Reviews for Habit
Windsett chapter 1 . 11/3/2015
Ah my dear it’s so good! :D I haven’t written a review for you in a good while now, so I’m sorry if this one is not great because of lack of practice! And also because I don’t know the character or universe as well as you do. But all of this was so good to read! So in character and realistic and interesting that not only expands upon a scene and then an episode, but upon different races and their beliefs and the established universe they inhabit.

Ah Weyoun 4, he seems so long suffering and disillusioned and almost bored and bitter and…mean towards his Jem’Hadar. Like his participation in the ritual of the White is now just a chore that he has to carry out.

But then again you can’t blame Weyoun too much for becoming at best disillusioned and, at worst, angry and vengeful towards a species that has just demonstrated that they’re capable of treason. And not just that they’re capable – that they wanted to rebel and could plan and execute their desires. They shouldn’t have any desires expect the White and to serve, but now Weyoun knows first-hand that some of them want more. They shouldn’t want anything more but they do, and their unnatural repulsive desires have resulted in the deaths of innocent Vorta.
Weyoun now seems too angry and upset and, to a degree, scared about what’s just happened for him to be completely impartial and detached. It’s natural for him to be angry that his woman has been murdered by disgusting traitors, and that’s influencing how he’s acting. But Omet'iklan and his men perceive his unprofessionalism towards them to be the unnatural thing; it’s unnatural for a Vorta and unjustified and Omet'iklan can’t do his duty to the best of his abilities if his superior is acting like that.

And you show all of this so well in this story! And in such few words too, you’re so good! Alongside his anger Weyoun’s also suffering more personally because of Eris being killed. Even though he knows that she’ll be cloned again and can be back with her, it still doesn’t take away the painful feeling of betrayal that he’s experiencing – that she was gunned down by the very people who were supposed to be protecting her and her companions from the Dominion's enemies. Oh and random but I liked the list of the ways that Eris died! It brings a lot to her personality and is just…good! Such a nice touch to give her a bit of background that makes the reader consider her more – brings her more to life if you will, and emphasises that she’s not just an arbitrary name and that she means something to Weyoun, and that remembering details like this about her is natural for him because he loves her. It’s hurting him and it’s fuel to his bitter, uneasy state of mind.

I also liked that detail about Weyoun never having a natural death before. It sort of implies that he’s always been active and involved with things, and his life – his existence – has never been one of quiet contemplation or ease far removed from most dangers. I wonder what the average natural life span for a Vorta is? Anyway he’s now cooped up in the Defiant surrounded by the Federation and Jem’Hadar that remind him of all that’s happened, which is just bad on top of bad. And he’d consider it especially awful that for the first time in six decades now is the time that a subordinate Jem’Hadar is in his room, talking about things he has no right to. What a bloody cheek!

Ah Omet'iklan, you write him so well! He’s careful to be impassive and respectful, but the way he’s written gives the sense that he’s working hard to hold things back and that if he was free of his Dominion conditioning, then he’d be saying a lot more of what’s in his heart and on his mind. He’s also proud of who he is and what he does and, I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I got the sense that he feels slightly superior to Weyoun in the sense that he’s serving the Founders better because he hasn’t acted differently and outside of his established role. Omet'iklan isn’t being influenced by events in the same way that Weyoun is, and because he’s so relatively simple and straightforward he doesn’t understand or care or have patience for how Weyoun is acting and reacting. Especially over a woman. And when it’s nothing directly related to him. And also that he’s explicitly stated that he hates the rouge Jem’Hadar just as much and that he’s going to kill them, but Weyoun is not giving him the necessary reassurances that he believes his First; rather he’s accusing his First of being guilty by implication by being a Jem’Hadar himself. They may all be created alike but they’re not all the same, and Omet'iklan is insulted that his superior believes this. And then he strikes out and grabs Weyoun’s jacket! As if he finally can’t take any more of Weyoun’s indifference and lack of respect to the order of things.

‘It was moments like this that a Vorta realized the truly precarious line he walked. Weyoun rejected the realization. "Give me a reason to reduce your rank, Omet'iklan," he said with a hard smile. "Nothing would make me happier."
Fifteen or twenty seconds dragged by while the Jem'Hadar and the Vorta stared each other down, but then, finally and with an air of internal struggle, Omet'iklan released him.’

Oh my gosh such a good section! Yes Weyoun would have a brief flash of thought that a Jem’Hadar could overpower him; would contemplate that they could only be conditioned so much; that they could be created and controlled perfectly 99% of the time but sometimes – given the wrong environmental factors and random events and episodes outside of knowledge and experience – they could behave differently, wrongly. But this would just be a fleeting fear of Weyoun’s because like you said, he would reject such a reversal of roles immediately. The Jem’Hadar were created to serve and the Vorta were created to order them and years – lifetimes – of this structure working as designed was not about to be toppled now. Such a thing was against the odds and preposterous! Weyoun’s First acting in this way was a small wobble, not an earthquake. Supremely confident Weyoun then just stared him down and waited it out and his First backed down, because that’s the way things were designed to be and that’s how they would turn out. And it is how they turned out.

