Reviews for The Jealousy Games
Admirer chapter 30 . 4/5/2021
Amazing just amazing! Thank you for all your hard work it is deeply appreciated and loved!
siiri chapter 28 . 1/26/2021
I honestly don’t know if I can read the epilogue. Epilogues always make me really sad for absolutely no reason jejsiwosbdguw
siiri chapter 26 . 1/26/2021
Ok, I’m sorry but Gale is always talking about when he and Katniss are going to get married. This bothers me because he doesn’t even know if Katniss has feelings for him.
siiri chapter 25 . 1/25/2021
I’m sorry but GALE if you really loved Katniss you would prefer that she came home ALIVE with Peeta than her literally DYING. Like honestly wtf.
Guest chapter 30 . 6/29/2020
Your story is amazing hope you finish this story one day tc
Sarah Davis chapter 18 . 4/25/2020
Your writing is amazing by the way. The way you have rewritten the hunger games in Gales POV is astonishing and I really hope that you write more fanfictions about the hunger games, Gale, Katniss, and Peeta, etc. etc. Please, please, please write more fanfiction especially about what Gale thinks of the second quarter quell. Well done!
Guest chapter 30 . 6/10/2019
I know it’s been four years since your last update but this story is a amazing and I really hope you could maybe perhaps give us our last two chapters
Guest chapter 30 . 6/3/2019
I know it been years since your last update
And your story is really amazing
It would be really nice if you could maybe give us our last two chapters
torrent56 chapter 30 . 8/24/2017
This is a great story and you captured each character's thoughts and reactions to the various events very well despite some inaccuracies in the story. For example, Linux was actually stung by the tracker jackers as well after the Careers ran off and I highly doubt he ever had a chance to take them out in cold blood.

I love the way you portrayed Gadge and how you explained that Madge didn't perish and filled in the gaps on how the way Panem moved forward after the rebellion which is not told in details in the actual novel. It would be great if you could finish this fanfic by uploading these last 2 chapters!
ElizannSa chapter 30 . 8/3/2017
I just read your story! I see it's been a few years since the last update. I love it all so far! I love how you painted a picture as to why Gale's fire was so opposite of what Katniss needed. It's amazing :)
Guest chapter 22 . 7/27/2017
Gale thinks Cato's lucky? Take a look at Katniss.
First at the bloodbath, Tracker Jackers, explosion, Feast, finale
titasha chapter 30 . 12/3/2015
Unos de las mejores historias que he leído. Felicitaciones!
Jerry Side chapter 30 . 12/3/2015
Glad to see you're finishing the story. The chapters are definitely enjoyable. Keep up the work!
RandomPerson786 chapter 30 . 12/1/2015
I really like this fan-fiction. Its one of the best ones I have read. I want to know more about Katniss. I hate haw Gale and Katniss never see or speak to each other.
Belle453 chapter 30 . 12/1/2015
Firstly, it makes me very happy that there are still 2 more chapters to go...I don't want this story to end.

Poor Madge; it breaks my heart to listen to her story. How despicable of the Mayor to let the people of his own district die...and I guess his punishment is just (his house was the first to be bombed) mean to say?

For what it's worth, I'm glad he got Madge out, though he should've tried to help everyone. Sigh. But I love, love, love that Madge was arrested...and IDK why but no one's ever written that she was arrested for her rebellious acts. That's pretty cool...even though her dad paid for her to be out of there.

So glad that Madge and Gale are both still in love with each other. I also really liked their conversation about Katniss and the vote. You brought up some very interesting points. Love it.

Now who could be at their door disturbing their nice night to be? Can't wait for more.
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