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kateXhumphrey chapter 33 . 8h
I like the story. I began reading this story last day and didn't stop, I didn't even sleep that night because the story was amazing. This is the first Harry Potter fanfic I ever read and I think this is also the best I'll ever read. I hope that I don't have to wait a year for the next chapter but if I have then I'll but I hope not. This is one of the best stories I ever read. Don't abandon this story.
MusicPlayingInTheNight chapter 33 . 8/2
this is such a great story! I really hope you continue it, you're an amazing writer!
WarriorRainbow chapter 33 . 7/29
When is the next chapter coming out?!
Guest chapter 33 . 7/17
Yayyyy an update! I love this story so much and the new chapter is wonderful 33
meg chapter 19 . 7/13
God damn it you made me cry. And i'm at work! Keep up with the amazing writing.
Meg chapter 14 . 7/13
ugh god. I hate it when i love stories like this. Cause i'm absolutely obsessed. Keep up the amazing job
bigfan22 chapter 33 . 7/5
Not gonna lie...I avoided this fic, despite the high number of favs and follows, because I thought it was going to be another angsty story that had a lot of tension and needless drama.

Man was I wrong. Not to say that this fic doesn't have angst and drama, but it was done so well that you don't even realize it.

The author did a marvelous job of slowly rebuilding the lost ties of family between all of the Potters. Most authors would have the change occur in a chapter or two, but this story did it right.

I absolutely loved the way you wrote Sirius. In canon it was obvious the man was devoted to his godson, but he was emotionally and mentally hindered by his time in Azkaban. The Sirius you have is exactly how I imagined him to be, if life after that Halloween had continued normally for him. You did an incredible job of forming a powerful bond with his broken and abused godson.

Now that the Potters are together, and Voldemort is slowly making his way back into the story, I can't wait to see the potential this Harry has...especially with the number of people willing to support and teach him.

I'm not sure if you will be doing a pairing for Harry in this fic, but if you are, please don't pick Ginny. I'm all good with no Weasley or Dumbledore bashing, but I can't stand reading Harry with Ginny. The relationship never made sense to's creepy for a boy that looks like his father to marry a girl that looks like his mother. Especially when the only thing they have in common is Quidditch. Personally I would like to see a surprise pairing like Daphne, but if that doesn't work, Hermione will do in a pinch.

Sorry for the unnecessary advice and thanks for writing this amazing story for the rest of us to read. The fic has been a blast so far, and I would highly recommend it to anyone reading this review.

Great job and I hope we get another update soon!
Guest chapter 33 . 7/2
Really, really good. Please update
Guest chapter 33 . 6/29
Update pllllleeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeee
ZiaLia chapter 33 . 6/29
I jumped for joy when I saw that you had updated. This is by far the best story I have read here and thanks to your amazing characterization, I have grown very invested in what happens to everyone, especially Harry and Sirius. I'm excited to see what happens when Harry gets to Hogwarts, and also ready for some revenge on the Parkers...

I know how busy life gets and that "real life" comes first. I'll read this no matter how long it is between updates. That said, know that if you update soon it will make someone's day :)

Great Job!
Jayelyyn chapter 2 . 6/15
Okay, I am absolutely loving the story. I love the idea, James and Lily's personalities, the scenario, Sirius''s great.
By the way, you spelled, "Avada Kedavra" wrong. Just letting you know.
ronniefranco8 chapter 33 . 6/13
i love this story! u shud continue
readaddict123 chapter 33 . 6/10
Way to leave a cliffhanger! Anyways, I'm really enjoying the story so far and can't wait for the next update! I'm also love the mentor relationship Lydia has with Severus, who you portray really well :)
Natalia chapter 33 . 6/10
Matanator chapter 33 . 6/9
I don't think I've ever cried so much reading a Fanfiction. Those early chapters... they resulted in my dehydration.
I love the ideas flowing off this story and the way that you express them.
No matter what, keep updating please, even if I have to wait decades, I will wait.
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