Reviews for You're a Princess Now
khdayskh1314 chapter 1 . 12/9/2011
Ive nvr been a venami fan but now I am! I'm a big rokushi fan but I guess I can tolerate the venami! U r really good at writing stories and I hope u accomplish ur dream of getting a story published. Keep typing and writing and coming up with new ideas!
aradian nights chapter 1 . 12/8/2011
Ah! The story was actually quite impressive, especially considering I know Namine isn't your strong suit, and you don't write Ven too often.

At first I was like, "Coronation? O.o" And then I was like, "Oh."

Okay, I'll give you the bad first. The only thing I didn't like about the story (which I feel really bad about, but it's really bothering me): I hate the idea of Namine becoming 'free' by becoming Kairi. Because no matter how I spin it in my head, it doesn't feel like she's free. It feels like she just got trapped in another lie, a huge one. How can she be herself when she's pretending to be someone else? I realize that Kairi didn't want to be the princess, but damn, it doesn't seem very pleasant to me.

And the way it sounds, it makes me think that the only way Namine will ever be free in canon is for her to cease to exist. :/ I wouldn't be surprised if that happened at the end of the series. She has no use after tying up loose ends. She can't fight, and loads of people hate her. Why not?

Sorry, this is becoming a but of a downer. I just... get sad when I see stories like this. Namine's the odd one out, and yes, she has Ven, but it's still unfair. I can't get past the feeling that in canon NOBODY CARES ABOUT HER. Except maybe Sora, because he cares about everyone. Roxas will obviously go after Xion at one point, and forget all about Namine, and Kairi... well, they haven't really interacted enough, and they aren't the same person at all. And Riku doesn't give two flying shits about anyone who isn't Sora, Kairi, or Mickey. Namine honestly has no one, and that's what makes her such a sad character, probably the saddest in the whole series, and then people HATE her because she's a flawed selfish bitch, and I'm just like, "THAT IS WHAT MAKES HER BEAUTIFUL, YOU HAGS. I WILL HATE YOUR CHARACTERS IF THEY HAVE TOO MANY POSITIVE TRAITS. GO AWAY."

Anyway, only nitpick. O.O I'm sorry. The whole point of the story was Namine becoming the princess, but it really breaks my heart how it happened. I don't understand how Namine can be herself when she's being Kairi. It's a little contradictory. XD


You characterized everyone very well! I could see I lot of parallels between this and White Knight. Which is fine, considering how White Knight got me into this pairing too. XD Believe it or not, VenNami was just a random choice from the start. I liked it, but it was not my OTP at all. It was just a cute crackship. It grew, obviously.

You hit all the right points. Namine's insecurities, her loneliness. Those are big things that form her character, and keep it the weird little mess that it is. Her feelings are always jumbled because she has no idea how she's supposed to feel, being a 'Nobody'. Though a lot of people tend to make Namine's character overly sweet, and saccharine, you did a good job of balancing it out. A lot of Namine fans like to pretend she's a perfect little Angel, at that all her wrong doings were just mistakes forced upon her, but in actuality her flaws make her a much stronger, more emotionally involved character. No one wants a character who is perfect, and sweet, and nice all the time. Namine is selfish, weak, and manipulative as well as brave, determined, and sincere. So the good and the bad always have to level out. And you did a pretty good job doing so! I mean, we all know Namine and Xion are really just Deconstructions of the Mary Sue Trope, bringing their own flare and personalities to an otherwise irritating role.

Okay. Truthfully, I find Xion's role irritating anyway. But still, whatever. Can't change what Squeenix has done. So, back to characters. Namine is usually sad, and sullen, the angstiest girl of them all, so you did a great job pulling that off. Perhaps that's why people don't like to ship her with Roxas, because they're both so sullen. But honestly, in Days he wasn't angsty, so I can assume... anyway, I dunno.

Ven was great! He's chipper, and cute, and fun, but he can immediately shift to serious mode, and yes, you did that correctly, KUDOS MY FRIEND! His scenes with Namine were perfect. This pairing really shines because they really are perfect for one another in a way I cannot even... It's like, Ven's the one who can properly give Namine some joy, because his own personality is a mix of Sora, the fun, happy aspect she needs in her life, and Roxas, the slightly more serious side of the coin that would enable him to understand he conflicts and see and accept her flaws.

The romance was fluffy, and adorable. As I said, this couple is fantastic. It's why I can't get VenFuu. Who the hell is Fuu, anyway? Some quiet gray haired chick from FFVIII who speaks in one worded sentences. ... Both names meaning wind or not, I can't accept that this pairing is as popular as it is.

Dancing was a great way to end the whole thing considering what the whole story was about. Ven being all princely-like. Go figure. *Thinking about her fairy tale story*

Over all, a slightly angsty, slightly disheartening, fluffy piece of artwork that has one flaw, and despite that, I still loved it. It was really fantastic. o Thank you so much, Shanna! I'm sorry about the issue with the princess thing. Meep. It's not a big deal though, it's something I can overlook.


Fun reference, though. XD