Reviews for The Answer is Always Yes
Sam Marsh chapter 1 . 6/6/2013
Cute ending 3
fallingwthstyle chapter 1 . 4/20/2013
Loved it! Perfect amount of first time awkwardness, perfect ending...thanks!
KeiMaxwell chapter 1 . 4/11/2012
Just read Bright Lights and the Big City again and only then did I remember I never read this piece. Very nice oneshot. I love how you portray Stan and Kyle, without too much of the awkwardness you'd have with someone who's not your super best friend. When they looked at the videos I was wondering if it's not too much jumping directly in if they really went all the way, so I thought it was good they didn't. One of the best handjob scenes I read, I think. :D
black rose97 chapter 1 . 1/16/2012
very realistic and enjoyable to read.
ThunderGirl15 chapter 1 . 12/20/2011
LOVE the ending!
HeyNow chapter 1 . 12/17/2011
This has got to be one of the best StanXKyle Fanfictions EVA! I love how you wrote this. Your work is amazing! Keep on keeping on!
southparkouri chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
There are no words to describe how incredibly hot that was
prettyoddrydonfan chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
I really enjoyed this. Not only are you great at writing Bunny you're also great at writing style )

I love everything about your Kenny in this and just how he picked Stan's lock and he was worried Stan would do something to himself. I also love the way you write Kyle too. Everything he does in this is just so Kyle. I also love how him and Stan kissed and they just knew what the other was feeling.

Also love how Stan was just sitting there with a cup of hot chocolate while Kyle just casually browsed through porn just the image of that makes me smile so hard.

I really adore the brief part you put in with Gary and Butters.

I'm just so happy you wrote this!
Teegan.xx chapter 1 . 12/5/2011
You've reduced me to a pile of goo. This is amazing. :) I love how you write them both, and Kenny. :D Love it.
scarlettshazam chapter 1 . 12/5/2011

"You get bad feelings about everything," Kyle rolls his eyes. - OKAY, may I just say that I f*cking adore that your Kenny can sense death? That's just genius, and the fact that he's getting this feeling here about Stan is absolutely heartbreaking. Ugh Stan baby you are such a drama queen sometimes, you don't need to DIE because of this.

Okay I just have to say this, and I think it every time you mention Kenny's boots, but I *love* his bulky boots. It's so Kenny to me and I adore it.

Kenny picks the lock on Stan's door. KENNY PICKS THE LOCK ON STAN'S DOOR. Kenny I love you can I just have you.

"Dude," Kenny says, looking at Kyle like he's just kicked a three-legged puppy. - Kyle, you are kind of being a douche it's true. But ANYWAY. I love your characterization of Kyle. You're excellent at writing Kyle. I'm mreally really happy that you decided to write a little Style, because of course it's gorgeous as h*ll and is characterized perfectly, from Kenny and Stan and Kyle to Ike and Sharon. Like what.

"She's not a bitch," Kyle rolls his eyes, voice louder than he'd intended. "You're just too much of a fucking pussy to take heartbreak like a normal-ass human being. That's why you've been hanging onto the same girl for the last nine years." - PERFECTION. COMPLETE AND UTTER PERFECTION.

He doesn't cry like the other guys—Cartman still blubbers like a two-year-old when he deigns to commit the unholy act, Kenny sniffles and kind of curls into himself as he mops up his tear tracks with the his sleeve, and Stan cries like any emotionally-retarded depressive would. Kyle cries like he doesn't even know it's happening, and he usually doesn't until he feels his face scrunch up and his tears are rolling down his face. - Okay um everything about this. Hannah how could you. You characterized the boys' tears. You dirty sneaky b*stard. This just about breaks everything in my heart, especially when you describe Kyle's. This is everything perfect that's ever happened and I'm mad because I didn't think of it first so WAH.

"Dead reference," Ike shoots back. "My bike got a flat tire. Can you come get me?" - Ike I want you in everything Hannah writes ever from now on, okay?

"standing way too close to each other as Butters played Pacman, talking quietly about something or another… probably some secret that pretty boys kept all to themselves." - If you put this in here because of me I might cry tears of joy. If not, ignore me lolol.

Okay and may I just say that the guys looking at porn together is something of a thing of mine. I just think that it's so THEM, like they're close enough that they can trust each other with doing that and they're like just drinking cocoa while they do it like it's a normal thing to do with your best friend. I love that. I love the way you write them. They're so perfect.

" because secretly Stan kind of loves Shelly and the shirt reminds him that she's his big sister and he's her little brother." - SOBS FOREVER. THAT IS SO SWEET WHAT EVEN ARE YOU DOING TO ME.

Stan's too busy basking in the afterglow to see Kyle pull his trashcan over to them and spit into it what hadn't spilled out of his mouth and down his chin - You know what, it's nice to see somebody not swallowing for once. And Kyle is exactly the kind of person who would be like well f*ck that sh*t.

Stan nods and tentatively licks at the mess on his hands. He pulls a face that makes Kyle laugh really hard and wipes it on one of the socks in Kyle's hamper. - How can you not love how comfortable these two are with each other. I love how you portray this. I just adore how experimental it all is. I mean, why wouldn't Stan lick come off of his hand just to be sure. Of course he'd want to know.

This whole thing was just so sweet and perfect. I was really happy to get insight into their relationship because I did wonder about it while reading Bright Lights. I wanted to know how that started and what they were like together. And I still want to know more. I want to see how they are at the end of Bright Lights, too. But your writing always does that to me. You always leave me ready to read the next thing that you're coming out with, because I know for sure that it'll be fantastic.

Looking forward to whatever's coming next, seriously.
Oscillating Fan chapter 1 . 12/5/2011
Wow, this was very well written. I loved the tone, the humor, and the pacing. This is a very believable set up for Stan and Kyle getting together, too. I especially like that they realize how natural this move is for them yet still hesitate just enough before easing in. Very nice.
Helga chapter 1 . 12/5/2011
Well, congrats on making one of the few realistic stories pairing these two. I particularly like that you didn't turn either of them into chicks and even remembered that if anyone is depressed and weepy, it's Stan. I liked how you captured an older version of the You're Getting Old storyline where Kyle is at a loss at how to deal with depression. You also keep perspective in that Wendy is not a slutty bitch for the sake of getting Stan with Kyle. I could see the characters acting like this and is a hell of an accomplishment in this fandom.

Also, kudos for getting the sex right. It's tiresome how many times the characters get right into the anal and always hits the perfect spot right away. Even if you watch porn, the first time is always uncertain and awkward and nothing like in the video. The boys are half-clueless and the entire scene plays out like someone's first time with someone.

Congrats on breaking most of the slashfic tropes.
theDoctorlies chapter 1 . 12/5/2011
Wow this was steamy and so well written! This is one of the best Style fics I've read so far. LOVED IT.