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lmill123 chapter 6 . 10/11/2016
I just finished reading this great story of yours. And I must say, you really had Abby down to a " T". It's just like her to place the blame all on someone else when it was her decision to get rid of her baby. Just like she assured Tim she couldn't become pregnant when he wanted to use extra protection.

I can actually see Tim acting this way, especially after learning she had gotten rid of his baby. And he made a good point about when she was going to be ready to have a baby, after her next 45th birthday? And Tim was so right when he told her that she probably lost her last chance of ever having a baby of her own. No wonder she kept quiet about it, she knew that Gibbs and the rest of the team would have been against her having an abortion. And what does that really say about Abby with all her claims that she was against such acts. That they had murdered an innocent baby.

I loved how Ducky told Gibbs to read Tim's report about what went down in Mexico. What an eye opener for Gibbs, to discover that she had lied to him about what had happened when she blamed it all on Tim, just like she had with her ex stalker boyfriend that she let into Tim's apt.
I am sure that Vance had filled Gibbs in on the fact that it had been Abby that had sent out that FBI report. So when she went running to him once again he refused to clean up another one of her messes. Shame Gibbs didn't take that stand with Abby years earlier . Glad no one feels sorry for Abby and if Tim would have told them what she had done you can be sure that not one of them would have wanted anything further to do with her.
cato1850 chapter 6 . 8/12/2013
Wow, very good. I'm dazed.
Saissa chapter 6 . 7/21/2013
"Mrs Probie, a pleasure, as always."

Jesus Christ Tony - You cannot even be bothered to show some respect his mother - Clearly we know you have no respect for Tim.

If I were Mrs McGee, I would be in Tonys face and saying -
what was that name you called me?
Is that one of those horrible names you always call Tim?
why do you not call him agent McGee if you cant be bothered calling him Tim?
Your total lack of respect towards both myself and my son is NOTED and I will be laying a formal complaint against you.

That ought to get Tony to shut the fuck up for a while.
Holy cow Tony - I hope you are NOT still calling your new SFA those horrible names when you transfer to Quantico!

As for Abby - she brought it all on herself - She is 45 years old? Really?

Great story and and yes I LOVE the Abby bashing!
Saissa chapter 2 . 7/21/2013
"Are you sure Boss. . .and what about Abby."
"I'll deal with Abby."

I think Abby is just pissed that Tim does not wish to get back into a romantic relationship but only wants to stay friends. I am not surprised.

Because really - Abby has treated Tim very badly indeed. Just watch those episodes again - The dog Jethro, Mexico and the Mikel Mawher stalker case.
Guest chapter 6 . 6/20/2013
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Individual Narrative chapter 6 . 3/28/2013
Really enjoyed reading your story! I MAY (where's italic when you need it?) have gotten a little bit TOO much satisfaction out of your portrayal of Abby, but that would be because she's one of my least favorite characters on the show, and Tim is one of my favorites. She's so self-involved and petty! I hate that Tim consistently crushes on her in canon. I was a little sad at how the story ended (I wish there was more!), but I also liked how this points out that everyone's lucky streak has to end sometime, especially with such a dangerous job! I also love the image you gave me of Ducky and Gibbs playing golf and telling stories to the team all day when they visit like total gramps. Your portrayal of Ducky's decision to retire and how he described it also seemed to stay very true to character. Anyway, this is getting rambly
winterguarder18 chapter 6 . 12/19/2011
Very good, very good! Sequel! maybe? :D
Precious Pup chapter 6 . 12/18/2011
good work on having the strength to follow though on those aspects of abbys character at there extreme. it worked for me. i also am glad tim was able to find happiness with the dr. she seemed lovely. it would be hard facing all those changes but nothing stays the same job.
Precious Pup chapter 6 . 12/18/2011
good work on having the strength to follow though on those aspects of abbys character at there extreme. it worked for me. i also am glad tim was able to find happiness with the dr. she seemed lovely. it would be hard facing all those changes but nothing stays the same job.
SlytherinLove30 chapter 6 . 12/18/2011
I really hope you make some sort of sequel for this. I would love to see how the team moves forward from this. I like Abby, I really do but sometimes the way she treats Tim really piss me off. I'm glad you explored that side of Abby's personality. I also wish you had put more about Tim's reaction to the baby. I thought he should tell Gibbs because I believe Gibbs would be the only one that would truly understand, even though Gibbs lost his child in a completely different way, he should be able to help Tim. I cant wait to read more of your stories!
Mistress Desdemona chapter 6 . 12/18/2011
I saw the Abby twist coming a couple of chapters ago, and I have to say, I'm disappointed.

