Reviews for Proud: Fictionista Witfit Prompts Winter 2011:2012
Rita01tx chapter 68 . 2/3
Oh, you are evil...leavin' us all teary eyed! Thank you for the lovely read!
Rita01tx chapter 67 . 2/3
Wonderful HEA for everyone! I'm very glad Maddie didn't pursue findin' her birth mother!
Rita01tx chapter 66 . 2/3
Good for Charlie! And welcome to the world, baby Teddy!
Rita01tx chapter 65 . 2/3
And it wouldn't hurt to flaunt her gorgeous big belly *wicked evil witch cackle!*
Rita01tx chapter 64 . 2/3
Oooh, I was hopin' Edward had super sperm *fist bump!*
Rita01tx chapter 63 . 2/3
Good thing Bella's specialty is child psychology LOL! She'll be a great mom, wife, partner, lover...everything Edward never knew he needed!
Rita01tx chapter 62 . 2/3
Bella's parents have no idea what their missin'!
Rita01tx chapter 61 . 2/3
Wonderful idea to have everyone over to Bella's for Thanksgivin'! Hmmm, Alice will be there, too, right?
Rita01tx chapter 60 . 2/3
Yay! That will make Edward feel every so much better about earnin' a good livin'!
Rita01tx chapter 59 . 2/3
Brilliant plan! That way, Bella can do something for herself for the first time in her life!
Rita01tx chapter 58 . 2/3
Well, that line in the sand has been drawn. I doubt either one of them will ever step over it LOL!
Rita01tx chapter 57 . 2/3
Uh huh!
Rita01tx chapter 56 . 2/3
The disparity in their incomes could be a major problem...for Edward, that is!
Rita01tx chapter 55 . 2/3
Oooh, you really gotta be sneaky when there's a kid in the house!
Rita01tx chapter 54 . 2/3
Yay! Only 60 days more and Bella will be legally free!
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