Reviews for A Day at the Mall with Superman
Araytigre chapter 1 . 2/10/2014
WOW, to quote Jude, "That was EPIC!" Everybody needs a little time off to catch up with friends, and fortunately in this case, Clark's fears were groundless (as Alison knew). A little kicking in the pants, matchmaking, and emergencies, all in a days work for our Hero Dude and Dudette. The scenes with Tricia were priceless. Glad to see Jonesy finally popped the question, which there was no doubt that Nikki would say "YES!" to. It was nice of Clark to set up the Apps on their phones, kinda like the Watch setup that Jimmy Olsen had in the Comics. Thank You. TTFN
Sean Malloy-1 chapter 1 . 6/21/2013
Great job, I think you forgot to label this as complete. Ever consider either a "6teen"/"Stoked" crossover and/or a "Stoked"/"Last Son" crossover?
shugokage chapter 1 . 8/23/2012
Great chapter I can't wait for the 4th piece of the Last son series!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/30/2012
Dragon Naruto chapter 1 . 2/1/2012
hey you can just add ben and lo in the idea i gave you that way it will still work.
Circus Child chapter 1 . 12/16/2011
Hey. It's been a while since I checked in on your profile and see if you published again and I saw you did about a week ago. Hope everything went all right with university and other important things in your life. Don't worry about taking so long. Waiting it out always improves the quality of the story. So here I go again reveiwing your great work.

I have to say I really enjoyed this little one shot that you put together here. I can safely say that I understood everything related to your last son universe. I can't really say the same for the hanging ten and 6Teen universe since I really didn't read it and because of that I really didn't understand the bits related to that universe.

But this still was very enjoyable to read. I actually thought Superman really needed a return to normalcy after the events of the past few months. He needed a reminder that he is human and it is ok to unwind sometimes. I feel the same way as a cop too. Cops lead a wild and dangerous profession and it is very important to us to have a semblance of being in touch with our humanity and normalcy so we don't lose touch with what we are fighting for and why we do our jobs everyday.

I hope you are really not planning on making the 6Teen crew part of Book Four's recurring cast. I say that because if you plan to take this entire last son series to marvel and DC and this crew has a role in it, it will be shot down immediately. If you are still going ahead with that idea, just make sure that they serve a very small role at least. A role so small that it can be cut out of the story in a way that will not significantly alter the story in any way possible. I’m just trying to say that you should keep the two sagas separate. Crossovers can be messy if you’re not careful here. I would hate to see you ruin a great crossover between marvel and DC that you have here just to add an unknown group of cartoon characters that does not have a significant place in popular culture at all.

Speaking of Book Four, I have something I want to share with you on that matter. I will send you a Private Message about that.

Really looking forward to your next work. I’m sure it will be great. I’m hoping for a lot of bat glares in crusade! I’m also interested to see the point of view you will narrate the smallville chronicles from. Is it going to be flashbacks from present day or set in that specific time period? Either way, it will be a great read!

Until next time which is hopefully sooner than later. Peace!
LycoX chapter 1 . 12/12/2011
My friend, I absolutely love this. An excellently well done job. And I look forward to seeing what happens with Wyatt and Kylie. The Proposal was done well. I think it'd be great if these characters showed up more in Book 4!

And is Emma quite possibly a mutant?
cra0422 chapter 1 . 12/11/2011
Well this was certainly a nice surprise for the upcoming holidays. I did say that I hadn’t really watched 6teen but this certainly gave a different perspective on your crossover universe.

I like how your 6teen characters have grown as people, but hadn’t really changed all that much. Given what Trish is like, it was hilarious to see her get put in her place.

After the last few years, this was definitely what Clark needed, a chance to just unwind and be around people with nothing to do with being superheroes. He needs to stop blaming himself for what happened with Zod, and now he’s gotten some perspective from ordinary people.

Really looking forward to your next book.
Twylyte chapter 1 . 12/11/2011
Even though I've never heard of 6teen before this is a great story. You manage to get enough across that someone totally clueless about it can understand how your world has gone and what happened prior to this. Good work.

I can't wait for the next book of Last Son.

Dracarot chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
Clark blinked at that…and then chuckled, encircling her waist with his arms. "How did I get so lucky as to have a girlfriend who's both wise and a drop-dead knockout?"

Alison shrugged prettily. "Good karma, I guess!" And with that, before Clark could say anything else, she sealed his lips with her own.

Yeah when it comes to Good karma, Clark has enough of a fortune that if karma could be exchanged for awards he probably COULD give himself the entire galaxy, and then the karma from how he'd rule it would allow him to expand from their.

As Nikki finished her tale, Clark blinked. "You're kidding."

Nikki shook her head. "Nope."

Clark was still mildly incredulous. "You actually had to force them to think on their own?"

"Afraid so; those two fashion-sheep needed a little kick to leave the herd."

*Picard facepalm* Why do people so desire to be zombies... Even Simmons of Red vs Blue though he acts like one at least does so to gain respect and from it authority to make his own plans...

Nikki laughed. "Like we told you before, Smallville: when Jen gets on one of her missions, not even a nuke can stop her."

The scary thing is Sentrius nearly did stop her...

One to two months until your next post you say, if thats the price for this quality then I can live with it.

On another note I'll actually start leaving reviews on the regular chapters, there are some moments that just deserve mention.
Jason Kreuger Myers chapter 1 . 12/10/2011

Oh the question, something that haunts all men.

I'm still wondering about Lex...DID he really lose his memory or has he turned his back cause he blames Clark for what happened?

