Reviews for John Porter & Kip: December
Semaphore chapter 1 . 3/1/2012
First giggle: Snow in London Xmas 2010? What snow? I didn't see any? *eg* *ducks snowballs* But it allows for the nice snowball fight later :-)

Second giggle: MST3King in margins. I have no idea what MST3K actually is, but *ggg* did something like that back in 6th form with one teacher after the exams. Commenting and discussing in the margins. Found one of those, just a few months back.

Beautiful description of how far their relationship has progressed. Good to see a relaxed John, at home and (hopefully) finally having worked out the relationship to his daughter. Fluffy scenes chez K., but why not? It's also definitely something he needs to keep on going and not break again, considering his job. I like the little excursions you take, exploring his background, about his need to see/hear K. to not feel involuntarily threatened. And the miner's strikes.

I also *love* Pilot! She always gets her nose in at unopportune moments! I finally twigged where the dog got her name from (I think. I was at the cinema yesterday, 'Jane Eyre').

Hm, I think am going to leave them alone now, leaving them to enjoy each other :-) (which you also write well and in character for them). Loved K.s little prayer of thanks at the end, hinting at the threats J. is going to face on a regular basis...
Ilmare-Ilse chapter 1 . 1/27/2012
So... I got some stalkery urges and looked you up out here... (I'm just a humble narrator, not a cat with a grudge, BTW *uhoh*)

And looking for a short story of yours I run into this story, and damn... I'm going to have to look more closely into Mr. Armitage filmography... *hibaby*

In short, I liked it... ;-)

Thanks for sharing! *waves*