Reviews for The Uzumaki Descendant
Endorfinator chapter 1 . 10/4
I really like your portrayal of the Uzumaki clan, with all its faults. Its has a nitty-gritty feeling that very few authors ever get close too accomplishing.
Arashi chapter 1 . 10/4
I'd just like to say... And update would really please me. And a long one. A really long one. To tide over the wait for the next chapter for next year. Please? Not even mad about that! Every a got a life *blinks*
Lacrizar chapter 1 . 9/30
this is a great concept, i cant wait to see how naruto grows in this writing.
KnowPein chapter 7 . 9/28
nice story...

though last update is around 15 months back...

i hope you update soon
Arashi chapter 7 . 9/8
I'd love to sign in because maybe I'd get a message as to why you still haven't updated! But can't remember my password and quite frankly I'm lazy. I've been with this story since the very first chapter (sadly) so yes it is aggravating to wait a yer per chapter, but it's so good that you can't help but be patient after all everyone's got a life to live! So if you can do us the honor of uploading this years chapter (ha ha!) that would be great! And I'll annoy you next year for the next one
Yona0 chapter 7 . 7/19
It's been a year, I wonder if yours still alive? Well, are you? :/
Yona0 chapter 4 . 7/19
It's been decided, YOU ARE GOD.
Yona chapter 1 . 7/19
kamui5 chapter 7 . 4/23
I hope you update soon, likening the story so far, please keep up the good work.
Drenmarta chapter 7 . 3/30
I hope that you continue with this story. its been good so .far
happyperson chapter 7 . 3/20
I don't see many fabrics where nqruto and the kyuubi are friends..
Except if kyuubi's a girl.

Then they have sex.

Good story anyways. Realistic overpowered-ness and conquering things!
Foxy-Floof chapter 3 . 2/17
Seriously... Hattori is TWISTED. I'd say fuck the clan's traditions of information-gathering.

Collecting eyes and body-parts. How obscene. It's one thing for an elder of a clan to bequeath his eyes or body to the clan's continued prosperity and protection. It's quite another to literally scavenge them from the unknowing or unwilling.

I'd re-build Uzu, but I'd make damned sure that Hattori died first.
Still Not Dead Yet chapter 7 . 2/8
A good show as always, even if it was basically just walking to and from a meeting.
I have just one typo to point out, in " quarters in anticipation of your rival." it should be arrival.
Hiruzen seems somewhat more nuanced than usual which is interesting.

As always I look forward to your next update!
jk chapter 7 . 1/18
great story. please continue
BelleDayNight chapter 7 . 11/17/2014
Nice history about Naruto's dad, Namikaze. The Third is my least favorite Hokage. The first was a powerful idealist, second a hard genius, fourth heroic and idealist, etc. and Tsunade is just so entertaining! I look forward to your take on the Akatsuki. Living near the Hyugas will be interesting. Mostly, I'm excited to see Naruto interact with his friends from the series. What exactly did his surrogate mother do to him? And who's the baby mama to the first born?
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