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thane3 chapter 166 . 2/26
Hello IJKS - Charlie continues to paint such a happy picture of Brax. The things she says about him remind me of a woman who is covering up for an abusive home situation. Even Morag who knows about the relationship could not get Charlie away from Brax. Charlie is such damaged goods that she needs Brax almost the same way that a drug addict needs a chemical fix.
Xavier has not business good mood or not working for Brax. Kids under the age of 21 should be steering clear of Brax even if he tries to convince Charlie that he is going to give up the River Boys
Bianca getting raped was horrible and this is a guy talking. I agree with Charlie's assessment that Heath is the prime suspect.
In chapter after chapter Charlie is going down a path of destruction. Lots of people when they read this story need to heed the warnings that it gives. Well done IJKS - One hug for the author. Thane3
thane3 chapter 165 . 2/19
So Ruby and her cohorts want to go to Queensland with her friends, that should be interesting no matter the reason for going.
Charlie continues to sacrifice everything just for encounters with Brax. Can anyone be that desperate for affection that she would give up on everything else that used to mean a lot to her.
Romeo and Indi are married now and are in honeymoon heaven. Have to wait and see how it goes long term.
Charlie being jealous of Tegan makes Charlie seem so low. Nothing to be proud of.

Love to IJKS. Thane3
thane3 chapter 164 . 2/19
Hi IJKS - Charlie is making excuses for her behavior with Brax as hot and cold as it is.

She at one point calls him a criminal and at another point she calls her his girlfriend (and is jealous of an ex-girlfriend).

Casey is up against awful lot of stuff with his mother being drunk and mean to him. No wonder the kid does not have a fair chance of making a go of things.

Sid and Marilyn breaking up is not surprising. Marilyn is too flaky for someone like Sid who is a doctor.

Hopefully Ruby and Casey can continue to be there for each other. Right now with all the turmoil they need to be there for each other.

Nice work IJKS - Thane3
thane3 chapter 163 . 2/19
Hey there IJKS - Charlie is so conflicted over her life right now that she is not even sure if it is OK to have some down time once in awhile. This should of been a warning sign to Charlie that things are not right in her head.
Ruby turns 18, good for her but still with potential danger. As long as she stays around Casey then Casey will watch her. But like her Mom she at times makes really bad choices. In many ways they are really one and the same.
It is long overdue to see Leah with a smile on her face do to romance
The swimming incident almost turned to a tragedy, luckily it didn't.

thane3 chapter 162 . 2/19
Hello IJKS - All kinds of romance showing up on the beach and around town. Unfortunately all this does is make Charlie want to hop in the sack with Brax. No matter the goodness that Brax shows, etc he still is a vulture. He just sits there waiting for Charlie to come crawling to him when she needs a sex fix. He does just enough to string her along and make her dangle like a puppet.

Romeo can only learn to be more careful when it comes to renting out the Blaxland to anyone. Money cannot be the only guiding principle.

