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luckdog chapter 138 . 2/6
I wonder if Angelo went snooping again and saw the text from Joey wishing Charlie a happy new year and Charlie's responding text? Serves him self right if he did! Charlie would never lower herself to looking at his mobile when he wasn't there. Although at the moment I don't think Charlie would care if a woman was texting him, she'd probably sigh in relief their relationship was over lol
thane3 chapter 138 . 2/5
Angelo has the undercurrent brewing that he has never been able to deal with the fact that Charlie was with Joey before him. No matter if C&J have broken up the bottom line is that he is not handling it or dealing with it.
Leah I suspect knew in her heart that it was over between him and Elijah but she had to settle it once and for all. It meant taking that trip but in the long term it will be good for all.
Charlie and Angelo need to stop walking on eggshells with each other and stop setting each other off like sticks of TNT.
I sincerely hope my little author IJKS is OK and well. Enjoy your trip and be safe. Love Thane3
luckdog chapter 137 . 1/18
Angelo is emotionally childish and full of himself and as for smashing Joey present to Charlie, well that was just low and petty! Yeah he is right that he is second best with Charlie and if he feels that way than why stay with her? And Charlie really should be honest with him in regards to her feelings for Joey. Also she should really go and talk to Joey face to face and finally deal with her feelings for her and either start again with her or get closure!
thane3 chapter 137 . 1/17
Dear IJKS: Thanks for releasing the latest chapter in this story. This chapter goes a long way to highlighting the need to not stay in relationships that the person does not want to be in. For all the trying that Charlie does the bottom line is this relationship is just a rebound coming off her break up with Joey. The worst thing that happened was when Charlie blew the best thing she ever had with Joey. These last few days of 2010 were painful to read and of course for Charlie painful to live through. This girl definitely deserves a break in the situation. Nicely written chapter IJKS. Love Thane 3
thane3 chapter 136 . 1/3
It is very hard during Christmas when you find yourself with someone that you do not belong with. That is the current state of affairs that Charlie is facing. I sincerely wish that she would get away from the relationship with Angelo but Charlie does not seem to make good choices for the most part when it comes to partners. Angelo is mean, self-centered and strangles the life out of Charlie even when he does not say anything. You can feel the tension that Charlie goes through every moment of the day being with him.
Angelo has not had a great relationship with his family so it will be interesting to see how Charlie is received by the family.
For my favorite author IJKS - I wish you a Happy 2015 and hope that you have a good year. Love Thane3
luckdog chapter 136 . 12/30/2014
Robertson is a wanker and the apology for arresting Alf at the wedding was bogus! He did it to show off and to make the point that Alf is the murderer like he was saying all along! As for Angelo there is another wanker getting all cut and angry over a Christmas present! All it shows is that Charlie and his relationship is a sham because there is no trust! They should really end it because it is only causing pain and suffering for not only Charlie and him but Ruby as well!

Had a good Christmas, working New Years, but I hope you have a wonderful New Year :0)
luckdog chapter 135 . 10/20/2014
Yup it sucked that Alf has got charged with Penn's murder :0/ It was good though that Bianca didn't marry Vittorio :0) And it was good that John and Gina decide to take advantage of the church wedding venue before Angelo could guilt Charlie in to marrying him!
thane3 chapter 135 . 10/18/2014
It was nice in this chapter to see Charlie with a clear head and not being the dysfunctional person that we have seen when it comes to relationships with men. She was looking at her relationship with Angelo with clear thoughts and correct interpretations as to how he was acting. Most happy in this chapter to see Charlie focusing on Bianca and Ruby and for at least a while letting other things go.
Good for Bianca dumping Vittorio he was no good for her. Cute to see her run away with Liam. Good to see Gina and John tie the knot all through I am still not sure how Xavier is going to deal with it all.
I sincerely hope that at least for a little while that Charlie sees her relationship with Angelo with something other than rose colored glasses. See deserves to have a relationship that she can be happy with not feel like she is setting for second best (I know this feeling well as I have experienced it for over 30 years now - sigh).
