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luckdog chapter 148 . 1/20
Well Charlie had a full on week, heartbroken daughter who also wasn't looking after her diabetes properly, being assulted by a known criminal and accosted by an arsehole ex and a whinging council member! I'm glad her and Ruby did get to have 2 good heart to hearts and that Ruby does now understand why things where ever going to work out for Charlie and Angelo. Angelo might have used his position as a cop to get back at people he thought done him wrong, but Charlie is not like that! Even though people will laugh and say it was just a kiss, Brax did assault Charlie because he did it without her permission and who knows what germs he had! Oh and John should know that Charlie could not get Brax and the River Boy to leave the Surf Club if they are not creating a disturbance!
Bonnie Sveen Fan chapter 148 . 1/14
I think Ruby's bombshell could be that she's pregnant. And then Casey might think the baby is his.
thane3 chapter 148 . 1/14
It was good to see Charlie and Ruby having time to finally talk about the issues that had been brewing now for weeks. Ruby will heal from Romeo but it will take time and patience from her family and friends. There is such a contradiction in Charlie's attitude concerning Darryl Braxton as to what she initially thinks of him and where she ends up. It is just hard to imagine such a 180 degree turnaround in Charlie's outlook.
Angelo what can anyone say about a man, you cannot see anyone's perspective other than his own. Self centered does not even begin to describe this man. He is a disgrace to the male species, he gives the rest of us a bad name.
Mitzy was ill advised to put forward her premotions to someone is distress such as Ruby. She is sensitive, takes things to heart and does not do well when things come crashing down. She definitely needs Charlie right now.
And Ruby absolutely does not need to be drinking on top of everything else. Love Thane3
thane3 chapter 147 . 1/11
IJKS: Glad to see you back with this story. Nice to have you back with Fan Fiction. Thane3
luckdog chapter 147 . 1/10
I'm glad Brax pissed Leah off on their date by his interest in Charlie but I hate the fact that he is after Charlie because when it comes to men Charlie ends up with wankers who use and abuse her and hurt her deeply or nearly kill her! She should so be looking to find a lovely woman or try and get back with Joey! As for Angelo the guy reaps what he sows so if he is going lying down with mangy rotten mongrel dogs he will end up being conrupted by their flees!
kmp63 chapter 147 . 1/8
Lovely to have you back. Love to hear Charlie trashing Brax, long may it last.
Thanks for the lovely new year gift of your return.
luckdog chapter 146 . 8/17/2015
Poor Charlie, even if she doesn't like the River Boys personally, professionally she has to be unbiased and she can only arrest them if they did break the law. She cannot put them in gaol for being obnoxious because if they was the case Angelo would have been in gaol ages ago lol God I hope Charlie doesn't let her hormones over run her head in regards to Brax because her moral fibre will take a huge nose dive and she will end up an amoral cop like Angelo became!

Love you too, IJKS :0) I hope all goes well with your operation and you get well fast! ;0)
thane3 chapter 144 . 8/14/2015
Angelo is so totally sold on himself that he would try and almost seduce Charlie & Leah to a under 30 drinks deal. Women are from Venus, but Angelo is stuck in the core of planet Mars. What a moron!
Alf is one of the few men in Summer Bay that has any class and morale values. It gets very old when you try to do the right thing (to include treating the women of Summer Bay nicely) to find that a good chunk of the men in town are misfits and lack any character.
Being involved in conservation, what April and Xavier did was darn stupid and plain dangerous. It would of done absolutely no good for either of them to have died from the stunt they performed.
Well written IJKS. Thane
thane3 chapter 145 . 8/14/2015
No matter if Angelo was a cop or now the owner of a bar, he is a miserable person who has no manners, no compassion and only interested in himself. It was long overdue for Charlie to dump him.
The River Boys are like a swarm of evil locust, once they do their destruction in one area they just seem to move on. I really try not to be a violent person, but sometimes when the situation arises you have to deal with a situation like that with no mercy.
VJ is going to take awhile before he heals over losing Elijah, but it really is the best thing for him and of course Leah.
Yes Bianca is attractive, but she is high maintenance for anyone to include Liam. One day without sex and she complains - is the man not allowed to pass on sex when he has a headache - LOL.
Nice job IJKS.. Thane3
thane3 chapter 146 . 8/14/2015
So the River Boys are raising their ugly heads causing trouble. Charlie of all people should no better than to even consider Brax cute. He is a criminal and absolutely nothing good will come of it.
VJ and Leah have had a hard time dealing with the situation over Elijah. Even with him back in town with a fake wife, they need to make a clean break from him even though it will be painful.
Bianca and Liam are starting to heat up as a couple - it will be interesting to see where it leads.
It is nice to have you back IJKS. I hope you continue to get better. Know that you are loved always. Thane3
Gillian Kearney Fan chapter 146 . 8/12/2015
Looking forward to reading how Leah's date with Brax goes.
luckdog chapter 145 . 6/19/2015
Charlie was right Angelo should have hire some security for the event just as a precaution, but obviously he didn't have the money to pay for some! Poor Miles what a lovely welcome home, being smacked over the head with a stubbie of beer! As for Bianca yup she is a princess my god how does she cope when she gets her periods if she carries on when missing one night of sex! h how lovely of Charlie and Ruby to organises a little get together for her birthday :0) As for Elijah returning I hope Leah can cope with his return!
kmp63 chapter 145 . 6/18/2015
It was lovely to get the update. I will be honest though. I'm not sure my poor heart can cope with reading the Brax saga. I used to scream abuse at the TV as it was happening originally. So the thought of reading Charlie justifying it, makes me grind my teeth. And given that we all know how it ends?
So I may have to stop reading this story for the sake of my BP. Not your fault I promise, the show gave you crap to work with from now till the end of Charlie's story. So!
luckdog chapter 144 . 6/6/2015
I'm glad Charlie had a talk with Leah about if she wasn't over Elijah then a relationship with Robertson wasn't going to work because Charlie definitely know what she is talking about here, with her still being in love with Joey whilst she was trying to play happy family with Angelo and that relationship end in disaster! And go on Alf for leaving for awhile, it will help deal with all the shit he has been through! And as for Xavier and April, that was very stupid of Xavier mixing the chemicals, he researched them so he have know what they would do when mixed together with water! But can see him blaming April for his stuff up and landing him in hospital! The only good thing coming out of this is that neither one lost their lives.
thane3 chapter 143 . 5/14/2015
The death of Penn was no big loss to Summer Bay but I do agree with Charlie that at least the true killer has been caught and now will be going to jail for a long time.
You can tell in this chapter that Charlie ridding herself of Angelo was the best thing she done, now if she only could get Joey back then she would be in romance heaven.
Alf is the kind of person that could be a grandfather to anyone in Summer Bay, he is kind to a fault. Glad that Charlie stuck by him through the entire ordeal.
Nice chapter IJKS - xx Thane3
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