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amazed at chapter 83 . 8/25
I found this fanfic yesterday afternoon and finished it tonight. It's been non-stop reading, I couldn't put my ipad down. I'm obssssesssed! One of the best fics I read. You portray the joker realistically the dialog is amazing. I love the plot twists! Please update soon!
Akari.Wolf.Princess chapter 83 . 8/1
YAY YOUR BACK! and my gosh the poor dear truly had jump into the fray head first questions later. Most women go three ways when a child of theirs of a child in their care that they loved dies. They either grieve then move in...they just get depress and just can't move on and spiral downwards or lastly they go crazy just psycho insane and that where I believe Monica is or going at a steady pace they either have to hurry and catch her at a indecisive moment or lose her to the Joker.

The poor dear is going insane just like me as I wait for the next chapter!
Fictionfairy189 chapter 83 . 7/30
Hey, I caught that Suicide Squad reference! Awesome! Anyway, great chapter like always. It's been great seeing Monica and the Joker together, but I'm really curious about the possibility of Bruce and Monica being together. Has our beloved Monica falling to far down the rabbit hole or can Batman still save her from the madness? The suspense is killing me. I eagerly await for the answer. Once again, great chapter.

Two side notes: 1) I recently watched Water for Elephants and wow what an inspiration that was. 2) You might not have heard of this show but it's called Shameless. The main character, Fiona, reminds me of Monica. It's an intriguing yet out of the blue comparison. Both have so much depth, inner conflict, and have to make the best of their shitty situation.
Guest chapter 39 . 7/29
Favorite chapter finally yay!
Guest chapter 30 . 7/29
Really harlequin now lol aweosmenews
RanishaRayon chapter 83 . 7/28
Grumpy needs to keep the Bat out of this!
StrangerInTheOrangeFedora chapter 83 . 7/28
Ugh, that was too good to be over so soon. I really hope the next update comes much more quickly, I'm excited for Batman to come back into play. And I really hope we don't lose Monica completely, some time away from this would be good for her. Maybe she should take a vacation to the Bahamas or something, lol
SleepySiren chapter 83 . 7/28
The high speed chase and the deranged couple certainly made this an interesting chapter! I ship Monica/Joker more than her and Bruce so I'm curious to see what he's going to do in an attempt to bring back some of her sanity but I like her this way. It makes everything so much more interesting ;)

Quick question: since you agreed that this is the ultimate crossover with SOA, are characters from there going to make appearances? Like Jax; the sexy hunk of blonde muscle? I can personally see him as being an Ex or something of Monica's which would make the clown kind of jealous hehe. Update soon please!
boca3 chapter 83 . 7/27
Holy shit that was intense. Boy do I enjoy a good beheading. Hope to get another update soon! I love monicas decent into madness.
Suki.Fictionist chapter 83 . 7/27
I believe that Monica was literally at the edge and now, with all the deaths of her beloved, she is now in a way free falling. Free falling into insanity. Also did you take that line of Joker's from suicide squad? When he said "I'm just gonna hurt ya, really, really, badly"? Because I think it fit in just perfectly. I really liked this chapter, if I were you, I would be extremely satisfied with it, as I am. I really did enjoy this chapter, great chapter. I wonder what or how Batman will do to save Monica, I mean, there are some people such as the Joker, when it is too late; and for Monica I'm sure that its almost too late, there is some time, but if no one helps her now, she will be devoured by insanity. I think that Monica has gone through too much and just one more "bad day" will make her into another Joker: and we all know that that will lead to a chaotic disaster. From this chapter I finally see to what extent the goons really care for Monica. But how much does Blade care for her? Please continue.
Kristina Hetlevrad chapter 83 . 7/27
Yay, glad you updated! Can't wait for the next chapter.
SleepySiren chapter 82 . 7/19
Wow! Over the past three days I read your entire story thus far and I love it! It's like Son's of Anarchy meets Gotham that somehow meets Water for Elephants with all the flashback scenes. Your depiction of the Joker is "simply perfect" in itself! I love how you're brining in all the DC villains and that Ivy could even be considered Monica's friend. The Dollmaker was freakin scary as all hell though so I'm glad that he's out of the picture! Monica's character development and transition from the beginning of the story is on point and I can understand why she is the way that she is now due to all the events that have been thrown at her. Her and the Joker are going to be a terrifying pair but I'm super excited! I really ship them together. Bruce's feelings for her are cute but I think she was born to rule with the Clown Prince of Crime. I wonder how Bruce is going to react to seeing this new version of her though...he's not going to be too happy.

Please update soon! I'm anxiously awaiting the next chapter! .
sunstreaker chapter 82 . 7/10
This is only feeding my sick love/hate relationship with the Joker and I am CRYING.
This story is absolutely beautiful, in a completely sick and wonderful way. I read the entire thing in one go and I need more.
I just can't with you right now. You're amazing, this story is amazing, wowowow I need an ambulance
please update soon, I don't think my heart can take it if you don't
FDlover chapter 82 . 6/17
I was one of the guest reviews on the last chapter and I'm still in love with this story, the character development is amazing. This was my first batman fanfic and it remains my favourite, hope you update soon :)
Julia chapter 82 . 6/9
(Continued!) It's so cool how it's the innocence and the good in Monica that drew the joker in but now that she's lost that innocence, he needs her even more.
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