Reviews for I'll be home for Christmas
orionfoo chapter 74 . 5/31
Thanks was wonderful. I enjoyed how you add the forties in the story. Josh and izzy love for each other.
It read well and I was completely enthralled. Thanks for a great read.
axylurvesu chapter 74 . 5/27
That story was literally so high quality I'm amazed. Now that I finished it I literally don't know what to do with myself.
polyanna chapter 74 . 5/5
Merci...c'est une histoire fantastique
kantorkan chapter 71 . 4/9
Just for the sack of argument the Vampires aren't solid they are just very dense.i read in one story were the vamp said that before they turned they weighed about 130 and after they were at since they are already dead losing their head wouldn't kill them only fire can do thing that was screwed up about the world SM created,she had so many inconsistencies in her stories. I know this is your world and i am enjoying it,especially that Eddie is gone.
kantorkan chapter 70 . 4/9
I gather in your world they can't just reattach the head and drink a bunch of blood and heal?
kantorkan chapter 68 . 4/9
she had to die,but now she is out of Aro's then likely she had been stolen away to do his bidding the spirit warriors join the fight or just look on as their children fight to save their land?
kantorkan chapter 61 . 4/8
Chapters could be longer,but that is just Alex took the first steps towards healing,and she has the perfect friend/lover in Seth.
kantorkan chapter 53 . 4/8
He sounds like little whiny ass Eddie.
kantorkan chapter 48 . 4/8
Time to grow up Quil.
kantorkan chapter 47 . 4/8
I think she might be getting close to giving Josh some pups soon as the troubles are over.
kantorkan chapter 45 . 4/8
I find this amazing most Vampire seem to be able to mature past their death age,all except little Eddie is that? i blame daddy and mommy for cuddling him and never teaching him what it is to be an adult and a true vampire.
kantorkan chapter 44 . 4/8
I am so Jello.
kantorkan chapter 37 . 4/8
Damn!if only.
kantorkan chapter 35 . 4/8
Flame throwers.
kantorkan chapter 29 . 4/8
I am amazed that Aro actually believes that he can control Bella without grabbing friends or family to hold over her is a powerful mental and physical shield and he thinks Chelsea's or Corin's gift will work on her. i don't think Caius or Marcus are the ones that need to be removed from Heidi be there so they can kill her so she can no longer lead people to their deaths? I wonder how many more memories will she have return before this is all over?
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