Charlie's eventual downfall and death is delayed by her times with daughter Ruby. I wish Ruby would of put her foot down more with Charlie and maybe she could of headed off the disaster with Brax.
Excellent writing as always IJKS. Love Thane3
thane3 chapter 161 . 2/19
Hello IJKS - While the last chapter focused on Charlie, this chapter is all over the place with lots of characters.
First, Nicole and Angelo seem to be good together and they want to get away and start a different life together. And yes Charlie you are jealous.
Second, Charlie is so desperate for attention that she is willing to settle for Brax. Yes it is the sex because they have nothing really in common.
Third, Marilyn of course should not have stolen baby George. But there is no value in seeing her go to jail.
Lastly, Ruby needs to be with Casey and absolutely NOT with Romeo. The scare of an STD was enough to put a stop to everything.
Excellent chapter. Love Thane3
thane3 chapter 160 . 2/19
Hello IJKS - Well I am finally back in the saddle reviewing your excellent work.
This chapter really does a good job in showing the deterioration in Charlie's mental state when it comes to being involved with Brax. Without a doubt he is absolutely the worse thing possible for Charlie even if she was not a police officer.
Yes, she was getting played by Brax when it came to finding Brodie. It is hard to figure out how Charlie became so lost that she sacrificed everything she believed in just for sex.
Good that Angelo is awake and OK but he will not be a lot of health in who assaulted him.
We all know the disaster that is coming for Charlie, just wish the producers would of taken a different turn in the story line.
With love to IJKS. Thane 3
Bonnie Sveen Fan chapter 161 . 12/12/2017
Wonder who Bianca has her one night stand with, I think it'll end up being Heath. Glad Brax and Charlie are back together. Glad Nicole got her baby back (I didn't see that storyline, I came in to the show when Casey died, but it looked an interesting storyline)
thane3 chapter 159 . 10/11/2017
Hello IJKS - Thanks for the new chapters. Angelo even with all his mistakes does not deserve ending up in a comma. Hopefully Charlie will figure out who is involved beyond Brodie, he did not do this by himself.
Ruby is growing up really fast and to a certain point has to deal with her own battles, Charlie cannot always step in no matter the previous history. Eventually Ruby is going to be out of the house and on her own.
Liam is of course a mess and yes I can imagine that Bianca is heart broken over the situation. The damage that drug addiction can do crosses over many boundaries.
Leah deserves to have some happiness and a stable relationship good for her to find it with Miles.

Great chapter IJKS. Love Thane3
thane3 chapter 158 . 9/15/2017
Hi IJKS - Thanks for the latest chapter. Charlie is really struggling with the secret relationship she is having with Brax. Along with her previous history I can imagine that her brain is getting pretty fried over the current situation. Charlie was so dedicated to being a police officer that it is heart breaking to see her make such horrible choices in men.
Liam is way out of control and needs to get his act together, Bianca deserves that much.
Leah and Miles I think is a good match. Especially because they have known each other for such a long time. For a romantic relationship to have a chance both people need first to be friends with each other.
Angelo whatever he is involved with the River Boys needs to watch his backside. Having him going missing does not bode well. Charlie should be worried. Nicole is old enough to make her own decisions concerning involvement with Angelo.
Thanks for the new chapter IJKS. Be safe and be well. Thane3 XX
thane3 chapter 154 . 8/6/2017
Hello IJKS - What to say about Charlie that has not already been said. How a smart lady, a police officer no less would reduce her standards so far as to become involved with Brax. Even if the sex was great, there is still way too much down side. It would of been a good idea for Charlie to have fessed up with Leah on what she was doing, if Charlie had it might have saved her from being shot later on.

Charlie's internal wiring must be messed up for her not to realize that dating a criminal would ever be a good idea. Being a part of law enforcement you have to maintain some kind of standards.

Casey and Ruby - are both good teenagers and are good for each other. Going to the BBQ would of in this case been OK as a way of indirectly supporting the kids.

When Brax was being forwarded enough to tell Charlie that he wanted something more serious, I wish Charlie would have clobbered him big time. Even though I try and get my anger in check, sometimes the only thing people react do and therefore act differently is when they get clipped.

Of course Xavier's excuse for being late coming home was BS, but at least he got home safely.
Gina should not however call Charlie directly, that is why Charlie gets too involved with the people of Summer Bay when she is doing cop duty. The residents should call the local police station.

Elijah being mean to Leah means that he has become not a Christian soul. Treating someone as kind as Leah that way means that Elijah was not the good person everyone made him out to be.

Thanks IJKS for an excellent chapter. Hugs to you Thane3 xx
thane3 chapter 157 . 7/31/2017
Hugs to my favorite author IJKS: Charlie currently is trying to juggle too many tennis balls and therefore too many secrets. Even with all the back story about Charlie as a teenager, I still cannot see how Brax ever made an impression on her enough that she would sacrifice her values, her job potential and everything else to be with a criminal.

I will say that in a strange way it is very cute to see Ruby try and fix up her mom with a new man. Shame on Charlie for cancelling it just to please Brax. This has nothing but disaster written all over it.