Omet'iklan then just staring past Weyoun as he stated that him and his men would receive the white in the mess hall, like that was the real purpose of his visit and he’s now falling back onto bland and familiar territory with his Vorta after being defeated in the stare down. Like he’s trying to save some face after being defeated and getting nowhere with bringing his concerns to Weyoun. But Omet'iklan wasn’t completely defeated and yanked back into his expected place though – more like he bided his time until the mission was complete and then he took action against Weyoun again. Except this time it was more intense and to the point and permanent, since he killed him!

Maybe after the exchange you wrote Omet'iklan lost all confidence in Weyoun and realized that his concerns would not ever be taken seriously; that his Vorta himself would remain a concern, and there was nothing Omet'iklan could do to change it. Weyoun would remain a liability to his men and ultimately to the Founders, and that was something a good and proper soldier of the Dominion could not tolerate.
Omet'iklan is proud and capable and honourable, and would not let someone demean and tarnish his existence and purpose, because that would be to demean and tarnish the Founders and their intentions, and that is simply not tolerable or right. And it’s especially not right that his Vorta is the one doing it. Ah I’m rambling and repeating myself, but their dynamic is just written so well and makes me think about both of their perspectives and desires and how they express or hide them.

Ah Weyoun with your flash of premonition about Vorta being on the planet! That’s such a good line to put in there! Once again he has a second of doubt that something bad could happen to him, and once again he confidently dismisses it. But this time he’s wrong to do so :(

And just some other things that struck me and I wrote mini rambles about:

It’s so true what you say about Sisko not manipulating well. Maybe at another time Weyoun would have found it a nice challenge to get to work on Sisko and tease out what makes him tick. But right now Weyoun has more pressing concerns on his mind and he wants things to be as straightforward as possible, and doesn’t really have the energy or time to figure Sisko completely out. The Federation at this moment in time are necessary, and he doesn’t want to alienate them. He doesn’t want to act unprofessionally, or to get it wrong first time. You write Weyoun and his motivations so well! He’s such a good character.

‘The only God he’d ever known to take a name’ That’s such a good line that’s hidden away in Weyoun’s faint hope that Odo is knocking at his door – It seems plausible that Weyoun (that all the Vorta perhaps) would think about their Gods far more than the Jem’Hadar would. And now that a God is walking among him, Weyoun is still respectful and more than slightly awed, but he also can’t help but thinking about the differences between Odo and the other Founders. Or not, I don’t know why I’m thinking too much about that line! I just like it :)

Again this such a great story, and you’ve written such a believable scene between two strong characters that could have, should have happened. But you’ve also smoothly and completely convincingly expanded on Weyoun’s personality and backstory, such as his relationship with Eris. All of his observations and opinions and thought processes that you’ve written are not jarring or out of character and fit him so well. Well done on writing this my dear, you’re just so good! I’m excited to read all the other DS9 works you’ve written, and would like to thank you for writing them and publishing them in the first place for us all to read :)
helenamarkos chapter 1 . 1/23/2014
I'm surprised this doesn't have more reviews. I enjoyed the overall tone of Weyoun's inner monologue (an outer conversation with Omet'iklan). The relationship between Vorta/Jem'Hadar has always been somewhat fascinating to me. I always imagined, when working well, there would be at least some cordial professionalism between them. This story does a nice job of displaying Weyoun's failings as a Vorta in this situation.

This line: "It was moments like this that a Vorta realized the truly precarious line he walked." I thought was especially poignant ;P

Also the Weyoun x Eris connection was interesting, and obviously a driving force in Weyoun's agitation. I have always personally debated whether or not Vorta felt for each other on a romantic or even a carnal level. Certainly, the designation of genders is there, but I think you could argue it both ways: that they occasionally hooked up and possibly felt deeply for other Vorta or that they are too emotionally distant and designed to abhor such base desires. I'm not really sure that enough proof exists to define them one way or another. As I am ambivalent on the subject, it was rather touching to see Weyoun grieve her here (though obviously there will be another clone, I can understand his anger in this situation. You did a very nice job of illustrating that).

Also touching and unexpected was Omet'iklan's bid at comfort. Though obviously delivered in that less-than-tactful Jem'Hadar manner, I was glad Weyoun at least could recognize it for what it was, even if he abhorred it. (I always rather thought that, as social creatures, Jem'Hadar at least had some concept of grief and personal loss, even if they usually pushed those feelings to the back of their mind in favor of completing their missions.)

I always liked the Jem'Hadar, and was disappointed that they were never explored more in the series. I thought you did a nice job of keeping Omet'iklan true to character, and his grievances were nicely grounded in Jem'Hadar logic. Well done on this!
coffeedrinker130 chapter 1 . 12/29/2012
I wish more storylines with the Jen Hadar had been explored during the DS 9 series. Glad you wrote the fanfic.
Malvolia chapter 1 . 12/11/2011
Well done on Weyoun's sardonic tone and Omet'iklan's nobility (the word "nobility" seems odd and yet appropriate). Their exchange felt natural and I liked reading Weyoun's string of thoughts before the Jem'Hadar's entrance (especially the thinly veiled irritation that he can't figure Sisko out in order to manipulate him). Oh, and you capitalized the title, which of course added so much...