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luckdog chapter 145 . 6/19
Charlie was right Angelo should have hire some security for the event just as a precaution, but obviously he didn't have the money to pay for some! Poor Miles what a lovely welcome home, being smacked over the head with a stubbie of beer! As for Bianca yup she is a princess my god how does she cope when she gets her periods if she carries on when missing one night of sex! h how lovely of Charlie and Ruby to organises a little get together for her birthday :0) As for Elijah returning I hope Leah can cope with his return!
kmp63 chapter 145 . 6/18
It was lovely to get the update. I will be honest though. I'm not sure my poor heart can cope with reading the Brax saga. I used to scream abuse at the TV as it was happening originally. So the thought of reading Charlie justifying it, makes me grind my teeth. And given that we all know how it ends?
So I may have to stop reading this story for the sake of my BP. Not your fault I promise, the show gave you crap to work with from now till the end of Charlie's story. So!
luckdog chapter 144 . 6/6
I'm glad Charlie had a talk with Leah about if she wasn't over Elijah then a relationship with Robertson wasn't going to work because Charlie definitely know what she is talking about here, with her still being in love with Joey whilst she was trying to play happy family with Angelo and that relationship end in disaster! And go on Alf for leaving for awhile, it will help deal with all the shit he has been through! And as for Xavier and April, that was very stupid of Xavier mixing the chemicals, he researched them so he have know what they would do when mixed together with water! But can see him blaming April for his stuff up and landing him in hospital! The only good thing coming out of this is that neither one lost their lives.
thane3 chapter 143 . 5/14
The death of Penn was no big loss to Summer Bay but I do agree with Charlie that at least the true killer has been caught and now will be going to jail for a long time.
You can tell in this chapter that Charlie ridding herself of Angelo was the best thing she done, now if she only could get Joey back then she would be in romance heaven.
Alf is the kind of person that could be a grandfather to anyone in Summer Bay, he is kind to a fault. Glad that Charlie stuck by him through the entire ordeal.
Nice chapter IJKS - xx Thane3
luckdog chapter 143 . 5/12
I'm so glad that Robertson got it so wrong, the smug arrogant prick! As for him not wanting to go after Alf, that's a joke! He refused to listen to Graves and Charlie, who both told him who they believed killed Penn, which was Will. So much for his superior detective work and him belittling Charlie and Graves, he was the one who end up looking the fool! Oh and I had to smile a Bianca's comment about Joey being 'hot' and totally understanding of Charlie 'switching teams' lol
luckdog chapter 142 . 5/2
Why does Ruby think she is missing out on being a part of a family if Charlie isn't with Angelo? She is a part of a family which is now made up of Charlie, Leah and VJ, this family has more love and respect then Charlie and Angelo's relationship ever had! I'm just glad Angelo finally took the blame for something that happened in his and Charlie's relationship even though Charlie was the one to break it off with him. At least now Ruby is being civil to Charlie. Oh and I can't wait for Charlie to tell Bianca all about Joey lol I'm glad Charlie is staying on Penn's murder case to keep Robertson honest ;0)
luckdog chapter 141 . 5/2
I'm glad that Charlie got to say the things she needed to say to Angelo to help bring closure to their toxic relationship. If Angelo hadn't of treated Charlie he did, Joey would not have been such an influence in their relationship even though Charlie will always love her. As for Ruby she needs to be angry at someone in dealing with her grief and Charlie is her target because she knows Charlie will always be there and love he no matter what, which is sad because if she just lets go of her anger and lets Charlie in it would be the best healing medicine they both need :0(
thane3 chapter 142 . 4/29
It was very sad to see Charlie go through such a horrible experience during her father's funeral. And to top it all off, she has this roo with Ruby. Sometimes that child has got to start leaning more to her actual flesh and blood than to others. Siding with Angelo against Charlie is a little much and I had that happen many times as a child where I never got any family support when it was a conflict with an outsider.
