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FDlover chapter 82 . 6/17
I was one of the guest reviews on the last chapter and I'm still in love with this story, the character development is amazing. This was my first batman fanfic and it remains my favourite, hope you update soon :)
Julia chapter 82 . 6/9
(Continued!) It's so cool how it's the innocence and the good in Monica that drew the joker in but now that she's lost that innocence, he needs her even more.
Julia chapter 82 . 6/9
It makes me so sad that everything in her life has come crashing down on her, and now that she's finally fighting back, it's taken so much of her old spirit out of her. Poor Monica, I can't wait to read more! The change in this character is crazy and I absolutely love the dynamic between her and the Joker. Please update with your brilliant ass ASAP! (You could write a novel with your talent.)
Akari.Wolf.Princess chapter 82 . 5/13
weehew that was A LOT! and my gosh! this is amazingly good! I was going to stop half way through in the beginning I really like Monica but somewhere through the middle she kinda got annoying with the crying and fainting and getting kidnapped haha then she seem sorta perfect she could sing and draw and was beautiful everyone wanted her.


There was something that kept me here there would be something in a chapter that surprise me and keep me reading then the Joker never once strayed to far away from his Character even though he was slowly beginning to Need her and want her around.

As I keep reading I love how we could slowly see her brake and become undone until finally and sadly it was Kiri's death that snapped her and now Gotham has not only the Joker but Monica as well!

So ehhhh Im excite to read and find out more! I soo axnious to see how Insane she'll be and If she come up with a persona and who'll it be and all that Jazz
X-PoisonCherry-X chapter 82 . 5/3
I love Monica's development. It's worrying but I'd love to see how it turns out!
Violentfrost chapter 82 . 5/2
Crazy Monica is scary! I love the face that the Joker loves her darkness and the good that drew him in.
abbeypop chapter 82 . 5/2
Ahhhhhh that was great. I was waiting for Monica's big breaking point and boy was this it. Please update soon I love your story! Hope you got to check out mine! Xoxo
Fictionfairy189 chapter 82 . 5/2
Honestly, I can't see how things are going to end for our dear Monica. Thanks for another awesome chapter. It's been a pleasure reading your work. I applaud your dedication and I eagerly await for the next chapter!
Suki.Fictionist chapter 82 . 5/2
Ohhhhh! Joker isn't absolutely joyful about the deadly killer that Monica turned into, he cant see her fire blazing anymore, just a berserk animal now, seeking revenge and blood. I love this so much, and to be honest I was so excited when I saw that this story updated. So awesome, great chapter, loved it. Please continue with your great work. Oh and no worries everyone has their days when they're too tired to proofread, I have them all the time. I wonder what Joker will do with this animal? I mean there can't be two blood thirsty killers, can there? I hope this review wasn't too long.
RanishaRayon chapter 82 . 5/2
Another update is needed !
Guest chapter 81 . 4/29
I fell in love with this story from chapter 1, the character development has been great it's almost as if I know the characters. This chapter was extremely sad but i do hope Monica gets her happy ending- I love this story and I'll miss it when it ends.
Guest chapter 81 . 4/12
Wow...I've been reading this for a while,
I'm honestly hoping you post more soon, it's amazing!
J and Monica are awesome together :)
Antauriskiss chapter 81 . 3/30
This chapter...oh my god... It's so good yet so sad. I've been reading your story for awhile and I usually don't reveiw because I don't know what I would want to say because this is so good. Don't rush yourself though especially at this point I say make sure you get all of Monica's emotions in the next know what don't listen to me lol this story is amazing.
Ps: don't worry about people leaving I leave your story for a bit to wait and by the time I'm back you have several more chapters ready so I bet all the reviews are just waiting okay 3
abbeypop chapter 81 . 3/29
To start off, this was amazing. The whole thing. All 81 chapters. I couldn't stop reading! I would stay up until three in the morning most nights just so I could read the next chappie ;)
I loved that you developed the Joker's character, making him more "soft". This is fanFICTION so you have the right to change things as you please and I absolutely loved what you did with that freedom.
I also feel in love with your OC. Monica is a beast and I give you mad respect for coming up with such a character.
I am a fellow fanfiction writer but never wrote a work with the Joker, but I am proud to say that you have inspired me and I am currently witting a piece thats joker/oc right now! I realllllyyyy hope you update soon and would be honored if you read my piece, its called Down the Rabbit Hole.
With much love and anticipation,
- Abbey
essicaohnsonX chapter 81 . 3/22
I am right here! *high fives*
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