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Witherwings01 chapter 2 . 4/14/2014
Ooo, a mystery! I have a feeling James is about to learn the meaning of the phrase 'be careful what you wish for'.
daled73 chapter 2 . 2/4/2014
OK, I'm gonna deviate here, from the praise I see in the reviews, even if I don't expect you to fix it: WHEN did it become "the Death Mark". I was ALWAYS "the Dark Mark" and was used whether people were killed or not, to mark DE or LV activity.
Guest chapter 10 . 1/18/2014
I loved McGonagall.
starlite22 chapter 20 . 11/13/2012
Lovely story, glad they had a child together
BumblingBandit chapter 3 . 8/21/2012
Just an error I found, it's DARK mark not DEATH mark. Just thought I should point it out but it's really good!
thehunterwholived chapter 12 . 8/11/2012
Marauders Map
That Way chapter 20 . 6/3/2012
lol i don't see the point of hermione correcting lucius and saying she's a weasley now. it's completely unimportant in the grand scheme of things, regardless of whatever is going on with her and ron or her and harry and trivializes the seriousness of the moment. i do however like what you've done with draco so far. he's been shown to be loyal/protective of his family already which is totally believable and somewhat changed but not wholly redeemed and i like that his father still has such an influence on him.

not sure how i feel about the hairpin. on the one hand, i like the resourcefulness of hermione and the spirit of simple muggle knowledge freeing them...but i'm almost certain it wouldn't actually work based on what we've seen of magical locks.

"Looks like it's just the two of us then."/"Just like old times."

lol. because the times when it was 'just the two of them' always went so well...well i guess saving sirius went off without a hitch, but dept. of mysteries, godric's hollow...not really a good track record. also hermione using physical violence to best a death eater is kind of absurd.

oh hey! ron did something useful and good! awesome. of course, harry and hermione can let themselves be distracted with the need to kiss one another when the whole world's in trouble, but they can't take two seconds to apologize to ron or try to explain or even thank him. with friends like these...

pretty cool/inventive way of reviving voldemort. really neat you tied in ginny and harry's connection to voldemort and put it together in james.

ooh more kick arse ron! why'd you wait 3/4ths of the story to show this side of him? ah well, better late than never.

just a note, harry calls voldemort tom at the end of Deathly Hallows and would probably refer to him by the same name here.

ah ghost ginny. easy for her to tell harry to be happy and have hermione be happy and fuck ron because who cares about him. i mean she's dead, so she already lost harry, so now that SHE has nothing to lose, it's quite easy to say the truth. wonder what she'd say if the situation was reversed and it was ron's spirit telling harry to divorce her and marry hermione...

ah dead dean...another feeling-less death.

lol. a lot of the time i'm upset by harry/hermione stories when ron gets shafted in the end. but here...well ron looks like a saint, hermione looks like a heartless bitch mixed with ginny circa Chamber of Secrets and harry...well i'm not convinced that harry isn't just acting out after ginny's death.

you have shown no development in the harry/hermione relationship (somehow hermione running to harry instead of rontwu wuv? i could write a fic where she runs to hagrid in the same situation, but would it convince anyone that she's been in love with the gamekeeper for her entire life?). hermione doesn't apologize to ron, doesn't take into account his feelings at all (apparently she only stayed with him because harry wasn't available. that's a really good person, right? someone we should root for harry to marry? someone that uses their best friend like that?), spends two seconds explaining things to him (i'm sorry, but no relationship that's lasted 20 years (counting their friendship) just ends in a few moment's time) before quickly moving on to caring about the children.

i won't be reading the sequel as i'm sure i won't enjoy it and you're probably already tired of my critiques, so i'll comment on your short 'epilogue.'

it's actually as well handled as any i've seen for the amount of space you give it. concise and to the heart of the matter. fairly realistic in terms of the children, the weasleys and ron. no doubt the trio would be destroyed forever, but it's nice to see him portrayed as being relatively gracious and understanding. and i LOVE that you didn't just randomly pair him off. the minister of magic thing pushes credibility, but i understand you wanted to give him something on which ron fans could hang their hats, so i appreciate the spirit of it.

overall, still one of the better harry/hermione fics i've read in recent memory. the parts i liked the most were your willingness to kill important characters, the way you used james to bring back voldemort and how the next gen kids each took after a different parent as i'd never seen it done with all of them before. the parts i liked the least was the complete disregard for harry's and hermione's feelings for ron and the complete lack of realistic development of the harry/hermione relationship. obviously it's not a big deal to the average h/hr fan, but to someone who doesn't necessary dislike the ship, but merely just doesn't see it in the books it's a major hindrance and problem and a bit of a cop out.
That Way chapter 8 . 6/3/2012
i don't mind harry being leader of the order (hell i'd demand it if you hadn't written it that way), but kingsley's excuse of being old is a bit weak. i mean dumbledore was over 70 before he became headmaster and kingsley isn't that old yet based on the timeline for your story. and even if he was, i'd still find it less than convincing.

