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Haze Be It chapter 14 . 1/30
I'm rereading this and that last paragraph fill me with dread. I hope whatever that bill is about doesn't become a huge deal. Its that marriage law one? Cause if anything will put me off a fic it would be that trope. Even if you have the Marriage Law thing planned, I think you are to good a writer to let that overwhelm this story. right? yeah, I believe in you. Loving it as always.
Guest chapter 22 . 1/19
I really, really, really, really, REEEAALLLLLY loved this story! Thank you so much for writing it! I hope that there is more available for me to read because I don't think I can get enough of Rigel!
raks0 chapter 22 . 1/11
wow...this was an amazing story! kept me up till 4 trying to finish onto your sequel!
Almecestris chapter 22 . 1/4
Almecestris chapter 21 . 1/4
I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I cannot say this enough. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful fic!
Almecestris chapter 20 . 1/4
No YOU ROCK! Loving this fic so much that pausing to write a review before continuing on to the next chapter HURTS
Almecestris chapter 19 . 1/4
I know I've mentioned this before in my previous reviews but this story is fucking amazing. Got the right amount of POVs from different chapter (I thoroughly enjoyed Snape's at the beginning of this one), not to mention the appropriate pacing of the plot - not too draggy or too fast. Love it!
Almecestris chapter 18 . 1/4
Why on earth does this fic not have 1000 reviews? Very brilliant and well-written, lacking all the cliches that almost every other fic in this genre calls plot. Loving it!

P.S. Typo alert: Harry hissed "Casssle" instead of "Cassssstle".

More power to ya!
Almecestris chapter 8 . 1/3
This fic is probably the most original fic in this fandom. Loving it!
Almecestris chapter 7 . 1/3
Typo alert! Fred/George referred to Nigel as "she" in the sentence "'Course she's not..." Hope you fix it for consistency's sake. Loving the series, it's my second time to reread it!
CoO chapter 1 . 1/3
You are brilliant. "There are 76,944 words in the first Harry Potter novel.
Official Word Count Provided by Scholastic Inc TM & 2004-1996. All rights reserved."
Guess chapter 22 . 1/3
This was a most intriguing story. The plot, the characters, the twists, all genius! I'm most excited to read the sequel! Congratulations are in order for a job well done!
Sethera chapter 22 . 1/2
Hello I just finished this story and have to say I'm frankly amazed. The amount of intricacy, complexity, intrigue, and plot points interweaving with a faithful combination of two vastly different book series just stuns me. Completely. I see both a bit of Alanna and canon!Harry in Harry Potter slash Rigel Black. Usually I dislike OOCness in any characters, especially main ones, but there are times when it is done well and in this case I hesitate to even call Harry OOC, but rather a combination of two different canon personalities.

As for your other characters, I think their actions and behavioral changes are merited when this Harry is so different. She's like a hurricane that changes everything around her (I almost called her a him). I can definitely see why Riddle is interested in his progress.

This story has made me want to reread the Tamora Pierce books for the umpteenth time. For the past few years I've actually not touched the books but this story definitely makes me want to go back to them (and perhaps look into the other Song of the Lioness fanfiction stories as well).

Also a question that may or may not be answered once I've read what you've done with the sequel so far (and that you don't have to answer as well since it'd be pretty spoilerific). It's fairly obvious that Draco is Prince Jonathan's equivalent though for me less so if Fred and George are George Cooper's equivalent. If this is the case, then does that mean that Harry will ultimately end up with either of them or Draco? As for me, I support a faithful rendition of the books such as her ultimately ending up with one of them and Draco meeting a Thayet equivalent such as Astoria Greengrass, though I'd be curious as to you would combine the two. However, I can see that as the stories go on circumstances might change, your opinion might change, and my opinion might change. So I don't expect an answer, I just wanted to throw this question out there for you (so that you'd know there was at least one person wondering about it).

Also Faithful. I love Faithful. I REALLY hope Harry meets a Faithful equivalent in the sequel, because he's awesome and one of my FAVORITE characters from the series. I was really happy to read him in multiple books. So yeah. Wonder if it'll be Hedwig, since she seems the most likely equivalent, though Faithful was a bit more active in helping out his companion and it would be really awesome if you gave Hedwig some of his personality, which seems to change depending on his companion to be a foil for them. For canon!Harry, Hedwig seemed proper and proud, but not sure whether she'd stay that way for this Harry or be a bit different. Well it's your decision I guess so yeah.

Loved this story and I'm sure I'll love the other one just as much, if not more. :D
feathers chapter 22 . 12/31/2013
Thank you, it's lovely.
feathers chapter 16 . 12/31/2013
My, my, murky, the enumeratio overwhelms. This last bit's pretty interesting, with more politics and how we see how complicated things are for RigelHarry, which I like a lot, btw (the names, I mean). Makes everything a lot less complicated and also highlights the shift from school-Rigel to home-Harry, which is kind of really 2 different people.
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