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thane3 chapter 158 . 9/15
Hi IJKS - Thanks for the latest chapter. Charlie is really struggling with the secret relationship she is having with Brax. Along with her previous history I can imagine that her brain is getting pretty fried over the current situation. Charlie was so dedicated to being a police officer that it is heart breaking to see her make such horrible choices in men.
Liam is way out of control and needs to get his act together, Bianca deserves that much.
Leah and Miles I think is a good match. Especially because they have known each other for such a long time. For a romantic relationship to have a chance both people need first to be friends with each other.
Angelo whatever he is involved with the River Boys needs to watch his backside. Having him going missing does not bode well. Charlie should be worried. Nicole is old enough to make her own decisions concerning involvement with Angelo.
Thanks for the new chapter IJKS. Be safe and be well. Thane3 XX
thane3 chapter 154 . 8/6
Hello IJKS - What to say about Charlie that has not already been said. How a smart lady, a police officer no less would reduce her standards so far as to become involved with Brax. Even if the sex was great, there is still way too much down side. It would of been a good idea for Charlie to have fessed up with Leah on what she was doing, if Charlie had it might have saved her from being shot later on.

Charlie's internal wiring must be messed up for her not to realize that dating a criminal would ever be a good idea. Being a part of law enforcement you have to maintain some kind of standards.

Casey and Ruby - are both good teenagers and are good for each other. Going to the BBQ would of in this case been OK as a way of indirectly supporting the kids.

When Brax was being forwarded enough to tell Charlie that he wanted something more serious, I wish Charlie would have clobbered him big time. Even though I try and get my anger in check, sometimes the only thing people react do and therefore act differently is when they get clipped.

Of course Xavier's excuse for being late coming home was BS, but at least he got home safely.
Gina should not however call Charlie directly, that is why Charlie gets too involved with the people of Summer Bay when she is doing cop duty. The residents should call the local police station.

Elijah being mean to Leah means that he has become not a Christian soul. Treating someone as kind as Leah that way means that Elijah was not the good person everyone made him out to be.

Thanks IJKS for an excellent chapter. Hugs to you Thane3 xx
thane3 chapter 157 . 7/31
Hugs to my favorite author IJKS: Charlie currently is trying to juggle too many tennis balls and therefore too many secrets. Even with all the back story about Charlie as a teenager, I still cannot see how Brax ever made an impression on her enough that she would sacrifice her values, her job potential and everything else to be with a criminal.

I will say that in a strange way it is very cute to see Ruby try and fix up her mom with a new man. Shame on Charlie for cancelling it just to please Brax. This has nothing but disaster written all over it.

Leah and Miles is a relationship that has potential simply because for the fact that they have been friends first and foremost. They know how to talk to each other in a civil tone, which in this day and age is something refreshing. I appreciate that they are also taking it one day at a time.

Bianca, Liam and April are going to have to find a way to co-exist. Liam was so far off base giving April crap about her OCD that I would not of been surprised that Bianca would of dumped Liam. Liam needs to get his emotional baggage in check and stay off the drugs. He needs to focus on music.

The aftermath of Charlie's affair with Brax is already starting to show forward with the lies and failings of Charlie to follow through on things. As the beach event attests to the River Boys even if Brax is good to Charlie, the long term result for Charlie are going to be disaster.

VJ is a very sweet kid and I appreciate Leah's protection of him, but given a chance and told the truth I think he and Miles will get along well. Charlie does need to be supportive and not demeaning as she was when she laughed when Leah told her the truth. Right now Charlie could utilize some truth when it comes to her own situation.

After the beach event went to hell and a handbasket, nothing like good old Watson being there to pick up the pieces for Charlie after she got clocked with a bottle.

Trouble is brewing, we will have to wait and see how it goes. Great writing IJKS. Be good Love Thane3
thane3 chapter 156 . 7/31
Dear IJKS - My apology for being delayed in reviewing this chapter. Elijah is a really good person but after all the ups and down between him and Leah, I am afraid that a parting of the ways is necessary. Yes visit him in the hospital but have Miles as much as possible help to get him well from the attack.

Bianca and April are a different pair. Even though for the most part Bianca helps April, April needs a more diverse group of adults to model her behavior after. They are family and that will never change but she needs to find more friends of all different ages. No serious relationships just lots of friends.

The River Boys are nothing but a criminal gang that does nothing more than terrorize innocent people. John needs to find a way to stay away from Heath.

And now to the relationship between Brax and Charlie. Charlie has done nothing but compromise herself for sexual flings with Brax. I get that she understands that it is the basis for the relationship but it would of been helpful if Charlie had seeked psychological help early on. She may of been able to get away from such a horrible relationship - that has absolutely no upsides.

Liam his heading down a bad road unless he gets some intervention help. The relationship between Ruby and Charlie needs to be Charlie's focus instead of Brax. No matter how much Brax poured out his soul to Charlie as to Brax's family.

