Reviews for The Legend of Zelda: Sky Lines
RandomButLoved chapter 130 . 7/27
Wow, the worst has really happened. All of their hard work has fallen, but there still seems to be hope. I don't mind Irleen being venomous, given her situation; I am sorta all for it. I damn hope that Irleen can get her body back soon! The urgency to the situation was brilliantly written, and I can't wait for more :3
Chessmasteroftheuniverse chapter 130 . 7/27
Nice, keep up the good work!
Chessmasteroftheuniverse chapter 129 . 7/25
Sorry, been busy, couldn't read 'til now, great work as always, keep it up.
Froskirem chapter 1 . 7/21
So this is awesome, love the airship premise and execution. Link is Hornblower though and Zelda is Lady Catherine, almost to the T. Inspired by the dynamic perhaps?
Fiery Diamond chapter 129 . 7/19
Sello, you never cease to amaze and delight.
ramnrmeul chapter 129 . 7/19
LOL. That has to be the most hilarious one-liner I've ever read. Sello getting a ROCK drunk. A ROCK. Wow... Yeah... That says a LOT.
madlink007 chapter 129 . 7/19
So does that mean that Drumstick was an angry drunk.
MSG1000 chapter 129 . 7/19
LOL at that ending. Nice to see another update, hope the next one comes soon!
ThisIsANiceName chapter 129 . 7/19
Im starting to think that Layna is your equivalent of Mikasa Ackerman
RandomButLoved chapter 129 . 7/19
Sello, now this is why I love you.
Damn, that must have been a lot of avalanches, huh? At least Link and Irleen found what they needed to. It's great for them to be back in the Snow Realm again despite the bad things that sre happening. Will they be going to the volcano, or will there be something else? I shouldn't be asking this, I know, but I love this story so much! :3
Nightgazer13 chapter 128 . 6/30
Okay, so it just now occurred to me that Dolit is the same old man that was speaking Sorian waaaaay back when Link first visited Library Town, which makes him even more of a call-back than I first realized. Did you really have this part planned out that long ago? Cause if you did, just... wow.
GSirius chapter 128 . 6/30
Let's go team Layna!
Kaoru-chibimaster chapter 128 . 6/30
Lots of Geltoan in there. But I always like seeing Layna talk. :D
Yay! Luggard!
*signed Kaoru
RandomButLoved chapter 128 . 6/30
Luggard! You're back! ;3
I loved all of the Gelto in this chapter in particular, just because it broadened Valley and Layna's character. Like you put in: they are all used to Layna being silent or saying small things, so to see her in her element is awesome. Can you tell that I love Layna? Irleen was right: it was funny, and I'm so glad that they are going to the Snow Realm again! It's like another whole adventure! :3
Undeadmonkey8 chapter 128 . 6/30
"Layna! No!"
I have a horrid sense of foreshadowing that Link is going to scream those words with an entirely different meaning later in this story. And I absolutely dread that possibility.

This was an excellent chapter, as always. The surface is going to need supplies of Loft Steam so that airships can travel back and forth without too much issue, but it's good that people can travel between them.

Keep Writing, Keep Rocking!
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