Reviews for I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now
Guest chapter 16 . 8/12
There should be a warning issued before reading this fic, something along the lines of "I will get you wrapped and emotionally bound to my characters, string you along with tendrils of hope that they will prevail through in the end and then cut those tendrils in one fell swoop that drops your heart into a blender with all your other organs, only for the pureed mess to mix with your tears and sweat as you grieve over the ending." Well written, I adored the characterization, the plot, the way you crafted the whole Light/Dark dichotomy. I've read Celebration for the Claret and Blue as well as World Enough and Time before and thoroughly enjoy your writings and have been holding off on reading the whole of the Between Two Lungs set because I have to brace myself for tragedy. If I'm not in the right mindset I turn into a complete mess - much like what happened when I read this fic. I'm completely wrecked right now. The ending physically hurts me - but that is the mark of a great writer, to be able to get a strong emotional response from a reader and you most certainly got one from me. Great work.
JBubbles chapter 16 . 7/6

The ending! Fuck! I honestly wasn't expecting that much betrayal and horror! Fuuuuuck! When you said character death I thought of eeeeeveryone, minus Harry! Or Marcus! Because, ugh, I was LOVING here in the end.

Good, emotional, fic this was.
Hunnypooh chapter 16 . 6/28
As great as this story was, the ending has placed me into depression. I think I'm going to try to sleep it off when I go home.
Alice chapter 16 . 5/23
NOT how I expected it to end. Don't get me wrong, I loved it. But still. Not okay.
Kisaki Sakura chapter 16 . 4/2
I hate you.

I hate the fucking dark Lord for what he had done, how could you?

I really liked your story, now I hate myself for ever starting to read it.
Guest chapter 16 . 3/22
Wow... That took a very dark turn, I mean when I first started this I thought it would be a pretty happy sort of fanfic, wow was I wrong. I dont even know how to react right, I am between crying my eyes out and wanting to scream 'Idiots' to the Dark side. I mean really Voldemort, honestly wanted to punch some people! You are a really good writer because even though I was looking for a happier story (I keep finding all these stories that start happy and then *BOOM* everyone dies) and right now I personally dont like it right now (I'll like it when Im ready to read stories that make want to bawl my eyes out) because I have been reading waaay too many dark themed books and watching tvs show that are pretty grimm, I really did enjoy this story and it doesn't take away how good of a writer you are so props for you for making me feel all these emotions I wouldn't typically feel while reading a story and making me think 'What the CRAP!?' more than once. So cool and I will continue to read more of your awesome stories (you know after my poor heart has recovered from this trauma ;) ).
Islandmare chapter 16 . 3/6
Awesome story ... I cried at the end
amber.keys1996 chapter 6 . 3/6
A boy and a girl cant be identical twins they have to be faternal because the DNA sequence is the same in identical twins and DNA includes gender
maedeh chapter 16 . 3/6
it was soooooooooooooooooooooo sad
charm13insomnia chapter 16 . 3/1
well that's majorly depressing
Wrong url chapter 16 . 2/27
I dont know what to say!
I literally cried at the ending, you horrible person, but it was an equally beautiful ending as it was utterly heart wrenching. I would have liked the alternative ending more as I am an very emotional person (and rather sensitive one of I have to admit to that) however I think it would have been a bit predictable and I love to read stories which I dony know what will happen next!
It goes without saying that I absol love this story and you have made it an amazing reading experience (especially the sex, let's never forget the sex)! ️️
Sorry for the lengthy review. XD
Cheekylady101 chapter 1 . 2/9
Aww, i didnt want it to end lyk this. My eyes are all red and puffy at the end of the story. But good read nonetheless.
OverTheTopHyperAlien chapter 16 . 1/29
Oh my god. You ripped my heart out. i was sobbing at the end. good work
kingsholto chapter 16 . 1/12
I didn't really understand the ending. Actually, I only understood enough to know I didn't like it. Then again I really only like at least somewhat happy endings.
Taragh chapter 16 . 1/9
I just wanted to let you know that while I have throughly enjoyed this story, you had me in a cursing whirlwind with those last two chapters. There were a lot of f***'s, hells, bloodys, and sh**s in there. Thanks so much for that. It's rare that a story actually makes me feel something. Good job and I hope to see more of your writing! :)
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