It's nice to see Clark spending time with his old friends. I wonder if at least one of them is gonna get powers?

Oh Jude...he must be so proud of himself.

Man those Clones were not right in the head. Ah fashion, it's a twisted evil I swear!

HAHAHAHAHA! Nice to see old Tricia put into her place!

Poor Jen, having to stare down Zod himself. I would be crapping my pants if I was her.

Clark still blames himself because he let Zod out? OK, I agree that Clark shouldn't have been such a subservient fanboy around him, but seriously, CADMUS! I repeat CADMUS were responsible for letting Zod out of the zone

Nice to see references to the old time episodes.

Aww...Ron and Mummy getting married. That's right, we never learned her name right LOL.

Hope to see the Six Musketeers getting themselves in situations that would make the STOOGES heads spin LOL!


For Crusade, I am really hoping to see Ra's Al Ghul maybe being friends with Vandal Savage. Remember I don't think he left IMMEDIATLY after his parents deaths when he was 8. I think he left when he was 18 out of high school. So I hope to see some stern lessons in the ten years to Bruce from the most fearless being in the galaxy who can withstand that...BATGLARE!

Alfred Pennyworth.

Anyway, take all the time you need.

Vanessa Masters chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
Awesome :D I was hoping to read this when it would come up. Just as great as it's predecessor.

Keep up the awesome work.
CMR Rosa chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
I just what to say that this story is awesome, I love how we saw the 6teen crew grow and what they where up to and I love the fate of The Khaki Barn and I can't wait to see the 6teen crew as part of Book Four's recurring cast, but I was wondering we saw Chrissy, Kirsten, and Kristen fate in A Day at the Mall with Superman, can you show what happen to Starr, Darth Mall, Julie, and Coach Halder in The Last Son, Book Four: Destinies and I look forward to see where Kylie Smilie and Wyatt William relationship goes in The Last Son, Book Four: Destinies, since Chrissy still in the local psych-ward and Tricia knows Clarks secret do you plan to make them supervillains in The Last Son, Book Four: Destinies? I know this question off topic did you heard about a show called Detentionaire, it a show about Lee Ping, an Asian-Canadian student, is beginning to enjoy his life as a tenth grader, until is framed for the biggest prank in the history of pranks… at his first day of school! Now Lee is in detention for the rest of the year, but this won't stop him to clear his name. With the help of his friends the wannabe latino-gansta Cam, the Nordic ambiguously gay (the guy seems to be clearly gay, but he is a lady's too) buddy Holgar and the always in detention, sensitive, sadistic, gentle cat lover bully Biffy, Lee will find the mastermind behind the prank. But danger is not far from Lee and Co., since they will have to face the new half-man, half-machine, all military awesomeness of Principal General Barrage , the psycho cleaners (a legion of perfectly fit janitors in biohazard suits wielding atomic powered vacuum cleaners) and a mysterious shadow manipulating Lee's moves in every way, in order to find the truth, if not then you can watch it on youtube, so I was wondering would you condsider crossover Detentionaire and 6teen with Ben 10: Ultimate Hero when you post it?
MarvelMaster616 chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
Hey there, buddy! It's been a while since you've revisited the world of Last Son, but as always the wait is more than worth it. This was a nice interlude and one that I think Clark and Ali really needed after the events surrounding Zod. When a deranged Uncle decides that he wants to enslave the world, that has a way of messing with someone. Even Superman has to find a way to stay grounded and even he can't stop the stress from getting to him. He needs a reminder that he still has a human spirit (metaphorically speaking) and needs to maintain a sort of human balance. Not sure if that makes a lot of sense, but you know what I mean. lol

It was nice to revisit Nikki, Wyatt, Caitlin, and the rest of the 6teen crew. I sort of got the sense that Clark envied them on some levels because they were just witnesses to the horrors that Zod unleashed. They didn't have to go through the more personal aspect of the crisis that he had to endure. It also helps connect that little hint you dropped in the main story. Even though not everything about Clark's history has been explored yet (which I assume will take place in your Smallville story), it still affects him in a profound way.

In the end I think this will help Superman move forward. There were plenty of unresolved conflicts at the end of the last story. I think that Clark connecting with the 6teen crew reminds him of just what's at stake. When he's flying high overhead, it's easy to see the people below as tiny dots. But those dots have lives and those lives are worth protecting. This was a great way of showing that and I applaud you for it. Great job! Great series! Great everything! I know it will probably be a while before you post your next book, but this is definitely a great way to tide readers over. So until then, keep up the excellent work! Thanks again for all your support on X-men Supreme. Until next time, take care and best wishes!


Phygmalion chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
Well, that was a fun story! I actually remembered the incident in Toronto, although I didn't realize that she was Jen from your last Superman/6Teen crossover. Nice way to create some contintuity!

Overall, this was a very good way to segway into Book 4 - which I am still REALLY looking forward to. :) I did have a hard time believing that a person could be so pathetic as to be unable to think on their own without fashion guidance - or have a psychotic episode because their favorite clothing chain went broke - but I'll defer to your expertise in this situation.

Characterization was good, as well. I'm curious as to what function the 6Teen crowd will play in Book 4 - perhaps keeping Clark "down to Earth", so to speak? Or receiving random superpowers? I think Jonesy and his new fiancee would make a good expy for Elongated Man and his wife. :) As long as Nikki doesn't go the way of Sue Dibny in Identity Crisis, that is.

Anyway, great job, and looking forward to the next chapter!
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