Reviews for Dear Diary
Marish89 chapter 125 . 3/6
I really love your story. I hope you update soon as I can't wait to read more!
luckdog chapter 125 . 2/20
Charlie should have trusted her own feeling when it came to Angelo instead of listening to other people! She should of let him have his freedom and relished in her new found freedom. Or she should have called Joey and spoke with her to get her perspective on things. As for moving in, if she isn't comfortable then she shouldn't do it because it is only going to end up in disaster! As for John he should have waited to propose to Gina and not rushed and asked her his heart attack. As for Bianca she should have went with Liam!
luckdog chapter 124 . 2/11
It is heartbreaking for Morag, Charlie and Ruby to see Ross slow losing himself to his Alzheimers :0( Yup Angelo forced Charlie to make him part of her family but doesn't really want her to be part of his family! She is better off without the Rosetta dramas in her life! Yup she should slap her step uncle for not coming to her and telling her that Penn is threatening him, but I'm glad Leah and Miles told her! No it would be good for their mother and daughter relationship if Charlie was to teach Ruby how to drive lol
luckdog chapter 123 . 2/5
Well you'd have thought with Charlie thinking maybe if she had of gone after Joey they may have gotten back together then you'd think she might have giving it a thought that it might not be to late to see if it is still a possibility! I'm happy for Charlie that Ruby is back so they can reconnect :0)
luckdog chapter 122 . 1/18
Charlie really should give Angelo the heave ho and call Joey to see how things are going with her and to see if she has a shot to win her back! Yay for Charlie super police woman fighting crime where ever she sees it and winning a fashion contest to boot lol And as for Angelo and Paulie, what a dumb idea to get the money Paulie owes to the lone shark, that's just throwing good money after bad! Bianca is trying to keep her cake and eat it too, but Liam isn't playing that game, so good on him ;0)
luckdog chapter 121 . 1/13
Poor Ruby, but she is in the right place now to get the help she needs. Liam should have taken Bianca advice and told Charlie sooner, but now everything is out in the open, so hopefully it will get better for Ruby. I'm glad Angelo told Charlie not to take Hugo's money, it was a shock that he thought about Charlie and her career, he usually thinks about him, maybe he did, he didn't want anything to do with the money in case he would be prosecuted some how! Sad about Ross's failing health :0( As for Leah she does need closure if missionary work is what Elijah really wants to dedicate his life too.
luckdog chapter 120 . 1/5
Charlie really should let Angelo go so the both of them can move on and find someone they really want to be with because neither of them sounds that happy to be together. They are only together because everyone else wants them to be together. Charlie should dump Angelo and put it out there to Joey if she is willing to gives things with each other another try then Charlie is ready, willing and waiting to do that ;0) But we know it's not going to happen :0( Or Charlie could ask that waitress out ;0) lol
luckdog chapter 119 . 12/3/2013
I'm glad Irene pulled Charlie into line about looking after Ruby before interfering in other people's lives. Indi made a mistake and she was punished for it so Charlie should let it go! She should remember the old saying, 'people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'! And if Charlie isn't happy in her relationship with Angelo she should just let it go! Misery doesn't breed happiness. Look at Leah, she isn't happy, she should just send the letters she wrote to Elijah.
luckdog chapter 118 . 11/30/2013
They are only a unit in Angelo's head! He is forever taking Charlie for granted and when Charlie wants to do something he is busy and if she goes off without him he throws a tantrum that she isn't supporting him! What a tool! Well Irene was trying to be nice but she should have went and brought the wine for Ruby then both Ruby and Indi wouldn't be in trouble! Oh and it was nice to see the Bucktons having a nice time :0)
luckdog chapter 117 . 11/24/2013
Yes he has gotten away with a lot worse then underage sale of alcohol! He got away with manslaughter and for perverting the course of justice by letting Hugo and Martha go and tampering with the sample from the development site! As for Ruby she should grow up she's another one who is having pity parties for themselves, Angelo being another one! And now that Charlie has brought her back home, and having her mum keeping an eye on her, hopefully Ruby will pull herself together. And Bianca has nothing on Joey, Joey is way better than Bianca.
luckdog chapter 116 . 11/10/2013
It's still nice that Charlie and Joey still communicate through texts. And yes Charlie is pathetic to just hang around the restaurant waiting to speak and hear five word to and from Angelo. If the silly git wants to run himself into the ground then let him, it's not like he is going to listen to anything Charlie has to say. Also Charlie's job is stressful and tiring enough without her spending every minute of her down time at Angelo's bloody restaurant! And Ruby should wake up to herself and be open and honest with Charlie it's not like she won't find out about Ruby's drinking problem!
luckdog chapter 115 . 10/18/2013
I don't know why Charlie bothers with Angelo if he is only going to treat her like is personal ego massager! She should return to her tough independent self and show him once and for all the true Charlie no a wimpy pandering ditzy woman! I still say she should go visit Joey and really find out if Joey is happy or if she is lying, and if so, make them both happy and beg her to let her try and make things work for them ;0) As for Ruby she really should push to find out what is going on with her!
luckdog chapter 114 . 10/12/2013
It's sad to see Leah and Elijah fighting and postponing their wedding plans, but if Elijah thinks his missionary work is more important then Leah, then it's best Leah finds out now before they are married. It sounds like Charlie and Leah have two self absorbed selfish men in their lives and that they would be much happier without them! I'm glad Charlie got to let Morag know that she loves her :0) And it was nice that the Bucktons got together and had a nice weekend :0)
thane3 chapter 114 . 10/11/2013
A very well written chapter IJKS. Thane3
luckdog chapter 113 . 10/5/2013
Yeah Charlie shouldn't be surprised about the name Angelo is going to call his restaurant, him believing he is the most important person in their world! As for Ruby she's like her mother, she can't stand being by herself. Well it sounded like Leah have a valid reason to panic about Elijah getting bored and leaving because that is what he is planning on doing!
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