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Guest chapter 16 . 11/21/2015
My only question is what they look like? I am confused do they look like full human. Or like worms from the beginning of the story, i think?
Mediterranean Tomatoes chapter 16 . 11/22/2014
Wow... Every time I thought I had this story mapped out, you three me for a loop- a lot like Sound Life! It's sad to hear you're not into writing fanfiction anymore, since you've got a beautiful style and wonderful ideas, but I'm still so happy to have read your work. Especially since you 'finished' this story too, and it ended up being a happier ending that I originally thought it would be! Thanks for this story, and I wish you luck in whatever endeavors you are following now!
Kirani56 chapter 16 . 10/28/2014
Oh my goodness. Never before had encountered
It's well written and heart chilling with the aspects of odd 'natural' way of love. Literally. Especially the relationship between the two species.
Thank heavens for biology and their breakdown of insect and arachnid anatomy! I could understand this fic in terms of imagery :) ! But it's hard to imagine that on a human scale, though. My lord, that would be terrifying. I'm even having auditory hallucinations with the clicking...
I'm also a little sad to see you go and stray away from the Hetalia fandom. This work really did its contribution to and justice to us. It isn't common to find good horror/suspense fics these days, especially with Spamano.
Look back at this often. I swear that you've made more than enough people smile for you on this work of art. (If not satisfying screaming xD)
- Kirani56
TheAwesomeMe128 chapter 15 . 9/8/2014
Finished a second time!
I think my theories are right. Lovino does care for Antonio with true affection. They don't fully love in the human definition of it, but their bond as mates is a mixture of deep emotional connection intertwined with instinct.
I picked up so much more detail the second time around XD now I feel a bit silly about all my confusion

It's interesting, the first time I read this, I sympathized more with Antonio; the second time I sympathized more with Lovino. Again, so much conflict! I think it's a matter of perspective. When I don't know what the hell's going on, I'm more apt to line up with Antonio's point of view. But after reading the information that clarifies what's happening, I'm more inclined towards Lovino. The conflict mainly a matter of miscommunication between the two

Again, very excellent story! I've been trying to get a picture of Lovino and the transformed Antonio in my mind, because I love where you went with the design and behavior of their species! It's intriguing. I have to wonder, is their coloring differences (white vs. black) because they're mates (Lovino's the Queen so he's white-themed, Antonio's his mate so he's black)? I wonder what color scheme their sterile "offspring" (Feli, etc.) would have then.

Fantastic job, once again. I do hope you post some of your original writings somewhere and link us to them! It'd be wonderful to keep following your work!
TheAwesomeMe128 chapter 6 . 9/2/2014
I just love the story of Lovino (I mean the five years ago Lovino) falling in love. Simple but it makes me smile at how much he's fallen... what a damn shame it never worked out
TheAwesomeMe128 chapter 16 . 8/29/2014
Well, my review just went haywire. Let me try that again.

Oh wow. This entire story was fascinating and gripping. It's like no Spamano I've ever read.
It's interesting seeing two completely separate "love" stories between the same two characters in the same fanfiction. The pre one, with the original Lovino falling in love with Antonio, and then the current one with the not Lovino and his creation of Antonio as a mate, neither of which seemed to correlate with each other at all, which makes me wonder if they're both present just for the contrast?

So Lovino "cares deeply" for Antonio, which I assume is as to human love as his species can get? I have to wonder if it's only instinctive (I found a compatible and fitting man based on his characteristics, he will be my mate/my only mate and naturally I must care for him), or if Lovino actually does feel a personal and emotional affection that goes hand in hand with his plan to make Antonio his mate. I'm inclined to think the latter because the relationship was quite emotional (and Lovino WAS concerned about breaking Antonio's trust by trying to mate with him too soon, and he was also tender/caring towards him), but then again it's hard to tell.

Same goes for Antonio. Whereas Lovino's affection sprang up somewhat naturally, Antonio was sort of, coerced into it? He only cares so affectionately for Lovino in the first place because Lovino forced him into becoming his mate? This is the most unconventional love story I've read yet XD God, just like Sound Life, I'm really conflicted with who I'm rooting for or whatever. Toni was forced into all of this against his will, but Lovino seems to really care for him and is determined to make him like Lovino, even if it meant manipulating him.