With love and best wishes, your writing has been awesome as usual. Love Thane3
thane3 chapter 155 . 4/30
Hello IJKS - Thanks for honoring me with this chapter. Bianca is a beautiful girl and very smart but the way she handles relationships would make me nervous. And yes I agree with Charlie, she cannot beat herself up for what April has been going through with OCD. The good thing about this part was I did not remember this from the series, a good add in.
Easy on the intervention with April, it is going to take a lot of patience.
Medical intervention thanks to Sid is what needs to happen. Thanks Sid.
The absolute saddest part of Charlie and Joey breaking up, is the wrong direction that it led Charlie in. Bad relationships, bad situations that in the end got her killed. There was so much potential in our little love birds C & j if they would of been left alone to see how their relationship could of transpired. Maybe in the end it would of not lasted but both of them were really in love with each other and because of that they needed to see it through.
Charlie is an absolutely beautiful intelligent woman and being a guy writing this even I would say that Charlie is scrapping the bottom of the barrel by sleeping with Darrell. The emotional damage is hard to overcome.
It was good to see the children being cared for by Leah especially if they were living in their car. Mom is trying to simply survive and putting her in jail does not help the situation.
Overall I always believed that at best Leah and Elijah should be only friends. Their backgrounds are so very different. But regardless Elijah does not deserve to be assaulted especially considering his work with people in need.
Much love and respect to the author that continues to amaze. Thank you my friend for the chapter dedication. Be well, be safe and Sweet dreams. Thane3
JC4eva chapter 155 . 2/28
Hi thank you for updating. Hope you update a different way I love that story
thane3 chapter 153 . 8/15/2016
Hello IJKS: Thanks for the latest chapter of Fan Fic. Charlie I wish would of learned to accept her early feelings about Brax and stayed the hello always from him, but we already know where it was going.
Yes I do agree that Casey deep down is a good kid and a good influence for Ruby.
Charlie should of bit the bullet and told Ruby on the Text message that she still loved her regardless, but that event is too much to hope for. Love Thane3
thane3 chapter 152 . 5/8/2016
Ruby and Casey are getting along at least so far very well, only if Charlie could make better choices. After losing Joey everything for Charlie seem to go into the trash can.
Great Chapter IJKS. Love Thane 3.
thane3 chapter 151 . 4/27/2016
IJKS: Hello sunshine. I wanted to say thank you for the dedication to this chapter, it is very much appreciated and a good morale boost.
Ruby is making bad decisions when it comes to Casey but I am afraid that she is getting her cues from her mom Charlie. It is amazing how at this point Charlie detests Brax and how in such short order she turns almost 180 degrees and is falling into Brax's arms. This is where the H&A folks made such a mess of the story line, but we have already beaten that horse to death previously. I will say that I would of like to seen how Charlie's and Joey's relationship could of developed on screen if they would of stuck to their guns.
Charlie's later bad decisions due in some part come from the loss of her parents especially her Mom. I really believe less with her dad and more impact over the death of her Mom.
Ruby and Charlie do need to come to come kind of understanding and stop being at each others throats.
Again thanks for the dedication and much love to the author IJKS. Thane3
kmp63 chapter 151 . 4/25/2016
Bravo on the troll commentary.
luckdog chapter 150 . 2/25/2016
I agree with Charlie, guys get away with sleeping around but girls get called sluts and what's worse it other girls who jump on the bandwagon and call other girls sluts. If they stuck up for each other then they can turn it back on the guys! Oh and yay for Casey standing up for Ruby against Romeo and I'm even happy he gave Romeo a black eye, he deserved it! It sad about Thabo dying and poor VJ losing his friend and the whole Leah, Elijah and Grace thing sucks, but if Leah looks to who is supporting her she will find a really nice guy, Miles ;0) It's good that Gina is now doing her job and looking into the bullying of Ruby by other students and hopefully is going to punish the instigators even if she finds out Xavier is one of them!
luckdog chapter 149 . 2/25/2016
Well Ruby seems to be taking after Charlie in the bad decision making when it comes to guys. And yes Ruby should have engaged her brain and disengaged her mouth in regards to Indi and Romeo but hey that kids for you. It's funny that Charlie is taking after Ruby and not watching what she says, her having a deep and meaningful with Brax, not a good look for a cop to be assosicating with a known criminal.

And from here on is Charlie romance with Brax begins, which sucks because she should have been happily together with Joey :0(
thane3 chapter 149 . 2/23/2016
Hello IJKS: First of all hello and I send my love and best wishes. I know that you are following the storyline from the show but I cannot resist the comment to say how they took someone so smart as Charlie and turned her into someone who would sell her soul to a criminal. And they tried to make Ruby just a clone of Charlie. Sorry for the digression IJKS.
Charlie and her up and down days is enough to give anyone a headache. Having dealt with a dose of Angelo that could last a lifetime and now moving to Brax, the girl needs her head examined. Her screaming argument with Ruby does the situation no good at all. Yes ground them for going to the party and taking a car they did not have permission to drive, but leave it at that. Good chapter well done IJKS. Remember I am sending my good thoughts to you always. XX Thane3
thane3 chapter 150 . 2/17/2016
It was good to see Charlie step in regardless of being cop or mom and find out what was going on at Ruby's school. Ruby needs this kind of support if she is going to stay sober and focus on school and her upcoming exams. I agree with Charlie that Casey will be OK for Ruby as long as the older brothers stay the hell out of the way. I approve of Charlie's behavior with Ruby and applaud her taking Ruby away for the weekend so just her and Charlie can talk.
Nice work IJKS. Thane3
luckdog chapter 148 . 1/20/2016
Well Charlie had a full on week, heartbroken daughter who also wasn't looking after her diabetes properly, being assulted by a known criminal and accosted by an arsehole ex and a whinging council member! I'm glad her and Ruby did get to have 2 good heart to hearts and that Ruby does now understand why things where ever going to work out for Charlie and Angelo. Angelo might have used his position as a cop to get back at people he thought done him wrong, but Charlie is not like that! Even though people will laugh and say it was just a kiss, Brax did assault Charlie because he did it without her permission and who knows what germs he had! Oh and John should know that Charlie could not get Brax and the River Boy to leave the Surf Club if they are not creating a disturbance!
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