ah and the first hint of luna being used to convey 'the truth.' of course, if it weren't for the tag, i'd be as stumped as harry and george are ;)

i like the bit about dudley. you do a good job of building off their parting gesture in deathly hallows without taking him into ooc territory.

and wow! mcgonagall's dead too. always have to respect an author willing to kill off beloved characters, though i'm not sure how much any of these deaths are resonating with me on an emotional level.

and bam! everyone knew it was coming. but there's no buildup, no development, nothing FELT when i read it. i'm not seeing the passion that hermione claims to feel for him (very important to readers who correctly interpreted their book relationship). hell i'm not even upset for ron's sake. i'm just left feeling confused as i still see no difference between their relationship now and the way it was portrayed in the books except you as the writer had them kiss.

i am going to cry OOC however in the next scene for both harry and hermione. harry cared about ron more than anyone. 4 sentences about his 'guilt' doesn't come close to what he should feel or react as a result of betraying his best friend. as a writer, you must SHOW and not just TELL us, or it's not very convincing. that might be the same problem with why i feel very little over ginny's and mcgonagall's deaths.

and hermione...okay she has her girly moments. but this is an ADULT hermione. i don't care how long she's secretly been in love with harry. she is not going to sulk because harry 'ignored' her for 5 seconds, especially since there is no regard or remorse for ron. i'd expect that level of emotional depth from 'teaspoon' ron (though ron was never as emotionally vacant as hermione claimed), or from petty lavender, not adult, canon hermione.

i am finally starting to get really interested in james. your portrayal of him is one i haven't seen before so kudos for originality. very interested in seeing where his story leads. very interested in the rose/james friendship as i haven't seen much of that either (usually it's albus/rose as they're in the same year).

one thing that's bugging me is how you seem to refuse to write a harry/ron scene. even if you think harry/hermione were best friends (totally debatable, but there's no real point), harry and ron have always had more in common and are inarguably best-mates. they have THE most developed relationship of any two characters in the series indisputably and ignoring or downplaying that is a huge disservice and one of the biggest flaws in most harry/hermione stories.

yeah here is where i question the merits of sticking with this story. harry does not care about ron at all, only that he got caught. he is not concerned when ron leaves, despite the fact that the last time ron left, harry and hermione completely fell apart for weeks without him.

and really, you're doing a disservice to harry and hermione as well. ron, regardless of anything else is one of their best friends. neither of them are the type to cheat, so your portrayal is inaccurate and paints them in a poor light. plus, you completely gloss over the fact that harry doesn't seem to miss ginny at all (ridiculous if they've been married for 15 years), or the fact that hermione would probably wonder how genuine harry's own feelings for her are as he never showed a sign of liking her until ginny was gone, making her a sort of consolation prize, which i don't think she'd appreciate.
That Way chapter 7 . 6/2/2012
well everything up until this point has been alright. i'm a bit miffed at ron having such a mundane and ordinary job compared to ChosenOne!harry and BrightestWitch!hermione, but i can't be too upset as it'd be like saying mr. weasley was mediocre which of course i would never do. it's interesting you gave ron such a non-canon career (compared to becoming an auror or working in the joke shop like jrk tells us he did, or even doing something related to sports/quidditch which at least we know he has a strong passion for), compared to the other characters.

obviously i don't like ginny dying as i love ginny, but since you seem to be a ginny fan as well, i know you didn't just do it out of spite or anything so i can deal.

i like that hermione made sure to be there for harry after ginny died. very in-character of her for sure and i like (well maybe like is the wrong word. but appreciate) the way harry compares himself to fudge and the other hypocrites and decides not to be like them and hermione commits to helping him. very cool.

i don't really like how ron isn't in on tracking down ginny's killers. he's as much of a hot-head as harry most of the time, and fiercely protective of his sister and i think he'd be just as eager to get vengeance/justice as harry.

i always like stories that bring up the deathly hallows and expand on the role jo gave them in the last book. very interesting that harry has locked his cloak away.

don't have too much to say about the kids yet. need a bit more time with them to get a feel for how you write them as they're so amorphous to me at the moment.

other than the ron stuff, definitely a good and intriguing first 7 chapters. and it was obvious from your profile that we don't see eye to eye on who he is or what his true role in the story/trio is, so i can't be too upset.
That Way chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
hmm you seem to really undervalue ron, don't you? strange since i actually like pairing ron with a patil (though usually it's padma as there's at least a little bit of evidence in book 4 that should 'could' have ended up fancying him somewhere down the road), but we see him so differently.

first a take on your shipping thoughts that isn't 'shaded' by the films, then onto the story.

