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bleedingangel95 chapter 1 . 7/13/2016
These all seem like good ideas!
Laurie Jupiter chapter 1 . 4/26/2013
Sorry to be posting a double review, but I didn't mean to post my previous review anonymously. Yikes, please don't kill me! I wanted to add more to what I was saying.

Anyway, yeah, sorry my review was super *long*, was what I was trying to say. Some of your ideas were interesting and I look forward to seeing one of them in story form if you're still planning on writing one of these out! :)
Laurie Jupiter chapter 1 . 4/26/2013
1) I like this plot line, sounds like it could be interesting. Always wanted to see how Becket and the Point Man would be like side by side.
2)Um, well...I'm not too sure about that. Fettel was practically locked up at the Perseus Compound and the Point Man was God knows where before he joined FEAR. Maybe a better idea would be if they all somehow had to work together, but of course, there would be tension between all three of them since they don't exactly trust each other.
3)I don't know about this either. I can't see Alma being a 'lover' to anybody. I'm sorry. She's a walking psychic mess of a corpse that's very revenge-driven. It would also be difficult to turn Becket into another one of Alma's sons, but since this is an AU...well, I think it could be interesting if the author was skilled enough to handle the effed up relationship between the brothers. You could have Becket in the middle being pulled into either direction; Paxton's side of PM's side. Since he has a lot psychic potential, perhaps Becket might be influenced more by Fettel but his conscience prevents him from fully turning into a monster.
4)I like this one. Yeah, I agree, I actually would have preferred it if they went with the Reborn storyline instead of the crap we got with F3AR. Although, I'd still make Alma a primary villain. It just isn't FEAR if Alma isn't an antagonist. She'd come back and be more powerful, and this time, she'd be harder to destroy. Maybe the third child could be a lot more powerful than Paxton, could have the potential to be something even more terrifying than Alma - like being her legacy, a neverending cycle of vengeance (after all, there has to be a reason why Becket was so frightened of his own kid). PM would have to make a choice to kill the kid or let it grow up to be the monster he/she was meant to become.
5)I'm not really a big fan of the Alma/Becket pairing so I'm not really digging the idea. I'd say that Becket suffered enough at the hands of Alma while he was being stalked during the events of FEAR2, and after all the shit he's gone through the poor guy deserves a break. And I absolutely hated the direction they went with F3AR, it was horrendous.
6)I actually read this awesome crossover ME/FEAR story called "Harbinger" by Peptuck. And I completely agree, ME is a perfect crossover story for FEAR. One thing I would like to read is a Bioshock/FEAR crossover, even though the timeline doesn't match. Still, in the hands of a good author, it could turn out to be really great.
7)I think that if PM also consumed Alma in the F3AR ending, then nothing would change in him (psychically). It would just prove that he's as sick as his brother. In the Armacham Field Guide, it was revealed that a side effect of the Perseus project were cannibalistic tendencies in their subjects (which is why Fettel is a cannibal, aside from the fact that he does it to absorb their memories). Since PM was not a very good psychic prototype, I doubt that Alma's powers would do him any good nor would he know how to use them since he's not a highly trained psychic commander. Btw, I know that the Field Guide has some inconsistencies in it, but it does give some detailed background on Armacham projects and I find that some of them make sense.
8)I think I'd just have it Fettel raising the third child and using the his brother/sister as a tool for him to control. The kid would grow up, see through Fettel's lies and manipulation and decide whether he/she would continue to help Paxton or fight against him. There could be some kind of a twisted sisterly/brotherly bond between the two of them that could prevent the third child from killing Paxton. I don't really see Becket having an agenda or being power hungry since he was just thrown into a world of nightmares after that surgery. Poor dude. PM wouldn't care about power, he's just a mute killing machine that was conditioned to obey orders. He's not even supposed to have a personality, so I just wouldn't see him having an agenda either. Alma, sure.
9)Actually, I find it believable that he would hate her *that* much. Alma raped him. There's just no excuse. And as for a story about what happened to Becket during Alma's 9 month pregnancy, I think there just isn't much to tell. At the end of FEAR2, he was trapped in the telesthetic amplifier and I can only assume he was subsequently captured by Armacham afterwards. I can say that in his mind state, he would be shell shocked. The amount of things he's seen, his team mates dying in front of him and being raped by a ghost is enough to drive a person crazy.

