Reviews for Habit
helenamarkos chapter 1 . 1/23/2014
I'm surprised this doesn't have more reviews. I enjoyed the overall tone of Weyoun's inner monologue (an outer conversation with Omet'iklan). The relationship between Vorta/Jem'Hadar has always been somewhat fascinating to me. I always imagined, when working well, there would be at least some cordial professionalism between them. This story does a nice job of displaying Weyoun's failings as a Vorta in this situation.

This line: "It was moments like this that a Vorta realized the truly precarious line he walked." I thought was especially poignant ;P

Also the Weyoun x Eris connection was interesting, and obviously a driving force in Weyoun's agitation. I have always personally debated whether or not Vorta felt for each other on a romantic or even a carnal level. Certainly, the designation of genders is there, but I think you could argue it both ways: that they occasionally hooked up and possibly felt deeply for other Vorta or that they are too emotionally distant and designed to abhor such base desires. I'm not really sure that enough proof exists to define them one way or another. As I am ambivalent on the subject, it was rather touching to see Weyoun grieve her here (though obviously there will be another clone, I can understand his anger in this situation. You did a very nice job of illustrating that).

Also touching and unexpected was Omet'iklan's bid at comfort. Though obviously delivered in that less-than-tactful Jem'Hadar manner, I was glad Weyoun at least could recognize it for what it was, even if he abhorred it. (I always rather thought that, as social creatures, Jem'Hadar at least had some concept of grief and personal loss, even if they usually pushed those feelings to the back of their mind in favor of completing their missions.)

I always liked the Jem'Hadar, and was disappointed that they were never explored more in the series. I thought you did a nice job of keeping Omet'iklan true to character, and his grievances were nicely grounded in Jem'Hadar logic. Well done on this!
coffeedrinker130 chapter 1 . 12/29/2012
I wish more storylines with the Jen Hadar had been explored during the DS 9 series. Glad you wrote the fanfic.
Malvolia chapter 1 . 12/11/2011
Well done on Weyoun's sardonic tone and Omet'iklan's nobility (the word "nobility" seems odd and yet appropriate). Their exchange felt natural and I liked reading Weyoun's string of thoughts before the Jem'Hadar's entrance (especially the thinly veiled irritation that he can't figure Sisko out in order to manipulate him). Oh, and you capitalized the title, which of course added so much...