I know you say you're not making a value judgment, but setting Abby up as the antagonist, McGee up as the protagonist, and then basically making her batshit crazy doesn't paint the world's best picture. It feels like Abby's abortion was just another part of Evil!Abby, like her mistake was ihaving/i the abortion, rather than how she behaved towards McGee before and after.

I feel really weird saying this, since I'm not normally an Abby defender. I think a lot of your Tim's statements on her perpetual adolescence were right on point. But the way Abby is written here, especially in these last couple of chapters and with her revelation to Tim, it feels like the abortion is just a way to Abby-bash, and it takes what could have been a really interesting idea (Abby has an abortion without telling Tim and they have to deal with the fallout) and makes it fall flat.
alix33 chapter 6 . 12/18/2011
"It is a plot devise that has been hinted at throughout the story and I hope it will be accepted as such." - "plot device". A "devise" is an inheritance.

"Probie!" "Tony." Tim acknowledged the enthusiastic greeting as he stepped off the elevator into the bullpen and ushered Sheila into his workspace. "Mrs Probie, a pleasure, as always." "It's very quiet in here, Very Special Agent DiNozzo," Sheila teased back." - DiNozzo and Sheila made me smile there.

"Look, Tim. . .we all got a copy of that report. . ." "What? Everyone?" "Everyone here on the team and in the office. . .the Director is spitting tacks. . .he has Fornell hunting down the leak over at the FBI.. . I would not want to be in the perps shoes when they found out who leaked it." Tim already had a pretty good idea who had a hand in it" - I am actually looking forward to the director finding out.

"I would not want to be in the perps shoes when they found out who leaked it." - "perp's shoes".

"He opened up one of several of the new messages from Abby without thinking. The content of the message shocked him. He opened another and then another and they were all similar. . .anger fueled rants on Tim's behavior, his personality and his culpability for Gibbs injury. The anger and the venom shocked him and finally. . .finally the anger and the injustice of her accusations washed over him. With icy calm he downloaded the messages and tucked the data stick into his sling and stalked off towards the elevator, ignoring Tony's concerned call." - Crap!

""I said, SIT DOWN!" He never touched her but the yell was as effective as a punch." - Wow!

"she realized too late that this was a man she could no longer manipulate. . .he knew all her tricks and subterfuges and he no longer fell for them." - Yay! for Tim.

"What's wrong with you, McGee?" "I have no idea. . .why don't you tell me. . .you clearly think you are the expert on my many failings and deficiencies. . .I bow to your greater wisdom," his quiet venom was all the more potent for being so uncharacteristic." - NICE!

"She was an assassin, a fake," she spat back. "And she was also young and interesting and pretty!" he shot back. "But you were the one who was so desperate for us to get back together, even when I wasn't so keen. . .or maybe because I wasn't so keen. Was that it Abby, you just wanted to prove once again that I was a push over?" "No, it wasn't like that," she protested. "You wheedled and plotted and you pulled me in, because let's face it, after dangling me like a puppet for eight years you knew just which buttons to press, didn't you? And then when you had achieved your goal and you had me believing that you really cared for me. . .that you loved me, you threw me aside like a worthless handful of trash!" "Now you're just being nasty," Abby whispered." - If Tim was indeed nasty there (which I do not believe he was, or not overly so, anyway), it is not without reason.

"You see all these week I have been trying to work out what I did that was so awful." - "all these weeks".

"I will not have anything more to do with you." He removed the door remote and the data stick from inside his sling and opened the door. He turned back to her, ignoring Vance and Tony and Ducky and Sheila. "I don't want to hear from you again, Abby. One more abusive email or text or voicemail and I will take out an injunction," he informed her coldly." - Well handled, Tim!

