.

"Dear God, Greg was trying to protect him, a stranger. At best the detective inspector carried a truncheon; Bodie was a walking arsenal." This made me want to laugh and cry all at once- Good ol' Lestrade extending his offer of protection to a man he's never met before in his life. A man who loves him more than he could ever know (and defend them all better, too). So sweet and oh so very Lestrade. You balanced that bit out well with the "walking arsenal" comment. Well done.

"The kindness in Greg's face was something Bodie fought to memorise on the spot." So sweet! I can just imagine doing the same had I been in his shoes.

"The ache that had been gnawing at his insides for so long grew quieter on the trek back to his car. Before Bodie climbed inside, he stood with his head thrown back, inviting the last of the errant snowflakes to land on his brow and cheeks and chin. His son was safe... Bodie had never been the sort who believed in fairytale happy endings; this imperfect and all-too-human one would do for tonight."

I love this. SO much. The relief in Bodie's frame as he leans against the car; earlier in the passage how he wipes his tears; the word "safe" seems as if it holds more weight than one could possibly imagine. And that last sentence! Bodie's resignation at his "imperfect and all-too-human ending" is so sweet and so perfect for him, I think. You want to hold him and say, "You two will meet again. Someday he'll know how much you love him."

This, however, has to be my favourite passage:

"Bodie bound up all of the words of apology and praise and affection that he would never be able to speak, and he fed their meaning into far humbler phrases: 'You, too. And happy new year.'" There are no words.

Okay, I'm so sorry this is late, but I've had to write this review in three sittings on two different days. But here it is, a simple tok
owl-eats-waffles chapter 2 . 12/6/2011
Beautiful, moving and incredibly written. Superb, in a word!
owl-eats-waffles chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
I really enjoyed "Father and Farther," so I was very glad when I saw you'd written a sequel. The writing and tone are perfect, as usual, and hugely evocative. I don't actually know anything at all about Professionals, but the characterisation and writing is so good that I feel I know the characters anyway.
editor frog chapter 2 . 12/5/2011
I'll review for both here.

First things first: is it meant to be assumed that Bodie and Doyle have a relationship similar to Sherlock and John's? That's what I'm reading, and it works here.

Second: I liked Sherlock in your much earlier story (the one with him playing the violin for Lestrade, the name currently escapes me); here, he just seems petulant. I realize Sherlock at this point is pretty petulant (he won't mellow out until the arrival of a certain doctor), but in comparing the two stories Sherlock seems to have developed a very cruel streak here.

That said, I love Lestrade here. He is much like your previous story-resigned, a little melancholy, definitely world-weary. I still agree that the 'relationship' you have derived in your universe(s) between Sherlock and the DI is the one I like best (after your view on that of Sherlock and John).

I was very impressed with your take on Bodie and "A" here. That played out as though Moffat and Gatiss were paying you double. :)

All in all, a solid take on a very promising what-might-have-been. Nice work.
HKay chapter 2 . 12/5/2011
I tried to resist but now you've done it. I had to go ahead and Google The Professionals so I could properly enjoy this story! Thank you for this story. Its so bittersweet, but satisfying. I hope it doesn't start me on a Professionals addiction.
CrazyCousinEiko chapter 1 . 12/4/2011
Aw! Yay! Bodie's back! *claps* I love how you've expanded on what you've written before and made us love Bodie even more. You just wanna hug the guy. Like father like son, I suppose. I also love how you've given those of us who are not familiar with the Professionals more insight into Bodie and Doyle's relationship. They make for a good pair, and it's easy to see why they've stuck together for so long. Out of curiosity, when they call each other "husband" and "wife," that's a joke, right? Or are they romantically involved? I didn't assume they were, but... *shrug*

I like your take on Anthea, or "A" as she calls herself here. You provide more insight into her determination to prove herself. I especially love how Bodie reacts to her:

" He felt full almost to overflowing with advice he wanted to impart to her, insights about loyalty and commitment, discipline and realism that he wished he'd known decades ago as principles rather than mere gut instincts."

Such a wonderful man- I can see why you say Lestrade is like him because I for one can definitely see Lestrade feeling the same way in this situation.

I'm curious as to what Lestrade is going to do/say to Sherlock now... I have a feeling the latter's in trouble. XD We'll have to see in part 2! Pleeeeease put it up soon! *John Watson puppy dog eyes*