Leah and Miles is a relationship that has potential simply because for the fact that they have been friends first and foremost. They know how to talk to each other in a civil tone, which in this day and age is something refreshing. I appreciate that they are also taking it one day at a time.

Bianca, Liam and April are going to have to find a way to co-exist. Liam was so far off base giving April crap about her OCD that I would not of been surprised that Bianca would of dumped Liam. Liam needs to get his emotional baggage in check and stay off the drugs. He needs to focus on music.

The aftermath of Charlie's affair with Brax is already starting to show forward with the lies and failings of Charlie to follow through on things. As the beach event attests to the River Boys even if Brax is good to Charlie, the long term result for Charlie are going to be disaster.

VJ is a very sweet kid and I appreciate Leah's protection of him, but given a chance and told the truth I think he and Miles will get along well. Charlie does need to be supportive and not demeaning as she was when she laughed when Leah told her the truth. Right now Charlie could utilize some truth when it comes to her own situation.

After the beach event went to hell and a handbasket, nothing like good old Watson being there to pick up the pieces for Charlie after she got clocked with a bottle.

Trouble is brewing, we will have to wait and see how it goes. Great writing IJKS. Be good Love Thane3
thane3 chapter 156 . 7/31/2017
Dear IJKS - My apology for being delayed in reviewing this chapter. Elijah is a really good person but after all the ups and down between him and Leah, I am afraid that a parting of the ways is necessary. Yes visit him in the hospital but have Miles as much as possible help to get him well from the attack.

Bianca and April are a different pair. Even though for the most part Bianca helps April, April needs a more diverse group of adults to model her behavior after. They are family and that will never change but she needs to find more friends of all different ages. No serious relationships just lots of friends.

The River Boys are nothing but a criminal gang that does nothing more than terrorize innocent people. John needs to find a way to stay away from Heath.

And now to the relationship between Brax and Charlie. Charlie has done nothing but compromise herself for sexual flings with Brax. I get that she understands that it is the basis for the relationship but it would of been helpful if Charlie had seeked psychological help early on. She may of been able to get away from such a horrible relationship - that has absolutely no upsides.

Liam his heading down a bad road unless he gets some intervention help. The relationship between Ruby and Charlie needs to be Charlie's focus instead of Brax. No matter how much Brax poured out his soul to Charlie as to Brax's family.

With love and best wishes, your writing has been awesome as usual. Love Thane3
thane3 chapter 155 . 4/30/2017
Hello IJKS - Thanks for honoring me with this chapter. Bianca is a beautiful girl and very smart but the way she handles relationships would make me nervous. And yes I agree with Charlie, she cannot beat herself up for what April has been going through with OCD. The good thing about this part was I did not remember this from the series, a good add in.
Easy on the intervention with April, it is going to take a lot of patience.
Medical intervention thanks to Sid is what needs to happen. Thanks Sid.
The absolute saddest part of Charlie and Joey breaking up, is the wrong direction that it led Charlie in. Bad relationships, bad situations that in the end got her killed. There was so much potential in our little love birds C & j if they would of been left alone to see how their relationship could of transpired. Maybe in the end it would of not lasted but both of them were really in love with each other and because of that they needed to see it through.
Charlie is an absolutely beautiful intelligent woman and being a guy writing this even I would say that Charlie is scrapping the bottom of the barrel by sleeping with Darrell. The emotional damage is hard to overcome.
It was good to see the children being cared for by Leah especially if they were living in their car. Mom is trying to simply survive and putting her in jail does not help the situation.
Overall I always believed that at best Leah and Elijah should be only friends. Their backgrounds are so very different. But regardless Elijah does not deserve to be assaulted especially considering his work with people in need.
Much love and respect to the author that continues to amaze. Thank you my friend for the chapter dedication. Be well, be safe and Sweet dreams. Thane3
JC4eva chapter 155 . 2/28/2017
Hi thank you for updating. Hope you update a different way I love that story
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