Hard to imagine that V.J. is about ready for high school, he will need to have friends around.
And No Charlie did not need to be sleeping with Angelo even if for only one night, anyone else fine but not Angelo, there is too much history.
Totally understand Charlie and her line about drawing the line and moving forward with someone. Most of my life I have had to do it on my own with no one. Even now with the possibility of being gone in two years, I am making peace on issues by myself - no one around, no one cares, no one physically to hold onto. As Charlie says - Why is it always my own fault. Excellent chapter, well written very insightful. There was lots of similarities with current events. Very well done IJKS. X Thane3
thane3 chapter 141 . 4/22
Even in a relationship that was difficult Charlie loved her Dad no matter what he felt for her at the time. Right now if Joey had been in Summer Bay Charlie would of been able to handle things better. But as such at least Joey sent a text to both Charlie and Ruby and that is the best it is going to be.
Yea the week leading up to a funeral is the worst week imaginable. Let's hope that Charlie & Ruby come together right now during this time.
Angelo finally apologizing is about time, peace is better than hatred for the long term. At least Charlie and Angelo can move forward.
Great chapter IJKS. Great to see you back writing. Love Thane3
kmp63 chapter 141 . 4/21
Very sad but sweet chapter.
luckdog chapter 140 . 4/18
I can't believe Charlie wasn't granted compassionate leave to be there for Ross' final days :0( Even though Charlie shouldn't have taken off and ended up at Joey's, this face to face with Joey is what Charlie needed to heal her soul and maybe have the closure she needs to move forward with her life especially if Joey remains with Kimberley. And I'm glad she was honest with Ruby and told her about going and seeing Joey. Now she needs to be honest with Ruby about her and Angelo's relationship and she really felt whilst they were together!
kmp63 chapter 140 . 4/16
Well that was unexpected, the Joey stuff I mean.
I'm not sure if I can carry on reading this. Knowing that we are getting close to the whole Brax stuff turns my stomach to be honest. And given how that finishes, my poor heart can't cope.
However, as always that was beautifully written and made me cry in places.
luckdog chapter 139 . 4/9
Yay finally Charlie kicked Angelo's sorry arse to the curb! Ruby should be doing the happy dance because no more fighting and Charlie will be a much happier independent Charlie she once was not the wimpy needy clingy shell of a woman Angelo turn her into!
thane3 chapter 139 . 4/8
Yes absolutely I can imagine how Charlie feels being trapped in a situation where she is miserable all the time. I have to commend her for at least finally putting her foot down with the butthead Angelo and moving her and Ruby out of Angelo's place. Despite what Ruby may of thought the relationship between the two was never good for either of them. Neither one loved the other in the final analysis. All they were ever good at and even that is questionable was sex. And that only lasts for so long before it wears very thin. IJKS - you did an excellent job in getting into the mind of Charlie and putting her real inner feelings down on paper. Even though none of us liked the show getting away from the C&J story - this chapter in particular would of been good to read before the corresponding shows of H&A. It is nice to see you getting back into the swing of things. I hope your infection is getting better slowly. You are a bright shining light in an otherwise cloudy world. Remember that always, the readership definitely likes what you are doing. Mushy complements, hugs and be well. Love Thane3
kmp63 chapter 139 . 4/8
Thanks for the update. I always felt that Joey would be a good explanation for their breakup. And given how lazily the show treated said breakup after shoving this shitty relationship down our very unwilling throats for so long I was a bit miffed to be honest. Pleased to see the back of it, but not so pleased at no explanation.
I wanted to see Angelo begging for a 25th chance, (to no avail), I wanted to see Charlie tell him what WE ALL thought of him, I wanted total public humiliation for him, but alas, we got nothing.
But then along came IJKS. And humiliating Angelo is her speciality. Admittedly, I would have hoped for a bit more stomping of said arrogant git, but it's as usual much better than the show gave us. Well done that woman.
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