"He removed the door remote and the data stick from inside his sling and opened the door. He turned back to her, ignoring Vance and Tony and Ducky and Sheila. "I don't want to hear from you again, Abby. One more abusive email or text or voicemail and I will take out an injunction," he informed her coldly. "Here," he said pulling Dr Avery's business card from his pocket and slapping it down on the desk in front of her, "I think you need this more than I do, Abby. Get some help before you screw up some other poor bastard's life." "McGee, is everything alright?" Tony asked. This was a new side to Tim. It was a shock to see him so implacably distant. "Tim?" Sheila was by his side, concerned by his pallor and by the violence of the shaking of his hand. She had never seen such a look of utter devastation on his face. She beckoned Ducky over and he moved to support the injured man. Tim resisted when they tried to usher him away. His anger was cold and hard and bright. . .he wanted to hurt her and for once he wasn't prepared to be a gentleman. "Director, you can stop the mole-hunt. . .If you have the techs check Ms Sciuto's machine I think you will find the emailed report was distributed from here. You will also find the evidence for the harassment complaint I am going to file on this data stick." Tim informed him, handing over the small devise with a shudder of revulsion. "Tony, I hope you still want me to be your second in command but I will not consider any post that involves any interaction with Ms Sciuto," Tim informed him. "Oh, god, Tim, what has she done?" "The 'why' doesn't matter: I will not work with her. I'm sorry if that means you have to choose between us and I don't expect you to take my side but I won't change my mind on this." The Director stepped in and placed a hand on Tim's shoulder. "Go home and rest, Tim. It will all be dealt with. Keep in touch and let me know how your rehab is going." "Thank you, Sir. . .I'm sorry." - Well-handled, Tim.

"Does this mean I won't be considered for the supervisory post at Quantico?" Vance almost laughed... "I'm good at what I do. . .every Agency, University and Science Corporation on the East Coast has tried to hire me away from NCIS. . .they value my skills and they pay better" "Then I suggest you take one of them up on their offer before the scuttlebutt of your recent behavior does the rounds and queers your pitch and makes you unemployable." "You're firing me!" "I am giving you the opportunity to resign with immediate effect. If you choose not to do so then you will be suspended at the conclusion of this meeting whilst I will begin formal dismissal proceedings, Ms Sciuto. "Just like that!" - I cannot believe the arrogance of that bint!

"Was there anything else, Ms Sciuto?" "No. . .this is a total over-reaction, Director." "This is a Federal Agency and we expect the highest standards from our employees. You have failed to uphold those standards and, as you so succinctly put it a few weeks ago, Ms Sciuto. . .no one is indispensible." - Well said, Director Vance!
SumNumb3rs chapter 6 . 12/17/2011
This story has really been a guilty pleasure for me. I dislike Abby and the way she acts so much! I hate the way she uses Gibbs like a shield to do whatever she wants knowing he'll protect her from her indiscretions. I would love to see a future story where Abby loses job after job as her past catches up with her and she continues to act like a 12 year old, and where Gibbs finally finds out what happened between her and Tim.

I don't like how they have Tim mooning over Abby on the show and she continues to treat him like garbage and uses him when she feels like it. I wish they would have an episode where he gets taken advantage of by her once too often, and declares they're over. And have Gibbs and crew on his side, instead of blaming Tim and asking what he did to poor little Abby. Here's a scene: Gibbs leans over Abbys shoulder and gives her a kiss on the forehead and whispers, "Maybe it's time you grew up, Abs." :) Yeah, I like that.

Good story, I really liked it!
gyrlfrend chapter 6 . 12/17/2011
Well I wish it didn't ave to end, but I loved the story and I loved, loved, LOVED what happened to Abby! I kind of had a feeling that a baby was involved at first, but I didn't think she'd have an abortion. Great, wonderful story! Maybe a sequel? Show just how much better Tim is with Dr. Avery :)
AWall chapter 6 . 12/17/2011
I enjoyed your story.
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