Reviews for The Pureblood Pretense
newdog14 chapter 16 . 6/27
Well, I lasted maybe half an hour before I cracked XD brightside: the ff app doesn't put ads in the middle of the story every 4 paragraphs, and is thus a bearable user experience!

I'll probably go back and reread any further chapters you move to ao3 though. I know you said that your edits were only stylistic, but it's neat to see what you change and how you've grown as a writer.

I hope Archie can get a little more used to the Dark side. Draco and Pansy are kind of the people most likely to accuse him of not being himself later in life, so...
Amaya130 chapter 1 . 6/15
Rereading once more! Was thinking about this fic recently and knew that I must get the whole experience
H chapter 1 . 6/7
This was a really great chapter, and I really liked it! I also like to write Harry Potter fan fiction, and your writing is so great! Keep going!
Dude With Specs chapter 22 . 5/26
Superb AU series.
DragonStarKat chapter 22 . 4/20
Absolutely incrediblere-reading for the third time and this series is just SO good. It's so well written, and I love how it explores magical lore and develops the characters so well.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/19
This story is very interesting and well written. Thank you for sharing!
Guest chapter 22 . 3/6
Hope the rest of the series is as good as this first part. So much potential in this story, and I can't wait to read the rest. I know people want romance and you said it's coming, but I hope it doesn't become the main focus of it.
Guest chapter 14 . 3/5
This is amazing. Can't stop reading!
Guest chapter 6 . 1/26
I don’t think I can express how many autism vibes I’m getting; and I love it
Cyclical Beats84 chapter 4 . 1/10
I'll be honest, I find Rigel's complete disinterest in magic and excelling at classes abhorrent. I hope someone sets him straight and soon. Seems like the only one capable at this point is Snape.
DeDuck chapter 15 . 1/4
I don't particularly love crossovers, and I don't know that I've ever reviewed anything on ffn, but the fact that this is a TAMORA PIERCE crossover is changing both of those facts.

So anyways, Alanna belongs with George (I spend like three and a half books trying to tell her that whenever I reread the Lioness quartet but for some reason she doesn't listen until the end) and there's a George in HP and as of this chapter I'm shipping them. I REALLY hope the bit about her being in George's arms when they snagged her in the staircase is foreshadowing that.

And SO HELP ME, if you kill Thom. Especially after this chapter with his POV. That's the only mistake that Tamora Pierce ever made. (Daine's age is a bit squicky but Thom's death is the one part of the Tortal serieses that I cannot accept)
Guest chapter 21 . 12/25/2022
I wonder if Snape eventually regrets lying to Rigel and the Malfoys, because if he'd told the truth, the Malfoys might not have given the life debt, which then means Rigel couldn't have called it when he was discovered... which means one more person could've looked for him later on...

lots to think about
Guest chapter 11 . 12/23/2022
I just realized you foreshadowed Harry's core memory that was stopping her from reaching her potential this chapter! awwww this is so good I can't believe I missed all these little details my first few rereads!
Guest chapter 8 . 12/23/2022
omg I just had the thought that *spoiler* now that Snape knows the truth, he's probably going to look back at all their encounters via pensive probably and see all the little hints and slip ups, just like Rigels little freak out... it makes me sad imagining him stooped over the pensive, wondering how he could've missed all the signs,,, so sad :'(
Guest chapter 5 . 12/23/2022
"Are you an angel, then, Malfoy?"

so cute!

I ship it 3
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