Yeah, sorry this was really wrong. I wanted to give out some of my suggestions and opinions for the ideas you came up with.
Skullface 12-23-1994 chapter 1 . 11/4/2012
These are all good ideas EmoBlackie, but I must say that it is shameful how the whole MeXover with F.E.A.R. has never really been finished. I would like to see both games with a finished xover. The two personally to me deserve to have at least one story where the two games meet, and the story is a good length, and is also finished.

(And it would be cool to see the two have a game together, think of all the money that the two companies would make off of such a crossover.)
Guest chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
How about the whole trilogy from our favorite creepy girl's point of view?
dark reign chapter 1 . 2/20/2012
For alma's lover I'm just throwing this out Chris (I'll let you do the last name) a soldier a navy seals officer his life as a kid was living hell almost like alma. He had to take care of himself all the time with noone who cared for him untill he found alma but soon is genetically expirement on to become a superhuman but escapes and now he will kill anyone even those he calls his friends that would want to kill alma.
LordofVoid chapter 1 . 12/7/2011
These all look terrific, but here're my opinions on each.

1. Could work as a few chapters, actually. Although if you can make a longer story, feel free.

2. Sounds pretty cool. You could use present time narratives and have flashbacks to these moments you make up.

3. Done before, but let's see what you can add to the plate.

4. All your ideas here sound badass! Start writing it immediately!

5. Interesting concept, never thought of it before. Write it!
Dragonbusters chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
Back again and I have a comment for all of your ideas

1-Sounds like it will get dry without some major background detail.

2-Intresting...just...interesting. :/

3-Ok (no comment)

4-If someones going to do this they must have there own OC

5-love it but both endings suck fettel and PM are one of the best guys in the series and either way in the end of both they still die... I mean WTF!...and if some one would make this story with there own tweaks it would have to be written by a fanfic veteran like "the tainted knight" or "I like fear 1-2" (I would include the author of dark embrace witch is like one of the greatest fearfics ever but no ones heard from him in like 2 years) but I'm pretty sure there busy with there awesome tales...but that's my opinion.

New-that would make a good oneshot
EmoBlackie chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
I thank all of you that have reviewed so far. i want yall to know that pretty much 100% AUish. So these ideas are straight from the noggin. I will say one more suggestion, a story about what happened to Becket during the 9 months of the pregnancy. Ive always wondered what happened to him. I feel much should be elaborated there. I doubt the guy would hate her for a pure 9 months. Im trying to come up with something that doesnt sound similar to other stories. I can only come up with the idea that he escapes but not without his keeper Alma knowing. Bcus she is preggo however, all she can do is send the creatures, crazy people, and replicas. They are STRICTLY to return him back to the city of fairport to origin where the mother of the appocolypse lays. His mind state is however you make it to be. wat about that? :)
Alardem chapter 1 . 12/6/2011 answer all of them:

1. They weren't "supposed to". What makes you think that? The idea isn't in itself bad, but what will develop from their meeting?

2. The brothers were cut off from the world their entire lives. Nobody knew about them, and Becket, a man who at least had people who knew him in the public, had no clue that Alma existed until the chaos of 2.

3. Uh...Alma as a lover? Why not an enemy? Why turn Becket into another child if you're just going to have someone else warp his old role? P.S. Point Man is totally mute and soulless, and his powers are just as limited as Becket's.

4. Um...when is this set? Years or hours later?

5. No. Bucket was just a poor guy who wanted nothing to do with the family of a psychotic ghost - not the Holy Father.
Point Mann chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
1- Would make a nice oneshot.

2- Interesting.

3- Too many bro's fighting for one woman/ghost.

4- Would love to read this.

5- Massive AU, but would be something original for a change.
Ribke chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
Okeeeeey... My oppinions for each idea in order:

#1- Really Nice

#2- WTF?


#4- ...

#5- I have no comment at all; specially due to the fact I already shot myself... figuratively speaking, obvioulsy.

Hehehehe, what an immaginative lil fella are ya _.

Tell you what: once I take care of all my pending bussiness with all the unfinished stories I have I'll consider the first one.
Dragonbusters chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
Damn it's been a long time since I reviewed...but back to the point I think the first and last ones are alright, try to come up with one more if you can please.
JG Studios chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
Personally, I like the first two ideas.