H/Hr. They're not happy and relaxed in each other's company. harry ranges from indifferent to miserable when in hermione's company without ron around with the sole canon exception of that time 6th year when he joked about filch/pince with her. They do NOT understand each other better than anyone. There is a great deal of understanding, but it's quite clear that Harry needs both Ron and Hermione to balance out as Hermione usually understands the big picture while Ron is better at understanding what Harry needs in the moment. Which is why Ginny is a good match as she lands somewhere in-between harry's two best friends. And Harry rarely understands what's going on with Hermione up until sixth year (when it becomes blatantly obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes). I don't know what you mean by 'tactile toward each other' (not sure if you're misusing the word 'tactile' or if i'm misreading), unless you mean by the frequency which they touch each other? in which case...well i guess i'd agree. hermione touches harry A LOT, there's no arguing with you there. BUT, based on the way JKR writes Hermione's reaction to people she's on some level attracted to (lockhart, krum, ron), her being so comfortable touching harry isn't exactly a good point of evidence for romantic feelings. still, i'd agree that it doesn't match up with normal friends or quasi-siblings. as for harry? he seems to touch hermione EXACTLY the right amount the way a brother would a sister (or at least a brother starved for physical affection for 11 years). i don't believe he initiates any physical contact between himself and hermione in the ENTIRE SERIES when danger is not involved and he is only trying to keep her safe (the films change this a lot with multiple added hugs starting from the second film and continuing to the very end). he's a typical nice guy/brother to me who doesn't push his friend/sister away, but doesn't exactly respond enthusiastically either. as far as appearance, i don't know if i'd classify "I don't think you're ugly" as 'favorable' and judging by the way hermione responds to the comment by laughing, i think she'd agree with me. hell i tell my mum she looks good whenever i got to visit her because i know she's excited that she's losing weight and is DYING to talk about it. doesn't mean i fancy her though. i also find tigers remarkably beautiful but it doesn't mean i want to date one. and really, you're not going to call your best friend ugly even if he or she DOES look like a troll. And unfortunately that 'one step away from being a couple' consists of romantic, sexual attraction, which harry and hermione lack. there is no pull, no desire which is why neither express romantic jealousy or possessiveness when it comes to the opposite sex (unlike harry/ginny and ron/hermione). thankfully, this equates to a beautiful relationship, but without that physical side, there's only a chance for platonic feelings.

as for your notes about r/hr...well i admit that while i've quoted harry's "like a sister" comment in the past, to be fair, harry doesn't really have any basis for how siblings are supposed to act. i mean he's never had a sister, so how does he know what it's like? so it's a fair point to find harry/hermionesiblings odd, as you do. BUT i think it's odder still to say ron/hermionesiblings. you (and a lot of people who don't see the pair) don't seem to realize that from midway through Goblet of Fire on, the majority of ron and hermione 'getting on each other's nerves' is related to their romantic/sexual frustration with each other. hermione snips and snipes and insults (and occasionally assaults lol) ron because she wants him to 'make a move' and is continually upset and disappointed when he doesn't, so she takes her frustration out on him. ron, meanwhile, because he cares so deeply for hermione, takes a lot of what she says very personally and misinterprets things and is very quick to get upset as a result and even quicker to retaliate in a hurtful manner. if you (or anyone) don't believe me when i say romance sparks most of their conflicts, all you have to do is look at the last two and a half books (after christmas in OotP) and you will see that 95% of their fighting is somehow related to romance, and that as their feelings for one another become more and more obviously, they fight less and less (remove the locket from the equation in Deathly Hallows and you see that they don't fight or even disagree ONCE in the entire book). i know it's very easy to get a picture of r/hr as this bickering pair (friends or romantic) and have it get stuck in one's mind (lots of r/hr shippers do the exact same thing), but that is only a snapshot of their relationship and doesn't take into consideration that they both change and mature throughout the series and do not interact the same way in Deathly Hallows as they did in Chamber of Secrets.