I have to keep reminding myself that Lovino and now Antonio are not human, and therefore their bond as mates is NOT just about love, but also has a more instinctive drive underneath it. For all that Lovino deeply cares for Antonio, the underlying instinct for all of it was to create a mate that would continually be willing to mate with him. An in order for that to happen it seems the emotional and physical/sexual go hand to hand in their bond.
The part about Lovino liking Antonio's pheremones is really interesting, and I would assume as Antonio became less and less human he was attracted to Lovino's in turn.

And now for the rest of everything! The story was very powerfully woven, with so many different elements coming together (from Lovi/Toni, to Eugenics/Al and Artie, to Gilbert, to the back-story). A criticism might be that at some points, with the Antonio/Lovino chapters, you kinda lost me. True, this story was less complex in terms of mind-boggling universe shit, but I still got confused because I couldn't keep track of what was going on.

I really want to come back through and reread this, to test my theories and also to paint a better picture of just exactly what Lovino and now Antonio look like! I love your descriptions of them, and I want to try and get a comprehensive view of what exactly these creatures are like.
(dear god how do I keep ending up writing such long reviews on your stories, I'm sorry XD)
TheAwesomeMe128 chapter 16 . 8/29/2014
Oh wow. This entire story was fascinating and gripping. It's like no Spamano I've ever read.
It's interesting seeing two completely separate "love" stories between the same two characters in the same fanfiction. The pre one, with the original Lovino falling in love with Antonio, and then the current one with the not Lovino and his creation of Antonio as a mate. So if I have ht, the Lovino in this story does love Antonio, or at least an equivalent for hi
SecretPrussianCitizen chapter 16 . 8/23/2014
Oh wow, this was amazing
Ria Jellyfish chapter 16 . 8/23/2014
While it's very sad that you aren't finishing this, as I got super attached only to realised it was unfinished, I'm glad you added the last chapter to explain everything. It's better than just; 'I don't wanna finish it, so screw you guys, you get no ending.' Thank you for a lovely read, even if there's no 'real' ending.
foREVerhauntingme chapter 16 . 8/23/2014
Ya know...reading it this way really was a great sense of closure! This has to be the best way a non finished story has 'ended' so thank YOU for actually doing this and sending out the PMs hope you have a great time turning this into a real case of fiction .
DawnGyocry chapter 15 . 8/18/2014
I'll admit I'm a bit sad to see this abandoned, but only because I love your imagination and writing. But, I know first hand how much writing a story you no longer have interest in sucks, so I'm not criticizing your decision. I hope the best for you in your future regardless!

Maybe it's a selfish request on my part, but when you answer questions, would you consider maybe posting some sort of outline for what you had planned for the rest? Or maybe just describe the ending? I am very curious as to what happens to everyone!
kiwiliko chapter 15 . 8/18/2014
I'm really sad to hear you're leaving but i guess this happens with any fandom or any sort of long lasting project. Infection is one of my favourite spamano fics here and you are an amazing author. I love everything from the writing style to your descriptive settings and characterizations, I wish you all the luck with your future stories if you plan to continue writing.
Also, I know you wrote you'll answer questions regarding infection but I don't know if you're going to answer individually (that's going to take a lot of effort, I applaud you for that) or answer publically. If you are answering individually, can I ask for spoilers of what you had planned for the story? I've reread the story a few times before and I'll probably keep rereading in the future but I'd really like to know just to give an ending to this. Thank you so much for all the amazing stories you've added to the fandom and thank you for keeping infection up on too!
hokage666 chapter 15 . 8/18/2014
I respect your choice in deciding to leave the fandom and I'm sorry to see you go but I have on question pertaining this story. For the past year I've literally been talking with my friends over theories about what happened to Lovino er rather "Romano" in chapter 14? You don't have to answer and I will respect whatever you say- or whatever you don't say if you so chose to not answer.

Because so far all we can think of is he 1) dies 2) "Antonio" finds him and kills him 3) Well perhaps the Queen will find one of them.

Thank you for writing such great fanfiction for the Hetalia fandom. We'll be sad to see you go! I'm glad to have enjoyed your writing for the time you were here.
foREVerhauntingme chapter 15 . 8/18/2014
Well I am very sorry to hear that you're quitting (like so many other wonderful authors), but what happens, happens. I would like to know more about your (past) plans for this story, since this was one of those stories that, every time i saw an update, I would drop what i was doing in order to read it, but honestly, I don't even know if I want the ending spoiled. Granted, what's to spoil if i'll never know the ending any other way? If I were you, I'd just write a long ass chapter talking about it instead of answering individually. That's up to you though. Good luck with your life then i guess...
Guest chapter 14 . 7/27/2014
please please update!
i'm desperate!
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