Reviews for Dedicated to the One I Love
oh-ehm-glee chapter 1 . 11/5/2012
Beautiful, darling. Really and truly
KlainesDarknessChalet chapter 1 . 10/30/2012
I kinda loved this.
mulder1921 chapter 1 . 9/9/2012
This was amazing and sweet and wonderful!
Da Klainetrain Is Coming chapter 1 . 1/24/2012
Sob. Gorgeous writing, I love it :) hopeful and pretty and all things good
mossimo1004 chapter 1 . 12/12/2011
I read this in LJ and I loved it so much. I was so happy to see it here so I can leave a review. I LOVED this story so much. I love AU's and this was just perfect. It had enough romance, fluff, and sexiness. I really really enjoyed reading it so much. I know I'll re-read it many times in the future. Thank you so much. : )
anthonystaark chapter 1 . 12/11/2011
This was all kinds of perfect. Bravo.
xoxoACH chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
This was a fantastically amazing story. I loved it )
Seb James chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
AAAHHHH, THAT ENDING! Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out!

Before I go, I must tell you it was a beautiful story and I thoroughly enjoyed the gift of being able to read it. It was truly a pleasure.

Now, I must go sob for a few minutes. ;)

~Sebastian -heart-
GleekRks chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
Dear, dear, dear.

This is a really really nice fanfic !

I enjoyed reading you story so so so much :D

Will you write an other chapter ? *hopefull eyes *_* *

Please keep on writintg this story :D

Love ! xx
Jilly chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
I want to hug Santana forever. This was beautiful.
Jocy333 chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
WOW...Blown away! Please tell me this is just the first chapter...your writing is delicious!
liz987951 chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
MY HEART IS SOARING. This was so fantastic. Your writing is just beautiful and the concept is perfect and I just loved it.
klaine-is-endgame1 chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
I kind of cried, alot

Dont worry this is a good cry

You are a fantastic writer
jhgfkjhgkjhghj chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
Holy hell, you write with magic. A Brilliant job! x
I Am A Boss Zefron Poster chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
Okay, So this was incredible, I was enjoy it a lot and it was written really well, it made me smile and as soon I read the last line I just unexpectedly burst into tears, wow.

You're such a great writer.

I trying not to cry still _

Don't worry, it's happy cry.
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