and while i agree that they don't really have a lot in doesn't really matter. harry and hermione don't have a lot in common either (at least no more than ron and hermione) besides trying to keep harry alive to defeat voldemort. opposites can attract as easily as similar people can. there's no rule to say one is better than the other. harry and ginny work because they're similar. ron and hermione work because they're different. the IMPORTANT difference between harry/hermione and ron/hermione is that ron cares/is interested in hermione's life outside of 'save harry/defeat voldemort', even when he doesn't agree with it. ron is the one who asks her about muggle things on occasion. ron's the one who talks to her about other classes. ron is the one to notice her crush on lockhart and care about her relationship with krum. ron is the one to notice how overwhelmed she is 3rd year and questions her repeatedly on her strange disappearances and acts with concern/interest when she isn't sleeping well or eating. ron is the one to help with buckbeak's case. ron is the one who actually debates and discusses SPEW and house-elves with her (albeit, usually in a childish manner) rather than just ignoring her or finding it funny/annoying like harry. ron is the one to first notice her shrunken teeth, ron is the one who manages to repeat things hermione has said verbatim weeks, months or even years after she has said them, showing just how carefully he does listen to her. ron is capable of reciting her grades on tests/exams to the exact percent on multiple occasions and compliments her brilliance at least as often as harry does, and is the first to offer his admiration when she surprises them by doing things like stealing polyjuice, walking out of divination, and slapping malfoy. and most importantly, ron and hermione are shown to be capable of HAVING FUN with each other WITHOUT HARRY on multiple occasions starting in first year, whereas there is only ONE instance in all seven books of harry and hermione having fun together WITHOUT RON and there are multiple examples that show harry not enjoying/disappointed in spending time alone with hermione. honestly, harry is fairly self-centered and takes hermione's friendship for granted a lot of the time up until half blood prince when he finally proves that he deserves her friendship and is a great friend to her in return.

and i completely fail to see what's odd about ron and hermione NOT killing each other. for as much as they fight and bicker, they've proven that they're capable of working things out, not giving up on each other at the first sign of trouble and MOST IMPORTANTLY still desperately want to be friends (and by fourth year, more than friends) IN SPITE of their seeming incompatibility. these are all signs that they will be prepared to deal with problems and issues in any future relationship, because they've already dealt with similar issues on a smaller scale and have slowly learned to handle these situations in a healthy manner. personally, i see a ron/hermione relationship/marriage as one filled with constant challenges and excitement and stimulation (mental and physical) because even though ron isn't anywhere near as intelligent as hermione, his brain works differently than hers and he approaches things from angles and directions hermione often overlooks. whereas a harry/hermione relationship seems doomed to failure as harry would ignore her or possibly bottle up his issues with hermione's constant nagging presence until, eventually, he explodes at her. so basically their relationship would last as long as harry's patience with her holds out. and without ron to use as a buffer (which harry does, repeatedly, from Prisoner of Azkaban on), I'd say giving them a month would be a GENEROUS assessment.

anyway, all this has nothing to do with your preferred ships. everyone can like anything they want and ship what they want and write what they want. but as you were talking about what 'makes sense' based on canon, i felt the need to comment using canon evidence. but i'll do my best to keep these thoughts out of my mind as i read your story since you're moving out of canon territory and into au.
scifisam chapter 20 . 4/10/2012
Excellent story for being mostly about the adventure with some romance as part of the plot. And I could totally see Ron as Minister of Magic.
MoonyandProngs chapter 20 . 4/9/2012
I just cannot stand that Harry is with Ginny and Hermione is with Ron. I am surprised that James does not like being at Hogwarts. I liked what Harry said about Kreacher during his funeral. I like that Dudley asked Harry for help and they didn’t let the past bother them. I felt a little bad for Ron when he saw Harry and Hermione. I love that Scorpius was determined to stay with his friends despite what his father told him. The battles had me on the edge of my seat! I’m glad Ron understood about Hermione’s decision! I enjoyed reading it!
Son of Whitebeard chapter 20 . 3/1/2012
Nice ending good to see Ron making it to be Minister
Muirnin chapter 20 . 2/20/2012
An excellent story that had a great plot and flow from canon ... my only complaint in the entire thing is your use of Death mark ... it is DARK MARK and when you get the chance please correct that
Zenappa chapter 20 . 2/9/2012
Such a fitting ending. I absolutely love the line :) I loved this story and I'm very sad to see it end. You are such a fabulous writer and I'm looking forward to reading more by you in the future. I know there probably won't be a sequel to this story but I shall be watching you closely in a non stalker ish way lol and reading your awesome stories. You're a great writer and never give up hope and dreams! :) Long live Harry Potter!
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