Great chapter IJKS - keep up the good work. Love always Thane3
luckdog chapter 134 . 9/18/2014
I think Charlie should keep her diary with her because I wouldn't put it pass Angelo to read her diary. Yes she could have handle Ruby going to the informal better by asking her to go outside with her and then let her have it. As for Angelo, yup he isn't step-dad material & letting Ruby stay was wrong and his excuse was to say that Charlie said for him to stay out of parenting decisions. Charlie only said that because he done a crap job by not checking on Ruby when she catch out with Dex in taking Sid's car and staying out all night. As for Bianca she is a grown woman and if she wants to stuff up her life by cutting off her nose despite her face well she can.
thane3 chapter 134 . 9/17/2014
A really juicy sorted chapter from Charlie. As always Charlie is way too hard on herself when it comes to the type of mother that she is to Ruby. Ruby has to respect and follow the rules somewhat or at least try with Charlie. Yes, Angelo is worthless and should be slugged for being so inept.
Bianca is making a mistake with Vittorio but time will tell on that. And yes April backing out being bridesmaid is pretty tacky regardless of who Bianca is marrying.
Charlie does an amazing job of analyzing her situation, but for whatever reason she never seems to put it in practice what she writes. Is it fear of the unknown, partially. Is it her being raped, yes to a degree. To me it seems that Charlie is really an abused person who despite the cool exterior she has as a cop inside she is damaged goods. It makes people around her never quite sure about what Charlie is going to do next in any situation. If Charlie would of followed her police instincts and followed through to the end she would of been with Joey as we speak. But instead the damaged insides reared their head and Charlie ended up throwing Joey away on a one-night fling.
Great chapter IJKS. Love and Hugs to our author. Thane3
luckdog chapter 133 . 9/6/2014
Ruby is a self centered brat, she really could be Angelo's daughter because he is a self centered arsehole! Charlie really should gather up the last little bit of her self respect and leave Angelo because obviously they are both unhappy and all they are doing is tearing themselves apart! Charlie then should going visit Joey and have a serious talk with her to find out if Joey is truly is happy! Oh Robertson is such an arse thinking he could say those things about Alf and still think Leah wouldn't say do or do anything! Oh and Bianca should be honest with both Liam and Vittorio!
luckdog chapter 132 . 8/22/2014
Between Penn's murder case, Robertson, Angelo and Ruby poor Charlie hasn't got time to relax 0( Also she has been copping shit from them three all the time! Charlie should tell them all to grow up & find some other poor sap to dump their shit on! Then she should get off her arse and do what she should do to make herself happy and go see Joey and have an honest talk with her!
luckdog chapter 131 . 7/14/2014
Angelo is such a wanker and a hypocrite! Imagine the tantrum he would have had if Charlie had of eaten dinner with someone because she couldn't have waited to eat dinner with him. Charlie would have been sleeping in the spare bedroom again! Personally she should just sleep in there anyway because she is not in love with him but she is still in love with Joey so her and Angelo's relationship is a sham.
luckdog chapter 130 . 7/3/2014
Robertson and Angelo are arrogant wankers! And if Charlie does want to do what she really wants to do and go and ask Joey for another chance, then she should ask Graves out ;0) And yup Ruby should date Nicole because she is more the one Mitzy told her about then that Alex sleaze bag! As for Bianca she is cutting off her nose despite her face not getting back with Liam, a lot like Charlie staying with arsehole Angelo than going and begging Joey about getting back together!
luckdog chapter 129 . 6/13/2014
It's a pity that Charlie didn't do a bit more thinking about the fight she had with Angelo with him calling her the Ice Bitch with no feelings and her saying he was the worst police officer ever. It should have given her a clue that there relationship isn't very strong because this is how they really feel about each other. And with her thinking that if Joey called to declare that she still loved her and wanted to be with her that Charlie is what she is waiting for, then that should be setting alarm bells off, that she shouldn't be with Angelo, regardless how everybody wants and thinks they should be together!
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