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marpamd chapter 29 . 2/21
I LOVE THIS STORY. Everything about it
Tommy14 chapter 29 . 2/9
This is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it.
Nerdlee chapter 1 . 2/7
Oh how I have loved this Fic! The ending was also perfect! Bubbly joy and tears and wonderfulness. Thank you for sharing this bit of yourself with us. It lightened my mind and brought a smile to my face
hismrs chapter 29 . 1/31
This has to be one of my absolute favorite Jasper/Bella Pairing stories. Very well done
nitefang chapter 29 . 1/22
Do you realize how many times I've reflexively tried to favorite this story after I did it for the first time?

The very first story I'd ever read that you'd written was a Fremione one-"The Ever-Locked Room." I remember reading it and forgetting entirely that it was fanfiction at all because of how well you pulled a reader into the story, into the characters, into the reality that you'd re-formulated. You made the story your own, and I adored you as an author and as a reader. You gave me something to aspire to be, and more stories to devour and enjoy-not for the purpose of learning or for aspiration, but purely to put me back in that state where I wasn't in this world but in yours, and I love it.

So now I'm back into fanfics, only in another fandom I hadn't delved into too deeply, and I found you again, and I'm over here sobbing because 1) I'm PMS-ing hardcore, 2) I never knew how much I shipped Jasper and Bella, 3) Alice pulling a PS-I-Love-You on everyone, and 4) I love this story. I didn't fully know it was you who'd written this until that chapter that I favorited it for the first time because it hit me how easily I was pulled into the story and the emotional peaks and valleys that I remember you pushed me through last time felt so FAMILIAR, and I finally scrolled up to see who'd written the story and BEHOLD it was you. And then I got all emotional again because I felt like you were following me through fandoms.

It absolutely did not help that I was listening to "La Valse de L'Amour" and "Courage and Kindness" from the 2015 Cinderella soundtrack on repeat throughout the critical points in this story, not because I knew what was happening but because I just liked the songs. And it was so hopeful and gentle and beautiful, and the only word I could think of in the moments when Garret first turned back into a human and the Cullens followed was "wonderment," which I think embodied both the characters' emotions and the emotional atmosphere of the music, especially during "Courage and Kindness." Then when Bella was turned and Jasper immediately followed her back into the fray, I absolutely LOST IT. And mind you, I'm still battling a severe head cold so openly sobbing with this kind of congestion is not cute, homie. But then you turned it back when you turned them back-right at that last minute of the story, with the stupid maple bacon donut and Austin and Angela, and there was more ugly, phlegmy crying, and my parents are very worried, I assure you.

It's one thing, I think, for fanfiction authors to capture the essence of someone else's character. It's something else entirely to capture that essence and make it their own. I've read through so many fandoms-Harry Potter, Firefly/Serenity, Life With Derek, Twilight, The Blacklist, Supernatural, Maximum Ride, Once Upon a Time, Glee, Game of Thrones, Batman, Big Bang Theory, Avengers, Community, Hunger Games, Kim Possible, Justice League, Greek Mythology, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tangled, Vampire Diaries, Thor, Harry Potter (because it's so extensive that it necessitates a second mention)-and I've found stories that were crafted so beautifully and thoughtfully. But only twice now have I read a story that changed my perspective on the craft and on the lens I've used to view life. The first was a story about suicide that reached through my chest, through my heart, and touched my soul. This one-the second one-poked me in the eyes and in the heart, and both have had to heal and therefore change as a result.

Alice, especially, spoke to me in this story, when she left that message for Jasper. "Humans have their own brand of destiny-even shakier than ours. They may meet that person who is their ideal match, but they change so easily. One in a while, if they're very lucky, they end up coming even better suited to each other as they change together." And, my GOD, you are right. You reminded me of the ephemerality of life. Everything does pass. Even the world, in the eyes of an immortal, has probably changed a million times over. One word, one song, one emotion can change the structure of our perspective-how could we ever think that there's only one person we could ever be well-suited for during our lifetime-a lifetime of a billion potential changes?

And it brought me back to that word-to wonderment, the awe-inspiring feeling of experiencing something for the first time. In the same way that me tasting spinach at 4 was absolutely disgusting but then tasting it again at 25 and actually enjoying it, everything about us changes, and so our experience of the world changes too. My best friend in high school is almost nothing like the person she is today. She still pisses me off, we've become vastly different, and we may not see each other nearly as much, but in so many ways we've grown closer. I suppose I was unconsciously aware of this concept, but this story pretty much whacked me in the face with it, and I'll thank you for years for being the harbinger of that lesson.

From the feeling of putting a good pen to a quality sheet of paper, to the steady beat of typing when the words flow so quickly and freely, to the excitement of wanting to write a scene you can see so vividly in your mind, to tasting something you used to hate but find yourself craving frequently, to remembering the feeling of being completely enveloped in a story because you just surfaced from one that abducted you and threw you into what feels like another reality-written by the same author, to remembering who I was with one person and who I'd become with another. You have me wanting to re-experience life just to find the wonder again, to that feeling of newness and appreciation for the mundanities of life, to remember to be thankful for these transient moments with people that we can love today, tomorrow, and in fifty years-maybe consecutively, maybe not.

So thank you for writing this story and putting it out there. You've made me a different person than who I was yesterday.

Or you know, it could be the PMS and the cold meds, but I'll stick by the previous theory. ;)
klarsen117 chapter 4 . 1/20
I have been craving this story for months now, I'm a total bella/jake shipper, but I love this story. Oh man, your writing is everything.
BellaAngelin chapter 29 . 12/31/2017
this story was the best I've read in a long time...LOVED the ending!
monica03 chapter 29 . 12/3/2017
I really, really enjoyed this story. I loved the use of the emails as a time progress-er. Very unique idea. I love your Jasper, such a sweet guy. I was shocked at Peter and Charlotte. I think you are the only one I've ever read that wrote them this way. Nice surprise. Thanks for sharing!
The Deadly Bunny chapter 29 . 11/16/2017
ugh. the last chapter made me cry, stop, and restart more times than I can count. what a remarkable story
Deonne chapter 29 . 10/26/2017
Why has it taken me over 5 years to find this story? It was amazing. Thank you so much for your creativity.
TheoristEagle chapter 29 . 10/7/2017
This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful stories I have come across. The flow of emotions is so alluring. This is just magic.
ColouredWilde chapter 29 . 9/19/2017
That was 100% the most beautiful story, thank you so so sooooo very much. I almost cried, very very rare especially from a fanfic. You made these characters wonderfully your own. The ups and downs, and the beauty of it all... as life happens, was great.

With much love and appreciation for your talent,
mowmers chapter 29 . 9/13/2017
Oh! Beautiful and sad and joyful. I loved this.
Entwinedlove chapter 29 . 6/24/2017
*squeal!* The emotional roller coaster of this story was fantastic. I love Jasper's civil war background and I love human!Jasper and I loved that I got both because it's such a rare thing. I was devastated in this last two chapters, especially when that little yellow t-shirt fell into Jasper's hands. But that last paragraph! ... oh, yep. Tears. Look what you've done to me! I loved this.

Forest Fire has definitely found it's way on my top 5 favourites. Thank you so much for writing it; I loved it to pieces.
Entwinedlove chapter 7 . 6/23/2017
Oh, I laughed as his new middle name! I really enjoyed the Potter references too and I shouldn't be surprised they were there; I've already read at least one of your HP stories and I think I've got a few others in my queue.
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